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  1. Writing in computer code?
  2. Splitting up characters/ideas
  3. "wasting" ideas
  4. Unique Formats. How to approach
  5. Need help writing a parent/guardian scene
  6. Never good enough
  7. How old is this Chestnut?
  8. I need help describing something.
  9. Co-writing
  10. Can't define the genre of my novel
  11. Creating Characters
  12. Stuck on the Big Reveal
  13. Name spelled wrong
  14. Figuring out when skill matches vision
  15. Rules for switching POV?
  16. How to Study to improve your craft
  17. Making RPG characters
  18. Dream Inspired Writing?
  19. E-book pub question
  20. how do you decide which sentence to pick
  21. English-as-a-Second-Language: short stories editing
  22. Fun survey
  23. Motivation Issues
  24. Series in reverse chronology?
  25. Title question
  26. Memoir or Autobiography
  27. dialogue as first line
  28. Alternating 1st/3rd Person
  29. Using Urban Legends
  31. One big document?
  32. YOUR Character Quirks
  33. should pock be capitalized?
  34. The word count conundrum
  35. Italics or capitals?
  36. How to write a pitch for gay adult entertainment essay for Kindle Singles
  37. Transition question
  38. Think and guess as opinion in 1st person narration past tense
  39. feedback from publisher
  40. A sentence that bugs me
  41. Manuscript heading formatting help
  42. Another annoying POV question
  43. How to Find Out an Agent's/Editor's Portfolio?
  44. how much description?
  45. Question About Creating a Culture for Story
  46. How do you handle writing in a different language?
  47. POV/tense shift during an intense scene
  48. What Mediums Are Good for What Stories?
  49. Writing Coach
  50. writing body language for made-up cultures
  51. What makes you LOVE/want to stick up for characters?
  52. Sign language in fiction?
  53. First person POV question
  54. I'm afraid my short story is (getting) too long
  55. Is this considered plagiarism?
  56. How do I master the Pyramid of Abstraction? (graphic inside)
  57. Format for typing a book
  58. Extra! Extra! Calling All Cliches!
  59. Commas, quotes and kill me now.
  60. characters with disabilities
  61. Writing Gigs Can Be Soul-Crushing
  62. Turns out I'm a pantser! Who knew?
  63. POV question.
  64. General truth?
  65. I like tigers and lions and tugboats, he thought.
  66. Writing about, or based on, real life
  67. Opinions Needed: Six months to live long or short?
  68. Must Dialog Exist in the First or Second Chapter?
  69. Domestic Animals Charged With Serious Crimes Subjected To The Legal System
  70. Writing for SEO
  71. Author/Character Empathy
  72. Thoughts
  73. Do audiobooks count as reading?
  74. Guide to What your Genre Is?
  75. Game: What the Heart would say
  76. Is Fan Fiction a Form of Literature?
  77. Deep-end anxiety.
  78. Checkmate, good chum!
  79. Stand Alone First Book in a Series
  80. Start of sentence
  81. Stupid Question
  82. Formatting Within a Book
  83. A true stupid question
  84. The Evil "like" Word
  85. PTSD in Literature
  86. Why write a novel?
  87. iPad free courses on writing from iTunes U
  88. The Night/Day Before vs Last Night/Yesterday
  89. feel guilty about a character that i'm writing
  90. issues with my WIP
  91. Writing Amnesia: am I making a mistake?
  92. Rule Breaking
  93. Said
  94. When should people start talking?
  95. Present tense
  96. First person exposition barrel
  97. Writing Racial, Cultural, and other Group Tensions
  98. The Perpetual Pantser - OR - Help, I can't plot to save my life!
  99. Copyright question (using other's characters)
  100. Some Words Are Uglier Than Others (or the OCD thread)
  101. One of those 'Can I do this?' questions
  102. First and last words
  103. How Do I Handle Many Characters At Once?
  104. Time vs. Word Count
  105. Formatting standard manuscript
  106. Excellent creative writing courses online:do they exist?
  107. Write the novel you want or clip a few scenes?
  108. To Use Or Not To Use: Plagiarism Checker
  109. Question about formatting contest entry
  110. Transitional Words and Phrases
  111. One (short) novel, or two novellas?
  112. subtext
  113. Proper punctuation for a song title
  114. Basic grammar questions?
  115. An odd demographic, I'd like to pursue.
  116. something that slows me down - looking for insight (ETA)
  117. Chapter Outline Means?
  118. Anxiety about originality
  119. Revisions
  120. Share thoughts on Dialogue...
  121. What's the title of the project you're working on?
  122. Handling Many Characters, Perspectives, and Subplots
  123. Backstory or Main Story?
  124. Genre Of Novel
  125. Parody or...?
  126. What Story Has the Stronger Introduction?
  127. A Detached Writer's Plea
  128. Dreams when you're writing.
  129. Question about Cliches
  130. Opinions on Resubmitting Stories
  131. Deus ex machina or not?
  132. Witch book blurb
  133. Pratchett
  134. A few small questions about capitalization
  135. Expectations from first chapter
  136. Prologue Length
  137. Narrator as an archivist?
  138. What are some of the best introductions that you have ever heard?
  139. What's your problem?
  140. Show and Tell
  141. Apple Pages > Microsoft Word
  142. Tying it all together by principles
  143. Marketability of omni POV
  144. Story plot template someone posted here...
  145. Writing only the characters you feel you deserve
  146. Brain lying you to about words being there
  147. Word counts and how they change
  148. After you finish will you use an editor?
  149. Typing with those weird symbols over the letters.
  150. Made-up a word then found out someone has already used it in published work
  151. What genre is this?
  152. Help with proper structure.
  153. That Awkward Moment when a Single Word Spills onto the Next, Otherwise Blank Page.
  154. Apple owners
  155. Is it possible to be completely satisfied before publishing?
  156. The agony of editing...
  157. Do you like using literary words in your writing?
  158. Why am I second guessing my literary choices?
  159. Getting (too) Emotionally Involved In Your Work
  160. Describing A Specific Room?
  161. "Edward and I" Variations?
  162. Writing Emotions
  163. Paralysis By Analysis
  164. Wanting to Write Novels; Feel at Home With Short Stories
  165. Question about character's dialect
  166. Copyright - Can I use Gatsby/ Facebook
  167. Naming Characters?
  168. Newbie question about first person POV
  169. tips on writing an effective summary
  170. Newbie question about characters
  171. Filtering in omni
  172. Meeting your characters
  173. Words you ALWAYS misspell
  174. How do you think about this kind of thing?
  175. What is it called?
  176. e-book, Ebook, eBook?
  177. A manuscript assessor?
  178. Concept to plot
  179. Why am I so bad at writing?
  180. First or third person approached?
  181. Crossing the line
  182. Blunting, filtering, etc. - where to find a good resource for these terms?
  183. Screenwriting Question - Exposition
  184. Limited Third Person Question
  185. Using the same/similar ideas again
  186. How to salvage a really awful chapter?
  187. How to Write in an Emotionless Voice
  188. Is this 3rd deep POV correct?
  189. Screenwriter and novelist
  190. Hiring a typist
  191. Sifting Through Notes
  192. Title of a certain 'how to write' book?
  193. Any tips to prepare for a crazy writing weekend?
  194. What writing blogs, podcasts or mailinglists do you follow?
  195. Don't know my climax
  196. Pitching Genre
  197. What defines a young adult novel?
  198. Your "bad writer!" list
  199. Character identity
  200. Spooky or not.
  201. Rules and style for acronyms?
  202. Is this where unsuccessful books end up?
  203. Naming conundrum
  204. Writing scenes disregarding chronological time?
  205. Question about showing emotion after dialogue.
  206. Expressing emotions.
  207. Valid Motivation or an Overreaction?
  208. How did you figure out what works for you?
  209. help with the word "thought"
  210. How did you figure out what works for other people?
  211. Quick Description Help
  212. So, what motivates you, or get you in the writing mood?
  213. Advice on Accents
  214. My ADD/OCD makes me not be able to read
  215. Namedropping a known dead artist
  216. Plagiarism Question
  217. Ever feel Awkward at the library?
  218. POV question
  219. Anti-religious trope?
  220. How can I remove this adverb?
  221. Baiting the Hook: Too Little or Too Much?
  222. A Certain Writing Issue...(Seeking help for a long time problem...)
  223. Semicolon?
  224. Editing Success
  225. Can pantsers make extremelly ellaborated and complex stories?
  226. Narrative or dialogue?
  227. Changing scenes?
  228. A rose by any other name..LOL is that the guy from that anime hurp durp
  229. Character Arcs & Keeping Them Different
  230. How do you find serious beta readers?
  231. Not sure whether my book counts as "adult" or not
  232. Why can't I write everyday? Can you do it?
  233. Goofy but Interesting or Completely Pretentious
  234. Where can I get my work reviewed?
  235. How to fix this problem?
  236. Invisible words
  237. Is this normal?
  238. Writing Courses - experiences please
  239. First or third person?
  240. Does lack of organization affect your writing?
  241. Titles
  242. On infodumps and flashforwards and other strategies...
  244. Charactors with names starting with same letter
  245. What is a prologue, really?
  246. Does anyone else write too short?
  247. Using your writing as a gift
  248. How do you outline?
  249. This is tough...
  250. Description of sound.