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  1. Pros and Cons about E-books?
  2. Publisher & co-author contracts
  3. Some eBook News
  4. E-Book News
  5. How Price Sensitive Are People For Books?
  6. E-Books/Do People Read Them?
  7. e-pubs: The Future is Now
  8. An epublisher is...
  9. e-book stores
  10. E-Publishers – Registered?
  11. Soon to be an ebook
  12. ebook royalties info
  13. I'm considering e-publishing. Could someone start me off with the basics?
  14. E Publishers
  15. Are ePublishers Good or Bad?
  16. Unfair contract?
  17. Check List for E-Publisher Websites!
  18. Should pdf format e-books be searchable/have links?
  19. E-pub question
  20. E-Publishing and Small Presses .....
  21. E-Publishing advice
  22. How long is normal?
  23. Interesting Ebook Developments
  24. If you don't get Publisher's Lunch
  25. Question about eBook vendors
  26. E-books
  27. Bernard Lunn's essay on the "destruction" of the book publishing business
  28. When do publishers release e-books compared to hardcopy?
  29. Imagination squelched in the multimedia ebooks, says Washington Post
  30. Do eBooks affect the author's cut?
  31. Paying Tax (UK) on e-books
  32. copyright and online works
  33. Average Monthly Earnings from E-book?
  34. E-Publisher Author Mills
  35. Epublishing Overview from the New Yorker
  36. OMG, it's happened. ebooks...the last frontier.
  37. Walking the Line
  38. Shady practice or not?
  39. If It Looks Like A Duck . . .
  40. Piracy - Astatalk site post re. my book
  41. Advice on ebook contract clause, please.
  42. Patterson 1st to sell 1 Million E-books?
  43. Should publishers buy worldright e-rights?
  44. Preditors and Editors - Outdated?
  45. Amazon losing money
  46. Day of the Jackal: Wylie and Amazon
  47. E-books outselling hardbacks
  48. And so it has begun, Japanese author chooses to publish next book to the iPad before print
  49. Killing us softly
  50. Kindle Alone or With ePublisher?
  51. Spelling and grammar errors in e-publishing.
  52. This is worrying...
  53. 10 reasons e-books might not eat the world
  54. Piracy Issues
  55. Piracy Solutions: Ideas and What Is Being Done Already.
  56. Copyright Question
  57. What happens when an e-book/e-reader distributor falls?
  58. The Magic Number
  59. Is the Kindle Killing My Dream?
  60. Lippman sells more e than hard backs
  61. In the beginning, there was an e-book...
  62. Ebook Royalty for Published Nonfiction Book
  63. Don't know what to do.... e-book issue...
  64. What are my rights after e-book publishing...?
  65. Question about ebooks sold
  66. Is the Ibook store a bust?
  67. E-book Popularity
  68. Typical e-book royalty rate for novel?
  69. NY Times starts eBook bestseller list
  70. E-Publisher or Vanity Press?
  71. ebooks the wave of the future
  72. How do readers find e-books they want to read?
  73. Thoughts on Ebooks, Questions Mostly
  74. Kindle piracy?
  75. simultaneous submissions epubs
  76. E-Book Contract Amendments
  77. Kindle e-books overtake paperback sales
  78. Apple vs Sony
  79. More Kindle Piracy
  80. If You Land on a Kindle Bestseller List
  81. Digital-only title from small press makes NYT/USA Today bestseller lists
  82. Lendle - gaming Kindle's ebook lending function
  83. Clark Howard promoting e-book sharing
  84. Interesting Publishing Figures
  85. Ebook sales figures -- real-time, even
  86. Ebooks vs. paper books
  87. NetFlix Model
  88. Cover vs. Net
  89. Interesting Blog
  90. Will E-Books Lead to Longer Novels?
  91. Hackers steal ebooks?
  92. Amazon bid on Hocking
  93. Late to the Party: J.K. Rowling may allow Harry Potter e-books?
  94. Quercus Makes £1 Million In Three Months With Ebook Sales
  95. E-Pub houses - point?
  96. Ebooks leading to more polarized sales?
  97. The Future Has Happened Already: E-book Sales Overtake Paperback
  98. The Realities of E-Publishing
  99. Kindle pairs w/Overdrive to offer Library eLending...but only in US
  100. Will 99-Cent E-Books Destroy The World As We Know It?
  101. A couple of articles on ebooks from Website Magazine
  102. Why no preview feature for many ebooks?
  103. General Info on Small/Indie Presses
  104. B&N: Would it likely still survive digitally?
  105. When Is It Appropriate to Label Something a "Bestseller"?
  106. The Benefits of E-Publishing Through a Publishing House
  107. OOPs
  108. Original Publisher of OOP book
  109. Do agents care about e-publishing creds?
  110. eBooks outsell print books at Amazon
  111. Random House signs direct deal with author, cutting out agent.
  112. Amazon and foreign authors: ITIN question
  113. market percentage for e-readers?
  114. Querying with e-published book
  115. Sales numbers for ePubs (Samhain, LSB, Carina, etc)
  116. What's a good e-publisher?
  117. No AAP figures this month?
  118. Contract Offer... Now What Do I Do?
  119. What's the cut% for e-books w/ a publisher?
  120. E-Book Spam
  121. Amazon vs. Apple
  122. Confused about self e-publishing vs 3rd party e-publishing
  123. What's the story with this new crop of e-publishers?
  124. Hard copy books have to fight?
  125. Self-e-publishing versus publisher e-publishing
  126. How Much Does E-Publishing Count to Publishers?
  127. Cautionary tale
  128. I need help with a contract so I can make a decision today.
  129. Question about contract length
  130. A two part article, plus an addendum at SFSignal... So, thoughts anyone?
  131. Ebooks Article: Things We Know and Things We Don't
  132. E-publishing
  133. Predictions, anyone?
  134. Targeting the European e-book market
  135. Bundling Ebooks for Sale?
  136. One million freebie e-books?
  137. WSJ Will List Best EBooks
  138. Do E-publishers pay an advance?
  139. Offer from E-publisher
  140. E-Publishing and Self Publishing: compare and contrast.
  141. "Reading is alive and increasingly electronic" (Reuters)
  142. can someone tell me a bit about epublishing?
  143. Pen Names vs One Name for e-publishing
  144. St. Martin's to Publish E-Serial
  145. Ebooks and torrents
  146. American Bank Account
  147. Share Your Successes!
  148. BBC Breakfast - big misconceptions
  149. Is e-publishing a bubble?
  150. My Grand Theory About What E-Publishing is
  151. A Line on Some Good Book Packagers?
  152. Dept of Justice WARNS Apple & US Pubs over ebooks
  153. E-books vs Physical
  154. List of NYTimes-bestselling publishers which accept unagented MSS
  155. 50% of fiction books sold are ebook at 1 Big Publisher (according to a Big 6 executive)
  156. ARC vs. Galley Proof - difference?
  157. E-publisher or self publish?
  158. Tor/Forge ebooks going DRM-free
  159. Recommended Publishers
  160. Do ePublishers frown on authors who also self-pub?
  161. Seeking help concerning contract...
  162. Ebook Advances?
  163. Looking into the Future for a Publishing Job
  164. New AAP data: ebooks outsell hardcovers
  165. Third Party Payer Transfer
  166. Who is the Slush Pile reader?
  167. What does your epublisher do for you?
  168. Interesting Amazon change since lawsuit
  169. Help and Advice
  170. Please delete this thread...
  171. Do pirates have quality control?
  172. My publisher's e-book security seems quite inadequate -- advice?
  173. My first experience with an Ebook Publisher
  174. "library" publishers?
  175. E-publishing does NOT equate to self publishing.
  176. Random House Digital Cynicism
  177. Small press books on Kindle but not on Nook
  178. Macmillan Forms Partnership with Entangled
  179. Question about rights
  180. How long from ms to book
  181. Best E-Publishers for Children's Chapter books
  182. Help looking for a publisher
  183. Book into movies?
  184. Past e-publishing - how to deal with in print submission?
  186. Can't think of a publisher's name. A little help?
  187. Pre-orders/amazon ranking?
  188. 'Kill fees'?
  189. Suggestions for e-publisher for out-of-print books?
  190. Getting Published in Australia
  191. Safe to publish online?
  192. List of editors and publishers looking for punk genre submissions.
  193. Sci-Fi vs. Fantasy vs. Spec-Fic
  194. US Tax ID# Q for Non-Americans
  195. Agent Hunter
  196. What happens after digital rights expire?
  197. Getting your novel published: Which country?
  198. List of Publishers by category
  199. Manuscript Accepted – How Long Do Contracts Take?
  200. No second hand Ebooks!
  201. Re-print?
  202. How are royalties divided if there are 3 authors?
  203. What's a good royalty rate for an eBook publisher contract?
  204. Publishers promotional efforts
  205. What are the current Royalties for Ebooks
  206. Publishing virgin
  207. Rights question involving audio
  208. Stage
  209. How many rejections did you get before you were published?
  210. Question About Contract Offer
  211. Finding a publisher's sales
  212. Choosing an e-publisher, for real
  213. Publishing Contract a Work-for-Hire?
  214. 10 signs your epub editor sucks
  215. Copyright question for fanfiction and derivative works
  216. Are authors being cheated by publishers on ebook royalties?
  217. How to find a book's sales over time?
  218. My almost complete anthology and it's strange copyright conundrum
  219. What Happens When
  220. From Fiction to Actual Publication
  221. Non-romantic genres at Epublishers
  222. Welcome from an eauthor
  223. Contract Questions [resolved]
  224. Nicola Morgan's wonderful books!
  225. Freelance editor reccomendation help
  226. Registration
  227. University Press Vs. "Regular" Small Press?
  228. Small Publishers, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
  229. Residual income?
  230. Rights Question
  231. Netflix For Books?
  232. Copyright for novel
  233. Royalty rate
  234. Advertisers repaying for ad in second edition of book?
  235. How Typical are my Sales Numbers and my Publisher?
  236. Seeking print publisher for my ebooks.
  237. Questions for authors with multiple publishers
  238. How do you find out which genres are a publisher's top sellers?
  239. Reasons NOT to self-publish
  240. Find Books Like Your Own and See Who Published Them (HOW??)
  241. Terminating a Contract
  242. Frustrated About Publishing Scams!!!
  243. Amazon ABNA made it look like I self-published my novel, but I didn't...
  244. The reality of submitting?
  245. FOREIGN PUBLISHER: why are royalties so SMALL??
  246. Rights Reversions Questions
  247. Audiobooks - General discussion
  248. Great Agent vs Great Cover
  249. Why is getting published by a publisher better than self publishing?
  250. What are the pitfalls of selling a trilogy or series?