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  1. Anyone in Colombia?
  2. Am I the only one from Bangladesh?
  3. Any problems with non-US ISBNs?
  4. Looking for a Dutch Publishing Company
  5. What's the best country after America?
  6. Looking for a writing buddy in Oslo
  7. Work visa for an American in Spain
  8. Australian publishers open their doors to submissions
  9. Translations
  10. Singaporean Fall in!
  11. Greetings from Panamá
  12. Novato português
  13. Russian to English translation
  14. Africa and Middle East Writing Award
  15. Expats living in Sweden?
  16. Aussie authors with overseas agents
  17. Sydney mums (or dads) who write?
  18. Need info on Polish SF publishers
  19. UK Election
  20. telephone calling in 1940
  21. Greetings from Sydney
  22. A Cold War Novel
  23. Int'l agent for debut author?
  24. Hellooo from Holland :-) Looking for an expat writer!
  25. A collaborative writing market place?
  26. Scottish?
  27. Quick help with a Spanish phrase?
  28. 2015 Caine Prize for African Writing Shortlist Announced!
  29. Asian Publishing Awards
  30. Nuclear Iran?
  31. finding a US agent
  32. International Week of the Deaf '15
  33. Please Help Me Find Free Early Brazilian Newspapers Online.
  34. Indonesia anyone ?
  35. London
  36. Digital Hearing Aids
  37. Indian?
  38. Scotland & Northern UK 5th Dec
  39. a way out, please
  40. Pending global problems
  41. Looking for someone from Switzerland
  42. Hi there
  43. Costa Rica : Working on a Philsophic Novel in Puriscal :
  44. What word would French people use?
  45. Looking for a German writer/editor to evaluate translation samples into German
  46. PO Boxes etc when you live outside the US/UK
  47. Blog Hop For Chinese New Year
  48. Any Scousers about? :)
  49. Calling all Aussies
  50. Anyone from Leeds UK?
  51. I'm looking for a British beta reader
  52. HST in Canada - anybody dealt with this?
  53. Anyone with Classical Greek? - question now resolved
  54. Any singaporeans?
  55. Born in Taiwan; Reach Puberty in California
  56. Best country for writers?
  57. American Spelling?
  58. Greetings from Istanbul...
  59. Japan?
  60. English-Speaking Expats in Warsaw, Poland, for Socializing
  61. Íslenska
  62. International Book Fairs
  63. South African publishers open to fantasy
  64. To Agent or Not to Agent (Australia)
  65. French Translation help please.
  66. Any one heard froma country called Panama :D
  67. Anyone from Thailand?
  68. Successful indie-authors in other languages?
  69. South African's writers??
  70. Danes/Denmark
  71. Canadian Authors - Make sure you register with CCA for PLR!
  72. السلام عليكم
  73. Normal for Russian brother and sister to french kiss?
  74. Uruguay
  75. Use of "china Doll" in title
  76. A few things that are different here in Uruguay....
  77. Vancouver BC?
  78. A french "landing" in a future setting
  79. Reemergence--Coming back to USA after 2 years in Uruguay
  80. In need of critique partners based in Dubai!
  81. TV Show pilot script
  82. Anyone knowledgeable about Japan interested in being writing partners?
  83. Been there, done that
  84. Help needed translating short passage French to English
  85. Critique partner in/near Kiev?
  86. An bhfuil aon duine anseo as Éirinn?
  87. Any writers in Denmark?
  88. Facebook Group for Writers Around the World
  89. Canadian mystery publishers?
  90. Americans in France, any of you out there?
  91. Moving to London!
  92. Any Australians out there?
  93. ESL writers and switching to writing in English
  94. Anyone from Washington State
  95. Polish Language Question
  96. Non-native English speakers from abroad writing/publishing in English ?
  97. Looking To Sell Our Book In The Netherlands...Open To Ideals
  98. Historical Novel set in Poland
  99. Who isn't writing in their mother tongue?
  100. Lifestyle
  101. New York
  102. UK authors published in the US - is a FW7 necessary?
  103. Popular history: which city or region gives your the most inspiration?
  104. Greetings all!
  105. A gentle reminder about - ahem - Australia Day
  106. Deaf history
  107. Irgendwer was?/Ktoś coś?
  108. Anyone in / near Oslo, Norway?
  109. BREXIT :
  110. High School - what age?
  111. First Post 🇹🇳