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  1. A fight for the soul of science?
  2. General relativity caught in action around black hole
  3. Standard Model with some Bumps?
  4. New recipe found for making supermassive black holes
  5. Time’s (Almost) Reversible Arrow
  6. Opalised(it's how the articles all spell it) Skeltons!
  7. Star clusters the best place for star-faring civ IRL?
  8. Ancient tea
  9. Two "theories of everything" may show different sides of the same thing
  10. Real life sonic shower?
  11. Supernova discovered that is brighter than our entire galaxy
  12. Next glacial period: Good news and bad news ...
  13. Nature's gold factories
  14. What made the Universe transparent?
  15. Quantum time entanglement
  16. Planet X redux?
  17. New Solution to Fermi Paradox suggests alien life goes Extinct Early
  18. Taming Superconductors With String Theory
  19. Planet 9
  20. Smart(ly made) windows don't need cleaning
  21. New Clues to How the Brain Maps Time
  22. Questions on microscopic world
  23. New Paper on On the Viability of Conspiratorial Beliefs
  24. Large conspiracies cannot be kept quiet?
  25. Scientists Debate Which Signatures Indicate Alien Life
  26. Gravity Waves?
  27. 'Bioprinter' creates lab-grown, transplantable body parts
  28. How to Build Life in a Pre-Darwinian World
  29. Socotra Island
  30. Australia's Outback vegetation completely drought resisant, but also rain resistant
  31. Boiling river in the Amazon
  32. Evidence of black holes documented
  33. Mega-Magnet Reveals Superconductor Secrets
  34. Neurological Basis for "Just Following Orders"
  35. More Nerves in the Cambrian
  36. Wow, I could really use more of this molecule!
  37. Chimp ritualized behavior?
  38. A puzzling flash from two colliding black holes
  39. Stopping killer asteroids costs less than you think
  40. Birds are buying alligator protection using baby bird sacrifice
  41. Great tits sing with syntax
  42. "AI" Beats Human in Go, called major step for AI Development Research
  43. Skeletons found under a pub contest Irish "Celtic" origins
  44. More on the PETM Climate change 56 million years ago
  45. European ash trees "likely to be wiped out"
  46. Experiment attempts to answer "What is a minimal genome?"
  47. Interesting article on cryonics
  48. New state of matter detected
  49. Neolithic humans introduced red deer to the Orkney Islands by boat
  50. Will we know extraterrestrial life when we see it?
  51. The Evolutionary Argument Against Reality
  52. The computational advantages of fuzzy math
  53. Surprise unexpected 3600 square mile coral reef discovered at mouth of Amazon
  54. Human Extinction Isn't That Unlikely
  55. New Evidence for the Necessity of Loneliness
  56. Largest unnamed object in the solar system
  57. Humans reached Florida thousands of years earlier than previously believed
  58. New Support for Alternative Quantum View
  59. Evidence for mega Martian tsunamis?
  60. Black holes like it cold
  61. I often wish I had a poisonous spur like my platypus ancestors...
  62. Juno probe is closing in on Jupiter
  63. Sunscreen ingredient kills coral reefs
  64. New Life Found That Lives Off Electricity
  65. Helium! Massive deposit discovered under Tanzania "a game-changer"
  66. Is 'infinity' real?
  67. New clues in the search for Planet 9
  68. Electricity from Urine
  69. Ancient Belgium Cannibals!
  70. Why does vaccuum weigh nothing?
  71. Newly-Discovered Planet Has 3 Suns
  72. Hyperuniformity in birds, math and physics
  73. S. Africa's new MeerKat radio telescope's first image: 1300 galaxies
  74. Why the turtle got its shell?
  75. Space emerging from quantum mechanics
  76. Imaging a protostar's "snow line"
  77. A debate over the physics of time
  78. Membrane generates electricity from water
  79. Four-foot wide carnivorous dinosaur footprint discovered in Bolivia
  80. Do Neutrinos Explain Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry?
  81. Have spacesuit, will have heart attack?
  82. Australia no longer lines up with satellite data because it is hurtling north, needs to recalibrate
  83. 'Worse than one thousand pukes'
  84. New "Space Race"?
  85. Physics: No signs of sterile neutrinos yet
  86. Piltdown Man forgery review concludes Charles Dawson probably acted alone, clears several names
  87. Protophobia: possible 5th Force
  88. Venus may have been "habitable" for 2 billion years: NASA
  89. Physics: Do wormholes hold the key to quantum gravity?
  90. How dangerous is it to travel @ 20% light speed?
  91. An Earthlike planet just one star over?
  92. Total Solar Eclipse 2017
  93. Tiny kitten-sized marsupial lion fossil named after David Attenborough
  94. The hominid "Lucy" died falling out of a tree: forensic analysis
  95. Earliest yet fossils of life found, 3.7 billion years old
  96. Dark Matter Galaxy Discovered
  97. Ceres geologically active, has water
  98. Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton in "superb condition" unearthed in Montana
  99. Welcome, Robot Overlords
  100. Nearly all of Earth's carbon could have come from a collision with an embryonic Mercury-like planet
  101. Cute, small late Cretaceous pterosaur expands our understanding of just how diverse they were
  102. New anti-malaria drug?
  103. Aptly named HMS Terror shipwreck discovered, clue to mystery of doomed 1848 Arctic expedition
  104. Did you know there were deep water corals?
  105. Failed supernova?
  106. More evidence for Europa water spouts, could give clues to under-ice life possibilities
  107. Astronomy: Massive galaxy made of dark matter?
  108. A.I.: New device mimics how neurons alter behavior once they're activated
  109. Astronomy: Star survives supernnova-scale eruption
  110. Biology: Welcome to your new hairless rodent overlord
  111. Universe holds 2 trillion galaxies, 20X more than previously thought
  112. Health: New antibiotic reverses drug resistance in superbugs
  113. Astronomy: Undiscovered ninth planet responsible for tilted solar system?
  114. First evidence for right handedness in the fossil record
  115. Strange messages coming from the stars are ‘probably’ from aliens, scientists say
  116. Biology: Building a map of yeast
  117. Biology: Fighting Zika with bacteria
  118. Paleontology: Fossilized dinosaur brain tissue found
  119. Dark doesn't matter?
  120. November 14, 2016 Supermoon
  121. Physics: Strange Numbers Found in Particle Collisions
  122. Analysis: Dinosaur-killer impact threw up mountains taller than the Himalayas very briefly
  123. Trump to strip away all Nasa Earth science study funding
  124. Carbon silicon life?
  125. Stationary celestial object
  126. Early birds and feathered dinosaurs could take off from the ground
  127. Cosmology: The case against dark matter
  128. Physics: Is the speed of light not constant after all?
  129. The Simulation Argument
  130. Astronomy: Star-starved galaxies fill the cosmos
  131. A question about field resistance
  132. Dinosaur tail with feathers discovered in amber
  133. Scientists "frantically" backing up climate information archives in case Trump wipes them
  134. Getting far away TV stations during storms
  135. Study: "Kangaroo Mother Care" helps premature infants, benefits last for decades
  136. Biology: Boned bonelessly?
  137. Webcomic Explains Quantum Computing
  138. This dinosaur species' babies were toothed carnivores, but adults were toothless beaked herbivores
  139. In 1975, an influential physics paper was co-authored...
  140. We're about to be buzzed by another star
  141. More data that the "Global Warming Pause" is a mirage & there has been no slowdown the last 15 years
  142. Nova predicted to appear by 2022
  143. Fossil member of tomato (nightshade) family found - tomatillos evolved earler than thought
  144. megastructure or planet eating star?
  145. Yukon cave butchered bone suggest humans reached the Americas even earlier than thought (24K BP)
  146. Remember back when humans could travel to other worlds?
  147. Human hand fine motor control may have evolved to squeeze and test ripe fruit
  148. Droplets that act like cells
  149. Please help! Science math logic question
  150. Genetics: (Back to) better-tasting (commercial) tomatoes
  151. Physics: How Life (and Death) Spring From Disorder
  152. Cosmology: Speedy universe expansion challenges Einstein’s theory
  153. Anthropology: Society Exists Because of Beer
  154. Physics: Scientists have confirmed a brand new form of matter: "time crystals"
  155. Science of colour vision - "forbidden colours"
  156. Paleontology: Human's Oldest Known Ancestor
  157. Biology: How Life Turns Asymmetric
  158. Physiology: Coming soon -- brain hackers?
  159. Physics: Physicists have found a metal that conducts electricity but not heat
  160. Physics: Experiment Reaffirms Quantum Weirdness
  161. Total recall: the people who never forget
  162. Astronomy: Have we finally spotted an intermediate-mass black hole?
  163. Geology: Oxygen flooded Earth’s atmosphere earlier than thought
  164. Physics: A new state for water?
  165. Physiology: Research into the molecular underpinnings of sleep
  166. Honeybees go "whoop!" when they bump into each other
  167. New Evidence for Planet 9
  168. NASA telescope finds seven (yes seven) potentially earthlike planets around nearby star
  169. Paleontology: World's oldest fossils discovered, say scientists
  170. Astronomy: We still don't know where cosmic rays come from
  171. Neanderman? Skulls found in China may be from previously unknown species
  172. Space: NASA’s daring plan to finally find extraterrestrial life
  173. Evolution: Why Did Life Move to Land?
  174. Genetic tinkering / ecology: Welcome to Pleistocene Park
  175. Astronomy: Dazzling new photo of Saturn's oddball moon, Pan
  176. Physics: NYU physicist makes a tractor beam
  177. Astronomy: Dark matter is missing from young galaxies
  178. Evolution Runs Faster on Short Timescales
  179. Biology: Water bears can replace their bodily fluids with a glass matrix
  180. Physics: Gravitational waves may defeat new theories of gravity
  181. Biology: How one enslaving wasp eats through another
  182. Astronomy: Did supernovas or neutron stars create our gold?
  183. Palaeontology: major revision of dinosaur taxonomy shakes clade to core
  184. Math: Statistician proves Gaussian correlation inequality
  185. Paleontoilogy: What Tyrannosaur faces really looked like
  186. Math: Quantum Questions Inspire New Math
  187. Biology: A completely new approach to flight
  188. Space: A video tour of the International Space Station
  189. Biology: Hacking DNA
  190. Space: Adios, Cassini
  191. Biology: Dolphins risking death to eat octopus
  192. Math: Physicists Attack Math’s $1,000,000 Question
  193. Cell division
  194. Atronomy: Massive red, dead galaxy spotted in young universe
  195. Biology: Microbial ballistics: Harpoons, spears, Gatling guns
  196. Health: Concern growing for brain-invading worms
  197. Physics: Black hole event horizon: spaghettifier, or incinerator?
  198. Space: Two moons venting their oceans to space
  199. Astronomy: Image captured of dark matter "web" between galaxies
  200. Neuroscience: Rules of memory formation may be rewritten
  201. Physics: There's still a lot we don't know about the proton
  202. Paleontology: Early dinosaur relative with odd mix of traits
  203. Space: Bubbles may put mysterious fizz in Titan’s polar sea
  204. Physics: Physicists observe 'negative mass'
  205. Astronomy: A Cosmic Burst Repeats, Deepening a Mystery
  206. Biology: More reasons why naked mole rats are weird
  207. Biology: The Secret Power of the Cell’s Waste Bin
  208. BIOLOGY: Wax worms eat plastic bags and crap antifreeze
  209. Physics: Key Einstein principle survives quantum test
  210. Biology: Novel Phage Therapy Saves Patient with Multidrug-Resistant Bacterial Infection
  211. Physics: The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution
  212. Biology: Swirling Bacteria Linked to the Physics of Phase Transitions
  213. The man who stuck his head in a particle accelerator
  214. Traversable Acausal Retrograde Domains in Spacetime (wait for it…)
  215. Eerie raw photos from Cassini's 2nd great Saturn dive
  216. Scientists Surprised to Find No Two Neurons Are Genetically Alike
  217. Paleontology: Zuul fossil found with preserved skin
  218. Astronomy: Exoplanet Puzzle Cracked by Jazz Musicians
  219. Astronomy: Astronomers find water in the atmosphere of a warm, Neptune-sized planet
  220. Paleontology: Ancient whale tells tale of when baleen whales had teeth
  221. Space: Car Maker to Send Lunar Rovers to Historic Moon Landing Site
  222. Space/Physics: Naked singularity might evade cosmic censor
  223. Physics: New tools in the search for dark matter
  224. Physics: A defense of the Reality of Time
  225. Cosmology: Discoveries Fuel Fight Over Universe’s First Light
  226. Physics: Diving deep into the world of emergent gravity
  227. Medicine: One Step Closer To 3-D-Printed Ovaries
  228. ANTHROPOLOGY: Europe was the birthplace of mankind, not Africa, scientists find
  229. Biology: The thoughts of a spiderweb
  230. Paleontology: Why the turtle (maybe) got its shell
  231. Astronomy: Super-nova fizzles, becomes black hole instead
  232. Astronomy: Our galaxy produces 1013kg of antimatter a second—how?
  233. Snakes Can Actually Hunt in Packs
  234. Astronomy: Citizen scientists join the search for Planet 9
  235. Space: Nasa to reveal details of hotly anticipated mission to the sun
  236. Astronomy: LIGO spots a third black hole merger
  237. Space: Curiosity rover finds its crater was habitable for 700 million years
  238. Atronomy: Milky Way’s loner status is upheld
  239. Paleontology: 99M year-old hatchling bird preserved in amber
  240. Geology? Newly identified continent Zealandia faces a battle for recognition
  241. Genomics: Wanted: More Data, the Dirtier the Better
  242. Space: Camera on NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Survived 2014 Meteoroid Hit
  243. Engineering: New video camera captures 5 trillion frames every second
  244. Biology: All-Female Hybrid Salamanders Take Genes From Males Of Three Different Species To Breed
  245. Botany: Meet America's deadliest tree, the Manchineel
  246. Biology: Corn and babies, it's what's for (hamster) breakfast
  247. Astronomy: Life might have a shot on planets orbiting dim red stars
  248. Biology: The Thorny Truth About Spine Evolution
  249. Cosmology: New study suggests Jupiter’s formation divided Solar System in two
  250. Cosmology? Is the Universe Conscious?