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  1. Questions about a Cool New Gig
  2. Need to know of Nonfiction Short Story Contests
  3. Handle your own expenses for writing your book?
  4. Is there a place to get feedback on your query letter?
  5. Are some rejection letters NOT form letters??
  6. List of publishers who WILL take direct queries??
  7. Is blog or article better for increasing business?
  8. How to complete my mailing list?
  9. Spoke with agent, now I have a new question
  10. Publisher Wants Title Change
  11. Pages = Word Count?
  12. Uh-Oh, I Was Inactive.
  13. How to Find an Agent?
  14. AMA style manual
  15. Permission to Use Photographs
  16. Tech writing salary
  17. Asked to send "pages" - a question
  18. Another Agent's Publisher is Interested, What Do I Do?
  19. Entrepreneur Press or Adams Media
  20. Publisher help?
  21. Interviewing Robert Fulghum tomorrow - any questions out there?
  22. Question about "sample chapters"?
  23. Another Adams Media Question
  24. Where do you find sales statistics on books?
  25. Industry association newsletters
  26. non-fiction ghost writing
  27. My intro and some questions
  28. Need Advice on Offer
  29. NF research text help please...
  30. Promotion/Marketing piece of your proposal?
  31. And or With?
  32. Meadowbrook Press Anthologies question
  33. Do you include references, citations or end notes in word count?
  34. the agency's everyday expenses
  35. Do You Sometimes Get Caught Up In Your "Characters"?
  36. Interview: Words of Inspiration
  37. sources / market research
  38. A Collection of Essays
  39. multiple books w/the same title
  40. what do nonfiction newbies want to know?
  41. Sample book contract: Simon & Schuster
  42. Book Length/Emailing
  43. Business Card Questions
  44. What makes a bestseller?
  45. Notecard software for nonfiction
  46. Permissions Question
  47. Index Question
  48. Kudos to John Robison!
  49. HELP! Not your usual NF book proposal question
  50. Another question about citing sources
  51. Approached by ghost writers - Need Advice
  52. how long must I wait?
  53. Getting ready to send off the proposal
  54. Thank you
  55. Length of a Mini-Proposal
  56. Competition - way too many!
  57. Permission to use work
  58. Share your new releases, please!
  59. What is the appropriate format for the query letter?
  60. title ideas
  61. Half way done - need some encouragement!
  62. Hmm...mildly worried; and a few questions
  63. Do you track your hours
  64. Travel Writing for the younger generation
  65. What is "Creative Nonfiction"?
  66. Worth $ to pay someone to review proposal?
  67. How do I pitch a completed work?
  68. where do I stand?
  69. Query letter or proposal first?
  70. Query cannibalizing the proposal?
  71. Turning memoir into narrative non-fiction
  72. What Would You Do
  73. "Show Don't Tell" - Need Some Help w/ This!
  74. Author matching publisher's promotion budget?
  75. Offer from Agent - accept now?
  76. Adams Media or AMACOM?
  77. Need advice please
  78. Novice writer needs help
  79. Telling an UNauthorized "true crime" story --
  80. Query/Proposal question
  81. 100% rejections for non-fiction book, but not sure why! How do I get answers?
  82. AW author proposal just accepted by AW Series editor
  83. Deadline. Help. Word count and acknowledgements.
  84. How can incorporate a different story into my book?
  85. My book on ebay?
  86. Our story
  87. Wildly varying feedback??
  88. True Crime - thoughts and questions
  89. thanks & hope...please don't bump this post
  90. An approach to research and writing
  91. Proposal question for agented authors
  92. Publisher charging fee for citing their book on your website????
  93. help categorize my nonfic WIP
  94. Plagiarism and Police Reports
  95. Editing Hell
  96. Website Questions
  97. what do you think of this....
  98. Ghostwriting a Book
  99. Memoir /true crime crossover?
  100. endorsement dilemma
  101. research help social security numbers
  102. Textbook writing - experience with contract details?
  103. Do you write short nonfiction?
  104. Distribution / agents+traditional publisher+self-publishing
  105. Joke Book Pubs or Agents?
  106. Any luck with the "...for Dummies" series?
  107. NF Proposal Question: Market Analysis
  108. Quick poll: Which "hook" is better?
  109. question about writing book for hire
  110. Need Inspiration
  111. Chicken Soup Accepting Queries
  112. Question on textbooks
  113. research / the process of management
  114. Book print runs
  115. Dictionary submission format - anybody know how to do it?
  116. Sales: copies per month
  117. Converting booklet to book
  118. Quotation question.
  119. Where do I find a cookbook proposal sample?
  120. Checking in with book progress and a question
  121. Submitting additional info to a publisher
  122. Big problem with publisher
  123. Quick Question RE: Publishers
  124. Photo Shoot Advice?
  125. hardcover vs. softcover
  126. ? about contract
  127. Photo Rights (Author's Responsibility)
  128. Image Permissions
  129. quoting from news/TV shows
  130. Credentials for self help book
  131. Writing recent military history - how to start?
  132. What's The Deal On Photos?
  133. Nonfiction Or Non-fiction (with a hyphen)
  134. Article on the "gamble" of publishing
  135. Author photo - editor threw a curveball - I need help!
  136. Technical Writing Question
  137. Synopsis Confusion
  138. How Long Should a Manuscript Be?
  139. using deposition transcripts verbatim?
  140. Opinions Needed: Agent or No?
  141. How to get started writing resumes?
  142. NF book questions: Introduction, appendix, prologue
  143. is this a good contract from Ladybug Press?
  144. Any Ideas for Potential Publishers?
  145. Many Thanks (Success Story)
  146. Personal Experience In Book?
  147. Question For Published Non-fiction Authors
  148. Newspapers' Quick Response
  149. finding interviewees for book
  150. memoirs / "Margaret B. Jones"
  151. Book proposal for memoir OK?
  152. URLs on title page
  153. retaining Reprint rights on nonpaid articles
  154. using a photo in a book
  155. When to query?
  156. Have Book Need Publisher
  157. Proposal Vs. Complete Manuscript
  158. $ for non-fiction
  159. Foreword question
  160. Attaching illustrations to an email proposal
  161. Full proposal or not?
  162. How to handle trademarks in nf books
  163. What's the agent's role in submitting a nonfiction book proposal?
  164. reprinting letters in a book
  165. How would one become a ghost writer?
  166. The Death Row Chicks
  167. Basic Word Count Questions & Answers
  168. Slightly OT/ Submitting to academic journals
  169. Format Question
  170. How long is your proposal?
  171. Selling tech manuals
  172. Marketing my soon-to-be-released book
  173. Proposal reviews
  174. Super Fast Success
  175. When writing your books, do you have a network of experts review it?
  176. Non-fiction book writing and your platform
  177. best nonfiction agents
  178. QUESTION: photos in text
  179. Is a proposal called a manuscript?
  180. Indexing Guidance Needed!
  181. Editor sent me the cover! Woo!
  182. Researching your books--what is your process?
  183. work-for-hire book cover question
  184. Help - I need a critique of my non-fiction style
  185. Christian Book - Finding an Agent
  186. Writing a book on Marketing and need a Publisher or Agent
  187. Agents contacted me - What's next?
  188. Ideas for non-fiction books
  189. Scientific Review Book
  190. Nooooo Clue!
  191. Book Introduction - Guidelines Anyone?
  192. Registering a copyright???
  193. How to handle invitations to speak abroad
  194. Contract Negotiation
  195. Does size matter?
  196. Non-fiction book format question
  197. The "No Platform" platform
  198. contacting agents and publishers at the same time
  199. promotion plan
  200. Wanted: Editing Checklist
  201. Technical computer publishers... anyone have any experience?
  202. How Long to Wait?
  203. Any Ideas How to Do an Index Yourself?
  204. Random Facts
  205. What are Your Favorite Creative Nonfiction Books?
  206. Average number of pre-orders?
  207. Nonfiction Proposals: Finish the Book or Pitch the Idea
  208. Portable Word Processors
  209. Teen input for book
  210. Stupid Questions - I Got 'Em!
  211. Paranoid Much?
  212. Printing and distribution
  213. How to put it all together?
  214. Wrote my book and it's now on the market--YEEHAW
  215. How to do a database search?
  216. How to choose selected competing books?
  217. ? about photo usage
  218. Editing the book?
  219. A new proposal?
  220. Mass Biz Book Agents or Publishers?
  221. First Post. A question for a writer brand new to the game
  222. Sample Outlines
  223. Buy this book with cash!
  224. Next step - re-query, or finish ms?
  225. My Book Synopsis- Is it OK?
  226. In-Text Citation and general citations Qs
  227. Being a guest author and payment?
  228. Point of View in a Non-fiction Story About a Family
  229. Is this too easy or am I just paranoid?
  230. resources/ online-web calendars
  231. Help! Need expertise/opinion on how to approach chapter one
  232. press release writing = work for hire?
  233. Is an expose' more trouble than it's worth?
  234. Q. about permission from a defunct publication
  235. Biography/ how to proceed?
  236. Technical questions: footnotes, extended quotes, citation form
  237. Dealing with the press
  238. Marketing Plan
  239. My First Query Letter/ What Do You Think?
  240. A speech I hope none of you will ever have to write.
  241. Just Curious
  242. Public Speaking Tips
  243. Post Query Question
  244. What's Your Topic?
  245. Website numbers: What's significant?
  246. How to Get Organized
  247. Copyrighting and other questions
  248. Client Conundrum - What would you do?
  249. Online Culture and Communication
  250. Photographs for history book