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  1. Resource Du Jour
  3. RDJ Posting Guide - READ BEFORE POSTING
  4. Favorite and Profitable Small Presses in SF&F
  5. EPIcon 2007
  6. Any UK-based epublishers?
  7. VERY BEST epublishers
  8. QueryTracker.net
  9. Help build a writer's conference list
  10. Anyone publish on the Huffingtonpost.com?
  11. The Best Small Publishers
  12. Black male literary agents
  13. Shelfari.com: Membership and what do you like about the site?
  14. Publishers?
  15. Holly Lisle
  16. Would someone please give me names of good publishers that don't require agents?
  17. The Good E-Publishers
  18. Can't Draw Your Characters?
  19. Is there E-publishing for fiction with out romance?
  20. Need help finding epublisher
  21. Penguin open for subs
  22. Modeling Agencies?
  23. List of Writer's Conferences
  25. Bloggers Who interview
  26. Strategies for finding an agent?
  27. Helpful Resource:
  28. Connections through forums
  29. Feedback Sites
  30. Call for Steampunk Submissions
  31. Masters in Fine Arts: Creative Writing
  32. Professional writing organizations to join?
  33. new black writers group on AW
  34. Young Adult Novel Discovery Contest
  35. E-publishers and agents
  36. Best Conference for finished manuscript?
  37. Sapolsky!
  38. Writing COntests
  39. I'm having brain fade...
  40. List of publishers
  41. Something Worthwhile to Read
  42. 200+ Free Book Marketing and Author Tools
  43. Writing courses
  44. Ebook publishing review site
  45. writer's conferences in the west
  46. Writing Class in the Portland OR area.
  47. contests thread anyone?
  48. Nonfiction Opportunity: Family looking for writer to tell their story
  49. Writer's Groups
  50. RDJ: site for practicing developing pitches
  51. Small Press/Indie Publishers
  52. FOr NZ AND Oz YA/Children's Writers
  53. UK Agents for YA novels?
  54. Agents looking for YA for boys...
  55. Agent Recommended SCWBI
  56. favorite research tools...
  57. Gaitherburgh, MD Book Festival
  58. YA E-Pubs?
  59. Reputable Literary Agents
  61. Thriller con
  62. Job Opening - PR Manager - Belfire Press
  64. Entries for second Bloody Parchment now open
  65. Audio Book Narrator: Breaking In
  66. Searching for Navajo graphic designer
  67. Agents looking for fairytales?
  68. looking for online magazine that I saw on main page of AW now gone. Can you help
  69. List of places to submit for awards
  70. Marvelous helpful app for writers!
  71. Online Magazine that accepts pharmacy related articles
  72. Are there other small presses like this one?
  73. Aquila
  74. Book fairs
  75. List of places to list your book!
  76. Ebook publishing editorial positions
  77. 2012 conventions?
  78. In Your Write Mind Writer's Retreat/Conference
  79. WriYe anyone?
  80. Best E-zine Publisher?
  81. EPublishers (moved from Novels)
  82. Fiction Lake looking for submissions (royalty pay)
  83. the ad atop this page
  84. Writing Groups/Clubs in Leeds
  85. Looking for info on publishers
  86. YA anthology seeking short story submissions
  87. Urban Fantasy contests?
  88. UK Agents / Agencies
  89. The Content Authority looking for more writers!
  90. Prestigious Workshop worth the cost?
  91. Looking to Wallow in Slush
  92. A Line on Some Good Book Packagers?
  93. Writer's conference. Which one is best and why.
  94. Horror/Thriller Short Stories
  95. Excellent Resource for Finding Cover Artist
  96. Twitter pitch contest...
  97. First page critique from national editor
  98. List of NYTimes-bestselling publishers which accept unagented MSS
  99. Entranced Publishing...Now Hiring
  100. What to exepct at a writers' conference
  101. Authorsden.com
  102. Introducing a New Social Group
  103. Recommended Publishers
  104. Writer's circles
  105. Book Sponsors, Visual Artists, Futuristic Writers, WANTED
  106. Looking into the Future for a Publishing Job
  107. Stories that started life as fanfic
  108. Web Development Student Seeking Work Creating Author's Websites
  109. TerribleMinds.com
  110. Writing Conferences/Conventions list for 2012/2013
  111. New YA Imprint (LGBT): Dreamspinner Press
  112. Harper Voyager to allow for unagented subs from 10/1 through 10/14/12
  113. A free online creative writing class
  114. Carolrhoda press open submission period
  115. Dark Markets [market listing]
  116. Pitch Session on Twitter
  117. Writing Opportunity - Legal Writers
  118. "library" publishers?
  119. Spencer Hill Press -- Open Submission Period
  120. Some Calls for Submission from Respected Epub
  121. Literary agents outside of New York?
  122. thinking of attending a writer's conf (NY/NE)...
  123. Advertising and Promotions
  124. Looking for another 2 children book authors for a cross promotion project
  125. Pssst. Hey you, wanna hear my agent speak? *G*
  126. Anyone going to the Writers Digest Conference in NYC?
  127. Help looking for a publisher
  128. Writers Conferences on the West Coast?
  130. Stone Skin Press Looking for Fiction Submissions
  131. Critiquing from a pro writer/editor for charity
  132. Canadian Conferences
  133. Can't think of a publisher's name. A little help?
  134. Canada Council for the Arts
  135. Suggestions for e-publisher for out-of-print books?
  136. Entranced Publishing hiring Senior and Associate Editors
  137. List of advance-paying unagented MS accepting publishers: speculative fiction
  138. List of editors and publishers looking for punk genre submissions.
  139. Agent Hunter
  140. Powder magazine hiring for online editor
  141. Backspace Writer's Conference this May
  142. Linked IN
  143. A.M. Heath Agency Twitter Q&A Session
  144. List of Publishers by category
  145. Submission call for romance anthology
  146. Best writing conferences out there?
  147. Dragoncon
  148. Nicola Morgan's wonderful books!
  149. Paying markets for genre/speculative fiction
  150. Writing partner
  151. Small Publishers, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  152. Anyone else going to the Brooklyn Book Festival?
  153. Carina UK looking for new romanitic novelist
  154. The MacGregor Marketing Seminar: You’re Invited
  155. Carolrhoda open call for middle grade subs.
  156. Free Online Writing Class
  157. Sites for Tickers
  158. Sites like Auto-Crit?
  159. Writing Lead (Lifestyle, DIY, interior design bloggers)
  160. Nerdy Freelancers Needed!
  161. HitRECord - make great art
  162. Writer's Market
  163. ATTN: Copywriters...
  164. Agent for Inspirational/Self Help Books
  165. Liteary Agents in Satire/Humor
  166. Looking for Editor for Hire
  167. Unambiguous Edit - anyone worked with them?
  168. Jonathan Cape Open Submission Call
  169. Help looking for agent or publisher
  170. Can anyone recommend a very good "Sales Copy" writer?
  171. ATTN Music, Film, TV, Comics critics: Under the Radar seeks new writers
  172. 7500 contacts
  173. please delete
  174. Work from Home 0pportunities that aren't a scam?
  175. Web sites to promote technical service
  176. Tinder Press Unagented Subs window
  177. Reputable Spanish Language Mags
  178. Writer's for hope auction!
  179. Master of the Inkpot Competition 2015
  180. How many conferences do you go to, How does someone with little money afford to go?
  181. Hey, has anyone heard of publish15?
  182. Ghostwriting Agencies
  183. Submissions to publishers
  184. Horror Tree
  185. Drop the best Independent Publishers here!!! Let's make a list to help us all!!!
  186. Great job in Germany for technical translator
  187. 7 Literary Agents Seeking Fantasy Novels NOW
  188. Any really good agencies based in Chicago?
  189. Agents who represent novellas
  190. Agents, Editors, and/or Publishers that accept Novellas or 40k manuscripts
  191. Bay Area writers? Thoughts on a support / occasional meetup group
  192. I'm looking for editing work; where should I start?
  193. Notable publishers near/in Rochester ?
  194. London Book Fair
  195. Spell K Fiction Now accepting submissions
  196. Does anyone use Wattpad to create a platform?
  197. Searching funds for a literary project:
  198. All Authors seeking submissions for anthology
  199. Crime Writers, call for submission for anthology 2017
  200. 2016 Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers' Conference
  201. Critique on offer in aid of writersforrefugees
  202. Hello from Japan!
  203. Freelance Writing Question
  204. New Resource for Writers and Publishers
  205. Editors seeking diverse pitches
  206. Preditors and Editors
  207. Contributors, Essays, Short Stories and Poetry Wanted
  208. Odyssey Writing Workshop
  209. Big 5 imprints that take unagented/unsolicited subs (article)
  210. Abaddon - Work for hire
  211. Palm Springs Writers Guild
  212. Facebook script submissions
  213. Best Small/Medium Presses
  214. Respected/Notable Small Publishers