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  1. Question of etiquette
  2. Track Changes help in Word 2007
  3. Biography... how long will it take?
  4. Self-Help
  5. Should I submit to editors/agents?
  6. Humor faux-nonfiction books classified as nonfiction
  7. Memoir Proposal questions
  8. Attributing sources and using information?
  9. Publishing agent sought
  10. Making money with articles
  11. Ghostwriting a memoir and proposal
  12. Uncle Wayne's memoir proposal thread :D
  13. Travel memoirs?
  14. Very good nonfiction piece
  15. Memoirs - do you have to personally remember the details?
  16. Memoir proposal second attempt :D
  17. Travel memoir title help
  18. non-fiction writing software needed!!!
  19. Marketing personal essays
  20. Memoir question. OK. I've gotta do this...
  21. Apartment insurance and the writer
  22. Need Memoir Help...please!
  23. sponsorship
  24. Article Writing/Rewriting
  25. Co Writer percentage
  26. Too Many Copyright Dates
  27. Where do I begin with my Memoir?
  28. Question about Rights
  29. Posting nonfiction book proposals on the Internet?
  30. Paid pre-career technical writing experience?
  31. Beta readers
  32. How do I write this?
  33. Calling All Nonfiction Beta Readers
  34. If I ghostwrite some chapters in a book, is that worth mentioning?
  35. Manuscript in Publisher's Hands
  36. travel guide/memoir
  37. Nonfiction e-publishers?
  38. Qualified as platform?
  39. Interviewing question
  40. How do I write about my family history?
  41. Jay Leno book review of my travel book!
  42. Am I Sunk?
  43. Who can tell publishers?
  44. Is "enjoyable" a secret code word?
  45. New York Times article on memoirs
  46. ? about book proposals
  47. Putting marketing info in nonfic book query?
  48. Help with speech?
  49. Excerpts and fair use for review
  50. Sub Genres?
  51. Proposal w/no platform or marketing plan?
  52. Book's Introduction: Who Pays?
  53. Interviews?
  54. Remembering WWII, 1941
  55. Any idea how BarnesandNoble sets their discount rates?
  56. Using song lyrics in book need to license rights?
  57. Formatting "annotated edition" manuscript
  58. The term 'creative nonfiction'
  59. Wiired.com
  60. Conferences for Non-Fiction
  61. How many sample chapters?
  62. Devastating Beauty
  63. Length help please?
  64. Hyphen and Justified text
  65. nonfiction with pictures, 30,000-40,000 words
  66. Historical Biography Forum?
  67. Sued?
  68. Competition
  69. 'Flavor' in a Proposal
  70. Liberal Bias
  71. Finding the PR contacts I need for a new assignment
  72. The "A Proposal Should Make Sense" Thread
  73. Prejudice
  74. Diagrams, Photography, and Pretty Pictures
  75. 'The Right of Publicity': Another Legal Trap for Bio Writers?
  76. professional reader/critic
  77. Where do Baby Boomers buy their books?
  78. Reality Non-Fiction ala David Shields/Jorge Luis Borges
  79. "Where's the non-fiction...oh, in the corner?"
  80. Possibly True Ghost Stories
  81. writing introductions for memoir or nonfiction
  82. Lost in the fog
  83. "Difuser" *Love Comments* new writer (Under 3k words)
  84. Writer or Dreamer
  85. Do you know any nonfiction [30-50k length] publishers?
  86. To Propagate, or not to Propagate
  87. Having The Courage to Write a Memoir
  88. Release form question
  89. The Acid Test
  90. Release date and book cover - so excited!
  91. Moral Marketing Question!
  92. How to find a publisher
  93. Researching Nonfiction publishers marketing success
  94. Fair Use
  95. SEO
  96. Question on Front Matter
  97. Citing and referencing sources in a memoir??
  98. It's finger crossing time
  99. Trip to see publisher
  100. How do you predict how long the chapters will be and how long it will take to write?
  101. Possibly dumb, but I'm asking anyway...
  102. Seeking Author Balldez
  103. Using a Pen Name for Memoirs?
  104. Memoirists - do you have a website or blog?
  105. Agent for "book for Dummies" series?
  106. Proposal research
  107. Inmate letters
  108. Advice needed on creating revised/updated edition of nonfiction book
  109. I'm Giving the Toast at my Sister's Wedding!!!!
  110. Book Cover Announcement!
  111. Copyright question
  112. Contributing to a book -- rights question
  113. Advances for Nonfiction Book
  114. Easy software for desktop publishing?
  115. Finding a co-author who has credentials
  116. Citations in a work of political persuasion
  117. Referencing other books in non-fiction, permissions etc
  118. Question about profit-splitting.
  119. When is paraphrasing plagiarism?
  120. True Crime Proposal
  121. I have a book contract. Now what?
  122. The definition of true crime?
  123. small press open reading period, how long for results?
  124. Spoke at a writing class!
  125. Cookbook for first timers
  126. No platform - do I even have a chance?
  127. In nonfiction, can education compensate for experience?
  128. Copyright question for NF book with guest contributors
  129. Last Night... Some Things Happened
  130. Academic Writing?
  131. What do you think of this ???
  132. NonFiction Book using magazine articles, nterviews and old ads
  133. 2 Bites From Publishers - Should I Find An Agent?
  134. Question for travel writers
  135. Can anyone recommend any outstanding restaurant reviewers?
  136. Query help?
  137. Is the concept of time just an illusion?
  138. Memoir VS Autobiography
  139. Help, what is this agent really saying?
  140. Finding a writer for our project...
  141. New York Agents vs Agents in Other States
  142. Book Proposals: AW Members' Experiences
  143. The difference between writing about your experiences with someone and writing about someone
  144. Guide/Commentary - publishable as mobile phone app?
  145. Relationships Between Agents and Publishers
  146. Credentials in Query Letters?
  147. Memoir or Narrative Nonfiction???
  148. Where do I send my query letter?
  149. Name-dropping
  150. Book Title
  151. Read First Chapter
  152. E-Publishers that deal with Non-Fiction/Paranormal?
  153. Understanding nonfiction...
  154. Short Story or Full Blown Memoir?
  155. How to make sex memoirs transcend the genre
  156. Nonfiction Writing Prompt
  157. Nonfiction Sources
  158. My book is out today
  159. Proposal or Query?
  160. Reasons for Fear of Public Speaking
  161. oral storytelling
  162. "Platform"--Janet Reid Explains!
  163. Book Proposal Question
  164. Non-fiction proposal question
  165. Proper Procedure for Quoting Copyrighted Works
  166. Serious Analytical Nonfiction
  167. Here's what I want to do...but how?
  168. Business writing website
  169. literarure seen through other societies
  170. How bleak for Memoirs?
  171. Non-Fiction proposal sample?
  172. USA Writers Magazine
  173. Agent for Field Guides (nonfiction)?
  174. Need advice: an author using the work of others...
  175. Looking for Agent or Publisher for Tennis Handbook
  176. Can a tone be too light?
  177. Memoir vs. "A True Story" - Do you view them as different?
  178. Is it legal for me to use names of Video Games?
  179. CNF Copy Editor Recommendation
  180. Learn about a tool for public speaking
  181. A snug fit?
  182. True Crime Writers
  183. True crime starting point?
  184. Great Essayists
  185. Agent wanted
  186. USA subject, UK author: agent choice
  187. Co-Author Query Letter Question
  188. Video and Question
  189. Kindle Singles
  190. Second Draft
  191. Percentage Commission
  192. captivated by dragons, why are you?
  193. Approaching non-fiction markets
  194. 20k word book?
  195. Does anyone write textbooks? [Moved to Non-Fiction]
  196. Starting a new short story, let me know what you think
  197. How to begin researching?
  198. What's going on?
  199. Can you help me critique my pitch letter?
  200. Permissions
  201. Memoir Arc
  202. It's Coming Along Nicely
  203. Have You Ever Been Here?
  204. Chapter length
  205. story idea
  206. An Awkward Memoir
  207. Misery Memoir
  208. What kind of platform do I need?
  209. How to query an essay collection?
  210. Memoir Question
  211. Double-Checking: Is This A Memoir?
  212. Agents for Educational/Brainteaser book?
  213. Long Chapters
  214. Letting narrative nonfiction flow
  215. How much info in a proposal for academic press?
  216. Can you write a nonfiction novel about a criminal who has been dead for over 30 years?
  217. Trouble with non-fiction category
  218. How much do charities pay for their tv slots?
  219. Dumbed down by PowerPoint
  220. Trying to place essay on craft of writing
  221. Non fiction write 1 submit 1?
  222. The Home Schooling Market
  223. Pictorial Travel Guides
  224. Art books
  225. A couple of questions about my first query and proposal
  226. Photo release for a how-to book
  227. Responding to Outside Readers for an Academic Book Proposal
  228. Acknowledging/Documenting Interviews in Nonfiction Books
  229. Paranormal Authors Reputable?
  230. book category sales
  231. Selling essays
  232. Want Two Nonfiction Articles (Dust Bowl and Recession)
  233. Proving a fact when you just happen to know it
  234. New freelancer wondering about fair pay rates
  235. Using names of deceased in memoir
  236. TIME SENSITIVE TOPIC - Need forum!
  237. Essay Competition - FT and Bodley Head
  238. SYNOPSIS vs Book-Proposal : Why Non-Fiction is 'considered' as tilting against the former concept?
  239. Blog and Agent
  240. Ghostwriting
  241. Online Surveys, which site?
  242. "The Top 10 Essays Since 1950"
  243. Historical Non-fiction
  244. How important are personal stories in non-fiction
  245. Inspired by a true story
  246. Lawsuits from nonfiction works
  247. Word count question
  248. "One Ring" (A memorial in The Huffington Post)
  249. Memoirs in schools?
  250. What's changed?