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  1. Welcome!
  2. I'm a litcrit junkie...
  3. How can we apply litcrit to writing?
  4. This could be fun!
  5. Fanfic as Reader Response in action
  6. What kinds of climaxes are there?
  7. Poetry is?
  8. Word Choice/Word Origin
  9. Philology- Tolkien and words
  10. Poet Savants
  11. Accuracy - or "Poetic" License?
  12. What is teaching/learning?
  13. Dialogue, Accents, Spelling and Grammar.
  14. Mimesis?
  15. Is language the brain's hypertext?
  16. Books to read
  17. PeeDee, Bravo -- come back!
  18. The Alan Sokal Affair
  19. If nobody reads you, are you a writer?
  20. George Orwell on language
  21. Pornography is pure reader response theory
  22. How to deal with culturally diverse mechanical devices in the future...
  23. Back to Lacan in a Turtleneck
  24. "I Love You Always," filled my eyes.
  25. Point de Capiton
  26. A Thread For Marshal McLuhan
  27. AI & Mike Sharples
  28. Uncanny Automata
  29. Who's writing this story, anyway?
  30. Shameless Phantom
  31. To whom do you write?
  32. Links with info about lit critters
  33. Critical Adventure
  34. The elusive and magical definition of Prose
  35. Writer's Block: what is it?
  36. Really stuck on Postmodernism
  37. Writing in a non-native language.
  38. Classical Plot: A non-Linguistic Construct
  39. Lowe Blow
  40. Structural Sublime
  41. The Swastika Discussion
  42. Non-Swastika non-discussion
  43. The Paradox of Discussion
  44. A Problem with Christian Plots
  45. Is there any subject beyond language?
  46. Syntactical Catastrophes
  47. Off Limits Subjects/Comments
  48. Wittgenstein: Aero-Pioneer
  49. A Beard of Mary Beards
  50. How does language affect culture?
  51. The metamorphosis of language
  52. Vision Serpent
  53. Now here's a thought.
  54. Starting from Nothing
  55. Interpersonal Communication vs. Written Communication
  56. Documenta 1, 1955
  57. What makes a linguist tick?
  58. Are audio-books still books?
  59. FOR SALE:NOKIA N95 AT JUST --------------------------$270usd
  60. Can mere words be treason?
  61. Vitruvius on the Grotesque
  62. Uptalk, or the High Rising Terminal
  63. Sketch Anglais
  64. Dialogue on the Ethics of Copyright
  65. Differences in grad school degrees
  66. Chaos reading theory?
  67. The use of Grow. And other pet peeves...
  68. Message boards -- the New Critic's worst nightmare
  69. Institutionalization of thought
  70. PhotoReading, or Speed Reading...
  71. Sign language
  72. Language shapes the brain
  73. Oliver Sacks on music and language
  74. Writing is good for your brain!
  75. How would you test a persons language ability?
  76. The line between reality and perception.
  77. Whatsa matta wit rhetoric?
  78. Modernized by Modernism
  79. can you tsk?
  80. Fine points of Theology
  81. Mysteries of Mystification
  82. Thought ya'll might be interested in this article:
  83. Visitation
  84. I don't think that's how the female anatomy works WARNING Frank discussion
  85. Words only in languages of limited diffusion
  86. Greenberg's 43 Universals
  87. The "existence" of characters beyond the written word
  88. Privileged language, Register, and Humor (split from "A Little Support" in TIO)
  89. The Real Charlie Brown
  90. Cowboys and Sewing Machines
  91. Loading the Language (and perhaps other language abuses)
  92. Spinoff from "The 'existence' of characters" Thread
  93. metafiction
  94. Is "I" plural or singular?
  95. Genre Signatures
  96. Art in Context
  97. Hypertext fiction
  98. Blog Speak
  99. There's no such thing as 'incorrect' English
  100. Writers Who Don't Like Other Writers?
  101. Dialogue Discussion/Debate: People don't talk like this.
  102. Is the passive voice really passive?
  103. The Unfolding Of Language
  104. The reading brain
  105. Mis-remembered????
  106. A lost distinction
  107. Philosophical Question
  108. The Great American Novel (Circa. 2050)
  109. Qinglish- Chinese version of English
  110. The Great Vowel Shift
  111. The benefits of art
  112. Critiquing fiction in terms of myth
  113. Scholarly journals on language/grammar
  114. Absolute Values in Liberal Arts
  115. Inventing Pamela
  116. Make literature into a science?
  117. The text has never been stable
  118. Flarf attack
  119. Pixels vs. papyrus
  120. Is Google Making Us Stoopid?
  121. First Person always untrustworthy?
  122. Romans had a twisted sense of humor?
  123. Puzzling Problems with Popper
  124. Marx-Hegel philosophy question
  125. Postmodernism and racial politics
  126. Opaque Femmes Fatales
  127. The Reader as a Transcendental Ego
  128. Alternative Ways of Representing Time in Narrative
  129. Structural analysis of myth or other fiction - recommend me some?
  130. Current Political Philosphy and Hobbes
  131. The Egyptian Connection
  132. What is eloquence?
  133. Fink, Zizek, the Real Subject
  134. Reading what's written
  135. Ever changing Political Correctness
  136. Is fiction inherently capitalist?
  137. Do Good & Evil exist outside of Human society?
  138. Structuralism's centenary
  139. White Horse Image - Elliot's Journey of the Magi.
  140. Collapse Into Silence: Pirsig,Tao and the 'Parmenides'
  141. where do ideas come from?
  142. "History is Philosophy teaching by examples"
  143. "Sonicky" words
  144. Just say No to Narnia
  145. Neoplatonic News from the Future
  146. 1934: Art off the Gold Standard
  147. Eaten by Robust Humanoids?
  148. Hubris and Self-Alienation
  149. Esperanto, anyone?
  150. On the nature of historical facts
  151. Eight Patterns Of Humor
  152. The book "God Wants You Dead"
  153. Archive Fever
  154. The Ingres of Existentialism
  155. Talking to yourself -- interior vs. exterior language
  156. Authors' papers in the digital age
  157. Hungry for Tea ???
  158. Hitler's library
  159. Are women more exclamatory? (!!!)
  160. The urge (compulsion?) to communicate (create fiction)
  161. Having Fun with Apples
  162. Can we eliminate the word--proverbial?
  163. History: Feminised or Feminist?
  164. More about how language influences thought
  165. Strunk and White.
  166. Language can save your Mind
  167. On contractions
  168. Is Tensed Time Real?
  169. Emotion Verbs (and Maori language)
  170. A provocative observation as regards POV:
  171. When Good Characters Do Bad Things
  172. Orwell on the decadence of language
  173. unintentionally offensive SLANG?
  174. Dr. Johnson wasn't nice
  175. Lecture series on Yale site
  176. Are students of ethics ethical?
  177. How reading affects the brain
  178. Word of the year
  179. Naming and Unnecessity
  180. When critics disagree
  181. Anti-Stratfordians vs Stradfordians -- Shakespeare studies' creationists
  182. Divining the meaning of texts experimentally
  183. The new book
  184. New book about Edward Said
  185. Edward De Bono- Teaching Thinking
  186. Bob Dylan read Guattari and Deleuze!
  187. Reverse-Engineering the Apocalypse
  188. Does language shape the way we think?
  189. Parody -- the highest form of criticism
  190. im in ur dictionaries verbing ur nounz
  191. Integrating Jack Vance
  192. Masculinist Literature
  193. NYT article on the "Words of the Year"
  194. Monster's Lair/Overcoming the Monster
  195. damnit which avatar to choose!
  196. Literature and the lost art of letter writing
  197. Cunieform/Akkadian to English dictionary complete
  198. REVIEW The Art of Time in Fiction
  199. How does Time Travel affect the language?
  200. A question for linguists
  201. Defining "Dialect"
  202. Educational Apartheid
  203. Yikes
  204. St. Crispin's Day
  205. Post-modern Fifth Column
  206. Khazak Space Pagentry
  207. Evolution of Short Story Titles
  208. Escape from Pollock with Color Fields
  209. Literally Metaphorical
  210. Anachronistic language and Downton Abbey
  211. What we talk about when we talk about death
  212. Things I don't really understand
  213. Question
  214. Rereading and the implications of trying to step in the same river twice
  215. Welcome your New Co-Mod!
  216. Thesis idea: Comparative Mythology, The Hero's Journey and the Evolution of Narrative
  217. Archetype v. Stereotype: Elliot Stabler
  218. An Extended Essay on Philosophy and the Corruption of the Individual?
  219. What the hell does this mean?
  220. Historians, Essayists, GRRM Fans....
  221. Up-gunning to Homer
  222. The Heroine's Journey
  223. Kafka's hundred year anniversary
  224. Noam
  225. Defenestrating Hume.
  226. On the Definition of Freedom
  227. The three stooges
  228. American Pie as tweeted by Chaucer
  229. the Battle of Bosworth is responsbile for the slant in all of Shakespeare's histories.
  230. Echoes, Cycles, Reflections
  231. Wrongly attributed statements: our democratic poetry
  232. Super Creative Thesaurus forum for the word "Creepy"
  233. Dialect map of the United States
  234. Nostalgia for a mythical past Eden of the humanities
  235. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. (absence concepts)
  236. Love among the Ruins
  237. Shakespeare's plays as they were originally spoken
  238. Allegory and argument discussion from P&CE
  239. The Agreement
  240. Ahoy!
  241. Roman Theatre
  242. Bellows 1912 to UK
  243. In defense of oral tradition
  244. The originality of Philip Roth
  245. How many male novelists does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
  246. If animals were "uplifted" to high intelligence, would they behave like humans?
  247. Philosophy major karaoke songs
  248. the life of the metaphorical
  249. history-as-artifice & historical apocrypha
  250. "No, totally."