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  1. X-Files: Cosmic 'Bruise' Could Be Evidence for Multiple Universes
  2. Physiology: Power Causes Brain Damage
  3. Genetics: Moonlighting Genes Evolve for a Venomous Job
  4. Biology: Scientists spy on the secret inner life of bacteria
  5. Paleontology: 166M years ago crocodilian apex predator
  6. Space: Scientists revisit a strange result from one of the Soviet Venus landers
  7. Biology: Why Are There Two Sexes?
  8. Geology: The massive volcano that scientists can't find
  9. Space: No good surfing on Titan's hydrocarbon lakes
  10. Geology: Kola Superdeep Borehole
  11. Climate change: The Uninhabitable Earth
  12. So! Teleportation. (No, really.)
  13. Astronomy: Teeny-weeny star vies for title of smallest known
  14. Space: Giant mud balls roamed the early solar system
  15. Math: In Game Theory, No Clear Path to Equilibrium
  16. Space: Earth might once have resembled a hot, steamy doughnut
  17. Biophysics: First Support for a Physics Theory of Life
  18. Astrophysics: Black-Hole Hunter Takes Aim at Einstein
  19. Astrophysics: Lucky Break Leads to Controversial Supernova Discovery
  20. Biology: Science News How One Man's Mutant DNA May Help End the Deadly Opioid Crisis
  21. Biology: Shrinking Bat DNA and Elastic Genomes
  22. Biotech: Biological Teleporter
  23. Physics: After 43 years, gentle touch of a neutrino is finally observed
  24. Paleontology: A Dinosaur So Well Preserved It Looks Like a Statue
  25. Astronomy: Scientists Unveil a New Inventory of the Universe’s Dark Contents
  26. Planetary Science: The moon is made of WHAT?!?
  27. Cosmology/Physics: Is this why there's so little antimatter?
  28. Astronomy: Hypothetical black holes could be eating neutron stars
  29. Physics: Possible way to test for new kinds of particles
  30. Evolution: New evidence suggests that animal life got a jumpstart from Snowball Earth
  31. Astronomy: Supernova debris slamming into neighboring stars?
  32. Astronomy: 100 million black holes in our galaxy?
  33. Astronomy: Gravitational lens gives better close-ups of black hole's "jets"
  34. Astronomy: LIGO may have spotted merger of two neutron stars
  35. Space: Does Neptune have a diamond-plated core?
  36. Biology: Species inter-mix more often than we thought, and is a vital force for evolution
  37. Biology: Researchers discover enzyme that convert fats directly to hydrocarbons
  38. Physics: Quantum Theory Rebuilt From Simple Physical Principles
  39. Biology: The parasite that wires plants together
  40. Evolution: Ancient fish skulls shake up the vertebrate evolutionary tree
  41. Astronomy: The discovery of the second largest black hole in the Milky Way
  42. Biology: Bacteria Use Brainlike Bursts of Electricity to Communicate
  43. Biology: Immune calls can cause fungal invaders to self-destruct
  44. Space: Official names for Pluto's features include Sputnik Planitia
  45. Space weather fans: Aurora!
  46. Technology: Would you want a robot to be your child’s best friend?
  47. Language: How much do you really need to say to put a sentence together?
  48. Biology: Viruses Would Rather Jump to New Hosts Than Evolve With Them
  49. Space: The Cassini probe dies tomorrow, Friday September 15, 2017
  50. Math: Mathematicians Measure Infinities and Find They’re Equal
  51. Technology: A Brain Built From Atomic Switches Can Learn
  52. AI: New Theory Cracks Open the Black Box of Deep Learning?
  53. Physics: How the Hidden Higgs Could Reveal Our Universe’s Dark Sector
  54. Moon: Gateway to Space and...Cooperation?
  55. Astronomy: New gravitational wave detector almost immediately spots black hole merger
  56. Biology: Hail, Octlantis!
  57. Paleontology: Evidence of 3.95B-year-old life on Earth?
  58. Tsunami drives species 'army' across Pacific to US coast
  59. Paleontology: Baby ichthyosaurus' last meal(s) revealed
  60. Science: Nobel in physics for inventors of LIGO (gravity-wave detector)
  61. Archeology: The rise of agriculture may have come at a cost
  62. Science: Nobel in chemistry for cryo-electron microscopy
  63. Astronomy: Non-exotic dark matter found?
  64. Astronomy: Ultra-Powerful Radio Bursts May Be Getting a Cosmic Boost
  65. Astronomy: Accurately mapping our galaxy
  66. Astronomy: Neutron-Star Collision Shakes Space-Time, Lights Up the Sky
  67. Physics: Newfound Wormhole Allows Information to Escape Black Holes
  68. Physics: Speed of gravity waves rules out some alternatives to dark energy
  69. Paleobotany: Ancient trees grew oddly compared to modern trees
  70. Machine Learning: Higgs boson uncovered by quantum algorithm on D-Wave machine
  71. Cosmology: Colliding Neutron Stars Could Settle Its Biggest Controversy
  72. Astronomy: Comet from another solar system?
  73. Astronomy: Star’s magnetic field could turn habitable-zone planets into magma soup
  74. Evolution: Rewriting the history of photosynthesis
  75. Astronomy: Are the insides of neutron stars squishy or solid?
  76. Astronomy: Hot, rocky exoplanets are the scorched cores of former gas giants
  77. Astronomy: How (we think that maybe) young stars grow
  78. Robotics: How to Build a Robot That Wants to Change the World
  79. Biology: Was life's first molecule a protein or RNA?
  80. Biology: Do your gut bacteria determine your success with cancer treatments?
  81. Deep Space Gateway--Be Part of the Future!
  82. Space: Does Enceladus have a sandy core that warms its ocean?
  83. Paleontology: Marks evidence of crocodile bites, not human tool makers?
  84. Biology: Elephants have a cancer-protecting gene
  85. Astronomy: Supernova explodes. Then explodes. Then explodes...
  86. Geology: Can we detect / predict the next extinction-level volcanic event?
  87. Evolution: Dinosaurs kept mammals in the dark?
  88. Space: Your chance to name someplace "Planet McPlanetface"
  89. Botany: How a glass terrarium changed the world
  90. Cosmology: Simulating the universe using gravity may solve some puzzles
  91. Astronomy: Galactic Glow, Thought to Be Dark Matter, Now Hints at Hidden Pulsars
  92. Biology: Do eggs sometimes choose sperm?
  93. Astronomy: Glut of antimatter from space apparently not from dead stars
  94. Genetics: New Zealand's war on rats intends to use gene-editing tech
  95. Astronomy: Death-blow dealt to "dark-matter disks"
  96. A dark, reddish, highly-elongated rocky or high-metal-content object
  97. What is Space? The 300-Year-Old Philosophical Battle Still Rages Today
  98. Physics: A Physicist’s Physicist Ponders the Nature of Reality
  99. Palaeontology: Feathered dinosaurs were even fluffier than we thought
  100. Astronomy: Collision illuminates the mysterious makeup of neutron stars
  101. Biology: Life, but not as we know it
  102. Math: Secret Link Uncovered Between Pure Math and Physics
  103. Astronomy/Cosmology: Earliest Black Hole Gives Rare Glimpse of Ancient Universe
  104. Physics: Neutrinos Suggest Solution to Mystery of Universe’s Existence
  105. Astronomy: AI found 8-planet system like ours in Kepler data
  106. Question about bio/chemical agents
  107. Technology/Society: Estonia's push to become a digital nation
  108. Physics: The mother of all string theories passes a litmus test
  109. Despite Deadly Rays, Pulsars Could Host Habitable Planets
  110. Space: NASA considering a probe to Saturn's moon Titan, or a comet
  111. Math: A Path Less Taken to the Peak of the Math World
  112. Evolution: Update on whether 3.5B-year-old "fossils" are really that
  113. Genetics: Is a bigger genetic code better?
  114. Physics: Physicists Aim to Classify All Possible Phases of Matter
  115. Astronomy: The Universe is producing more massive stars than we thought
  116. Astronomy: White dwarf stars richer in oxygen than expected
  117. Space: NASA just proved it can navigate space using pulsars
  118. Space: Shallow ice sheets discovered on Mars could aid future astronauts
  119. Archeology: The "lost" early farms of North America
  120. Archaeology: LIDAR Reveals Maya "Megalopolis" Below Guatemalan Jungle
  121. Computing: Quantum computing has led a boom in quasi-quantum computation
  122. SpaceX Falcon9 Heavy Launch 6 Feb
  123. Evolution: The wiring for walking developed before fish left the sea
  124. Biology: What Scientists Learned From Putting 3-D Glasses on Praying Mantises
  125. Physics: Puzzling discrepancy
  126. Sociology: A puzzling fact about women in science and gender equality
  127. Entomology: The Simple Algorithm(s) That Ants Use to Build Bridges
  128. Astronomy: Simple telescope picks up hint of the Universe’s first stars, dark matter
  129. Entomology: Termites are just cockroaches with a fancy social life
  130. Physics: Physicists Find a Way to See the ‘Grin’ of Quantum Gravity
  131. Evolution: Oxygen and Stem Cells May Have Reshaped Early Complex Animals
  132. Geology: Good thing it's not Ice Nine...
  133. Physics: To Test Einstein’s Equations, Poke a Black Hole
  134. Close encounter with another star 70K years ago
  135. Astrophysics: Black Hole Echoes Would Reveal Break With Einstein’s Theory
  136. Medicine: Virus cures man’s deadly antibiotic-resistant infection
  137. Astronomy: Strange galaxy seems to lack any dark matter
  138. Space: A Chinese space station will fall to Earth this weekend
  139. Cosmology: Whisper From the First Stars Sets Off Loud Dark Matter Debate
  140. Biology: World's longest creature's slime kills cockroaches
  141. Paleontology: Early hominid could both walk upright and climb trees
  142. Physics: Dark matter isn’t interacting with itself after all
  143. Paleontology: Did this ancient lizard have four eyes?
  144. Biology: How the DNA Computer Program Makes You and Me
  145. Exoplanets: Proxima b, (probably) no (living) soup for you!
  146. Astronomy: TESS will boost its search for exoplanets
  147. Space: Diamonds in meteorite 'are remnants of lost planet'
  148. Physics: Ultra-Accurate Clocks Lead Search for New Laws of Physics
  149. Entomology: Meet the exploding ants of Borneo
  150. Biology: Cells Talk and Help One Another via Tiny Tube Networks
  151. Gaia star map
  152. Physics: Spooky quantum entanglement goes big in new experiments
  153. Space: EU Mars orbiter looking for origins of atmospheric methane
  154. Biology: Cells Talk in a Language That Looks Like Viruses
  155. This puts a new spin on Jurassic Park! Smart T-Rexes
  156. 700,000 year old stone tools found in the Philippines.
  157. Space: The material science for light-sailing to Alpha Centauri
  158. Astronomy: What Astronomers Are Learning From Gaia’s New Milky Way Map
  159. AI: To Build Truly Intelligent Machines, Teach Them Cause and Effect
  160. Math: Mathematicians Disprove Conjecture Made to Save Black Holes
  161. Astronomy: A New World’s Extraordinary Orbit Points to Planet Nine
  162. Astronomy: Stellar Disks Reveal How Planets Get Made
  163. Paleontology: How birds may have escaped the dino-killing asteroid impact
  164. Botany: Why don't all plants "fix" nitrogen?
  165. Biology: Genetic Clue to Why Human Brains are So Big
  166. Physics: Evidence found for sterile neutrinos?
  167. Medicine: Immune cells from the woman’s own body used to wipe out tumours
  168. Physics: There Are No Laws of Physics. There’s Only the Landscape.
  169. Human Biology: Overtaxed Working Memory Knocks the Brain Out of Sync
  170. Ecology: Fish "law" is really caused by humans fishing
  171. Planetology: Plate tectonics may be essential for the development of life
  172. Windows to the Deep 2018
  173. Planetology: Venus’ thick atmosphere speeds up the planet’s spin
  174. Space: Ocean spray on Saturn moon contains crucial constituents for life
  175. Space: Is full of dirty, toxic grease
  176. Astronomy: The Young Milky Way Collided With a Dwarf Galaxy
  177. Space: Why Can’t We Find Planet Nine? (Yet)
  178. Space: Senior scientist argues that we should bypass Europa for Enceladus
  179. Astronomy: What Is the Sun Made Of and When Will It Die?
  180. Ecology: Eat more lionfish!
  181. Space: NASA’s Parker probe will get up close and personal with the sun
  182. Astronomy: The telescope that may show us an exo-eclipse
  183. Biology: Why does nature prefer two sexes?
  184. Spiders use electric currents to fly, not just wind
  185. Physics: The Peculiar Math That Could Underlie the Laws of Nature
  186. Physics: How AI Can Supercharge the Search for New Particles
  187. Neuroscience: To Remember, the Brain Must Actively Forget
  188. Physics: Closed Loophole Confirms the Unreality of the Quantum World
  189. Astronomy: Last hurrah for the Planck satellite
  190. Biology: Swarming Bacteria Create an ‘Impossible’ Superfluid
  191. Physics: A new quasiparticle lurks in semiconductors
  192. Computing:
  193. Biology: How Liquefying Brains Changed the Story of the Human Mind
  194. Biology: A Math Theory for Why People Hallucinate
  195. Computing: Major Quantum Computing Advance Made Obsolete by Teenager
  196. Astronomy: Next to its solar twins, the sun stands out
  197. Astronomy: What’s happened to our neighborhood’s most violent star, η Carinae?
  198. Physics: Dark Energy May Be Incompatible With String Theory
  199. 'Hydrogen Wall' at the Edge of Our Solar System
  200. Astronomy: Faint glow between galaxies could show us dark matter
  201. Physics: Wandering Bose-Einstein condensate may lead to scalable quantum computer
  202. Gut bacteria can strip antigens from blood cells, changing type A to type O universal donor
  203. Neurology: Science identifies the brain’s clock
  204. Astronomy: The Last of the Universe’s Ordinary Matter Has Been Found
  205. Paleontology: Spectacular ice age wolf pup and caribou dug up in Canada
  206. Cosmology: A New Test for the Leading Big Bang Theory
  207. Paleontology: Worms Frozen for 42,000 Years in Siberian Permafrost Wriggle to Life
  208. X-Files: Confused mayflies wreak havoc on a Pennsylvania bridge
  209. Biology: World’s Simplest Animal Reveals Hidden Diversity
  210. Math: Why Mathematicians Can’t Find the Hay in a Haystack
  211. Applied physics: A new antenna using single atoms
  212. 558-million-year-old Dickinsonia are identified as world’s oldest animals
  213. Space: Two Japanese rovers are hopping on an asteroid
  214. Physics: ‘Quantum Atmospheres’ May Reveal Secrets of Matter
  215. Genetic Engineering: Gene drive used to turn all female mosquitos sterile
  216. Biology: ‘Traffic Jams’ of Cells Help to Sculpt Embryos
  217. Physics: Weird particles from space may defy physicists’ standard model?
  218. Space: Dwarf planet 'The Goblin' discovery redefining solar system
  219. Ten-cent water filters that remove heavy metals and oil, making water safe to drink in minutes
  220. Space: Saturn’s ‘ring rain’ is a surprising cocktail of chemicals
  221. Astronomy: ‘Einstein’s Shadow’ explores what it takes to snap a black hole’s picture
  222. Space: Interstellar Visitor Found to Be Unlike a Comet or an Asteroid
  223. Physics: Famous Experiment Dooms Alternative to Quantum Weirdness
  224. Biology: A Sand Dollar's Breakfast Is Totally Metal
  225. Astronomy: Astronomers Creep Up to the Edge of the Milky Way’s Black Hole
  226. Biology: In the Nucleus, Genes’ Activity Might Depend on Their Location
  227. Physics: Physicists measured Earth’s mass using neutrinos for the first time
  228. Astronomy: Barnard's Star may have a planet
  229. Physics: How Holography Could Help Solve Quantum Gravity
  230. Space/Geology: A massive crater hides beneath Greenland’s ice
  231. Astronomy: Astronomers spot another star that flickers like Tabby’s star
  232. Physics: Universal Quantum Phenomenon Found in Strange Metals
  233. Space: The Oatmeal explains the Mars Insight lander’s mission
  234. Astronomy: Galactic Beacons Get Snuffed Out in a Cosmic Eyeblink
  235. Biology: Should Evolution Treat Our Microbes as Part of Us?
  236. Evolution: Mathematical Simplicity May Drive Evolution’s Speed
  237. Physics: Physicists finally calculated where the proton’s mass comes from
  238. Anthropology: Stone Age people conquered the Tibetan Plateau’s thin air
  239. Biology: Scientists find ecosystem below earth that is 2X the size of world’s oceans
  240. Space: Nasa's Voyager 2 probe reaches interstellar space
  241. Biology: What a Newfound Kingdom Means for the Tree of Life
  242. Biology: Dracula ant's killer jaws are nature's fastest mover at 200mph
  243. Space: A New Year message from the edge of the solar system
  244. Space: Farout: most distant known object in solar system
  245. Space: Mars Express images of ice-filled Korolev crater
  246. Space travel, reentry of the capsule
  247. Space: New Horizons phones home
  248. Geology: What could have wiped 3km of rock off the entire Earth?
  249. First Far Side of Moon Landing
  250. Space: Milky Way to face a one-two punch of galaxy collisions