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  1. Getting into copywriting
  2. What was your biggest writing job?
  3. Just a thought on Employment Leads
  4. tag lines
  5. Routines & Rituals
  6. Any medical writers here? ...
  7. Just sent my proposal in...
  8. Competing titles
  9. Catalog Writing
  10. Why would you read a memoir?
  11. Research
  12. Establishing interior
  13. which font
  14. photographed items
  15. Getting my work to the masses
  16. spiralbound
  17. Indicating formatting in your manuscript?
  18. Responsiveness
  19. Sending simultaneous proposals - yes or no?
  20. Multiple agents offering contacts - how to select?
  21. I'm fascinated: Amy Fisher
  22. Copywriters: Critique?
  23. Funding Books
  24. Anyone have an editor switch before publication?
  25. Starting Over
  26. Library/School Markets
  27. Newbie needs advice
  28. best way to submit proposal
  29. Another name for a final chapter
  30. Hired to write a book
  31. Press Releases
  32. Writing Anthology of Spiritual testimonies: Question
  33. Just Finished Two Ebooks: Non-Fiction
  34. 10 Things You SHOULD Put In A Proposal
  35. book research
  36. Question re Press Releases
  37. Arghh the waiting is driving me crazy
  38. scary
  39. reaearch -- scientific databases
  40. ugh-writers block!
  41. Just received my Authors Advance Copy!
  42. Need some advice
  43. Part-timers
  44. Publisher's "reader"?
  45. Need endorsements for nonfiction any advice?
  46. Getting Started Question
  47. Royalty Statement
  48. Short ebooks and special reports?
  49. Creating Nonfiction Book Ideas That Sell
  50. write that book or not?
  51. NO competition
  52. Crazy idea?
  53. Good news
  54. Question...
  55. Non-fiction--Paleontology
  56. Is is worthwhile to hire a book publicist?
  57. What's your book subject?
  58. I'm going to start soliciting an agent for my memoir
  59. Suggestsions about how to receive payment from clients
  60. troubles with shrinking personal scope and recycled writing
  61. Title question
  62. A question about research and plagiarism
  63. The greatest disaster book of all time
  64. How do you plug your books?
  65. Interview issues - releases, etc.
  66. Advise Please
  67. Non-fiction or fiction?
  68. Publisher Dilemma
  69. Free Nonfiction eBook
  70. Good news on WWII research
  71. Rights : What the heck does THIS mean?
  72. Publishing the first draft online
  73. First Person
  74. Anybody ever put together a franchise manual?
  75. proposal format help!
  76. IT'S DONE!!!!!
  77. Multiple queries/proposals at one press
  78. book ranks and divisions
  79. What's narrative non-fiction
  80. He should have hired Jenna!
  81. Does This Cover It?
  82. POV's
  83. good nonfiction writing books
  84. Questions from a newbie.
  85. Agents vs. Self-Sell
  86. Submission questions
  87. New Here
  88. Self Help or Biography?
  89. Success Stories?
  90. So I started writing a non fiction book...
  91. superstitions....
  92. Past comes back to haunt...
  93. research and permissions info
  94. How many words on a page generally?
  95. Beginner question on proposal submission
  96. New to the whole writing thing...Please Help!
  97. My "D'oh" moment
  98. proposal formatting questions
  99. Excellent article
  100. Formats for various types of business letters
  101. Quotations books
  102. When is is not Non-Fiction anymore?
  103. Research
  105. Writing --> web development
  106. Nonfiction Book Proposals Anybody Can Write
  107. roget's copyright
  108. Quoting vs. Permission
  109. How often do writers write both fiction and non-fiction?
  110. Are there pros & cons to pseudonymns?
  111. Should I illustrate my own book?
  112. Researching sales history of similar books
  113. Sample Proposals?
  114. Keeping track of notes during research
  115. Diet Books
  116. On spec or commissioned?
  117. Thanks, but no thanks.
  118. HOw to Query a Non-Fiction Photo-rich book.
  119. Resources for Technical Writing
  120. Formating sidebars in a manuscript
  121. Article about learning disabilities
  122. Using numbers from someone else's chart
  123. MS Word Utilities for Writers
  124. Copyright
  125. Depressed for a day
  126. Should I write a feature first?
  127. Small press book publishers?
  128. What are they called?
  129. It takes too long to get ms's printed/shipped.
  130. Question about memoirs...(the use of real names)
  131. User manual
  132. How long does it take to research a book?
  133. Writing Style
  134. searching for agents/publishers...sources?
  135. eighth draft writers block??
  136. So how do you break in?
  137. Business Writing/Web Writing questions?
  138. Has this been done before?
  139. Writing a Celebrity Autobiography
  140. Quoting...
  141. Random House contest
  142. Medical/Technical Writing Question
  143. Query Letter vs. Proposal/Agent vs. Publisher
  144. Short Local Business Reviews Opportunity
  145. Writing techniques
  146. RE: How Many Book Sales
  147. Is it possible I have what it takes?
  148. Will you share you unfinished working with other people in order to get more ideas?
  149. Resume Books
  150. Book Publicists
  151. Textbook Authors: When was the last time your chin hit the floor THIS hard?
  152. Cooking is NF, right?
  153. How would you interpret this?
  154. How big is your intended audience?
  155. Bio of my Deceased Brother
  156. imaginary charater in non-fiction?
  157. New to this site! Help!
  158. Statistics Data
  159. change of names?
  160. Question about Ghostwriting Fees
  161. Let me hear it.
  162. Compilation Book - Submissions from People (question)
  163. Am I being underpaid/what can I do?
  164. Automotive book publishers
  165. Textbook Publishing Resources.
  166. What is the best way to get endorsements?
  167. Writing a Proposal for a Series
  168. Question about Memoir Proposal
  169. Traumatized and Afraid to Share...
  170. Here's something for you to mule over
  171. Co-author question
  172. Submitting a proposal
  173. Help, what do I do?
  174. Using Maps
  175. Important copyright question
  176. legalities involved in non fiction
  177. Guidence Please
  178. Quoting & Permissions
  179. Reference Book
  180. How to incorporate a testimony into my book
  181. Craft Book Submission
  182. How long is too long and how short is too short for a MEMOIR
  183. how long should a how-to book be?
  184. Non fiction or short story collection?
  185. To Format or Not
  186. Progressive Sales Letters: HELP!!!
  187. Question about copying and pasting
  188. Query Letter for nonfiction
  189. What to do with an ADD chapter run amok?
  190. Could someone possibly critique my query?
  191. please critique my query - first draft
  192. What would warrant a lawsuit?
  193. Walmart Associate Handbook (unauthorized) What Do You Think?
  194. Non-fiction Crime Drama?
  195. For all you Cookbook people...
  196. Ideas, but new to non-fiction
  197. Man... So what DOES it take it get a book published around here?
  198. Expertise required?
  199. How-To Book Proposals
  200. How long a book?
  201. Need Advice
  202. computer book's title and trademark
  203. Any advice for breaking into the textbook business?
  204. Copyrights Q
  205. The query from hell!
  206. Okay, so I finished the 1st 3 ch's and
  207. Is it really necessary...this query thing?
  208. Do I show chapters before publication?
  209. How Do I Become A Technical Writer?Thank You!
  210. Technical Writers India group: Wings of change
  211. Can I afford to say "No!"
  212. mentioning websites
  213. Critique my query (pretty please).
  214. What is serious nonfiction?
  215. Where to start?
  216. Info about AWAI
  217. Authorized Celebrity Biography & Splits
  218. Telemarketing: useful for generating new clients?
  219. How do you get back into it?
  220. Query/Proposal/Agent ?
  221. Grant writing
  222. My Agent asked me for this.....
  223. you don't have to be a screenwriter to know what you like.
  224. you don't have to be a screenwriter to know what you like.
  225. Copywriting for non-profits
  226. Organization of WWII book...
  227. Does this suck?
  228. Certification - worth it or not?
  229. How do you deal with...?
  230. Legal Question - Authorization
  231. Unusual problem
  232. For the Technical Writers out there who are...
  233. How can I get around this?
  234. StyleWriter Software
  235. How do you query about nonfiction
  236. Seeking fellow copywriters in Boston area for business support group
  237. Two friends at work....
  238. Query Letter Feedback Request (True Crime)
  239. Should I give up and flush it down the crapper?
  240. Should my book be an article instead?
  241. Question re: Perceived Interest
  242. Writing Job (Catalog Copy)
  243. Book Query Review
  244. Did I make a terrible mistake???
  245. Writing A Memoir - major rules to follow?
  246. Complete nonfiction ms but no index
  247. Completed ms on Serial Killer - Suggestions for title?
  248. Calling Jaws - Author and Publisher: Privileged Communication?
  249. Looking for a guideline
  250. Legal Question: concerning use of leaked documents