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  1. Slamming a Spacecraft into an Asteroid in a Few Years to Help Save Us All
  2. Astronomy: Imaging ever closer to the event horizon
  3. AI: A New Approach to Understanding How Machines Think
  4. Climate Change: Insect collapse - ‘We are destroying our life support systems’
  5. Medical: We may finally know what causes Alzheimer’s
  6. Space: The rains on Spain, I mean Titan, fall mainly on the plains
  7. Chloroplasts are a surprisingly active part of plant immune systems
  8. Biology: Why Evolution Reversed These Insects’ Sex Organs
  9. Astronomy: Black hole mergers may reveal large black holes in the foreground
  10. Climate: A World Without Clouds
  11. The effects of social media on the human condition, who would have predicted this?
  12. Geology: The ‘roof of the world’ was raised more recently than once thought
  13. Language/Etc: Did soft foods help humans form ‘f’ and ‘v’ sounds?
  14. AI: How Artificial Intelligence is changing science
  15. Magnetic Field Detection by Human Brains
  16. Paleontology: We're edging closer to understanding entire Cambrian ecologies
  17. Astronomy: 4 things we’ll learn from the first closeup image of a black hole
  18. Bolide impact graveyard uncovered in North Dakota
  19. Astronomy: First ever black hole image released
  20. Math: The Perfect Way to Multiply
  21. Biology: Icefish Study Adds Another Color to the Story of Blood
  22. Physics: This is the slowest radioactive decay ever spotted
  23. Paleontology: Was the "Cambrian Explosion" a series of bangs?