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  1. Self-e-pubbing Non-Fiction Curiosity
  2. degree in creative nonfiction
  3. Long, long,long, long list of permissions needed
  4. Licensed Trademark Question
  5. Note-taking methods
  6. Pen name - best option?
  7. Full NF manuscript?
  8. The perfect opening paragraph
  9. Will a blog hurt my chances of selling a book
  10. Returning to Painful Memories
  11. Structure
  12. Marketing plan for your book?
  13. Good creative nonfiction craft books or articles?
  14. Re-submissions?
  15. First publication rights and trade publishing
  16. Referencing research papers in commercial book
  17. MFA in nonfiction - writing sample
  18. Avoiding I, My, The & That
  19. How would you categorize this book?
  20. Celebrity Biography
  21. Using wkipedia and wikiquote
  23. Including Pictures in MS
  24. Go with small publisher?
  25. Quite new to this. Suggestions? Guidance?
  27. permissions to use photos of people in the public eye
  28. What went right? What went wrong? And why?
  29. Searching for a specific book.
  30. personal essays
  31. using quote from defunct newpaper
  32. Selling a Story to Multiple Magazines/Websites
  33. Reference/Library Type book
  34. life experience and writing
  35. What is the process by which you land public speaking gigs?
  36. Pitching to non-paying journals
  37. Self Help Statistics
  38. Articles related to Book Topic
  39. What is the Deal with Permission to Quote?
  40. Question about indemnification clauses in publishing contracts
  41. Memoir in third person? List of writing questions
  42. Looking for book suggestions...
  43. Paranormal Nonfiction for Kids...?
  44. Memoir chronology...
  45. Summary VS Scene Creative nonfiction
  46. Where can I publish my beautiful, angry anti-growth rants?
  47. Writing for the natural world
  48. Why read about childhood of another?
  49. Any advice?
  50. Writing an Authorized Biography
  51. Tailoring Book Content to New Breed of Reader?
  52. Becoming a tech writer?
  53. New to this, sales question
  54. How long does it take you?
  55. How do you organise research, make notes. Any tips?
  56. Simplexity
  57. Query Agents or Publishers?
  58. Avoiding potential conflicts of interest
  59. Citations in Book Proposal
  60. submitted and spammed
  61. Time for agent to respond to proposal?
  62. Technical Book Animated Diagrams
  63. First name or last name?
  64. Free Image Sources for How-To Books
  65. List of nonfiction publishers - unsolicited subs
  66. Any advice?
  67. The non-agent route
  68. Low res MFA for nonfic
  69. What, no True Crime section?
  70. Use of People: Need Permission?
  71. A photo-based book
  72. Political publishers
  73. Use of tone in a trade publication
  74. my guru wants me to get her book published in the UK
  75. Need publishing help with non fiction
  76. Question about conference abstract?
  77. When to sell non-fiction as fiction
  78. People aren't "characters," and their lives aren't "stories"
  79. From an Article to a Book Proposal?
  80. Whew..3rd Travel Guidebook is done.
  81. Advice on Long Chapters for Narrative NF!
  82. Books about writing?
  83. Non-fiction Bio - Any help?
  84. Worth the time
  85. Nonfiction = $$ ?
  86. Sample Chapters and Photographs
  87. Help! Editor Inserting (parenthetical statements)!
  88. Need advice
  89. Narrative NF Book Publication Plans Fading...
  90. Travel Writing: Need Reading and Publication Recs
  91. Overcoming Stage Fright
  92. Increase your book sales through public speaking
  93. When Novels Die
  94. When an expert is needed
  95. Nonfiction writing competitions
  96. When to release our book
  97. Call for Nonfiction Submissions
  98. Providing pronunciation to words
  99. Query, Proposal, then what?
  100. Challenge of Querying - the hardest part!
  101. Nonfiction/crime conference
  102. Is More "telling" normal in nonfiction?
  103. Nonfiction proposal chapters
  104. Prologues! How much do you give away?
  105. Back Matter
  106. Motivational/Guidance book
  107. Organization
  108. How to structure a collection of interviews?
  109. How much to charge...
  110. Anxiety and Horror in the Therapy Waiting Room.
  111. Oral Storytelling
  112. Memoir, Nonfiction piece, inspirational?
  113. Stock Images/Creative Commons Licenses for History Non Fiction
  114. Multiple Narrative Structure in Memoir.
  115. is there a speech writing category?
  116. True Crime writing and depression
  117. Best Health Publishers/agents to sub to?
  118. Etiquette of acknowledging someone else's work
  119. Wanting to write a non-fiction
  120. Bloomsbury open call for titles in the 33 1/3 music writing series (open until 3/3)
  121. Anyone in non-fiction write about history?
  122. Agents, Genre, and Gender
  123. Becoming "Psychic" &. Hearing Soul
  124. Looking for software to manage illustrations
  125. Is anybody here published through Hay House?
  126. What is the Law
  127. Memoirs and Autobios: Under what circumstances do you change the names?
  128. Book using information I wrote in forum posts?
  129. Book proposal
  130. Creating an index?
  131. Types of non-fiction writers
  132. Citing references (first time non-fiction writer)
  133. Non-fiction/self-help
  134. Public Speaking services
  135. M Evans Publishing company Inc
  136. Legal issues with publishing an anthology of personal stories?
  137. How to write a dual opinion book?
  138. So confused about my non-fiction proposal/query!
  139. Advice on Quotes
  140. What would make you read a book about music?
  141. Legal Issues in Non Fiction Writing
  142. Working on building a "Platform"
  143. There's no such thing as the mafia
  144. will write a technical book
  145. Calling for Research?
  146. Permission - complicated? (moved from Christian)
  147. Proposal for a list style book
  148. Memoir - proposal or query?
  149. Book Proposal - evaluating competition, books sold?
  150. Quoting Lit in Textbook
  151. Newbie - seeking advice
  152. Percent, per cent, or %?
  153. Platform - Op-Ed article submission question
  154. Memoirs without subtitles. Opinions?
  155. When is a book not a book?
  156. Need Help Finding a Good Publisher
  157. Autobiography in the works...needing help
  158. Academic Authors ... do they get advances?
  159. Harvard referencing question.
  160. About the "Foreword"
  161. Financial books Profitable?
  162. Are you a columnist? Do you enjoy it?
  163. Rejection sucks
  164. A new take on a celebrity autobiography
  165. Meeting Hemingway
  166. My new talk
  167. Finding an Editor
  168. The Wind in the Willows
  169. Getting Started
  170. Trade publications = $$$
  171. Virtual Bookworm Publisher??
  172. Combining memoir with history of a rock genre. Good idea?
  173. Writing a book about a book
  177. My "How to Write Flash Fiction" Book
  178. How would you classify this book?
  179. Question about possible publishing
  180. Falling outside of the normal approach...
  181. retreat, regroup, rethink
  182. Specific agents for memoirs?
  183. This Writing is "Prose-Poetry"
  184. First Nonfic Attempt
  185. Non-Fiction Book Lengths
  186. True crime question--animal attacks mistaken for murder
  187. Attribution for Creative Commons
  188. Preface / Introduction
  189. Let's Talk About How-To Books
  190. Trying To Get an Agent Without An Established Fan Base
  191. Travel Guide book Help
  192. Just the proposal for non-fiction?
  193. books on world fairs
  194. An offer to Proofread/edit writers current projects
  195. Non-Fiction Process
  196. Creative Non Fiction
  197. Sharing Your Message Beyond Books
  198. How important is plagiarism from old newsclips or history books
  199. Footnotes and Continuity
  200. True Crime Bio Details HELP
  201. Legal Issues Related to True Crime Writing
  202. New to non-fiction, best way to proceed?
  203. Opening Paragraphs - 150 Words
  204. Proposal for a Coloring Book?
  205. Short Pieces
  206. How do you find public speaking opportunities?
  207. Hillary Clinton's relatively new book, Hard Choices: The Perspective of Patricia Konarski and Yours!
  208. Should I bother writing this book?......First time author/ student/ writing about African conflict
  209. Map building for books
  210. philosophy - thesis help
  211. Change Title, Convert to Textbook? Should I?
  212. Becoming a biographer
  213. MLA style
  214. Best book format for "image dense" nonfiction?
  215. help with 850 word magazine item
  216. Writing about a haunted house, it's past is missing
  217. Length of book problem
  218. Legal Writing Proposal
  219. How It Looks to Win a Million Dollars
  220. What about including photos?
  221. References/Bibliography Help, Please
  222. Financial Question
  223. Anyone writing metaphysical non-fiction?
  224. Non-fiction on the activist experience
  225. Narrative Non-Fiction: the writing and researching processes
  226. On sources
  227. Books on writing non fiction?
  228. Where to submit a non fiction essay?
  229. What Kind of Writing is This?
  230. Help with Title
  231. Writing a Price/Identification Guide - Photo, Fair Use, Copyright
  232. Where to post this?
  233. True Crime in England - a thing?!
  234. Photo Books
  235. Is PERMISSION REQUIRED to quote anonymous survey comments?
  236. Non-fiction lists or search engines
  237. Nonfiction Books on Comics-- Any Bestsellers?
  238. Useless Mackerel Fact; Your input,please
  239. William Shirer and Gays
  240. Unfinished book syndrome
  241. Self-help/Spiritual Book- agent trouble
  242. Avoiding the 'may have' in historical biography
  243. Published Interviews
  244. Licence Required to Use Fonts?
  245. Do I Need Permission for Screenshots of Computer Applications?
  246. Expanded Table of Contents Citations?
  247. Non-fiction historical novels...How?
  248. Should I Remove Online Articles I Wrote That Appear In My Book?
  249. Is it a good idea to invent a "publishing house"
  250. Where to Find Simple Graphics?