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  1. What to do in this situation?
  2. Inspiration nights
  3. implicitly problem
  4. Short story writing
  5. One Wish
  6. Rare book printing rights
  7. Another Chekhov's Gun thread
  8. Tracking in a Series
  9. What to Do When You Can't Think of a Title
  10. Edit or Rewrite?
  11. Slow your prose
  12. What is your stand on criticism?
  13. Finishing things?
  14. 1st person POV with more than one narrator
  15. Phone Conversation
  16. Quoting written words in dialog question.
  17. Guidance
  18. Do You Worry About Offending People?
  19. Would readers be offended
  20. Too Gimmicky?
  21. Too 'Dark'?
  22. Knight Agency Chat
  23. Something happened too conveniently......
  24. Trouble Describing a Character's Hair
  25. Female characters descriptions.
  26. The Dumb Question [double spacing]
  27. Author intrusion and narrator theory
  28. At what point ...
  29. Synopsis?
  30. Not about the destination but the journey
  31. Transitioning to an undisclosed location without using a viewpoint character
  32. Time frame in a book, what is 'too short'?
  33. When your name is similar to a popular author's...
  34. Never use a verb other than "said" to carry dialogue?
  35. Part 1,2, 3?
  36. Showing Emotions in other characters while MC is eavesdropping
  37. How do you acquaint your reader with your POV character?
  38. Things To Do To Protect Your Copyright
  39. Clunky Dialogue
  40. Writing a Tie-in Novel
  41. Covering 3 Months' Time of Story
  42. Natural vs unnatural dialogues
  43. 10,000 Hours
  44. Is being PAID to write the ultimate Holy Grail?
  45. Problem with 1st person POV
  46. Guidelines for cutting words out of any story (preferrably fiction)?
  47. Stilted Dialogue? What does this mean?
  48. Does one of your characters in one story influence the development of a character in another?
  49. It was a still and warmish night - and I need a word -
  50. So I am a bad writer.
  51. Dream scenes in a novel - how to
  52. I've got this problem
  53. Peer Pressure in Writing?
  54. The act of writing: keyboard versus pen
  55. What if everything you write seems to go in the same direction?
  56. Afraid to write?
  57. Is there something wrong with this sentence?
  58. too many possibilites
  59. Dealing with Feedback
  60. Revisions that aren't sounding as good as the first draft?
  61. How do I get better at knowing what makes characters tick?
  62. Comma mechanics
  63. How much do you write everyday?
  64. Two Writing Questions
  65. tattling, tattle taling, tattle telling? which is it?
  66. string of actions.
  67. What books should every writer read?
  68. What's the best moment to revise your drafts?
  69. Sequence of events
  70. Are there any writers' resources/books on writing worth reading?
  71. Can a query be used as a blurb?
  72. I have been blocked
  73. A couple projects in WIP
  74. Backstory
  75. Speeches
  76. Show don't tell with multiple MCs
  77. How do I write without caffeine?
  78. word count website?
  79. Is a lot of "movement" telling?
  80. Back story
  81. Genre: how did you pick yours? (Or did it pick you?)
  82. Fictional acronym issue
  83. comic characters
  84. Chapter Length?
  85. How do you know? [if you're a good writer]
  86. Introducing New Speakers in 1st Person
  87. Dialogue question. Help.
  88. Short Bio for competition
  89. Anyone else prefer rewriting to writing?
  90. Like a / As if...
  91. How do you write a brilliant action scene?
  92. Books with soundtracks
  93. How do you format a lengthy response? [same person speaking over several paragraphs]
  94. Unsure where my story should be
  95. Master Or Mistress?
  96. Ghost writer, co-author, coach or editor?
  97. One misconception I discovered and one question.
  98. Another POV question (if you can tolerate it)
  99. Do I submit a cover letter with a short story manuscript?
  101. Breaks in a 15000 word story
  102. Seriously!?
  103. Has anyone else...?
  104. Those little finicky edits!
  105. Use of the word I
  106. "Fish out of water" comedies
  107. Happy or not happy ending......
  108. Do you believe in coincidence?
  109. Manuscript Formatting question
  110. How to describe this hair?
  111. Character's physical descriptions: a couple of questions
  112. Taxes
  113. When do you find the time?
  114. Body language accompany emotions?
  115. Would a reader find this boring?
  116. How do I take criticism so I can actually learn from it?
  117. Should You Know How Your Story Ends When You First Start Writing?
  118. Where can I join a critique group?
  119. Need help with a [possible] issues regarding copying...
  120. how to re-write "being" verbs?
  121. Is there a degree available that could help improve writing?
  122. A good career that permits writing?
  123. Analyzing?
  124. When writing a story/novel do you know whether you want it to be a novel or story at first?
  125. Sentence Structure Question
  126. sprucing this up?- for the sake of love
  127. Character alternating between English and a foreign language
  128. POV ?'s
  129. 3rd person POV in groups
  130. What is tedious, stilted character dialogue called?
  131. quoting Robert Frost
  132. What would you do here?
  133. How to evade crippling self-doubt?
  134. A story that needs to be told.
  135. Manuscript Format for PB written in prose
  136. Tenses in third person limited
  137. Does Bob really need to know?
  138. Editing Software
  139. not sure about who my Antagonist is
  140. How long did it take?
  141. Fact or faked?
  142. Inspiration?
  143. Past/Persent-Tense Nightmare
  144. What would you tell your younger self?
  145. Focus - One book at a time
  146. I've just started a novella
  147. Write or plan first?
  148. How much description is too much?
  149. Outlining Madness
  150. What to do with novellas
  151. When to use two and three line scene breaks?
  152. How More Do I Need Before I'm ready to Write?
  153. Italicizing internal dialogue
  154. Submitting to magazines (How many?)
  155. Chronological order of chapters(solved, feel free to delete)
  156. 2 events happen at the same time?
  157. What is your process?
  158. Plot headaches
  159. Is it a prologue or not, when...?
  160. Referencing for a novel
  161. Her mother vs Mom
  162. Instructions for the reader inserted in books
  163. Hmm...What's Next?
  164. How long does it take to write a chapter?
  165. Language in first drafts?
  166. Introducing the antagonist
  167. Free Automatic formatting Software? [alternatives to limited MS Word]
  168. Do you ever get like this when you're writing?
  169. Characters Discussing Movies - Copyright Question
  170. I think i'm mixing past tense with present tense.
  171. Who do writers write for?
  172. How long does it take to develope your style?
  173. Tips on how to write faster/more?
  174. What are the steps between finishing a novel and submitting?
  175. What comes first the Title or the Novel?
  176. Let's talk Story
  177. Breaking up scenes
  178. Am I the only one?
  179. Italics and Punctuation
  180. Two Hero?
  181. Vignette vs. Flash?
  182. 1st POV Omni
  183. What Your Characters Say
  184. Are mythical characters copyrighted?
  185. Word count question
  186. Do You Prefer Handwriting Or Typing?
  187. Query Letters
  188. Urgent! Critical review of my work please!
  189. Clearing your throat before writing
  190. Strike outs to show inner thought? Too gimmicky?
  191. crediting non-copyrighted work in fiction
  192. Should I Get a Pen Name?
  193. What genre?
  194. On use of first person in a novel is it ever ok to deviate from this format?
  195. Nonfiction question(s)
  196. A few questions from a lurker
  197. Female protagonists written by men
  198. sup [Dwight Swain's Techniques of a Selling Writer]
  199. Writing a blurb
  200. Business cards at writer's conferences?
  201. Is this word spelled right?
  202. Writer's mood swings?
  203. Why does my writing keep repeating itself?
  204. Re-plotting in the middle of a draft?
  205. Descriptive video
  206. Writing Dialogue
  207. American English vs British English
  208. Killing Off Two Supporting Characters the Same Way?
  209. Why is this so HARD?
  210. Type style preference [Courier or TNR font]
  211. I can't read. Help me write.
  212. Amount Of Time Spent Writing?
  213. Anyone Speak Latin
  214. What do credentials mean for talent?
  215. What's in a prologue?
  216. Copyright Question?
  217. Underwhelming climax problem
  218. Another show don't tell question
  219. Quirky Title Format
  220. A mental block or lack of practice/attention - you decide
  221. How do you create backstories?
  222. The Do's and Don'ts of 3rd Person Omni
  223. First Person vs. Third Person and Past Tense vs. Present Tense
  224. 1st Person POV
  225. What's considered "published"? [on the internet; is it safe to post in SYW?]
  226. 3rd person... what?
  227. How to write a "Tennis Match" back n forth scene
  228. So writing is the easy part?
  229. Addressing 'You' in the story as a Character
  230. The definitive prologue thread
  231. Intersecting groups/storylines and POV problems
  232. Point of views transition.
  233. What an editor does
  234. The Long Lost Art of Writing Tasteless Humor in High Style
  235. Genre questions...
  236. how to write a character watching the news (news is important)?
  237. Simultaneous submissions -- good or bad?
  238. Cover Letter Questions. . .
  239. Cover letters vs Query Letters and UK vs US
  240. Cities, and the naming of them
  241. how do you punctuate this?
  242. Too dark!
  243. Each chapter from a different character POV
  244. Sounds and noises people make in dialogue...
  245. An awkward question
  246. Writing a report/essay that's 7 pages or more. Need help
  247. Writing tips? Ideas to improve your writing
  248. Advice on giving critiques?
  249. How to go back to a written piece years later?
  250. Creating your own idiom