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  1. Guidelines Questions
  2. RESUME Question
  3. Resume?
  4. Submitting to a Publisher
  5. Query/Cover letter to an editor/publisher, how are they different from an agent's?
  6. Dividing chapters
  7. Agents and the nets that snare them
  8. Question about credentials and expertise on a subject
  9. Submission Question
  10. Writing Fiction effectively
  11. FAQ: KatieMac's Writing Novels FAQ, Archives and Helpful Links
  12. How would you go about doing this?
  13. Using an established character
  14. Legal question - use of real organization
  16. Preface or Foreword?
  17. Is Said dead
  18. Correlating # of pages
  19. Prologue question please
  20. Third person past tense?
  21. Character synopsis?
  22. Indent or no indent?
  23. Word Count for First Novels
  24. FAQ: Using A Spreadsheet for Outlining and Brainstorming
  25. What if the piece you write is good but...
  26. indenting first line of paragraphs
  27. Naming Locations
  28. Why do people charge money for critiquing?
  29. How do you keep track of your ideas?
  30. synopsis always present tense?
  31. Perils of Showing First Draft to Family
  32. Would you find this book idea and this character offensive?
  33. Could I lose or Keep Readers?
  34. "Hi," John said -or- "Hi," said John?
  35. Oooooo...a new forum!
  36. What is the thrust power of a Saturn 5 rocket?
  37. Help! I'm stilted! What does this mean? See sample.
  38. 3rd person multiple with a dash of Omniscient
  39. So, why a Basic Writing Questions forum?
  40. Physically describing the 1st person MC
  41. What's a "Mary Sue" character? (aka Marty Stu, Gary Stu)
  42. How do I beat the FEAR?
  43. Apostrophe + S for Names that End With the Letter S
  44. What does purple mean? (as in "purple prose")
  45. Is there a section for posting inspirational writer quotes?
  46. Story anchored in genre vs. interchangeable story
  47. Does anyone use a Outline?
  48. Picking Viewpoint
  49. Deus ex Machina?
  50. Write what you know?
  51. Ellipsis...is there an alternative
  52. Head Hopping vs. Omniscient Narrator
  53. Is it okay to *die* in first person past tense?
  54. Do you know any good links to writing sites that could help?
  55. Writing your story in present tense
  56. Write a Best Seller without First Securing a Buyer?
  57. Can you publish a book from your Internet writing and blogging?
  58. Publication Query
  59. Hehe, Feedback is so addicting, please help.
  60. Should I be a novelist or scriptwriter? / Theater play submissions
  61. Stories that use fairy tales
  62. Ideas on how to create a little Suspense?
  63. Determining Audience
  64. Quick Question! How long should a chapter be?
  65. Who can you trust/how can you protect your brilliant novel/synopsis/screenplay?
  66. A rather simple question... the art of Zen breathing
  67. Book Bindings - self-publishing
  68. How do you have time to write?!
  69. To Title or not to Title that is the question
  70. OpenOffice - software for writers
  71. Just curious? - writing methods - index cards
  72. Simultaneous Subs
  73. Sagging Middles?
  74. Copyright before you send to an agent or publisher?
  75. Write for money or readers?
  76. Copyright question - describing buildings and landmarks
  77. Finding your genre...
  78. żDo we have to like the MC?
  79. how do you know what to edit out?
  80. One last bank job turns sour! Believable?
  81. Italics and Japanese Words
  82. When is it important to tell?
  83. Writing about a "nameless" character
  84. Question regarding YA voice
  85. Tenses and POV?
  86. As a reader, what POV do you prefer?
  87. How much is too much? Balancing dialogue & narration
  88. Naming conventions - first name or surname?
  89. Writing Articles question! - submission format
  90. Is it a must for the writer to visit the places described in his book?
  91. Getting to know your characters
  92. What separates YA from Literary?
  93. How to start article, novel, etc??? your way
  94. In this thread we will list the ways your characters can say something...
  95. How to figure out my novel's audience?
  96. is it better to plan or to flow
  97. Using names of songs
  98. Okay, help with this. - passive "matter-of-factly" writing
  99. First Person POV
  100. Planning
  101. Looking for Advice on writing novel - structure, routine
  102. how to flow from one paragraph to another
  103. spelling out numbers
  104. World Building question
  105. Question about publishing, sort of.
  106. Sara's 10 Basic Writing Tips
  107. Italics for Names of TV Channels?
  108. Is there a name for this syndrome?
  109. This first draft is so frustrating. ARGGGGGGGH >:-(
  110. dissertation sample
  111. How do you know if this is forced? Things there for the sake of the story?
  112. cliche monster
  113. Help! Stuck in the land of False Starts...
  114. Dialog in distant times and places
  115. Writing about scenes that you haven't been to.
  116. Repetition - when is it useful, and when does it get in the way?
  117. Writing a character's thoughts
  118. suggestions to improve my English so it sounds more natural
  119. Loud Noises
  120. revealing background info via dialogue/thoughts
  121. Murder mystery v. thriller
  122. Monomyth and Joseph Campbell (Hero's Journey)
  123. Hi, first timer here. My novel is done :)
  124. Thoughts on why protagonist would...
  125. What makes High Concept?
  126. Screams and contractions
  127. Need quick geography help, North Pole, land mass
  128. How Can I Tell If It's Plausible?
  129. What Constitutes Middle Grade Fiction?
  130. What are these new genres?
  131. Requested Materials Question
  132. He laughed?
  133. Synopsis and Outline...
  134. Chapters?
  135. A how to write that guaruntees publications. Learn the secrets of J.K Rowling.
  136. First Person -- Does it really matter why a narrator is narrating?
  137. Classes / sites for free grammar help
  138. Two questions...
  139. courier new...or just courier
  140. POV Cheating! :)
  141. Owl-Online Writing Lab
  142. How to vary the beginnings of sentences?
  143. Just a quick question... - announcer, herald, master of ceremonies, booming voice??
  144. need a word! - fall from grace, reputation ruined
  145. Participles, dangling or not...
  146. Third Person Limited
  147. What is a Beta reader?
  148. How to Fuel Your Idea Machine
  149. What's YA?
  150. Choosing names for characters & locations
  151. Italics in Manuscripts
  152. Share Your Work
  153. Page Formatting
  154. First Person dillemma - tell or show character feelings?
  155. I'm too attached to my main character.
  156. What's Action Adventure?
  157. Idea management - too many ideas! how do you keep track?
  158. Question about profanity in novels...
  159. Ask Jason and Derek...
  160. Copyright status... OK to use Greek gods?
  161. A Matter of Life or Death - kill off main character??
  162. All Caps Plus Italics vs. Quotes
  163. Can you do this
  164. Need Help with Character's Direct Thought
  165. Getting copyright permissions to quote poems in fiction?
  166. Writing Software
  167. show don't tell
  168. What is a WIP?
  169. I decided to write in third person. But I have a problem.
  170. I want to submit a novel, but...
  171. Mixing Fiction and Non Fiction
  172. A Few Legal Questions....
  173. MSWord No Good For Book Writing?
  174. Writing Female characters
  175. I am so lost
  176. Help! MC and POV question
  177. Book editor recommendation
  178. Book lengths
  179. About query letters
  180. Is this Correct?
  181. I love writing style & beauty articles.....
  182. Need help with first person please...
  183. Mary Sue
  184. When to introduce another POV character?
  185. How to classify - fiction or non-fiction?
  186. Question - mainstream or genre fiction? page length?
  188. How to indicate/format sections in novel manuscript
  189. What's that tone of voice called...
  190. When do you consider yourself a "writer"?
  191. When characters recite
  192. converting file problem - moving text from MS Works to Word
  193. Author vs Writer
  194. Growth and subplots - are they required?
  195. What does author insertion/interference mean? - Authorial intrusion
  196. Is It Frowned Upon? - Omniscient unlimited POV
  197. novel-"ettes" vs. novels vs. short story
  198. Sentence fragment
  199. Details: how much is necessary and how much is annoying?
  200. Postage price hike and SASEs
  201. Map Advice Needed
  202. Writting makes you dumberer
  203. show versus tell example - showing too much?
  204. Agent Interest - harder to sell screenplays vs. novels?
  205. permission to quote others
  206. Are dialogue tags sometimes added for reading out loud?
  207. Allen Guthrie's Infamous Writing Tips
  208. Am I Out Of Tense?
  209. i need help with sentence
  210. Using a second language
  211. POV cheating
  212. Two Quick Questions - line edit vs. critique / SASE vs. S.A.S.E.
  213. Are Names Copyrighted?
  214. Omni-limited POV
  215. Help with Fight Scenes
  216. Unusual POV question
  217. Lots of questions...kinda long post.
  218. Making up words
  219. Rehashing Synopsis Issues
  220. Nom de Plume
  221. How can I write this sentence?
  222. Forced Dialog
  223. Example of "money flows to the writer"
  224. When You Revise?
  225. was/were - please help
  226. Plural family names??
  227. Is It Too Quick?
  228. Too much of THAT
  229. Shouldn't time make one better?
  230. Is this word commonly known?
  231. Word Font for MS Submissions ?
  232. Questions re opening sentences - do they grab you?
  233. Brothers or Brother's
  234. Need help breaking down dialogue/internal dialogue
  235. Sentence space?
  236. Agent request - first 50 pages?
  237. Good Ideas, Terrible Execution
  238. Quotations on dialog - single quotes preferred over double??
  239. What is Info-Dump?
  240. Another thread got me wondering... characters too flawed?
  241. Need some help with this opening line
  242. The first few pages...
  243. The first sentence
  244. Writing years and numbers
  245. Book of Writing Exercises
  246. Pen names
  247. Passive words
  248. Is a question always a question?
  249. Is this plagiarism?
  250. Formating a collaboration - author(s) name(s) in page header, title?