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  1. Not telling enough
  2. Editing Insecurities?
  3. tenses question..
  4. How do I punctuate a character's thoughts?
  5. How do I get rid of eye movements?
  6. Writing a book in two different time periods
  7. Does anyone else feel like...
  8. Manuscript Submissions
  9. Question about formatting
  10. Stuck
  11. Novella + Novella = Novel?
  12. What Font Do You Use For Your Novels?
  13. Using Celebrity Names!!
  14. Your Writing Process
  15. Switching POV only once or twice...a no-no?
  16. Subplot Problems
  17. How do you progress from the idea for a story to writing the detail of that story?
  18. 1st or 3rd?
  19. Do you slouch or sit straight when typing your novel?
  20. Pen Name Bio
  21. Only 115 word per page! WTF(luff)?
  22. Help with foreshadowing and creating tension
  23. Why use a pen name?
  24. Typewriter Use
  25. do Excerpts work?
  26. Using Inanimate Objects
  27. Avoiding an info dump when describing a scene
  28. Developing characters- any tips?
  29. An odd question: Tourettes in writing.
  30. Writing in Second Person
  31. what exactly are the rules with adverbs?
  32. Writing a story with only dialogue
  33. Constantly Unfinished Work
  34. Singular nouns ending with an 'S' or 'Z' sound.
  35. Editor lingo--what does this mean?
  36. How do you know which form your idea ought to take?
  37. Do you use "Tab" or just "enter"?
  38. Perspective: skipping heads in a series?
  39. Show Vs. Tell
  40. said vs asked
  41. Dialogue format
  42. Is it dopey to work on the query letter before the book is finished?
  43. Chapter Lengths
  44. Permission to use a real setting
  45. Long versus short paragraphs
  46. bad advice?
  47. Writing while tired.
  48. Synopsis Question
  50. Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
  51. Begin with a question?
  52. Creating characters
  53. I use too many pronouns
  54. Spaces Between Sentences--One or Two?
  55. Convert your Novel into a Short Story = Synopsis?
  56. I have two questions!!!!
  57. What email do you use to query/submit?
  58. What's the difference? (story lengths)
  59. How much do you think when writing?
  60. Spacing
  61. Ok or okay?
  62. character infringement/conflict
  63. :A couple questions from an apprentice:
  64. How often do you write yourself into a corner?
  65. How to avoid pronoun overuse when MC has no name
  66. Age difference in romantic/sexual relationships in fiction?
  67. How to manage massive revisions...
  68. Querying on the Weekends...
  69. Use of all caps
  70. A bit of plot help (to create antagonist)
  71. Doing a worse job results in being more motivated?
  72. Is it normal to feel really lost?
  73. What is so fascinating/entertaining about evil and the fall
  74. Is there a word for this action?
  75. Short story/no dialogue..
  77. Using brand names as character names?
  78. "story question" question
  79. Is my work finally safe?
  80. When do you know?
  81. With multiple POV first-person characters...
  82. Editing: Corrections taking the life out of the story?
  83. Do you ever wonder where it comes from sometimes?
  84. Narrative and Context: What's the Difference?
  85. Editing for Endings
  86. Should (very) minor characters have names?
  87. Summarising Plot
  88. How to go about making a storyboard
  89. What does it mean to "write Black"?
  90. authors and betas..
  91. re-write woes
  92. Proper Formatting and icky page numbers. What do I do?
  93. Plotting FAIL.
  94. Skipping Ahead In Time
  95. First-Person, or Third-Person?
  96. My plot splits more than cheese-string.
  97. Character Driven Plot?
  98. Editing software
  99. First person (MC writing a letter)
  100. Describing the Sky
  101. Second Person Perspective
  102. 'Common' problem (OK to use real location name?)
  103. Synopsis in present tense?
  104. Co-author question
  105. What books helped improve your writing????
  106. Character Memory Loss-To cliche?
  107. Writing prompts: how to?
  108. Describing Characters When Introducing Them
  109. HOW TO KEEP THE PAGES TURNING (link to blog article)
  110. WTH should i do????
  111. What to call these characters who aren't related, but are closer than friends...
  112. Heart
  113. About a sentence
  114. Past Tense Issue
  115. Novella/Novel Word Count (YA)
  116. Protagonist reminiscing - how to write it?
  117. Character names ending in S
  118. Is This Too Sudden?
  119. First-person omniscient--really???
  120. Setting creation
  121. One, Two or Two, One...?
  122. So...accents
  123. First Person Issue-My character's voice is boring!
  124. Include prologue in requested chapters?
  125. How Did You Feel When...
  126. Change of perspective
  127. A simple sentence
  128. Is it wrong to change perspective?
  129. Gut feeling in writing
  130. Picking names for characters...
  131. Using Famous Quotes and Lines
  132. About a sentence
  133. Time skips
  134. Referencing actual products/Companies?
  135. I Mostly Tell, Hardly Show
  136. When writing Dialog
  137. Chapter length?
  138. Major Rewrite or Lock it Away?
  139. The actual mechanics of writing fiction
  140. "sudden" transitions
  141. Flat characters - help needed
  142. " (text deleted)
  143. Different Kinds of Scenes
  144. Pacing narration vs dialogue and action
  145. Why are dialogue tags such a no-no?
  146. Prefaces
  147. What should a newbie read?
  148. Submission screw-up
  149. World Building with Info Dumps
  150. Using email to write?
  151. PoV characters separated in time
  152. Paper vs Pixels
  153. how to switch from distant memory to "present" in past-tense narrative
  154. Sony e-reader 600 touch edition--good for writing?
  155. Tell me about partials, please.
  156. what does temporary period of exclusivity mean?
  157. Dialogue tags...
  158. "OK" vs "OKAY"
  159. Anti-heroes
  160. Close Omni - In a Short Story?
  161. thoughts in past tense or present?
  162. What Determines Character Actions and Dialogue
  163. Literary Constipation
  164. characters, setting...but no plot
  165. Two scenes in one.
  166. Time Jumps in odd places
  167. Child's pov in adult novel
  168. Showing Events Out of Sequence
  169. What's In a Name? How names relate to character development.
  170. Deciding How To Begin
  171. Is there a science to the rhythm of writing?
  172. 1st and 3rd Person Narration
  173. Flashbacks... Should They Be Italicized?
  174. Minor Characters
  175. Character's Thoughts
  176. Improper use of second person?
  177. how do you create a "living" character from the ground up?
  178. A painting-esq experience versus a plot.
  179. Writing As You Go Versus Outlining Ahead Of Time
  180. Querying Without a Synopsis?
  181. So.... (looking for ways to improve writing)
  182. Book within a book question
  183. How do I get back in the teen mindset?
  184. Trouble doing anything.
  185. How do you know when to end your stories/when your stories end?
  186. Where do you like to write?
  187. Each Writer's Uniqueness
  188. Childrens book or young adults?
  189. Can't Get Any Writing Actually Done
  190. Incomplete sentences? Are they sometimes OK?
  191. How can I make my character less of a whiny emo kid.
  192. To show work or not?
  193. Revisiting Old Work
  194. How do you organize?
  195. I'm so full of questions - sorry!
  196. Issues with P.O.V.
  197. How do I write my name?
  198. Describing the Past During Narrative
  199. Starting conversation after a beat.
  200. Avoiding misunderstandings
  201. Episodic Middle
  202. The protaganist villian
  203. Making a more sympathetic MC - in the 1st chapter
  204. How many to query at once...
  205. Something I've never understood about past tense...
  206. Asking Questions in Third Person Past Tense
  207. Proper tense for narration?
  208. A Synopsis Question...
  209. Story vs Character
  210. Is exaggeration a poor form of storytelling?
  211. Do Scene Breaks Change the Scene?
  212. Awkward Query Question
  213. Choosing Your Name
  214. Chapters/Scenes That Start With Statements
  215. Should I Pull My MS from Consideration?
  216. Do you cuddle before writing?
  217. putting music lyrics in my MS
  218. Using real places and events in a work of fiction
  219. Question on public domain-and why it is
  220. Problems putting imagination into words
  221. How to critique prose when you're new
  222. Military Fiction Resources
  223. Underlining titles in manuscript format
  224. When writing how many stories should you be doing at one time?
  225. First person and info dump
  226. Essential Reading?
  227. Cover Art Questions
  228. Character flaws...
  229. What do you do when you're not technical competent enough to write a scene?
  230. The libraries kinda suck here (looking for agent info)
  231. How do you "write to find out what happens next"??
  232. Losing track of the story while writing?
  233. Editing question!
  234. Scene setting vs infodump
  235. Spaces (1 space or 2?)
  236. Giving more depth to characters
  237. Translating languages
  238. Adapting Published Projects
  239. Middle Names
  240. sick of using the word as
  241. Page Count
  242. Quick Question (2 actually) (double-space email doc? synopsis length?)
  243. Novel Format
  244. Submitting my manuscript question?
  245. Is it bad if something is obvious?
  246. A Rather Silly Question... (1 space or 2 spaces????)
  247. Describing a characters physical movements as it pertains to his POV
  248. when quotes DON'T have to be sourced/cited?
  249. Song Title in a Book- Copyrights?
  250. backstory- how do you deal with it?