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  1. The difference between Arc and Episode?
  2. I need some help from experienced authors.
  3. Writing sporadically...
  4. Internet in stories: what's the line between authentic and esoteric?
  5. Introducing Foreign Story Elements
  6. sentence structure to change passive to active?
  7. Synopsis?Query? Loglines?
  8. Starting sentences with "And"
  9. Tweaking my subtitle?
  10. How to have an arc through a series??
  11. Writing everyday?
  12. Finished first draft, moving on...
  13. Style help
  14. Does Anyone out there read prologues?
  15. Queries: To hook, or not to hook?
  16. Questions on error
  17. "Contemporary fantasy" vs. "urban fantasy"
  18. Build a connection in a chapter or less
  19. Conflict- building tension
  20. Breaking the rules of genre fiction and flopping
  21. Capitalize genres?
  22. Terrific article about basic mistakes to avoid
  23. Witty Wisdom: 50(ish) Tongue In Cheekers On HowTo Write Good
  24. Poetry reading in a novel
  25. What's a Scene?
  26. Do you send more queries by postal mail or via email?
  27. Best places to learn about [article] writing?
  28. Writing tight
  29. Learning to Learn to Write
  30. And speaking of terrific articles about writing...
  31. Synopsis and submission help
  32. Somebody else is writing a book with the same title
  33. Hand writing versus typing
  34. Formatting of a Compendium - Consistency or Variety?
  35. help with descriptive writing
  36. Invent a new language, or just use an existing one?
  37. Copyright? [is it OK to use titles, brand/trade names?]
  38. Plagiarism (or a form of it?)
  39. Writing Competitions?
  40. Brain fade....
  41. To-be Verbs
  42. bring/take
  43. boom. BOOM! bah....[i]room[/i]?
  44. Words per day?
  45. Organization names
  46. Feedback
  47. Present or Past Tense?
  48. Including Lyrics in a work of Fiction ...
  49. Alternating POV question
  50. Michael Sullivan's Detailed Review of Scrivener...
  51. quick questions about em dashes.
  52. using real locations
  53. Non chronological
  54. Acting out of character?
  55. Could I get a free copy of your book?
  56. Question about name usage...
  57. Interesting Conflict
  58. How to format lyrics in dialogue
  59. Real people? real places?
  60. Interest without Conflict?
  61. questions about internalization and POV
  62. Use of adjectives
  63. How old were you when you began to write?
  64. "How do I improve my dialogue?" said the novice yet handsome young writer.
  65. "Zooming in"
  66. Please tell me if this sentence makes sense
  67. Writing a Fight Scene w/Multiple Assailants - Help!
  68. Short question on dialogue
  69. Creating Real Characters
  70. Travel and Another Question
  71. Anyone ever built a model of a setting?
  72. Am I in trouble? Head-hopping and dry writing
  73. Participle Phrases
  74. Counting Empty Spaces as...Space, when Submitting Flash
  75. Screwed Up Siblings
  76. what are your opinions on "lampshading"
  77. Confused by Hemingway [3rd person omniscient vs. limited]
  78. Numbers of WIP
  79. Importance of a Title
  80. tips on writing a young narrator
  81. Crank heat to "high" or. . .
  82. Action Scenes
  83. Multiple Beginnings?
  84. My Dilemma
  85. A" muse" me
  86. Book suggestions on learning to write better description
  87. Is World Building in MG fantasy necessary
  88. Scenes and moving the story forward.
  89. Italics for dreams
  90. about my book
  91. Rewind the video.
  92. Do You Visualize?
  93. What constitutes 'Great Writing'?
  94. How long is your story?
  95. Is a story a story if nothing changes?
  96. Changing genre gears?
  97. Should I add more POVs to my book?
  98. Editing: Emotional Detachment?
  99. Cover Letter Critique Question
  100. Nodding and shaking heads
  101. How to make 3rd Person limited more intimate?
  102. Who is the Main Character?
  103. confused by my writing
  104. Stupid POVs
  105. Can't Write Short Stories
  106. Newbie question, easy answer
  107. When your character makes the wrong choice
  108. Which to write first?
  109. A reconsideration of E-books
  110. Differntiating between acting/talking of characters in a party...
  111. Separating yourself from your work
  112. Too Dialogue Heavy?
  113. Is Genre-Hopping Bad?
  114. Revising while writing
  115. Should I start over?
  116. Is there any book on technique for handling backstory?
  117. Your Weakest Writing
  118. Correct tense for memory scenes
  119. Writing scenes with unnamed characters?
  120. Starting several chapters with dialogue?
  121. Use of real locations and town names?
  122. naming your chapters?
  123. Dialogue line breaks
  124. Vintage Word Processors
  125. How to describe this?
  126. Multiple names, same character
  127. How to Format a Novel Manuscript Like a Blog
  128. Learning the plotterly ropes...
  129. "Once upon a time" - cliche?
  130. Representing mindmaps in prose
  131. Why does this happen? [YA bestsellers: girl POV]
  133. Putting stuff online and publishing
  134. YA: Bestsellers from Womens Pov?
  135. How and Where to Submit Photos
  136. Writing two different genres, possible to be well at both?
  137. Choosing between POVs
  138. Starting Ch. 1 in a POV Other than Main Protag
  139. Submitting two MS's to the same publisher at a time. . .
  140. Starting a Writing Group?
  141. Pacing Problems
  142. Synonym request?
  143. Are we sadistic as authors/writers?
  144. can you intermix free indirect speech with thoughts and dialogue
  145. He looked, she looked, they looked - SOMEBODY STOP ME!
  146. Chapter lengths
  147. Passage of time
  148. Like getting the last of the toothpaste from the tube?
  149. Word-pictures in books?
  150. Casual narration
  151. Tips to avoid overwriting
  152. PJs or P.J.s
  153. Writing in first person to get a better sense of character?
  154. Writing a novel, but thinking like a movie. Help POV/technique question.
  155. A Rushed Ending
  156. First-Person Thought, Punctuation, and Italicization
  157. Character arc in series
  158. Where did the term "Beta" come from?
  159. Portable Spell Checkers & Thesaurus suggestions
  160. Use of Quotes in Articles - Newbie question!
  161. Reading Aloud
  162. writing historical what if
  163. Depicting a sign in a MS
  164. An Ending With A Twist
  165. Would I be able to get away with this? (A copyright issue)
  166. Where to print entire manuscript?
  167. How many stories have you published so far?
  168. How to make a book at home
  169. Printing a novel at home
  170. Is this too short?
  171. Tips for Cutting Down Word Count
  172. Trouble starting story?
  173. Best starting sentences of stories?
  174. Is this okay to do?
  175. Daily Writing Prompts Email???
  176. Writing a story for someone else
  177. Help w/ first person past POV
  178. There's something missing in my plot
  179. Weaknesses in my writing
  180. Won't let me post in Share Your Work?
  181. How to think of chapter names?
  182. What are the worst/most overused names in writing?
  183. I need help! Is this foreshadowing?
  184. When to edit?
  185. Scene and Sequel and Conflict and Confusion
  186. Hiding a character's gender?
  187. Third-Person Limited, Headhopping, and Illusion?
  188. The 'POV' rule
  189. Stealing concept?
  190. Proper paragraph length
  191. MG, YA, or scrap it?
  192. Characters eating, drinking, bathing, living???
  193. Numbers in novels?
  194. Does this opening capture your attention?
  195. I'm getting that temptation to backtrack on my first draft...
  196. Finding Focus
  197. A writer writes, right?
  198. Should I feel guilty?
  199. Reverse Type
  200. When does it stop being inspiration?
  201. Where do you get your inspiration from?
  202. The end of good ideas and when to throw them away
  203. narrative distance
  204. How to write the sound of vomitting
  205. Have you ever made yourself cry while writing
  206. Showing vs Telling
  207. What's the difference between telling and lots of light description?
  208. Real place but fictional people....
  209. Writing arguments
  210. A Trademark Primer by a Real Lawyer
  211. Legal question [novel inspired by song]
  212. Writing scenes out of order
  213. Starting with dialogue
  214. Does this mean iam not a real writer?
  215. Quoting a Bible verse
  216. Out of order all the way?
  217. Creative punctuation question
  218. Learning to write
  219. I'm throwing romance at the screen but they're not in love yet!
  220. editing/tightening checklists
  221. About publishing
  222. What is your favorite genre to write?
  223. Help! What genre is my story?
  224. Pace
  225. My MC's Mom
  226. How can I depict loss in my main character?
  227. A Question of Tense
  228. Oh so many questions.
  229. WIP Weight Watchers
  230. "What if" what?
  231. Need quick help
  232. are subplots individual stories?
  233. What is Mainstream???
  234. How to write a character's thoughts?
  235. One Character, two stories...
  236. Adjectives/Adverbs
  237. And then....
  238. How much backstory/flashback is acceptable?
  239. helped needed please
  240. Second Person POV -- What's So Hard?
  241. Flashbacks/thoughts
  242. A very basic question about chapters..
  243. Use the town's real high school or not?
  244. Misbehaving characters...
  245. on following up on submitted work
  246. Should I Keep my MS from my Alpha Until I've Pruned It?
  247. What to say when resubmitting?
  248. My bad guy's POV?
  249. Using Trademark Names in a Novel
  250. Is 186k words too long for YA?