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  1. Article on "hybrid publishing" seems to be trying to shift the ground
  2. Bread Loaf
  3. RIP Guenter Grass
  4. Cracked.com
  5. Sigh. I think writing has ruined me as a reader
  6. Why agent wouldn't respond after asking for a full
  7. It’s National Poetry Month and You Haven’t Read a Single Poem Yet, Have You?
  8. Story a Day in May 2015
  9. What makes it a novel, what makes it a screenplay?
  10. UK Green Party proposed cutting copyright to 14 years
  11. An old fashioned word for premature baby
  12. I Know Why I Procrastinate
  13. movies about writers
  14. Can you print ebooks for kindle?
  15. writers helping writers
  16. What is originality?
  17. Do you know Wattpad?
  18. If you aren't sure anybody will say anything, they probably will.
  19. U.S. Copyright Office Creates "The Timesuck for Writers That Isn't Facebook"
  20. What do you do to support your writing?
  21. Could Kindle Unlimited royalties payout surpass $200 million a year starting next year?
  22. Do you feel writers are being taken advantage of?
  23. 96 of the top 100 paid romance kindle ebooks are priced under $5: Future implications?
  24. love/hate
  25. FTL/Exposure Only
  26. Do books ever get rejected for being too smart?
  27. Do you subscribe to an ebook subscription service? (Kindle Unlimited, Scribd, Oyster etc..)
  28. A Publisher’s Perspective on Profits: ebooks vs print
  29. How to tackle revisiting an old novel
  30. I literally bought a truckload of books. Now what?
  31. I'm confused
  32. Do books with gay MCs get 'ghettoized'?
  33. The Haunting: How To Conquer The Shame Of Being A Writer
  34. Attached to the Names of Your Characters?
  35. Classics, yay or nay?
  36. Anyone do copywork for practice, warm-up or for learning?
  37. "How PTSD Became a Problem Far Beyond the Battlefield"
  38. Introducing my hero
  39. Has anyone here hosted a Little Free Library?
  40. Stories that are told out of temporal sequence
  41. Social media: article in New Scientist
  42. When you make that much money, why bother coming up with a new story? EL James rewrote 50 Shades...
  43. Responding to Reviews
  44. Should White Men Stop Writing?
  45. Classics "everyone has read" but you haven't
  46. Write 50 pages in a week challenge- Starting Saturday, June 6
  47. Bisexual Characters
  48. Author meltdown leads to bad reviews
  49. RIP Vincent Bugliosi
  50. How to throw a Scotsman out of your book...
  51. Battling the Monster of Doubt
  52. Convention Drama - Why?
  53. "I Wrote a Good Passage and Now I Don't What to Do with it."
  54. Has Self-Publishing Made Limited Market Non-Fiction Hip Again?
  55. The Language Police
  56. Got backup? Holy crap, I'm awake now!
  57. "The Uber of Content Marketing"
  58. Having a page for review links
  59. 10 Steps to Becoming a Better Fiction Writer
  60. Writing in RL vengeance
  61. Contract seems pretty reasonable. Gotcha's?
  62. Data for BN.com article
  63. When you go shopping for books...
  64. The writing Lab scares me!
  65. When Authors Hook You In Just By Being Interviewed
  66. James Patterson Teaches Writing
  67. Help me create a creative writing course from scratch!
  68. Grammar Mistakes in a Release Form
  69. Fading excitement?
  70. B&N discontinuing Nook in all but USA & UK
  71. Something like yarny?
  72. I.Q. and Privilege (moved from Should White Men Stop Writing?)
  73. Interview with Andy Weir about 'The Martian'
  74. When you find yourself saying "I can't even", go back and read this again
  75. Is Kindle Unlimited already bigger than NOOK?
  76. After Perusing Several of Your Novels . . .
  77. Which book spines send chills down your spine?
  78. A Separate Peace - A Moral Dilemma
  79. Weird Plagiarism Case Involving The Hustle and Harlequin
  80. School workshops vs. non school workshops
  81. Books too pricey for your budget
  82. Would you do it for nothing?
  83. Silence after signing
  84. I thought writing my first novel would be the end not the beginning
  85. High Court: "No, you may not publish your memoir about sexual abuse as a child."
  86. Woman querying as a man
  87. Scalzi on critiquing unfinished work
  88. Writing Conference suggestions & opinions needed please
  89. thesis freakout
  90. Pirated ebook, etc.- so annoying
  91. Well this is something I didn't think through...
  92. Google permanently loses data owing to weather
  93. Anime and Writing
  94. I'm looking for some people with interesting opinions to answer a survey for me!
  95. Post a free book on Amazon?
  96. I Need Some Help on a Project I'm Working in this month.
  97. How do you Engage the Senses?
  98. AW Review Circle?
  99. "I Have My Limits"
  100. Sherman Alexie Apologizes and Agonizes
  101. Writing Conferences in Midwest?
  102. Amazon's Review System Definitely Flawed
  103. I just want someone to hold me and tell me everything's going to be okay...
  104. I have a bestseller on Kobo...am I kind of a big deal?
  105. Giving a reading - any tips?
  106. Print Is Not Dead Yet
  107. Downsizing book collection
  108. Help finding wireless headset that isn't bluetooth.
  109. What Would you Do? - The Just-below-midlist-blues
  110. Food for Thought
  111. Non-Sexist female descriptive
  112. Waterstones to stop selling Kindles
  113. Future Book Week Author Day
  114. Critiques Vs. Reviews
  115. Amazon Sues Fake/Paid Reviewers
  116. Another Case of Plagiarism
  117. RIP Harriet Klausner
  118. Resources for tall ship warfare?
  119. Credits on LinkedIn
  120. World Fantasy Con 2015 and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Anti-Harassment Policy
  121. Attribution/Use without knowing the source
  122. Why do I get so nervous about workshop?
  123. Thomas Mallon: "We're Sick of Each Other"
  124. I still consider myself new...
  125. Hearing voices
  126. Have you been asked about much money you make as a writer?
  127. So the truth is out: readers really don't like books about furriners from weird places
  128. The Characters Aren't Real. Your Rage at Them Is.
  129. Any Reputable Editing, Coauthoring, and/or Ghostwriting Services for Pay?
  130. Writer Assaults Teen Girl Who Gave Him a 1-star Review
  131. How important is it that you have lived through something similar to your characters?
  132. When do you follow up on a follow-up?
  133. Pruning a Trunk - novel, that is
  134. Do people want to hear the truth, really?
  135. Creativity and failure
  136. Is Language Dead because Oxford Dictionary chose an emoji as word of the day?
  137. Embracing failure
  138. Britain's "Bad Sex" awards are underway for the 2015 entries...
  139. Am I really a writer? Like for real?
  140. 20 misused English words that make smart people look silly
  141. Being "sponsored" to write
  142. On free books, and how to thank authors: how do you value a book?
  143. The Annotated Reacher
  144. Are you obsessed with writing?
  145. Any other 'sparse' writers?
  146. What are some misconceptions/things you had to unlearn after you began writing?
  147. A sixteen year old kid asked famous writers about symbolism...
  148. Chuck Wendig's Christmas List for writers
  149. The banality of the NY Times YEAR'S BEST BOOKS list
  150. discussion: H IS FOR HAWK by Helen Macdonald
  151. Merry Chrismats?
  152. Poll: Under-Writers Anonymous
  153. The Washington Post Style Guide Now Accepts Singular ‘They’
  154. Enjoyment of writing
  155. Plagiarism discovered
  156. What 10,000 hours of practice looks like
  157. Amusing (and disturbing) cat and dog (and a few bunnies and hamster) Ts
  158. Marketing Ideas
  159. Payment types: Preferred vs avoided - discussion
  160. Writing Resolutions for 2016
  161. Movies and Books
  162. Are Used Bookstores Really Such a Threat to Writers?...
  163. Catfished by Fake Penguin Employer
  164. Does Twitter help?
  165. Another creepy cyberstalking author
  166. Interfaith romance demonized in Israel over educational concerns
  167. Best of 2015
  168. What do you use reviews for?
  169. "Test Reader" Is this a thing...?
  170. So Many Titles
  171. How many offers are you likely to get?
  172. How do YOU buy books?
  173. Scholastic pulls children's book for depicting happy slaves
  174. PW, Kirkus, Library Journal - how long do they take to review?
  175. Are we seeing long overdue examination of what is going wrong with the book trade
  176. Amazon, The DOJ, Publishers, and Readers: A Timeline
  177. Baseline survey: US publishing overwhelmingly white straight women
  178. ElectroMuse
  179. Amazon Warning Labels
  180. Amazon to Open Hundreds of Physical Bookstores
  181. Awards for AW?
  182. Children beating up robot
  183. Who Pays Writers?
  184. Why Do Established Writers Get Away With Being Boring?
  185. Jane Austen Takes a Writing Workshop
  186. Sherrilyn Kenyon Suing Cassandra Clare
  187. Writers who don't connect
  188. RIP Harper Lee
  189. Conventions, Harassment, Enforcement, Protections: A Community Discussion
  190. Your saddest words
  191. Should I start using a pen-name halfway through my career?
  192. Another Question
  193. American writer submitting to British agents/publishers
  194. Discovery as a form of tension
  195. Switching to pen name for future books. What to do with my first novel?
  196. Life Lessons From the Bronte Sisters, lessons on writing, and a novel
  197. A New Market for Novellas? James Patterson's Bookshots
  198. AI Writes a Novel
  199. That Author Reminds Me Of...
  200. Tobias Wolff story
  201. Writing and family: could you have them both?
  202. Cover Design Ripped Off - Would You Want to Know?
  203. Emily Dickinson and Bugs Bunny: Kin Under the Skin
  204. What is your ideal novel length?
  205. Common knowledge
  206. Controversy in the jury for the HWA's Bram Stoker Awards.
  207. The Army's Freshwater Navy
  208. Google Books fight is over as SCOTUS declines to hear final challenge
  209. Weather & writing:
  210. Small Pub Support
  211. What e-reader do you have?
  212. Writer's Retreat: My Story and Yours.
  213. Should I attend a writers' symposium?
  214. Blogs under attack?
  215. Freewrite review
  216. Words that should be banished:
  217. Question about writing competition etiquette
  218. Fanfiction and image
  219. Invited a writerfriend here (she'll be along shortly) Need an opinion on a titling issue
  220. Kinda sorta based on a person
  221. Help with a nonfiction book title
  222. Etiquette of reviewing writers you kinda sorta know
  223. AW is just ridiculously awesome. Or, Aw's Involvement In My Agent Search
  224. Discussion of Outline and Character Tracking Software
  225. Sounds like a cheesy novel plot, but it ain't
  226. Who Wants a Newspaper?
  227. Donate Books to a Small School Library That Hasn't Bought New Since the 90s
  228. Has anyone ever done book binding? What's it like?
  229. Evernote limiting device installs for free users
  230. Ever felt like this?
  231. "Success" Rate of Queries and Rejections
  232. Apple's Anti-Camera Patent
  233. When The Writer is Ready For the Book
  234. Novel-reading can promote empathy -- what a surprise!
  235. What age were you when your fiction writing was first published professionally?
  236. Promotion?
  237. Social Media Security Tips
  238. Writer's Conferences
  239. Should I get excited? Or is this nothing...
  240. Writing has spoiled my reading/listening experience
  241. Where the Internet Reaches
  242. "In Defense of Villainesses" - Tor
  243. How much time do you spend writing compared to reading?
  244. When compiling agents do you look only in country or out?
  245. I've been invited to read something offensive and I need some advice...
  246. Hachette sues Seth Grahame-Smith for part of advance
  247. Funny stuff! Two covers, same idea (and it was mine)
  248. Writing Prompt at Reddit Turns Into a Benefit
  249. Curious about other people's editorial process...
  250. Jennifer Egan on Writing