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  1. Proposal Advice-Blogging
  2. Literary Essays
  3. JT LeRoy comes out! / lying certainly helps the career!
  4. Flash Drives
  5. Changing Rates : Advice?
  6. How do you develop narrative voice in non-fiction?
  7. Got a Bite- Now I'm Scared to Death!
  8. Sending Galleys
  9. Ghostwriting, typical fees?
  10. how perfect should first version be?
  11. I have scoured this forum...
  12. Book(let) on Negotiating Your Own Insurance Claim
  13. Becoming an expert
  14. Proposal - Sample Chapters with Images
  15. Need Info for Lawsuit
  16. E-books
  17. Non Fiction Query Letter - Deep? Shallow? Long? Short?
  18. Considering Tech Writing, Part time, does it work?
  19. Augh! Help! (Panic! O_O) Ghostwriting Contractual Questions
  20. Too difficult. Rewrite or other book?
  21. Book idea - would you read this?
  22. A Quandry...
  23. Copyright apply to word lists?
  24. Anyone interested in....
  25. Help a newbie out and talk to me about pictures.....
  26. Start up marketing
  27. Business Blog?
  28. Need suggestions: how to handle photos for non-fiction book
  29. How do you know when you're done?
  30. Ghostwriting contract resources?
  31. Magazine Editor Suspended for Writing Book?
  32. Humorous story
  33. Publish non-fiction book or not?
  34. What software do some of you use?
  35. AAARRRGGGHHH!!! Please Help
  36. Agented, Direct to Publisher, or Traditional Self-published?
  37. New course for nonfic writers starting Nov. 13
  38. PMS Princess - the book
  39. Need help
  40. Advice wanted: do you get these questions?
  41. Book Treatments?
  42. Sales Figures for Book Proposal
  43. Publishing an E-book?
  44. Favorite book about nonfiction proposals
  45. Happy hooker crapometer? Anyone?
  46. Does an e-textbook for my online class help or hurt my platform?
  47. Platform: What Counts?
  48. book needed before it's published
  49. Is Nonfiction Normally Longer?
  50. Compiling an Anthology
  51. Ghostwriting a self-help book
  52. Amazon.com
  53. should I self-publish? need advice
  54. What do you think?
  55. Republishing an out of print book?
  56. What to do with old proposal that did not sell?
  57. Do non-fiction narrative novels belong here?
  58. Keeping emotions in check during the submission process...
  59. Tech Writing Code of Good Practice
  60. How Long Do I Have To Be Patient?
  61. Broad vs narrow
  62. Reliance on freelance job sites vs. marketing to companies
  63. To Find a Publisher
  64. Possibility of a book contract with an insanely tight turnaround time
  65. What to do?
  66. Need help determining hourly rate
  67. Help settle an argument about tense, please
  68. Writing non-fiction: which style works best for you?
  69. Legal issue with Text Book
  70. Good problem to have?
  71. Writing my dad's story...
  72. Seeking collaberation and representation
  73. Cold Calling Questions
  74. Manuscript too long
  75. Know a publisher of political books?
  76. Using researchers ...
  77. When should you curb Proposal content?
  78. Simultaneous pitches for NF
  79. Do publishers insist on end notes?
  80. Non-fiction book publishing process / resources
  81. Usage Rights of Copyrighted Material?
  82. What nonfiction do you read?
  83. Are these writing courses online on the up and up?
  84. Non-Fiction Proposal, and do I need help!
  85. Just curious anyone doing autoresponders
  86. Any publishers like Ten Speed
  87. Query on publishers
  88. Looking for Resources on Writing a Proposal
  89. Just getting a book I pitched at a conference published...
  90. Stalking the Wild Pentatonic: A guide to using pentatonic scales
  91. Question about sales letter rates
  92. Narrative Nonfiction (or just fiction?)
  93. Will agent send rejection to proposal?
  94. Writing Tips for Tech Support Email?
  95. Caretaker
  96. Advice on Ghost Writing Rates, unique project
  97. ghostwriting
  98. Ask questions: Lisa Clark - author of "Think Pink"
  99. I've got their attention! Now what?
  100. Using personal and observerved experiences in book while keeping others anonymous??
  101. Software helpful??
  102. When writer's block isn't an option...
  103. Prologue/epilogue - Needed? Desired? Wanted?
  104. Do I need to justify the proposed book length?
  105. What do you do when...
  106. Self published books as bestsellers
  107. query question
  108. Shorter Non-fiction books?
  109. Question ref. Book foreword
  110. UK agent for travelogue - Europe
  111. Am I 'qualified' enough?
  112. Do new moms need this book?
  113. Professional Liability Insurance Question
  114. One of those days...
  115. Are citations required?
  116. reusing your thesis
  117. Question about Royalties
  118. University Presses - Advice welcome!
  119. Is a Ph.D. enough a platform?
  120. I need encouragement...
  121. BOY it's been hard to find either a PUBLISHER OR AGENT!!! Identify??
  122. SELF-PUBLISHING...is it really so bad??
  123. British true crime stories
  124. AW Library Reminder - Reference/Educational/HowTo
  125. Where to start with agent search...
  126. Query/Proposal Question
  127. My Inspirational/Relationships/Life Book
  129. Forward/endorsement from Tom
  130. Interested agent... now what!?
  131. Proposal to PMA tomorrow!
  132. Writing Application/Software Manuals - Resources?
  133. Over-confident
  134. share your work forum- password protection
  135. when a writer contributes a chapter to a book...
  136. Magazine Article to Book
  137. The award winning non-fiction REJECTION thread
  138. Jenna Bush publishes book about HIV
  139. Title problem
  140. Confusion about finding the right publisher/agent
  141. How Do You Organize?
  142. Can I cut it as a tech writer if....
  143. launch a web site or write a book?
  144. Is twice to many?
  146. Cover blurbs and platform
  147. handwritten???
  148. Creating How-to Book Based on Memoir?
  149. Is there any reason?
  150. Asking someone to illustrate a non-fiction book
  151. Publishers who will take a query w/o an agent
  152. A question...
  153. How to deal with biography subject before a memoir book deal?
  154. Anyone written a foreward?
  155. Title Help, Please
  156. including out of print books in your bio that appears on the back of your next book
  157. OK, is it time for me to give up???
  158. Site for agents
  159. Question about Author bio for book proposal
  160. Taking a Break from The Book (my thoughts)
  161. IT Brochure
  162. Its been a week, bad sign?
  163. Dad wants to go on tour
  164. Expert Co-writer with How-to Book?
  165. Can't find a publisher's address or contact, help!
  166. How many articles in which mags qualify me as an expert?
  167. Childish vent about non-specific submission guidelines
  168. 96 Year Old Man Publishes Book!
  169. Another Question on Press Releases
  170. How do you "pace" a non-fiction book?
  171. Business plans and copyright
  172. conflicting agent advice...huh?
  173. Writer's Research Group
  174. When to Move Beyond the Proposal
  175. Agent says, "Convince me." What do I say back?
  176. Question about billing a client
  177. How to get a cookbook published??
  178. Another Word Count Question
  179. Which is better?
  180. Proposal: Books to compare
  181. Question about magazine article for author platform?
  182. Can you even do that???
  183. Whats that dance?
  184. would anyone read this??
  185. Do I need to get permission?
  186. ? on Book proposal 'table of contents'
  187. Fiction/NonFiction
  188. Speaking on your nonfiction topic
  189. My Platform
  190. Introduction and Calls for Manuscripts
  191. Several Questions about the Genre
  192. Past present and somewhere in between
  193. Grants and fellowships specifically for nonfiction (non-scholarly) writers?
  194. Press Kits
  195. no flow
  196. Looking for resource on starting an ezine
  197. Does anyone know of any good true crime agents/publishers
  198. Breakfast with Dad
  199. Legal Question
  200. True Crime Advice
  201. Questions about the sample chapter
  202. another question
  203. Go with the gut feelings?
  204. First Query Sent - Question for Future Queries
  205. How do I know if it's enough?
  206. Publishing/Book packagers vs. sub-contracting
  207. Writing a Company Profile
  208. question about exclusivity
  209. Marketing Strategies for Authors
  210. Biography?
  211. Book Goal: Publish by Summer 2008 - Comments?
  212. Too many ideas!
  213. Dialog question
  214. How do I donate...
  215. A third chance
  216. who do letters belong to?
  217. How/when to disclose?
  218. Trying to find out who a publisher is ...
  219. Writing Organization -- which ones?!
  220. How long? Tell me your success story!
  221. Multiple submissions, did you tell the publisher?
  222. Last question of the day (I think...)
  223. Synopsis & sample VS Proposal- whats the diff?
  224. I am in proposal hell
  225. Third-person autobiographical story: nonfiction?
  226. Book: collection of periodical writing
  227. How do I become a CopyWriter?Please, any Copywriters out there?
  228. Writing for Academic Journals
  229. Hi! New here and not sure if this is the right forum
  230. Technical Writing Career
  231. What genre is this???
  232. Anyone using "The Thomas Nelson Guide to Writing a Winning Book Proposal"
  233. Clueless...
  234. Agent said I need a "PLATFORM" help!
  235. Track record
  236. Question About Nonfiction Book Query Letter
  237. Categorizing Book (Self-Help? Business? Personal Improvement?)
  238. Book Advice
  239. Author Endorsments- How to?
  240. Question About "Competition" Section of Proposal
  241. Is this good???
  242. Portfolio question
  243. Help Me Interpret Agent Response
  244. How big of a market for medium publishing houses?
  245. Agents for educational books
  246. marketing away from Canadian home base
  247. Sample chapter... what can you tell me?
  248. The production of an audio book
  249. Questions about a Cool New Gig
  250. Need to know of Nonfiction Short Story Contests