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  1. Credits
  2. Writing a powerful speech
  3. Suspense OR compelling characters (pick one)
  4. Writing dialogue: grammar question
  5. Interesting Character Quirks!
  6. Writing sarcasm in dialogue?
  7. Too much Dialogue?
  8. How to write a thank you note to readers?
  9. Format for texting?
  10. How do you start each writing session? (tips for efficiency)
  11. Find your own writing voice.óWhatís the best way?
  12. Organizing an online group discussion
  13. Synopsis Question
  14. How to master describing? Any tips or tricks?
  15. Bunches (hairstyle)
  16. onomatopoeia in the text or not? Whatís your opinion?
  17. Cliffhanger Ending Help?
  18. Do you edit as you go or wait for a full first draft?
  19. Are you an over-writer?
  20. exercise for show donít tell?
  21. Is it allowed to use branded names in stories?
  22. What editing software (if any) is best for fiction?
  23. Dialogue
  24. General tone & definition of 'excessive'/'in moderation'
  25. Background... stuff...?
  26. Some characters more vivid than others?
  27. Genre--Something to Worry About?
  28. How to fix prose that is too clinical?
  29. Problem with description-crammed writing
  30. Comping Struggles
  31. Your writing habits?
  32. Insecure about constructive criticism
  33. Naming characters
  34. Past/past perfect tense woes...
  35. Pros and cons of dictation?
  36. The reverse edit
  37. Question for Americans
  38. Crime Fiction
  39. Increasing prose complexity as character ages?
  40. On improving your craft and shiny, sparkly prose
  41. What Do You Need to Know Before You Write?
  42. Should I format properly on the first draft?
  43. How can I get the right atmosphere for my story?
  44. What traits make characters interesting to you?
  45. Is this a great "show donít tell"?
  46. A strange issue
  47. How to master deep POV in first person?
  48. How do I write a time skip backward in my novel manuscript?
  49. Character Dialogue and Actions
  50. UK books for a US audience: what's confusing?
  51. How can I describe never-seen-before creatures?
  52. POV Issues. Help please
  53. The problem of "Was". Was cannot be avoided.
  54. Passive Voice. Is it really such a bad thing???
  55. What's the latest lingo for "Damn she has a nice butt!"?
  56. General Editing
  57. correct format for time.
  58. One Line From Your Current WIP
  59. Too much information to read.
  60. Character nicknames in 3rd POV
  61. typed and verbal conversation
  62. Query Question - How far to go into the novel?
  63. How could this be written
  64. Backstory Dump vs Story propulsion
  65. Keeping the timeline straight.
  66. Basic Writing Questions FAQs
  67. how can I be a scale between funny and suspense?
  68. Write it down or dialogue?
  69. When to describe characters
  70. How can I find the right word or sentenc when Iíve a teen audience?
  71. What are the really important things for 1st person?
  72. How can I write a better character describing?
  73. WESTERN NARRATIVE TRADITION: the Hollywood plot structure
  74. What's the best online critique site?
  75. How do I know if the stakes are high enough?
  76. Please provide feedback for the below paragraph
  77. Is it possible to start a story too late?
  78. A New Dream, A New Idea
  79. How loose are the grammar rules in novel writing?
  80. Writing: Fast or Slow?
  81. From the beginning - tension, conflict and grabbing interest.
  82. Excited! I finally found a comparison novel!
  83. Understanding Rules of Scene Structure
  84. Dialogue doesn't sound real
  85. Using material from a children's book - permission or paraphrase?
  86. How do you go about a second draft?
  87. Word Choice
  88. How do you return?
  89. Looking for writing groups local to southeastern Massachusetts
  90. Concerning flashbacks
  91. Sentence Structure
  92. My fingers won't type, but it is not writers block.
  93. Rearranging Scenes / Chapters in Revision
  94. Antagonist Gets Away
  95. I have no idea how to edit.
  96. Struggling With Man Versus Self
  97. Empathic characterization... why do I struggle with this?
  98. Using A Keyboard With A Finger Injury
  99. "Should" in past tense
  100. The Sixth Wall
  101. Pseudonyms (Initials Only?)
  102. Struggling with how I wrote this paragraph
  103. Advice on Show vs Tell - the journey begins
  104. How to write dialogue interrupted by sound?
  105. sticking with it/figuring out what to write
  106. How do I write the Spanish version of Jesus so it sounds properly?
  107. Backstory-how and when to include it
  108. Are Novella Anthologies Viable?
  109. Dual Timelines... Arg
  110. Research vs Creativity
  111. How can I get a fluenty reading flow?
  112. Sprawling Plot
  113. Show donít tell. Emotional words
  114. Descriptions in third-person limited
  115. Can't think of the word!
  116. Prologue-phobia - but why?
  117. Gender Neutral Pronoun?
  118. Is it OK to write a chapter from a disposable character's POV?
  119. Are you writing for yourself, for readers or for sales?
  120. Map for a setting?
  121. Should I refer to character's aunt as her aunt every time I mention her?
  122. unsure where to post this: ergonomics.
  123. How can I write adrenaline-kicking action?
  124. The "Finer Details"
  125. How can I write a strong female character without being sexist?
  126. Showing and Telling
  127. Help with grammar...
  128. When itís ok to use passive vioce?
  129. More realistic dialogue? (with example)
  130. Flow problems: transitions (in short stories)
  131. Gender derail
  132. Where To Begin??
  133. strong verbs
  134. found an idea - what now?
  135. Can I Write This Character?
  136. Tricky POV switch
  137. What's the best way to convey exposition?
  138. Avoiding the one. But how?
  139. Choosing character's genders
  140. One or two spaces
  141. Stage directions
  142. Close Third Person
  143. Top Books for Writing?
  144. What POV should I use?
  145. Synonyms
  146. Filmmaker asks "How can 1 author write 6 books in 10 years? Impossible!"
  147. "Why to write one way or another" - Italicized thoughts?
  148. Sequels and prequels and sequels, oh my!
  149. Need some help with my mc and antagonist
  150. Is too much self-awareness bad?
  151. If you don't use it, you lose it
  152. melodrama
  153. How independent are you when it comes to editing?
  154. When Two Characters Are Texting.
  155. When writing a series, when is a good time to do a re-write?
  156. Byline: Your thoughts on using initials or not
  157. How to show, not tell one's height and complexion
  158. How do you incorporate texting and chatting in your stories?
  159. How far do you go in creating your characters?
  160. Name a book video
  161. How to format a character reading something?
  162. Grounded Fantasy vs Urban Fantasy
  163. Backwards/backward and similar words ... Which is correct?
  164. Underlining for internal dialog in manuscript
  165. What do to with all your stories
  166. Rules for titles/professions and public bodies
  167. Writing out of order
  168. It all Sucks!
  169. How do you become a better storyteller?
  170. Is it ok if my MC was raped or sexually abused by the main villain as a child?
  171. Suddenly confused about close third and tense. Help on tense?
  172. Too much telling
  173. Best way to avoid male and female stereotypes
  174. First draft done - what do you do next?
  175. How so you guys feel about writing future timelines?
  176. What is the ideal length of an erotica piece?
  177. Is this homage or ripoff?
  178. Travelling for research
  179. Quick question - 'beckoned'
  180. Is 'vomit' a trigger word?
  181. What should I do next?
  182. POV Character Description
  183. How to do proper historical/geographical research? Newbie.
  184. The filter
  185. How to go about making races for your MC
  186. Technical Writing Day Job + Writing Fiction: Help or Hinderance?
  187. Repetition / overuse of words
  188. Writing Tools for Authors? (Online)
  189. I give up.
  190. Section breaks and dividers
  191. What are ways to grasp your reader's attention when describing the 5 senses?
  192. Looking for good cop character POV fiction to read
  193. How do you write about the internet?
  194. How to write Toddlers / Young Children?
  195. Serious question about the prefix 'in-'
  196. How Important is Historical Accuracy?
  197. OK just about ready to critique
  198. Clunky Speech Tags
  199. Distinguishing Show from Tell
  200. Fiction that depicts the clash between eastern and western ideals?
  201. I'm Interested in a Variety of Writing Genres... Is this "Normal"?
  202. Flowery writing and rapid typing? I've been thinking...
  203. Time in Writing out of chronicle order
  204. Too little plot
  205. How do I apply show not tell into third person?
  206. What is the correct way to write this?
  207. question about ghostwriters
  208. Chapters in an Epistolary Format
  209. Sentence structure
  210. Killing off the main character
  211. What is the cleanest model for unpacking a complex backstory in fantasy?
  212. 3 POVS
  213. Prequels for children's novel getting pretty dark.
  214. Which is less controversial and more interesting to write about for historical fiction?
  215. Book royalties - taxable income?
  216. Dialogue Tags
  217. Benefits of certain POVs
  218. Filtering vs internal dialogue
  219. What to do when Main Character has a lot of siblings...?
  220. numbers
  221. Paragraph layout and when to start a new one?
  222. Book Title
  223. Sorry I accidentally posted this topic/question twice
  224. Gaining motivation...
  225. Sub-plots
  226. Is there a word for that?
  227. There's vs there're or there are in dialogue?
  228. How do I make my character more purpose driven?
  229. Character relationships and personalities
  230. Sequel before original has been accepted
  231. Bribing yourself
  232. Plot vs. Writing
  233. Does one use a comma when beginning a sentence with a conjunction?
  234. Writing the first draft - what is your method?
  235. Is it better to join a writer's critique group after finishing a first draft?
  236. Literary Voice
  237. Introduce the villain in the first chapter?
  238. Genre-fear
  239. Describing non verbal expression+mannerisms
  240. Should I include the name of the editor in my sci-fi book?
  241. Writer's Fatigue
  242. Dialogue Tag help
  243. How To properly punctuate conversations?
  244. Rewriting question
  245. Dialogue and tagging. Who is saying what to who?
  246. Realistic realizations
  247. If a culture refers to a thing in a word, is it capitalized? (See example.)
  248. Titling Chapters - Do you or don't you?
  249. Torn by Revise and Resubmit
  250. I keep wanting to say...