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  1. Software to Score Music?
  2. better reply to Jenna
  3. Home Recording -- How do I get started?
  4. Any potential?
  5. Lyrics and their impact
  6. A little help from my friends
  7. new tip for musicians
  8. Song clip
  9. Karaoke
  10. Should this be a chorus or a verse
  12. Beast of Burden
  13. heIping singers
  14. Can anyone tell me...? (Questions about song format)
  15. definition please
  16. what is this? I am crazy
  17. Sorry Cali, you are banned
  18. Does anyone here write classical music?
  19. Need Input on song (Live Lie Die)
  20. TAXI
  21. What is your musical style?
  22. The 'long' songs from the '70's...Hotel California etc.
  23. Band name suggestions
  24. "Wherever You Want To."
  25. June
  26. Twenty Questions
  27. What is the NEXT music?
  28. song(feedback please) "masturbation"
  29. feedback? for the people, of the people, by the people...
  30. what is it that makes a song?
  31. For the People
  32. my first song
  33. Selling Songs
  34. Singer/songwriter - My sister, Vicky Harris
  35. Can a person write a song without being able to write the music?
  36. I have hit a road block
  37. I Need A Writing Partner
  38. Feedback on a song I wrote
  39. Rhyme?
  40. Can't get my song to work!
  41. Okay ....How?!
  42. Help needing writing music for my lyrics
  43. I need help with the format of a song
  44. Feedback on my latest song?
  45. Songwriter looking for a singer
  46. Lyricist seeking a writing partner/band to produce alternative rock/rock/metal songs
  47. My interview with a CD BABY singer/songwriter
  48. Band name suggestions
  49. Save The Planet
  50. An idiot needs checking
  51. Songs I've Written (Feedback?)
  52. Open Door
  53. Jesus Paid My Debt
  54. Songwriting vs. Poetry?
  55. poesia breve..
  56. Please can I have some feedback
  57. I need info quick!
  58. Crazy Dream (Is this a good song or not?)
  59. My first attempt
  60. Jim Colyer Songs: Save The Planet
  61. you don't have to be a screenwriter to know what you like.
  62. I'm missing two lines(Help plz)
  63. Christmas sure is fun!!
  64. Needd Info ASAP
  65. 100%, complete, total n00b.
  66. My 1990s "Rap"
  67. ALL ROADS LEAD TO YOU - Jim Colyer song
  68. Swim With Dolphins - Jim Colyer song
  70. Songs that go with books
  71. Has anyone heard of the Music Arrangers fee?
  72. What to do with these words?
  73. A Day To Think (And Be Alone) -A song By Zachary Van Kleeck
  74. Rate a Song?
  75. Music Reviewers
  76. dealling with cords
  77. If You Had...
  78. Lyrics contest (deadline passed)
  79. God Given Talent - Jim Colyer song
  80. Name, Number & Message
  81. Veda Radanovich - Put Me On The Spot!
  82. Need help - demo
  83. "I Need You"
  84. Don't go askin me if i'm working, k?
  85. 'American Idol' to Add Songwriters
  86. Question For Songwriters
  87. Not crazy about Gnarls Barkley
  88. Thanks
  89. Help need name of song to find lyrics
  90. A Big-S Somebody wants to cover me!
  91. "Lore of the Ghost Knight"
  92. "Sayian Pride"
  93. I Looked Twice!
  94. Again and Again
  95. I don't know what to do with them
  97. Mistakes in Song
  98. So...
  99. Hear Here!
  100. a good start..looking for feed back
  102. Better Leave You
  104. My Film Star Love
  105. Three Fingers Up
  106. Nothing to Show
  107. How to Categorize songs
  108. Just in case you didn't think I was crazy
  109. Homecoming
  110. Recording vs just posting lyrics
  112. OOPS!
  113. Deep Inside
  114. Ever "Dream Write" A Song?
  115. Long, Long Way
  116. Garbage man/ My Philipina
  117. The Devil's in the Details
  118. A gift for all of you or y'all, depends where. Publishing suggestion, a bit late
  119. A New Vow
  120. Where to submit novelty song
  121. The Faces I Have Seen
  122. I love this song: Great lyric by Hank Wms (Sr)
  123. Cool Songs I'd Love To Hear Your Opinion Of
  124. Is this a song or a poem?
  125. Can I Be Your Nothing Tonight?
  126. If I don't
  127. Merry Christmas
  128. New Songs
  129. Q's for RachelM but also everyone else who can answer
  130. I got a USB keyboard for Christmas....
  131. For You
  133. How do you usually write your songs?
  134. I look Away
  135. Nashville cats?
  136. 2 of my songs at last online
  137. Favorite Songs
  138. best movie soundtracks
  139. teaching an old dog music theory
  140. First lyrics post...
  141. Music Box Dancers
  142. How do you write the music for your lyrics?
  143. An inspiring children's song - please critique!
  144. I Looked Twice! - One Night Stand
  145. Skindraft's song Sister Ape
  146. Out of the Dark
  147. A new one for ya
  148. All That Glitters
  149. Who's Hurting Who?
  150. Something from the weekend...
  151. Grey
  152. The Legacy Of Aristarchus
  153. Standing Room Only
  154. Unzipping My Skin
  155. Music magazines
  156. A sample of Shryne
  157. a question about a service for songwriters...
  158. Infinite possibilities?
  159. A few of my demons.
  160. Stray Clear -Song-
  161. A Summer's Night
  162. The Stray Cat Dance
  163. Market
  164. Child In The Corner
  165. BMI and ASCAP
  166. It Was Meant to Be
  167. Passiondale (The Unknown Soldier)
  168. On The Origin Of Taps
  169. Friend of Mine
  170. Please tell me what you think about these lyrics
  171. Again
  172. I miss Him
  173. Party People
  174. Not Just Today
  175. me singing on you tube - life is a miracle
  176. Writing music/album/concert reviews.
  177. Good Time Songs (The NEXT Trend?)
  178. a song from my musical comedy on youtube!!
  179. 3 bands who belong in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame
  180. Thank you to absolutewrite for making this possible!
  181. New lyrics - help needed!
  182. Lover's Moon
  183. Away
  184. Opinions...
  185. Stealing Each Night
  186. Best and Worst lines from a song
  187. Question for Writers (everyone here I guess...) 'bout Music
  188. Kaiser Chiefs: Yours Truly, Angry Mob
  190. Rolling Stone Lists the 25 Top Guilty Pleasure Bands
  191. I hope no one gets mad at me for using these words,...
  192. Alter Ego - Hair Band?
  193. I am still dreaming - song critique wanted
  194. Playing the Guitar (not a euphemism...)
  195. To Daddy
  196. the 'cerdd dant' challenge
  197. 10 Songs from my musical comedy play
  198. Let's Put it on the Shelf
  199. Stuck in my head!
  200. Lyrics and song -any thoughts?
  201. Top 5 ROCK singers
  202. Musicals and songs
  203. Michael Jackson...
  204. The King Is Gone
  205. WIP: Russian Roulette
  206. Opinions please? And critiques too?
  207. Inspired Thievery Thread
  208. Never Again, we can only hope.
  209. Best Music Software
  210. Top 5 Guitarists
  211. Guitar Question, can't be arsed to Google...
  212. Top 5 Rock Flautists
  213. Top 5 Bassists
  214. What song are you listening to
  215. This Morning's Bizarro Event.
  216. Spinal Tap reunite to play Wembley for Live Earth
  217. New Order Split
  218. First accompanied song. "Don't Cry for Me"
  219. Eurovision 2007
  220. Songs
  221. Top 5 Keyboardists
  222. Most Boring Band Ever!
  223. Top 5 Drummers
  224. Songwriting versus Poetry
  225. Hook in my head...
  226. Laziest Lyrics...
  227. Best Free Online Guitar Lessons for beginners...
  228. I've done the Songwriter thing again. -Here's 'Stay' with acc.
  229. cause for self-loathing
  230. Advice from songwriters/music writers requested
  231. Disco lives forever!
  232. Amusing record reviews
  233. Black Rain
  234. The Beatles
  235. a service for songwriters
  236. Bring on the protest songs- where have all the Guthries gone?
  237. Top Songs
  238. Top 5 Radio Stations
  239. Program to convert sound to staff music?
  240. Top 5 Rock Anthems
  241. Hot Summer
  242. Does anyone know of a warning list for songwriters
  243. It's Time For Rebellion (PG-13 for language)
  244. Systematic Chaos
  245. New Pumpkins!
  246. I found my tuner!!! Rep points are on me. Belly up to the rep points bar people.
  247. I found a Fender Amp !!!
  248. Protest Song, anyone (rated R)
  249. Musicians: what gear do you have?
  250. One hit wonders - your favourite(s)