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  1. Tracking Firsts
  2. How do you picture editors?
  3. Authors should never respond to reviews?
  4. Where to put cover letter when submitting online?
  5. Do you fantasize about a writing career?
  6. Bookstores in NYC
  7. What can/do you do with your unpublished stories?
  8. Indie bookstores suing Amazon and major publishers
  9. A Must Read
  10. Aussie writers getting published in the US???
  11. suffering writers
  12. How do you decide WHERE to begin your story?
  13. Should I quit writing
  14. So am I getting this right?
  15. A Not so Beautiful Disaster
  16. Classification Conundrum
  17. A Bibliography or...?
  18. Happy Endings?
  19. Didn't know where to post this, a question about SYW
  20. Fear of writing
  21. getting it "out there"
  22. Photos of Writers at work
  23. Amazon forcing writer to refund self-published book that got a book offer
  24. Piracy site that charges money
  25. If a reviewer contacts you
  26. Writing has ruined my reading enjoyment
  27. Yet another imprint
  28. Collaborate With Famous Authors (by Google)
  29. Wensink on authors' earnings
  30. Authors who mass review their own book
  31. Writing & Working
  32. Two Voices
  33. How'd You Start?
  34. Are you TOO emotional?
  35. I think I may have messed up - advice welcome
  36. Dear Writers Suppose Your Novel Sucks
  37. Bad Experience Need Advice [contract question, pushy publisher]
  38. "Indie Publishing"--Their words, not mine--getting a little press
  39. Chinua Achebe Has Died
  40. Roar
  41. B&N and Simon & Schuster, and then the writers in the middle
  42. Willie Mays' advice for writers, and a new writer's acronym
  43. Cruel but funny
  44. Do We Need to Identify With the Protagonist to Enjoy a Novel?
  45. conflict with an affiliate of a publisher?
  46. If you Died Tomorrow (publication question)
  47. "Pay as you read" Indiegogo fundraiser
  48. This Publishing Advice is Bothering Me
  49. Jim Carrey to Self-Publish a Children's Book
  50. Amazon acquires Goodreads
  51. Stories R Us website is stealing books
  52. Beta reading for novice and delicate friends
  53. How to label this kind of fiction?
  54. How to prevent?
  55. Iain Banks announces he has terminal cancer
  56. Benefits of an MFA?
  57. University grammar class
  58. Interesting, worrying article by Scott Turow
  59. Piers Anthony's Internet Publishing site blocked??
  60. "My So-Called 'Post-Feminist' Life In Arts and Letters"
  61. The misuse of language marches on
  62. Don't you love dream ideas?
  63. Best time to write about a scene?
  64. Oh dear. Times...oh quite a lot
  65. Do Countries Have Different Tastes in Reading?
  66. Custom writted temr! papers cheep!
  67. This Year's [Book Jacket] Cover Girls (Article)
  68. When fanfiction goes official...
  69. An important question
  70. Agents and "self"-publishing
  71. Newspapers that Have Book Reviews
  72. Reports that Jane Goodall plagiarized passages in her new book
  73. Rules: Uses and Abuses
  74. International Pixel-Stained Technopeasant Day
  75. James Patterson wants the government to bail out publishing
  76. Real names and disclaimers
  77. Authors and cover art.
  78. New generation versus older slang
  79. Survey for short story writers
  80. career or book?
  81. Exotic writers' conferences
  82. DMCA takedown notices - are they public?
  83. Writing yourself out of unemployment...
  84. To Kill a Mockingbird and Author's Income
  85. The fact that you're writing about imaginary people
  86. Video on the Internet Archive (archive.org) - Digitizing Books, etc.
  87. You know you've *really* made it as a writer when...
  88. The lessons of writing fanfiction
  89. Coverflip
  90. trying to write first query letter
  91. General publishing question
  92. Betas, Paid Editors, Life Constraints
  93. Putting yourself as a character in your novel
  94. Taking break from forums
  95. Just venting out of confusion
  96. Question Re: Submission Terms
  97. How long to review contract?
  98. If not goodreads, what?
  99. Fanfiction just went legit.
  100. Help! How Should I Critique?
  101. fields for submission tracker spreadsheet?
  102. Plagiarism In The Poetry World
  103. The Benefits of Critiquing.
  104. "Never forget, we sell fun."
  105. Dan Brown's Mansion / Brief Tour
  106. You Never Know Who Might be Looking!
  107. Realism – Exceptions, Types, Degrees
  108. Article on Writing and Drawing
  109. US Publishing Industry Might Soon Be Infecting eBook Pirates with Malware
  110. Small press wants copyright. Negotiation tips?
  111. literature classes
  112. John Green on Publishing as Collaborative
  113. Best Agent/Agency
  114. What makes a reader partial to a genre?
  115. ScarJo Sues French Publisher over use of her name in novel
  116. RIP Iain Banks
  117. Wendig on Sexism and Misogyny
  118. Readers are blind
  119. Do you believe in muses?
  120. Article about female writers and motherhood
  121. The economics of being a writer
  122. What the literary agent is really thinking
  123. Contributing to the water cooler, or just milking it?
  124. Remember Polly Courtney? (She Dumped HarperCollins)
  125. Has Sexual Violence Become An Too Easy Drama Device? (White Queen Spoilers.)
  126. Have you read something like...
  127. Learn how to think by reading fiction
  128. RIP Vince Flynn
  129. Piracy site stealing books
  130. Would you date another writer?
  131. Logical Fallacies
  132. RIP Richard Matheson
  133. Words in book titles that you really hate
  134. New Military Memoir with Outrageous Claims?
  135. Do you always write sober?
  136. Reporting Sexual Harassment in the Writing World
  137. paid authors on absolute write...have you kept your day job?
  138. "Eyes for Lies"
  139. 25 Reasons I Hate Your Main Character
  140. Writers Giving Book Reviews
  141. Do authors still use pen names?
  142. If you were me..
  143. Jobs That Help You Write In The Most Surprising Ways
  144. Different Paths Available? Road Map Advice Please :)
  145. POV regarding online review sites?
  146. Publish or not
  147. A book for writers really looking to plumb the dark side...
  148. Publishing rights
  149. Barnes & Noble Chief resigns
  150. Vikram Seth asked to pay back advance after non-delivery
  151. The Marriage Between Story and Language
  152. Ruining book sales because MC isnt white???
  153. Pantsing a novel? Really?
  154. Sneaky JK Rowling
  155. So... is New Adult a thing now?
  156. How many did the "I'm really J K Rowling" thing on social media?
  157. Slightly Snobby Obsessive Reviewers.
  158. Weird Writer's Stories
  159. What’s in a name?
  160. Is fridging still fridging if it motivates a woman?
  161. Books you want to share with kids
  162. E-reader stolen, thief buys books on the saved account
  163. I Gave Away My 3DS
  164. Your Most Valuable Book
  165. A message to anyone who tells authors to hurry up.
  166. Please Ignore
  167. Classic novels annotated by famous authors
  168. Debate: Are Libraries Good or Bad
  169. Deleting/Rewriting your own posts
  170. Harper Collins stealing from Authonomy author?
  171. Don't Tell People What You're Going to Tell Them; Begin in the Middle
  172. The Writing Cafe writing references
  173. Book Cover Cliches
  174. Is becoming a best seller really lucky based?
  175. Friend : "Write about me for my wedding!"
  176. Is recent writing getting too "conceptual"?
  177. To write, or not to write...that is the question.
  178. Busting out that education
  179. Do you ever want to quit?
  180. Plagiarism: Selling Altered Fanfic and Published Works Edition
  181. Apple gets spanked for price fixing on ebooks
  182. Why caution is advised when a writer says, "I can fix publishing"
  183. Ouch, my butt! My back! My Legs! Help!
  184. Do Men or Women Make Better Friends?
  185. What is your highest number of reprints?
  186. Editor gift following book deal?
  187. Copyright Side-Effects?
  188. What Are Some Benefits of Being Pub'd
  189. How reliant are you on critiques? Can you be too dependent?
  190. Can Writing a Novel Kill You?
  191. Do family members' opinions count? Or do they just love you?
  192. Another author turns down traditional Pub deal
  193. Why It's Better to Try for Quantity Instead of Quality
  194. Submitting a synopsis for the critters?
  195. BA in Fiction or all those writing books
  196. What's with $20 to $30 entry fees for contests?
  197. Writers on Steroids?
  198. Penguin signs 13-year-old author
  199. Spin-off: Paying for book award consideration
  200. Rankings and reality - are people interested?
  201. Guilt Trip?
  202. Do you dream less when you write?
  203. Thirty years in publishing
  204. Author-signed books?
  205. Does your CP/Beta really help you out that much?
  206. How many books?
  207. The Return of The Big Novel (Guardian Article)
  208. The Mako Mori test
  209. How to publish your book flow chart.
  210. Rape Threats on Goodreads
  211. Publisher cancels contract because author is gay
  212. Previously published as fanfiction
  213. Favorite book trailers
  214. Worried about brick and mortar stores
  215. "I Have a Character Issue"
  216. Small Publisher for Sequel to Self-Published Book?
  217. Overheard Conversations
  218. Author Signing Ebooks
  219. Father Brown, meet your maker (G.K. Chesterton being investigated for possible sainthood)
  220. Thoughts about "Literally" Killing Your Darlings
  221. So, I have a blog and posted my work on DA. Did I screw the pooch?
  222. Importance/Definition of "Debut Novel" status
  223. Interesting article for authors
  224. Begging for money from your fans
  225. Why do people use display sites?
  226. Writers conferences--worth the money?
  227. Self-publishers have captured 25% of B&N Nook e-book sales
  228. Is This The Best Put-Down Ever? (Guardian Article)
  229. Publisher Refused to Fix Typos in Book
  230. Ann (A.C.) Crispin has passed away
  231. Smart Things that Non-Writers Say . . .
  232. organizing workshop & conference notes
  233. "Don't revise the query. Revise the book then work on the query."
  234. Health insurance for writers?
  235. Horror or Humor?
  236. High intensity careers and writing
  237. Thoughts on Nika Harper of Geek and Sundry Vlogs
  238. Publishing and Creative Control
  239. Mike Shatzkin: Losing bookstores is a much bigger problem for publishers than it is for readers
  240. I have an editorial problem
  241. Attorney Recommendations
  242. podcast recommendations
  243. Do you eat anything to "boost" your writing prowess?
  244. Will A Masters In Creative Writing Get You A Book Deal? (Guardian Article)
  245. Ever addressed your submission to the wrong editor or journal?
  246. What corner of AW do you inhabit?
  247. How on earth do you say no...?
  248. New Adult fiction is the hot new category in books
  249. The book is dead
  250. Features of small e-readers help dyslexic people with reading speed and comprehension