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  2. Is religious belief innate to our brains?
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  8. Distressed at a Buddhist conversation
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  10. What is Grace?
  11. Parents, Children, and Church
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  13. The problem of Evil
  14. Cultural phenomena, mythology, or religion?
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  16. Discordianism
  17. Gobekli Tepe --Archaeology, Eden, and the Birth of Agriculture
  18. Parable of the Boutiful Tree
  19. Sacred Touch
  20. The Meaning of Life
  21. Statistical changes in American religious life
  22. Is religion good for your health?
  23. The free will problem
  24. Changed by Art
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  26. Prophecy, Revelation, Human Nature, and the Cycle of Civilization
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  28. Religion vs science, take # n + 1
  29. Question for those who believe all religion should be abolished?
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  33. Sacred Bones
  34. Opus Dei: Cinematic Self-Mortification?
  35. The Gospel of Inclusion?
  36. Augustine and the Jews
  37. Extreme Taboos?
  38. Freedom of religion: outmoded?
  39. Divine Civil Suit
  40. Ruv Draba's Holy Textbook
  41. Reincarnation
  42. Repentance, Redemption and Forgiveness
  43. Parables of Reversaln (and some other stuff)
  44. The forum description also says, "fundamental likenesses".
  45. Why do you believe what you believe?
  46. God's press conference
  47. I love science, but I stopped believing in the religion of Science.
  48. What do you believe?
  49. Biblical Polytheism
  50. ideology vs humanity
  51. More on evolution and religion
  52. Double Standard
  53. Help me design a New Best Religion!
  54. What religion are you?
  55. Islam and the internet
  56. Evidence for God
  57. The Disenchantment of Secular Discourse - Steven D. Smith
  58. What would American Christians do with Jesus?
  59. Grammar question, Believing in something
  60. The Twelve Nidanas
  61. Present Time Awareness
  62. Stepping Away From Orthodoxy
  63. Evidence for Jesus/Messiah
  64. "Absence of Mind" Marilynne Robinson
  65. Ever read the Satanic Bible?
  66. The cursed city
  67. The soul and the will.
  68. Is your belief/lack of belief a choice?
  69. Was Adam really the first man created on earth?
  70. What is Love?
  71. Marilynne Robinson was on The Daily Show!
  72. Evidence for Buddha?
  73. Brilliant comic.
  74. Eschaton
  75. Cosmic Rabbit Adventures
  76. Hawking Says: There is NO God
  77. Feelings as evidence of reality
  78. Wanted Ads for Deities
  79. The continuing mystery of the Shroud of Turin
  80. Question for NonChristians: Do you Celebrate Xmas?
  81. Marvels, Magic and Mysticism (from is belief/lack a choice)
  82. Occam's Razor Debunked?
  83. Deists and scientists: peaceful coexistence
  84. 400 years of the King James Bible
  85. Teleology Today
  86. Is it only about belief?
  87. Morality Without Religion-- is it Possible?
  88. Science vs. Religious Faith
  89. Immoral Multiverses?
  90. quantum physics
  91. Multiverse moves to Sociology
  92. Parallels in Religion?
  93. Anyone here read Greatest Hoax on Earth by Sarfati?
  94. Can philosophy exist without religious undertones?
  95. Athe´sts are not to be trusted.
  96. did god really started with just Adam and Yve?
  97. One Word Religion Game
  98. A world of religions
  99. Scientific Materialism Is NOT Intellectual Fascism-Proof Inside!
  100. Are apocalyptic messages always political?
  101. Personal or External Divine
  102. What matters?
  103. Beginnings of Beginnings
  104. the religious out take from Escape Artist's thread
  105. Welcome your New Co-Mod!
  106. Understanding & Writing From Other Religious Perspectives.
  107. Involving Science in Discussions of Religion
  108. Bible adapted to screenplay format
  109. a Sikh response to the horror in Wisconsin
  110. Mt 28:19,20
  111. My Beliefs and My MC's Beliefs
  112. The G-Word.
  113. Codex Alexandrinus available online
  114. The fight for free religion
  115. Talking to a homosexual
  116. The Battle of Bosworth is responsible for the C of E
  117. what we have in common
  118. Tomb Guardian
  119. The Phrase "Put your faith in..."
  120. Two kinds of morality
  121. Mythologizing Other Religions
  122. A voice from the Greek Orthodox church
  123. Relevance and Irrelevance
  124. Conscience
  125. On the dichotomy of religions, politics and social pressures
  126. Science and theology
  127. Love
  128. What is a god?
  129. God is Good (Versus the Guy in the Sky)
  130. Lent
  131. Excellent brief discussion of the origins of Quakerism
  132. Namaskar Everyone
  133. Religious / cultural appropriation
  134. Can Science and Philosophy Coexist, or (Moved from P&CE)
  135. Proto-version of Adam and Eve in Paradise found.
  136. Mental images on One God
  137. What does prayer mean to you?
  138. If God is good, is God also bad?
  139. What is Worship?
  140. Are there writers here who've read much of the Old and New Testaments, the Hadiths and the Quran?
  141. On Not Understanding Others
  142. What are non literal interpretations you can use in reading religious texts?
  143. What Does Strength Mean To You?
  144. Ecumenicals For Justice!
  145. Perspectives on the Possible
  146. Paganism and Tradition
  147. Argument in Religion and Philosophy
  148. Thread for Reader Requests
  149. What makes a human?
  150. How to explain why I'm not a Christian
  151. John Oliver / Prosperity Gospel and related topics
  152. Maybe God's Trying to tell me something...
  153. Supercessionism
  154. Case Study: Conservative, evangelical takeover of Western horsemanship
  155. Pope Francis and the Changing Catholic Church.
  156. Pascal's Wager and The Sure Thing
  157. Comparative religion in a posthuman future
  158. what religion should be about
  159. Religious sayings you remember - even if you're no longer part of that religion
  160. A question about the Holy Grail
  161. Threads We Will Not Be Necroing
  162. Your religious foundation vs. your children's religious foundation
  163. Emphasis and Stories in Religious Education
  164. A Spiritual Appreciation of Nighttimer's Baldwin Quotes (moved from P&CE Thread "The Loathing")
  165. A question on intercessory prayer in modern Christianity
  166. Having faith in the modern era
  167. Is the concept of Salvation compatible with Morality
  168. New Age Market... Mainstream Now?
  169. Rampa, Castaneda, etc... Truth or Fiction.... Does it Matter?
  170. Divine Sunshine (the Sun is God)