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  21. Death Wizard Chronicles, The Pit by Jim Melvin
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  25. Halloween Blog Fiction Carnival
  26. I'm a 2007 Weblog Finalist
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  28. Live Blogging Patriots v. Colts
  29. AW Flash Fiction Carnival the Third
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  35. Badducky had an idea
  36. Just been tagged - anyone else want..
  37. Billy-Ray MacHaggis III
  38. Holiday Flash Fiction Carnival!
  39. I'm going to be on NPR Friday morning!
  40. What is a blog carnival?
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  42. Writing Carnival
  43. My first podcast, not bad after 2 years
  44. Flash Fiction Carnival 2008
  45. January 2008 Flash Fiction Carnival!
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  47. Have a blog? Want to help a fellow writer?
  48. January Blog Chain. Theme: "Writing"
  49. Thursday Thirteen
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  51. Moms: I started a new blog!
  52. Valentine's Flash Fiction Carnival!
  53. February Blog Chain: Balance
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  56. March: Blogchain
  57. I Get to Interview Daniel Vosovic from Project Runway!
  58. BunnyGirl's Holiday Flash Carnival: SPRING ! ! !
  59. Ultimate Blog Party
  60. Blogging For A Cause, personal favor?
  61. April Blog Chain Sign-up
  62. Yearblook - competition for best blog post, winners published in book
  63. April Blog Chain: Spring and New Beginnings
  64. I'm in shock!
  65. Welcome to the Blog Events and Announcements Forum
  66. Back in Blog Form
  67. Awesome Iraq War blog
  68. New Feedback Opportunity on my blog
  69. I got around to putting together a giveaway
  70. Come Play A GENRE-SWITCHING Writing Game!
  71. Springtime On Mars
  72. May Blog Chain Sign Up
  73. Blog Comment Blitz - May 2008
  74. Wow. Gotta share a little squee here.
  75. Education Blog of the Year!
  76. International Weblogger's Day
  77. i interviewed a puppeteer
  78. Interview with author of IMMORTAL
  79. Guest Lecture Posts on Blogging - New Sticky in Main Forum
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  81. Writing an interactive story via my blog
  82. My blog was just reviewed...
  83. Anyone Like to Be Featured As Writer of the Day?
  84. Blog Comment Blitz - June 2008
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  86. Guess who? Guest blog by one of our own.
  87. Join Topical Tuesdays (this week: fanfiction and intellectual property)
  88. June Blog Chain
  89. Another AW Guest Blogger
  90. Free Graphic Novel ARC from me to you
  91. FWJ Having a Talent Hunt for a New Blogger
  92. Looking For Comments for my Blog
  93. 4 Lessons About Fiction I Learned from Writing Serials-Guest Post at Fumbling Fiction
  94. Blog Comment Blitz - June 2008 the second
  95. Submit a guest blog for The Great Blog Off!
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  102. The AW Author Advocates Blog Carnival - all AWers invited to participate
  103. AWers on Plurk? Tell us who you are!
  104. Photo and a Few Friday
  105. Free ARCs
  106. A blast from AW’s past makes a guest appearance at AuthorScoop!
  107. So- how does one start a blog?
  108. Monthly Book Roast
  109. Blog Comment Blitz - 3rd-10th August 2008
  110. Book Giveaway on Fumbling with Fiction
  111. Anyone want to do a blog scavenger hunt?
  112. In Case You Missed the Announcement Elsewhere
  113. George Orwell and AuthorScoop
  114. AW Aug Blog Chain sign up
  115. Scissor-reading
  116. Two giveaways at New to TV!
  117. Blog exchange forum
  118. Blogosphere call to arms
  119. Jenny Rappaport has me up on her blog!
  120. My writing process now blogged
  121. Calling All Poets And Essayists - AuthorScoop Opens To Submissions
  122. October Blogroll?
  123. Book Roast
  124. AuthorScoop features AW darlings Kim Michele Richardson and Trish Stewart
  125. Giveaway...
  126. New Debut Writers Blog!
  127. Another blog about writing for a living...
  128. Calling all Nanoers - a blogging event
  129. Do you Yahoo Buzz--buzz swap [Oct 20]
  130. [Tues Oct 21] Social Network Swap
  131. Visit My Blog Oct. 24-26
  132. 60 authors celebrate one year blog anniversary
  133. Duck Virus!
  134. interview with bill contardi of brandt and hochmanhi everyone! agent bill was kind en
  135. A Writer's Rebirth - For writers needing comfort on the road to publication
  136. Outdoor Photo Contest on my Blog
  137. Any Diggers out there?
  138. Free E-book Giveaway on my Blog!
  139. Would you like to be featured on my blog
  140. You’re Only As Good As Your Last Prolonged Period Of Self-Loathing
  141. AWers on Friendfeed? Tell us who you are!
  142. Shameless Plug and a GiveaWay
  143. Any AWers using Ping.fm?
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  145. Okie Blog Awards
  146. Oh, Mr. Fo-ord -- Paging Jamie Ford
  147. A reshuffling at AuthorScoop
  148. February Blog Roll
  149. Hosting Crits on my Blog
  150. Blog Comment Blitz - 9th-19th Feb 2009
  151. My newest blog
  152. Don't miss Jamie Ford on AuthorScoop
  153. For All My Blog Readers
  154. The Scarletpeaches Interview
  155. 5 Minutes Alone... With Jessica Brody
  156. This week Blondchen and William Haskins are feeln' the love and dishing it out
  157. New(ish) Blog for Perks
  158. I have a new blog, please visit!
  159. 'Writer In Waiting' hosts an interview with AW's (and AuthorScoop's) William Haskins
  160. Author Terri Cheney makes a guest appearance on AuthorScoop
  161. Roundtable Podcast
  162. New Blog Visit Me
  163. D'you wanna read my blog? It's got interviews and stuff
  164. Check Out My Technology Blog
  165. Dr. Christopher Johnson (Colorado Guy) spends 5 Minutes With AuthorScoop
  166. Author Christina Meldrum on AuthorScoop
  167. Short Back and Sides
  168. The Absolute Write Blogroll
  169. For Tica, RIP
  170. The Working Screenwriter: The Blog!
  171. Blogging Pitch Party Commentfest!
  172. book giveaway, writing your way to wealth on the web
  173. Win THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH on our blog
  174. Marvelous Marketers
  175. Free Book Giveaway
  176. Ha! My little bloggie won an award!
  177. Craft, scultpure, collecting blogs for blogroll?
  178. I have a semi blog related announcement!
  179. My Interview With Jon F. Merz
  180. AW Blog Showcase: How do you edit?
  181. Win a $20 eCard to Powell's online bookstore
  182. Link for fans of "mommy blogs"
  183. The Museum of Marketing Madness
  184. National Blog Posting Month ~ Every Month!
  185. Harriet's 1000 Blog Comment Challenge
  186. Anti-Plagiarism Day, Friday July 17: join in!
  187. Mid Month Giveaway Mania!
  188. Hey! I Blog too...
  189. Liz Strange- Blog
  191. I just finished my One Hundredth post!!!
  192. Blogathon 09, 25 July 0600 PDT/1300 UTC
  193. The First Ever World of Fiction Newsletter!
  194. Blog Competition
  195. Win a 10,000 Word Edit
  196. Free Contest on my Blog
  197. My First Contest
  198. Blog comment exchange site
  199. BREAK by Hannah Moskowitz Giveaway at TWFT
  200. Interview with author Kody Keplinger on OPWFT!
  201. Hannah Moskowitz (AW's own Shady Lane) on AuthorScoop
  202. Outer Alliance Pride Day
  203. AuthorScoop Launches AuthorCast with Masha Hamilton and '31 Hours'
  204. come check out 3-part series at mystic-lit
  205. Web Site PR Oportunity -- moved from Novels
  206. New Blog-Contest and Author Interview
  207. Blog Contest
  208. Win a copy of Jessica Verday's "The Hollow"!
  209. THE HMM Project
  210. Halloween Fest Great Promo Opportunity
  211. Blogging about Nano?
  212. Sean-nos singing
  213. Talent Optional :)
  214. Straitjackets are Slimming
  215. Aw'ers on Wordpress - The Blogroll
  216. A contest to give thanks!
  217. December Blog Chain
  218. Marvelous marketer: Hayley Gonnason, publicist at Tricycle Press
  219. Three book giveaway
  220. Win an "I love books" gift pack
  221. Demotivational Poster Contest
  222. Midnight Poetry on AuthorScoop - Solstice and Holiday Edition
  223. I'm starting Let's All Finally Finish a Novel Month (LAFFN)!
  224. raw(r) writing
  225. Marvelous Marketer Interview: Nathan Bransford (Curtis Brown)
  226. Blog Post: Collages for Writers by Joss Ware
  227. AuthorScoop welcomes Jamie Ford and MarkEsq in today's features...
  228. Interviews with Birol, other AW members
  229. Call for Love-Themed Quotes from KidLit
  230. Help Haiti and Win a Copy of WINTERGIRLS
  232. Little poetry blog..
  233. ERECblog updated, attn erotic romance writers
  234. Enter my first blog contest EVER!
  235. Idea scoopage: how not to rewrite someone else's book
  236. Looking for Guest Bloggers
  237. Dr. Seuss Tote Bag giveaway!
  238. How Writers Do It - A Contest!
  239. My first BLOG CONTEST -- win books!
  240. I want to be one of the cool kids and have a blog contest!
  241. Everybody else is doing it --- Book giveaway! The Full Plate Diet
  242. Suffering from Query Phobia?
  243. Guest blogging this week
  244. The "You Choose 'Em" Giveaway starts now.
  245. Giving Away Drought Tolerant Seeds on my Blog
  246. The Name Game: How do you choose names for your characters?
  247. Interview with Author Kate McMullan
  248. Benefits of Using Character Interviews
  249. Rx for Rejection-Induced Depression
  250. Do you celebrate your blog's birthday?