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  1. Trying to make translated language sound natural in English...
  2. I can't visualize mouths moving & other imagination problems.
  3. Can you read/write a book with an MC whose traits seem contradictory?
  4. Ethics question
  5. Clothes?
  6. Struggling with meaning and theme
  7. A problem with tense
  8. Your Favorite Writing Books?
  9. The use of cliches
  10. A Tense Question
  11. Where do I find threads on writing self-help, motivational, and inspirational blogs and books?
  12. Combat scene help
  13. How to write a battle scene?
  14. Fictional question from a nonfictional guy
  15. Another Style Issue
  16. What do you call parents and grandparents in 3rd person limited POV?
  17. Describing Pain
  18. POV question
  19. Pen Names In Horror
  20. Contractions under special circumstances?
  21. No privacy to write! Need some advice please
  22. word use question - befalls
  23. Really stupid publishing questions.
  24. Another word use question - terrorist
  25. How do you know how many chapters/words your book/novel/story will be before you even write it?
  26. Do settings matter?
  27. Regarding commas
  28. Know any good writer software?
  29. Word use: In the crook of her neck?
  30. 10,000 hours
  31. Coughing
  32. Beta Reader
  33. Ending: Writing a book
  34. What are the alternatives to the goal oriented protagonist?
  35. How do you lapse time?
  36. How early do you reveal the Antagonist?
  37. My novel needs a beatdown
  38. Need a good reference for idioms
  39. Other POV chapter as flashback?
  40. Story within a story within a story with three unreliable narrators
  41. Advice on superhero novels?
  42. How much better from 1st to final draft?
  43. Which Third Person POV to Use?
  44. Can't access SYW
  45. I have a problem
  46. Star Wreck; Into Badly Lit Places
  47. Reciting Poems from Unknown Authors
  48. Actually Eliminating Filler Words
  49. Switching between third person POV to first person?
  50. I'm Stuck!
  51. Character doesn't know her name.
  52. Is it ok to use self harming scenes in a thriller novel?
  53. Using Journal Entries: an interesting way to shift from 3rd to 1st?
  54. Pronoun Antecendent Problem
  55. Sending readers to a dictionary
  56. Which is Funniest
  57. 1st person narrative/past tense
  58. The transition between dialogue and prose....
  59. What do you think of stories that give away certain things at the beginning?
  60. Using Personal Experiences
  61. Quotes Needed Here?
  62. Poetic License & True Experiences
  63. Using Computer Text to Speech for Proofreading
  64. How to describe movements in first person view
  65. Is getting published really that hard?
  66. Giving Away The Ending, and Characters Ignoring Warnings
  67. How much setup?
  68. Past vs. Present tense in statements
  69. Focal points and characters
  70. Help how to format(?) this sentance
  71. How to keep a secret from the reader and the MC?
  72. horror story in a real town
  73. MC Description POV Issues
  74. Protagonist likability.
  75. Advice for programmers
  76. Would you take an 'editing job' like this?
  77. Showing Vs Telling
  78. Mentioning something without an immediate explanation
  79. Resource for finding stronger verbs
  80. What makes a character developed?
  81. Nasty Habit
  82. quick dialogue question
  83. Writing for the sake of writing
  84. A fresh voice - What is it?
  85. Superhero legacy problem.
  86. Softworld -- writing down a plot
  87. What makes a plot twist "bad?"
  88. Could I get into trouble?
  89. Quotes and Titles, Law-wise. Books vs TV shows
  90. Developing plans
  91. Is a climax necessary?
  92. What word did you just look up?
  93. How do I eliminate "bird's eye" perspective while preserving the authenticity of my concept?
  94. Hey I need help with a few things
  95. Dialogue Mannerisms vs. Narration in deep PoV
  96. dialogue tags
  97. J.K Rowling wrote character books
  98. Do You Read Before Writing?
  99. Passing time in a book.
  100. I Don't Fully Understand "Voice"
  101. HELP! ... If you're good with names I need some serious help over here.
  102. What's wrong with pop culture references?
  103. If the writers I look up to can do it, why can't I?
  104. Monosyllabic Dictionary ?
  105. Help Me Fix This Sentence
  106. Any lost file horror stories
  107. Making plots work
  108. Writing in books and chapters
  109. Questions about having a blog
  110. The Psychology of Writing
  111. Fiction writers who have a blog
  112. I've been told I'm not a short story writer.
  113. Possession Preference
  114. What's the word?!
  115. About trade names and trademarks...
  116. Splitting It In Two
  117. Writing oddly to show mental distress...
  118. There's an app for that
  119. Writing speed.
  120. What is an unpleasant perfume, to you?
  121. Getting into the mind of an evil person/group of people.
  122. Race use in fantasy...
  123. Crafting an original superhero origin story?
  124. 1st, 3rd person, mixed or consistent, better or not
  125. Outline for Wilkes James Jones contest
  126. To many ideas... is that possible?
  127. British English vs. American English
  128. I can't analyze books
  129. On Mary Sues
  130. The Way I Write (right or wrong)
  131. I have a few problems as a writer.
  132. Self Doubt
  133. How many queries did you send out before you landed an agent?
  134. Read it or discard it, when do you know?
  135. How to handle a oral story?
  136. What should improvement look like?
  137. Need opinion: changing POV in specific story sections?
  138. Use of racial slurs
  139. When you say you're "writing"...
  140. Write Synopsis, Have Critiqued, THEN Write Book?
  141. Showing Every Single Movement
  142. Queries?
  143. What does "write what you know" mean to you?
  144. Irresistible book covers, is it possible?
  145. Sketching to Aid Writing?
  146. My (Probably Stupid) Writing Dilemma
  147. Plot Surprises
  148. How much daily life description is needed
  149. How soon is it to revise after getting critiques?
  150. Coming up with titles for WIP's
  151. Is my Word Count going to be okay?
  152. Is it ok to have Latin in title? (Added book covers, post #21)
  153. Making a song playlist for your character?
  154. To screech or not to screech?
  155. Avoiding the Heroic Sacrifice Trope
  156. Handling Backstory
  157. Journal format for latest novel
  158. Confidence or Arrogance?
  159. Are there really alternatives to professional editing?
  160. A question about using adjectives with tags
  161. Paranoia that your idea isn't unique
  162. syw on the shelves
  163. Anyone ever travel to the location of one of your stories to research it?
  164. I need a hero
  165. Does Alternating POV Change Feel of Story?
  166. When You're Stuck
  167. When do you start writing?
  168. When You Write or Read Limited Third, Who is the Narrator?
  169. What's the word for...?
  170. In dialogue when someone is cut off
  171. Viable story structure?
  172. Adverbs and Semicolons
  173. Advised Against Using Was/Had
  174. Short scenes vs long
  175. Switching POV's?
  176. Prologues: Dead or sleeping?
  177. obligation to a real person you use as a model
  178. Epilogue
  179. Epilogue vs. Afterword
  180. Using dreams as opening scenes
  181. When do you write?
  182. No really, What DO you write?
  183. How total submissions do you have out at once?
  184. CreateSpace editorial evaluation: more cursing?
  185. Giving my antagonist a POV
  186. Moleskine Pens & What's your handwriting setup?
  187. Famous Author interviews
  188. Starting Chapters With Dialogue
  189. Things I've learned this week because of AW
  190. How do you study a novel or short story?
  191. Do you refer to yourself a writer?
  192. Not starting with Chapter One
  193. Writing with an accent - good or bad?
  194. Do I need a break?
  195. Lynn Shepherd vs JK Rowling. Now What?
  196. How do you choose an age for a main character
  197. Stash or Trash
  198. Changing POV when MC is out
  199. On the defence for head hopping
  200. Is it true?
  201. Making decisions
  202. Brandon Sanderson Lectures on Writing
  203. are you ever afraid you'll run out of stories to tell?
  204. Transition Between Scenes
  205. Possible ghostwriting job
  206. What exactly is "action?"
  207. Coming up with flaws for characters?
  208. Copyright?
  209. Okay here's a question for you...
  210. Writing a Crude Character Without Obscenities
  211. The Synopsis
  212. The First Act - What should it include?
  213. Scrivener? Any thoughts?
  214. What's in a Name?
  215. Story length
  216. Do you think it is better to give an event away in the prologue or reveal it over time?
  217. Are multiple time frames confusing?
  218. What is the general format for a manuscript?
  219. Too stupid to write?
  220. When the Title Changes Everything
  221. How long is it acceptable to go without dialogue?
  222. Using The Urban Dictionary
  223. How do you outline your story
  224. Developing too much sympathy for the villain
  225. Pompous and Arrogant Am I?
  226. Solving the isolation issue
  227. Stage Fright?
  228. Published pet peeves
  229. mood music, yes or no?
  230. Characters learning lessons you haven't
  231. Juggling multiple projects
  232. Ideas for how to describe a visual effect/phenomenon
  233. What Makes A Character Stand Out/Dynamic (round)?
  234. How to avoid plodding?
  235. Dreams/visions as an opener....
  236. I sometimes don't like my MC
  237. Be Honest :)
  238. Too many thoughts...
  239. Does literary fiction sell as well as commercial fiction?
  240. Tell me what I already know
  241. Formatting Newspaper Clippings?
  242. Do I have to stick with one genre?
  243. Chances of my debut novel being as successful as Divergent was?
  244. Departing from plot to describe a character's passion
  245. pen name or no pen name
  246. TITLES! Good god I need a title!
  247. Finish the series first?
  248. At what point does something become Erotica?
  249. Reimagining Scenes - cutting out the dull and dry moments
  250. Novel-inspired murders