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  1. HELP! Agents are being STRANGE! Need advice
  2. Subbing Non-Fiction for Children
  3. On-Line PhD Program in English
  4. Is this book-worthy? (True Crime)
  5. The use of real names in a memoir
  6. Ignorant Question
  7. Query letter help
  8. For $4.90 I should get a cookie and balloon, too.
  9. When to contact an agent
  10. Not sure what my book genre is
  11. How to write without getting sued...?
  12. So...is this possible?
  13. Epilogue
  14. A Lawyer's Legal Question
  15. Has anyone explored Media Liability Insurance, also called Media Perils??
  16. Getting Permission to use primary documents in articles
  17. Ever heard of Media Liability Insurance??
  18. Happy dance and a question about an editor's role
  19. How Long Should I Wait
  20. Ready to sign with agent? Should I negotiate?
  21. Business Proposal
  22. Permission required if I took the photos?
  23. How Does a Co-Author Arrangement Work
  24. First/Second Person Writing
  25. Atheistic/Anti-Faith Nonfiction?
  26. very basic question - gift books
  27. Any suggestions for names of agents that deal with memoirs?
  28. Getting Paid!
  29. TSTL - in a memoire
  30. Beginner Grant Writer Question?
  31. Should I Mention Prior Book?
  32. True crime written in first person
  33. Cold Calling For Work?
  34. Question from pop-science writer
  35. Agent Etiquette
  36. starting the first pages with a backstory?
  37. grammar and style in a memoire - dialogue too
  38. Agents specializing in natural history books
  39. Author Bio - how important in getting the book proposal accepted?
  40. Submitting full manuscript - tech details
  41. Should I Send a Second Email
  42. Demonstrating Confidence in Proposal
  43. Publishers
  44. Publishing negotiations
  45. Agent's Response
  46. Please Excuse My Ignorance
  47. The truth about e-books
  48. Question about the Orientation of Charts in Business Documents
  49. I'm Back with another question
  50. Marrying photos & text
  51. Market info
  52. Another Speech You will probably have to deliver, some day (Funeral)
  53. In need of a catchy title
  54. How often do you follow up with a prospect after a cold-call?
  55. Is anyone else working on something that has to do with relationship self-help?
  56. Do I need Releases from Interview?
  57. Ever Index a Book?
  58. Crap....I need HELP!
  59. Combining nonfiction with fiction
  60. pay for magazine submissions
  61. books on cities
  62. Guidance please, format newspaper articles to book form
  63. Research project - need input from writers and editors!
  64. Table of Tables
  65. New to the forum
  66. TV interview experience?
  67. Is anybody going to care..
  68. Proposal email question
  69. Publishing Question
  71. Which of these would you work on?
  72. The book is pretty much written - now what?
  73. Expanding an Article
  74. Developing a Magazine for Essays
  75. Confused Newbie...any thoughts?
  76. Study Guide Publishers?
  77. Conducting A Focus Group
  78. What are the odds on agent representation?
  79. Synopsis question...
  80. More than one project
  81. Critique of Creative nonfiction/short essay
  82. Thank you for your comments
  83. Writing a memoir...
  84. permissions, copyrights, and fair use
  85. The Writer magazine -Need help, please!
  86. Does a book need a sub-title?
  87. Looking for a Ghostwriter
  88. Platforms (and I dont mean heels..teehee)
  89. Beginner ghostwriter rates?
  90. New business writer looking for advice
  91. Proposal: check Query: check
  92. I'm brand new at this...
  93. What to do about newsletters?
  94. 10 Things Agents and Editors Hate
  95. Sources for Illustrations?
  96. Spelling: British or American?
  97. What's the name of this style?
  98. Interview-dependent book: how to pitch?
  99. Is this it?
  100. help with word(s) on line?
  101. Idea for Non-Fic
  102. Anyone had success...
  103. How to get started ghostwriting?
  104. Question about Getting Permission to Quote
  105. Some non-fiction questions...
  106. I discovered something interesting today regarding querying
  107. How to Write the Nonfiction Book Proposal.
  108. Non-Fiction Workbook Questions
  109. Market Population Statistics: New-Age/Mind, Body & Spirit/Metaphysical
  110. Travel book is done! Thank you Absolutewrite!
  111. Do you have your clients sign a contract?
  112. Length and quotes
  114. Giving my first speech today. YIKES!
  116. February Word Count accomplishments
  117. Research Proposals
  118. Am I crazy?
  119. Should Works Cited and Reference Pages
  120. Press Release distribution questions
  121. System for organizing your writing contacts?
  122. Collecting Anecdotes
  123. Eep! I finally did it!
  124. Please help a newbie - referencing sources
  125. Advice? (An agent referred me to an editor)
  126. Do You Think I've Been "Had'?
  127. Share Your Project
  128. Getting a hold of hard-to-reach leads?
  129. Any special process for turning blog into book?
  130. The Official History Of
  131. Cold-Contacted by Publisher
  132. Grammar questions - sentence beginnings, commas
  133. Finding an artist to do illustrations on a low budget
  134. Book about my son's experience in a spica cast
  135. A "Non" Fiction Title?
  136. Finding a professional ghost-writer
  137. The "Why didn't I think of that?" file
  138. Does this go in my bibliography?
  139. I just wanted to say...
  140. Question about non fiction publishers
  141. Fair Use Question Re: Video Games
  142. This seems to be a good place to get answers...
  143. So, where do I fit?
  144. Money and Non-fiction (Crime)
  145. Time Frame for Writing Book
  146. Book Query
  147. Is there a such thing as to soon?
  148. How to get a photographic anthology published?
  149. writing editorials for a living
  150. I am so confused
  151. Please help me set a price for co-writing a business plan for consulting co.
  152. Helping writers find agents...is that a job?
  153. Help! I'm not sure what this means! (agent)
  154. A publishing company president on non-fiction proposals
  155. The first chapter
  156. Legal statute of limitations in Canada?
  157. Who to address a proposal to if the publisher's staff don't reveal their names?
  158. Interference in translations
  159. page reviews, feedback etc
  160. Do you think either of these would sell?
  161. I'm Stalled! Holp holp!
  162. Textbook-style publisher suggestions?
  163. Refunds or not?
  164. What is considered a "large platform?"
  165. Questions about an outline
  166. Getting signed.
  167. Portfolio Etiquette
  168. creative non-fiction market database?
  169. Don't forget NF SYW
  170. Quick question 01
  171. How do I get ongoing speaking engagements
  172. Writing (and finding) Grants
  173. How do you approach subject experts?
  174. Legal Company Name
  175. quick question
  176. Regarding "Similar Titles" when pitching, what if there's a book nearly identical?
  177. Book Title
  178. Book Title
  179. Word Count Crisis
  180. How to break into the nonfiction writing field
  181. Platform for a Christian Author
  182. Non fiction classification
  183. Book Proposal Critique?
  184. I think I found my book title!
  185. Urgent Question Regarding RFP Submission and Oracle Databases
  186. Guidelines for critiquing nonfiction
  187. Two Questions!
  188. Am I Doing the Right Things?
  189. Need Help with Book Classification
  190. Can anyone help?
  191. What does the prospect mean?
  192. College Admissions
  193. Need to submit a contract
  194. Tax Accountant ?
  195. Extra english school
  196. Red flag for an agent?
  197. Questions
  198. Book on creative non fiction
  199. Paraphrasing, Copyright Restrictions, and APA Format
  200. Direct with publisher or through agent?
  201. Need advice -- (possible) offer with the proposal under consideration by others
  202. Using a pen name
  203. back of the book index
  204. Scared to promote after publication...
  205. Question about prologues
  206. publishing questions from a new author
  207. How many?
  208. Contributions Needed for 9/11 Memorial Book
  209. Proposal via e-mail or snail mail? Nonfiction
  210. I want a career
  211. Normal bookstore pre-order range?
  212. Please critique the overview for my proposal.
  213. Open to Suggestions
  214. Does a memoir require index/appendices
  215. Re-drafts and proof reading.
  216. Got an offer to ghostwrite...
  217. Care to share successful queries for Nonfiction
  218. Including TV programs in book proposal?
  219. Need Some Feedback
  220. Legally accountable for crimes described? (creative noniction)
  221. The Complete Idiots Guide To...
  222. Searching for a Beta Reader for Nonfiction
  223. How long should a self-help book be?
  224. Can a new writer be published based on a great proposal?
  225. Using names in nonfiction
  226. Company and Brand Names in neutral Nonfiction
  227. Seeking tips on researching a cultural cliche
  228. How to set up speaking engagements?
  229. fiction vs. non-fiction
  230. question on split between writer/subject
  231. Anyone here pubbed in the NF 'gift book' market?
  232. Anyone else shopping a dissertation-to-book project?
  233. Writing experience, does this count
  234. Conflicting Facts. Which to Use? Which to Lose?
  235. Giving Your Work Away
  236. Do you think this book would sell?
  237. How To Write A Scientific Paper
  238. Poetry? Nonfiction? Both? Help!
  239. Success! Thank you AW!
  240. Which Way Would You Do This?
  241. Research funds?
  242. New Anthology on Women Writers With "After Sunflowers" Essay on Italy
  243. I don't know what to do.....
  244. Question for NonFiction Writers
  245. Necessity of Platform?
  246. Shifting ...
  247. Selling on eBay, Amazon
  248. Anyone know of feedback/critiques for Self Help?
  249. Creating your OWN marketing plan
  250. Legal Question for a Nonfictional piece...