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  1. Whorfians at the gate!
  2. How do you critique something just bad?
  3. What is with present tense writing?
  4. Language rant moved from OP
  5. Thieving Languages Threads
  6. Come back Existentialism
  7. The autobiographical rumination -- culmination of reader response theory
  8. Unsurprisingly, Chomsky was wrong
  9. Poems about theory of mind
  10. A mother's native language affects how her newborn infant cries
  11. Free Will, especially as it applies to writing
  12. Freewill the Oxymoron (WIP looking for feedback)
  13. The Beats revisited
  14. Foucault!
  15. A bit of over the top academic literary jargon
  16. What is language's relationship to reality?
  17. Critical Theory (Frankfurt School)
  18. After Foucault, after Derrida