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  1. Lionel Shriver: Cultural Appropriation, a passing fad?
  2. How far have you gone for research?
  3. Hey, AW Roundtable! Say a big Howdy to your new room mod, Ari Meermans!
  4. About The AW Roundtable Discussion Room *Please read before posting*
  5. Everyman characters: What makes a good one, what makes a bad one?
  6. Where is Neuro?
  7. Organizing and keeping track of all your writing
  8. New Writer's toy - Notebook.ai
  9. Coming Soon: Topic Tuesday
  10. In regards to "rules" on writing and "The Lottery"
  11. Can you name any cultural myths which are often portrayed by writers as fact?
  12. Topic Tuesday #1: Why This Story?
  13. Literary Agent Carole Blake (Blake Friedman) Has Died
  14. Gillon Aitken RIP
  15. This is why I stopped posting here and stopped writing.
  16. Topic Tuesday #2: What I Do When I Want to Quit.
  17. Saying farewell; thanks for the good times
  18. Reverse engineering in writing: When you know what result you need, but not what would produce it.
  19. Mental Illness and Writing
  20. Have Photoshop skills? Create a movie poster for your book!
  21. Words you have created
  22. Topic Tuesday #3: How My Story Originated.
  23. Open Mic: What we've learned & By-the-ways
  24. Teaching Creative Writing
  25. Topic Tuesday #4: How I Keep My Story from Fizzling Out
  26. Topic Tuesday #5: 2016 End of Year Wrap-Up
  27. What Tools do YOU use? How? Why?
  28. Where Do Publishing and Morality Meet?
  29. Do you agree with the stigma which some place against young adult?
  30. August Wilson's Fences
  31. Resource: Help Me Find the Exactly-Right Word
  32. What Is Your 2017 Writing Resolution?
  33. Drugs and Writing
  34. Topic Tuesday #6: How and Where I find the Best Beta Readers for My Stories
  35. Telling Someone Else's Story
  36. Ghosts, Celebrity "novels", and social media bullying: another Guardian brouhaha
  37. W.S. Merwin: On Reading What You Want, Reading it Slowly, and The Beauty of Trees
  38. Not Your Usual Lyrics Post
  39. A published author/agent offered to beta read my book -- insights/"bewares"?
  40. Topic Tuesday #7: What is a Story?
  41. "Why is it so hard for writers to talk candidly about how much money they make"
  42. John M. Cusick: Publishers Don't Want Good Books
  43. Trello tasks, Atlassian, and tracking revisions
  44. Mark Twain children's story due in 2017; why does this not sit well with me?
  45. How to Escape the Slush Pile
  46. Topic Tuesday #8: Creating Characters—The people who inhabit a story's world
  47. Resource: The Bestseller Experiment Podcast
  48. How Does "Retelling of a Story" Work In Novels
  49. Where do I find info about using social media to promote my book, specifically quora
  50. Balancing Action and Reflection
  51. Will Barnes & Noble still be here in 10 years time?
  52. What Writers Really Do When They Write
  53. Anyone been to the Writer's Digest Conference in NYC?
  54. A good article on motivation
  55. How widely do you read?
  56. Writing: organic or mechanic?
  57. Revisiting the 7 point story structure
  58. "Now listen here, son..."
  59. The April Borough Book Bash (London, UK, April 20 2017)
  60. Writers -- Opinions Appreciated!
  61. Do you know the differences between the marketing categories of fiction?
  62. AL Kennedy on writing
  63. Author interviews
  64. "And then the murders began"
  65. On Writing Advice
  66. Was this a terrible decision...?
  67. Skoobs, London
  68. Something to Say, and Writing True
  69. What do you write with?
  70. Pen Name or No?
  71. Third-Party Sellers and the Amazon (US) Buy Button
  72. Reading for Writers
  73. Cultural Appropriation and Celebration of Failure to Read the Screen
  74. What, In Your Opinion, Is the Fantasy Genre Missing?
  75. Letter to the Editor?
  76. The future of feminism?
  77. Clothing and costumes
  78. Hiding/changing one's gender to sell more books?
  79. Help to avoid mansplaining
  80. Posthumous Tolkien novel to be published
  81. Deciding what to write...?
  82. Unsure where to post this...?
  83. Amazon & Fake Books: 15 Months and Counting.
  84. Writing with Stress...?
  85. Different Form of Outlining - Thoughts?
  86. Are we TOO good at the craft?
  87. What to do? What to do?
  88. Is being lazy the same thing as writer's block?
  89. Have you ever contracted "world builders disease"?
  90. Examples of Characters Trapped By Their Surroundings
  91. A Lesson from Mr. Dickens
  92. Critiquing and homogenising styles
  93. Creating Fictional Mirrors of Prominent Public Figures?
  94. Idea Creator Exercise
  95. What are your reading habits?
  96. I just like knowing things.
  97. Feeling Anxious Because Your Manuscript is 2 Weeks Overdue? It could be worse.
  98. How would you write a evil character without making him "sexy" or cool?
  99. Writing inverse stereotypes of men and women
  100. Being Free to read and write whatever you want
  101. Adding (skin) color to a character (and talking about White Savior tropes)
  102. Looking for Resources...?
  103. In a predicament...
  104. Gaming the NYT Best Seller List
  105. The Cliche of the Magic Microwave IED
  106. Reviewing Amazon book and they've got books on my review list I've never bought?
  107. How did you start writing?
  108. Writing Contests -- What works?
  109. What 5 Books Would You Tell a Younger You to Read?
  110. Banned Books Week starts here, starts now. [We have a Winner!]
  111. How To Nicely Say "No" (Writer's Dilemma)
  112. Author of THE ART OF FIELDING is Being Sued for Copyright Infringement
  113. Central Casting
  114. Writers Conference
  115. Novel-in-stories
  116. To Kill a Mockingbird and that which makes us “uncomfortable”
  117. Looking for info about creativity sessions with a partner who only acts as a creativity stimulator.
  118. Internet entrepreneur sued for copyright infringement
  119. Phillip Pullman Returns
  120. The Real Effects Of Book Piracy
  121. Macmillan to cease all operations at Pronoun
  122. Writing with OCD
  123. Chinese webnovel website IPO recently, worth over $11 billion USD
  124. Comparing Ancient Literary Themes to Today's "Cliches"
  125. Domain Names
  126. Goodreads charging for giveaways?
  127. Thebookgobbler
  128. Release forms for historical figures
  129. Writing prompts
  130. Reader's Block
  131. A short quiz that I present to my English comp students
  132. Must we love to write?
  133. Character names - unique or everyday?
  134. Pain Points of the Publishing Business
  135. Finding Plot holes?
  136. Foreign names in books - how to keep them memorable
  137. Is Barnes & Noble not long for this world?
  138. I Read Bad Books!
  139. Quit striving for perfection
  140. Writers reviewing books?
  141. In search of historical accuracy...
  142. A Tax Question
  143. The eternal question...how do I get people to read my book?
  144. Surprises in Writing
  145. The artistic (and other) virtues of loneliness
  146. Does writing (or Art in general) require a certain level of misery?
  147. A question of voice
  148. Four star reviews
  149. Resonance
  150. Confidence
  151. Does Reading Really Make You a Better Person?
  152. XFiles: Was There a Civilization On Earth Before Humans?
  153. Endgame
  154. People who knock the wind out of your sails
  155. Bookcore - A way to track sales.
  156. Would you sign with a publisher...
  157. What have you learned...
  158. Rebuilding A Story
  159. Collaboration Difficulties----Did Anyone Else Experience This?
  160. A link between Creativity and Schizophenia? Of course!
  161. Are books getting too graphic?
  162. Using Genealogical Charts to keep track of characters
  163. Dialogue modes?
  164. Planning Out Your Stories
  165. Can we talk about payments? (the Donadio & Olson mess)
  166. Colloquialism Thesaurus (Different ways people say the same thing)
  167. Laptops and second screens
  168. How do you know when you are ready to submit?
  169. How do you name your characters?
  170. Do you/Can you read books while writing your own?
  171. Morality Clauses: Should publishers 'police' writers' behaviour?
  172. Imminent Amazon Australian ban and what it means for ebooks (readers and sellers)
  173. Where do you search for agents these days?
  174. What is your daily word count/quota?
  175. The Writer: "The editor, the excavator"
  176. Ideas
  177. The comfortable writer.
  178. When you get a lot of feedback at once...
  179. Writing about Halloween in August
  180. Getting Back on the Horse
  181. Moving on from Pseudonym/Re-inventing Writing Career
  182. Personality Theory for Deep Character Development
  183. Am I a total failure?
  184. Any hobby writers out there?
  185. An interesting interview with George R.R. Martin - YouTube Video -
  186. Bookstores: Anecdotal evidence
  187. It's Banned Books Week in the U.S. What's your favorite banned book?
  188. Writing and Reading in a Small Town
  189. Help for an 8th grade wanna-be writer
  190. About editing - interesting radio interview
  191. MFA after 30?
  192. A Reminder to all the Knights of the Roundtable
  193. Regarding Protagonist-Centered Morality
  194. Favorite Books
  195. Chuck Wendig Fired from Star Wars Books/Comics Because He Was Too "Uncivil" About Politics
  196. Naming Questions
  197. the silent terror of social media
  198. Proposal: A Workshop for Developing Story Ideas
  199. So many ways this could go wrong...
  200. Googling authors' age makes me feel old ...
  201. Tax Q - equipment purchased for a home based business
  202. What is the "morning writing effect?"
  203. How seriously should I take Goodreads ratings?
  204. Pen name issues
  205. How we write.
  206. Knowing when to add a Prologue?
  207. Target Audience Dilemma
  208. Tolkien-ing
  209. Anyone ever done any of those online Masterclass courses?
  210. Verbing Nouns
  211. On the Experience of Entering a Bookstore in Your Forties (vs. Your Twenties)
  212. 'What' inspires you most to write ?
  213. Her Left Hand, The Darkness by Alison Smith
  214. Cloe or Chloe for female grad student name?
  215. How To Write A Bestseller
  216. "held" vs. "holds" in past-tense reference to an existing Art Museum
  217. Researching a completely unfamiliar subject
  218. Flashbacks? Backstory? Considerations and food for thought
  219. Writing with young kids?
  220. Line Editing: What it is and isn't, and will it survive?
  221. Groundhog Day trope examples
  222. Thoughts on Info-Dumping first chapter of a novel
  223. Anything to be gained?
  224. Where does my humor book fit and how do I query?
  225. Time Management Skills
  226. All Time Hits
  227. Best software for writing a novel
  228. The Emilia Report
  229. Trigger Warnings on books?
  230. One space between sentences, or two?
  231. Can a story ever be perfect?
  232. Book club presentations
  233. Bibliography of Your Work
  234. Ian McEwan: I have invented a new genre. It shall be called "science fiction"
  235. Searching for a Joyce Carol Oates snippet
  236. Potential Censorship: HK Book Market Impacted
  237. Getting inspired by SYW? (AKA: Make my anxiety shut up!)
  238. Insight on fighting the tendency to use filtering in close third person
  239. Article: fantasy fiction offensive?
  240. Do you read in the genre/age group you write in and vice versa?
  241. RIP: Sandra Seamans
  242. Why Outside Eyes Are Important
  243. Worrying racism in the small press
  244. HK Book Fair 2019: Focus is on SF
  245. Writing flawed-yet-relatable characters
  246. What gets you yourself to read or not read a novel?
  247. Creating words and languages
  248. Censorship Leaves Us in The Dark. Keep the Light On!
  249. Book Rec: Murdery romcom?
  250. Character Growth and Learning