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  1. What would you expect to pay for a day's course?
  2. Fear of Public Speaking
  3. Recommended website or resource...
  4. Help! Mini-Proposal for a Pitch?
  5. Proposal for Deck of Cards?
  6. Am I Reading In Too Much?
  7. Made idiot mistake in query; how do I explain it to interested agent?
  8. Public Speaking Club/Group Activities
  9. First baby step...
  11. Questions before signing
  12. The opening joke
  13. Speaking of Powerpoint
  14. Real Names in a Non-Fiction book
  15. Formatting Question
  16. Credentials To Give It A Go?
  17. Asking for endorsements...
  18. How to create a 200dpi tiff screenshot?
  19. Start thinking about possible illustrations, he says
  20. Getting Revisions Back - Time Frame?
  21. Recommend a good book on Non-Fiction
  22. Do I need endorsements at the proposal stage?
  23. Spur of the Moment Presentations
  24. Who agented/edited MELTDOWN?
  25. How to Do Sidebars or Other Creative Elements?
  26. Sore Throat Remedies
  27. True Crime: proposal or finish book?
  28. Profiling serial killers - a biography
  29. please help!
  30. Interested agent says, "Convince me." What do I say?
  31. Marketing for Speaking Engagements
  32. Do real Research; Don't just repeat
  33. The non-fiction competition
  34. to continue querying or not to query. . .
  35. she'll have to co-author - I'm not the expert ... HELP
  36. Send this good news to undecided agent or wait?
  37. Using yourself as a source
  38. How to decide on what to include at end of chapter?
  39. How to handle proposal sub to agent?
  40. Shameless request for help
  41. Getting Experts to Write Forward
  42. Title Selection Season
  43. Is being an "expert" enough?
  44. Advances? How much to expect.
  45. Proposal For Collected Essays
  46. Forwards. How does that work?
  47. Book Earnings - Personal or Part of Your Corporation?
  48. Researching from a distance
  49. Has anyone here researched a book just through email?
  50. what does "edgy" and "quirky" mean?
  51. Tattoo Sleeves
  52. Networking - Copywriters
  53. How's this outline?
  54. Incorporating in research sources?
  55. I did it!
  56. Sharing Royalties
  57. Query vs Proposal?
  58. Proper writing format/style
  59. lulu.com -- any good?
  60. Question About Being A Resume Writer and Cover Letter Writer
  61. Giving a workshop to academics-- HELP!!!
  62. Length of time before a publisher to reponds to a proposal?
  63. Photos in a fitness book?
  64. The part I dreaded most has begun.
  65. Publisher wanted sample Chapters....
  66. I want to write a biography, but I have one crucial question!
  67. Opinions on a title change, please
  68. Publisher wants clarification on certain...
  69. Help with new title....
  70. Biography or Non-fiction
  71. Two Questions about writing non fiction.
  72. What makes your book different?
  73. Writing a speech...
  74. When proposal rules don't fit.
  75. If you can't get an agent...
  76. proposal required for memoir?
  77. How can I be brief, whilst still saying everything I want to say?
  78. Question About Investigative Books (Fast Food Nation)
  79. Release Forms
  80. Revisions Sent...At What Point Should I Follow Up?
  81. Using the Active voice in Corporate Communications
  82. I need some expert opinion.
  83. Is this story too old to tell?
  84. A first grade question
  85. Business announcement letter
  86. Can a memoir be written in Present 1st Person?
  87. ums and ahs
  88. need some reading suggestions
  89. need help
  90. Dumb Question - What's An Index?
  91. When to give up---When to change routes
  92. Need opinions/advice on technical writing
  93. Biobliographies
  94. Is there a place for a story like mine
  95. What to charge?
  96. I've begun the querying process....
  97. New non-fiction book about an incident in world war 2
  98. What's the definition of a "Gift Book"?
  99. How long does it take to write a book?
  100. How Long for Average Non-Fiction Book?
  101. Am I better off self-publishing my niche how-to book?
  102. Ugh, I am writing a brochure and I need help!
  103. advice from someone who knows
  104. Does casual conversation mean a release form?
  105. Time to get an agent?
  106. How short should the query letter be?
  107. What to do? My nonfiction isn’t believable.
  108. List boo 100 ways to get your child to read.
  109. Query confusion means my book is in trouble??
  110. Question on Graphics
  111. Questions on prologues and flashbacks
  112. What would you do?
  113. Advice please - a self-help project and a not-exactly ghost writing request
  114. Printing Out Manuscripts
  115. Chapter titles - oh, how I detest them.
  116. My query letter is too long
  117. Ghostwriter needed for book proposal on human intelligence
  118. Any textbook authors out there?
  119. Is this normal?
  120. Where to find book sales for proposal
  121. Do you usually need a degree/certificate to get a technical writing job?
  122. An innocent goes free - always a good book?
  123. Well, there's another book I'll never write.
  124. Do literary agents represent local natural history books?
  125. Acting as a book coach
  126. introducing myself
  127. January word count
  128. Bios: Authorized, Unauthorized, &....
  129. Does a non-fiction proposal NEED sample chapters when...
  130. Anthology proposal
  131. Two publisher problems
  132. What's the Fastest You've Ever Been Shot Down?
  133. Funding for non-fiction book research?
  134. Who here writes (or has written) non-fiction self-help, personal growth, etc…?
  135. Would You Follow Up Yet?
  136. Intro and Question
  137. Suggestion for edited collection of ghost stories?
  138. Small presses
  139. Nonfiction Newbie - I'm so lost
  140. Is it standard for publishers to offer first time authors based upon their proposal?
  141. Theory of Society
  142. Any Patent Writers Out There?
  143. Someone writing a similar book?
  144. Inserting diagrams, photos, etc.
  145. I am new...been reading for hours and more confused than ever
  146. Visual Aids
  147. Multi book proposal?
  148. Market Size for Idiot's Guide
  149. what is author profit split on celebrity book?
  150. Etiquette re: Interview Subjects for NF Collection?
  151. Does Good News Always Come By Phone?
  152. Fiction written as non-fiction?
  153. In what voice should I write this?
  154. Got an offer for representation, but in turmoil
  155. Harper is Closing Collins
  156. Chicken Soup Agent?
  157. As Pub Date Approaches
  158. When should I write the proposal?
  159. Writing Academic Essays (Literature)
  160. I'm writing a book about me and my weight i have some questions?
  161. Question about "Writing Prompts" Book
  162. Are some notorious celebs 'too rotten' for a bio
  163. I thought I had a publisher for my nonfic and now I don't. What to do next?
  164. Name My Book
  165. The Book I Want to Write - Ultimately an Agent Question
  166. Can I use a quote...
  167. I want to edit an anthology... HELP!!!
  168. What would you do...
  169. Breaking a too-long book into two(moved from Roundtable)
  170. Dumb Question About Sales Rank
  171. Dumb question, but when is the proper time for a follow-up e-mail?
  172. HELP! Experienced guidebook writers?
  173. writing travel guide..would love some insight!
  174. Book titles – how do you come up with them?
  175. Is everyone having as much trouble as I am?
  176. daunting description of platform requirements
  177. Business clients and cold calling
  178. Book proposal and publication process
  179. Response After Proposal
  180. Agents Taking on New Authors
  181. Best books to read for learning to write personal essays?
  182. Help Finding Specific Agent/Publisher
  183. looking for Maps and more maps!
  184. Non-fiction author
  185. Tricks for speaking slowly
  186. Non-Fiction query responses:keep the faith
  187. speaking in public *and* learning English
  188. Looking for a grep-like tool for XML on Windows
  189. Submission Guidelines for Writer's Digest???
  190. General Philosophy
  191. Etiquette & People Featured in a Book
  192. Toastmasters
  193. What are your terms and conditions?
  194. Word-count for biography?
  195. book proposal question
  196. Places to Search for Junior Tech Writing Jobs?
  197. Sample chapters?
  198. Anyone want to Crit a Memoir?
  199. Editor turnaround time?
  200. How would you go about this?
  201. Rejections fast, offers/interest slower?
  202. Burn my MS
  203. Making Speech Invoices? (Aka-omg help me!)
  204. legal documents for contributors in nf book
  205. What is it?
  206. Prison Returnees
  207. For Baby Boomers Only
  208. Indexer
  209. Literary/narrative nonfiction?
  210. The Grim Reality
  211. Quick Proposal Questions from a Newbie
  212. How much is the average advance for a first time non-fiction writer?
  213. Nonfiction synopsis
  214. Would a bio of Ronnie Earle be a seller?
  215. Academic/Textbook publishing
  216. Oprah, Bisexuality and My Memoir
  217. Suggestions for title
  218. Now what? Keep writing?
  219. Tips on Submitting Nonfiction
  220. What constitutes a solid tech writing portfolio?
  221. Is it normal for an agent to take a cut of freelance income?
  222. Book Proposal: Promotion Section
  223. White House photos royality free?
  224. If Agent Requests Proposal, What Does it Mean?
  225. Reaching My Market
  226. How Many Words?
  227. Attractive Subtitle
  228. Memoir Legal Question
  229. Too early to nudge?
  230. Different books with different agents at the same time?
  231. Travel Book Photos
  232. Significantly under contracted word count
  233. Blogging as book platform?
  234. At what point do you re-write your query letter?
  235. selling books from my website - taxes
  236. Is it better to submit directly to a publisher?
  237. Word count: hyphenated words
  238. Narrative Nonfiction
  239. Need some creative suggestions!
  240. What is a non-fiction book proposal?
  241. Tonight my book went up in smoke
  242. Nonfiction narrative - which format to follow for proposal?
  243. Proposal for memoir
  244. Where Should I Go?
  245. How to tell an agent is good?
  246. Tax question - meals
  247. Anyone with experience with pen names and contracts?
  248. Narrative non-fiction POV
  249. Narrative non-fiction contract
  250. Help! New to non-fic. Submissions