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  1. The Justin Bieber of writing takes on the James Patterson of singing
  2. Novels about icebergs
  3. Bemoaning Font Issues
  4. 10-book deal for Terry Pratchett
  5. Australian and New Zealand Authors, Dramatists, and Poets
  6. Graduate Querying Workshop
  7. For the tinfoil hat brigade
  8. Do you ignore people when you're "in the zone"
  9. What have you done to me?!
  10. As an author, how do you feel about Amazon?
  11. So what do we know about ghostwriting?
  12. Chuck Wendig gives Publishers Advice
  13. Query Agents or Publishers?
  14. Creating elevator-pitches that don't suck: Can we brainstorm?
  15. Almost half of all Hachette's UK trade sales is taking place online
  16. Shey Stahl Accused of "Patchwork Plagiarism"
  17. Twilight-trivia.org and Goodreads
  18. What would you say to this guy?
  19. The eyes, they BURN
  20. Are Some Authors Divinely Inspired ?
  21. Wordplayer's Manifesto
  22. As an author, how do you feel about the $9.99 ebook subscription service?
  23. Ever worry about "Big Brother" when researching?
  24. Which e-reader do you have?
  25. Amazon quietly removes objectionable ebooks
  26. Faking it
  27. I don't write erotica...yet everyone wants it!
  28. Trends in books and other entertainment.
  29. Negativity on Goodreads
  30. Editing Matters
  31. Does anyone else suck at critiquing others' work?
  32. Writing while sick...
  33. The Line Between Drawing Influnce and Ripping Off Something.
  34. What makes a best seller?
  35. Skill set to be a successful writer
  36. Agents request - Query AND Synopsis aren't they the same?
  37. Differing opinions about publishers...
  38. Querying Agents After Self-Pubbing
  39. Problem with sharing my ideas
  40. Kobo Responds
  41. Article: The 10 most dramatic deaths in fiction (spoilers herein)
  42. NYT-Article - Exposure is what you die of when you can't pay the rent
  43. Differences between Kirkus, Booklist, and Publishers Weekly reviews
  44. This book is emotionally exhausting!
  45. Why a series?
  46. What to do after first draft?
  47. What's the word for...
  48. Bad sales in self-publishing is because readers are snobs
  49. Rising Tension Stories and Their Variations
  50. What Constitutes a Good Teacher
  51. Fairly Standard
  52. Library as publisher?
  53. Is Neil Gaiman Right?
  54. Favorite vs Best Shakespeare Play?
  55. What is a series?
  56. just discovered a font site...
  57. Your favorite "how to write book"
  58. Posted without comment
  59. Google wins their book-scanning case
  60. Dyslexia and Creativity
  61. Problems with a co-author
  62. Help Choose Author Pic
  63. Authors for Philippines Auctions
  64. Pop Idol/X-Factor For Authors (For Real This Time)
  65. Doris Lessing :-(
  66. Is This The Most Disastrous Book Launch Ever?
  67. Oxford Dictionary 2013 Word of the Year
  68. When is failure really success?
  69. Backing up to the Cloud
  70. How to write a book in five days
  71. Sometimes, our writing can have unimaginable consequences
  72. Any Brits about? (Translating Oxford report cards)
  73. Building an Author Platform
  74. Made up emails
  75. Who Are You? Use 6 words, no more, no less.
  76. Alan Moore and Comics
  77. How to write your first book
  78. What Makes You Unsuited To Write In Some Particular Genre ?
  79. Aron Grunberg is getting his head examined
  80. A Defence of the Bad Sex Award (Article)
  81. Astute observations from Alice Cooper
  82. Intentionally Sad Endings: Moral Responsibilities of the Author?
  83. Don't be this guy...
  84. Where we write - Workspace pics - Here's mine post yours
  85. I started a lit mag. Now what?
  86. If they could be anything in the world...
  87. Writing About Real People and Events
  88. Aristotle's Poetics: How Useful?
  89. "Living Your Art"
  90. Publishing Age
  91. How do you decide which books to read?
  92. So I just got a Kindle and an Amazon giftcard...
  93. When Editors Attack: Christmas Edition
  94. Writing as a Career
  95. Creative writers are two a penny...
  96. Writer in residence...in Detroit?
  97. Article Critique
  98. US First Class Stamps
  99. Sherlock Holmes now fair game in U.S.
  100. Daily Routines of Famous Writers
  101. Best Ebook Publishers in 2013 Hachette, Penguin Random House on Top of Publisher Power Rankings
  102. "How many novelists are at work in America?"
  103. New Roundtable Mods!
  104. Copyright is Censorship?
  105. The Grinch Who Stole The Public Domain
  106. The Goal of Writing Prompts
  107. Should you finish and submit, finish and trunk or abandon mediocre stories?
  108. Marriage question
  109. Your best critique?
  110. The trouble with sitting at the computer...
  111. Having Doubts
  112. Critique group blues
  113. Style Analyzer- Compare Yourself to the Greats
  114. Children's Book Authors Reading Their Bad Reviews
  115. Hand In Hand: Advice in their hands
  116. Algorithm Predicts Best-Sellers with 84% Accuracy
  117. Successful niches in fiction writing
  118. 32% of the 100 top selling e-books on Amazon each week, on average, is self-pub
  119. Would you have your book sold at $0.99?
  120. BA in Creative Writing at age 55 - crazy?
  121. Mindset Difference, Fiction vs. Non-Fiction
  122. Tips for titling?
  123. Got interviewed today for the local paper- how to thank the reporter?
  125. Steampunk Authors: What's Your Secret?
  126. Family requesting to read published story...for free
  127. Stockholm Syndrome? Really?
  128. "...being nice is what's left after you've failed at everything else."
  129. Does My Book Have Too Many Photos?
  130. Romance writers and the future of publishing
  131. If Hugh Howey is in charge of the Authors Guild
  132. A question for mods or experienced members
  133. Plagiarism and copyright in the visual arts, a case study
  134. Chuck Wendig: "Self-Publishing Is Neither Revolution or Religion"
  135. Favorite kinds of people to write about?
  136. Please Comment on Style Here
  137. Working For Free
  138. The Value of Professional Editing/Critiquing
  139. Proposition: Message Story is a dismissive and derogatory term.
  140. If I Do This, is it Plagiarism?
  141. MC's Jewish identity and the Wandering Jew: hoping I will not screw this up
  142. JKR "wish fulfillment"/Ron and Hermione may have needed relationship counselling
  143. Publishing and YA Dystopia
  144. 12 year old gets agent/contract
  145. What Do I Know ?
  146. DRM Is The Right To Make Up Your Own Copyright Laws
  147. Finished That Ebook Yet? (Guardian Article)
  148. Finding an Agent for Semi-Successful Self-Published Non-Fiction Book?
  149. For my fellow Plotters: Inspiration (the program, not the noun)
  150. Whoops... wrong forum :X
  151. Why Self-Publishing Is Not The Answer To Rejection
  152. Beautiful well-crafted sentences
  153. AuthorEarnings.com: a disrupstor
  154. How many registered users here are non-writers, meaning, readers only?
  155. Comparison Report from Authorearnings
  156. Website that shows word-count for published novels?
  157. MFA Programs?
  158. Pay to submit to literary/poetry markets?
  159. Isabel Allende doesn't like mystery novels, so she wrote one as a joke.
  160. Publishers cater to binge-readers, get books out faster
  161. Your favorite East Coast writing workshops/conferences?
  162. Writing Software
  163. Free Amtrak Residency for Writers
  164. Do you have a master plan?
  165. The Best Compliment
  166. Eating less to write more and better?
  167. Russian Dialogue Questions
  168. Prioritizing Projects
  169. "From Bestseller To Bust" (Guardian Article)
  170. The bane of my existence
  171. Branding vs. Platform, Author vs. Series, Reader Loyalty
  172. Buying your way onto NY Times bestseller list
  173. LA Times Book Festival gets black eye
  174. Do viral videos count as a credit?
  175. Pennwriters Conference?
  176. Books as magazines--would it help or hurt authors?
  177. Quotes From Your Favorite Authors
  178. Why do Big Publishers feel the need to operate/own vanity presses?
  179. Trying to become a full time writer via the New Enterprise Allowance?
  180. Making sense of a dream
  181. Taking a less demanding job for my writing (Request for Commiseration/Anecdotes?)
  182. Why such animosity towards fan works in the original fiction community?
  183. Ever Become Infatuated With an Agent ?
  184. Awesome things our Ancestors did
  185. Modern Authors Are Awesome !
  186. I think I just invented punctuation.
  187. Question regarding sequels
  188. My university recommended I use a manuscript appraisal service that charges $90 an hour
  189. "Real" Books? Wrong Terminology?
  190. Kill your darlings
  191. Sleep & Creativity
  192. How Does One Go About . . .
  193. writing circles, events and getting to know people
  194. A Wall Between Writing Life and Real Life?
  195. WoMentoring Project (Free mentoring for female writers by pro literary women)
  196. The 10 worst pieces of advice on writing.
  197. Anyone ever spoken with/had their work read by a "famous author"?
  198. question about disclaimers
  199. Cuteness in queries
  200. So what percentage of Amazon/Goodreads reviews of indie fiction are fake?
  201. 'Boys aren't reading' because the children's book market is run by women??
  202. Self Publishing Kickstarer
  203. Writers Make the Best/Meanest Critics?
  204. Story a Day in May
  205. The imaginary audience
  206. Unscrupulous and/or Illegal Marketing Practices by Authors
  207. Lit-Fic, Genre Writers, are we boxing ourselves in?
  208. Did we kill the Everyman?
  209. "But it's realistic": The justification of rape of women as a device to show grimness and honesty
  210. 10 Great Authors Who Disowned Their Own Books
  211. HarperCollins Profits Up By 83%
  212. Relatives Asking For Favours
  213. Selective Realism in Writing
  214. If You Ever Wondered What An Agent Is Thinking While Reading Slush :
  215. Literary Agent Writers with . . . Literary Agents
  216. Is Women's Fiction A Sexist Term? (Guardian Article)?
  217. Hugh Howey on the RT conference in New Orleans
  218. Writing rituals
  219. Promotional bias by genre
  220. Why don't my friends want to read my stuff?
  221. Writing Vacations
  222. Amazon removes Hachette buy links from its stores.
  223. 20 Most Awe Inspiring Writer's Rooms
  224. Reading in America (for adults) Statistics Confusion
  225. Used Bookstores
  226. Teen artist in Colorado promoting literacy
  227. RIP Maya Angelou
  228. Familiarity
  229. Reading Rainbow and The Importance of Literacy
  230. Family and Friend's responses to your writing
  231. What's considered published?
  232. Publishers reaching out to new authors: Good, Bad or downright Ugly?
  233. Literary estate management
  234. How to find word counts of a book
  235. *Gulp*
  236. Copyright and wills in the UK
  237. Fanfic being sold on Amazon as "parody"
  238. Images in novel
  239. Pictures in self created eBooks
  240. Selling fiction on Etsy
  241. What do writers read?
  242. Author spending $12,000 on a book tour.
  243. What Does Your Agent Do?
  244. Querying under a pseudonym
  245. Tony Horwitz: "I Was A Digital Best Seller!"
  246. Strange Chemistry is gone
  247. Mike Underwood (Angry Robot Books) Talks Publishing
  248. Writing The Breakout Novel Workshop: Written Goals?
  249. Will self-publishing have 50% market share in romance ebook sales in 2-4 years?
  250. A Site With Book Synopses?