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  1. Gender references in literature
  2. Webinars during September/October/November
  3. Query Letters: assembling them bit by bit while writing the WIP
  4. contacting authors
  5. Do you have a writing ritual?
  6. More DRM Follies
  7. you're not using that sentence, are you?
  8. Social Media and the Self-Epublisher
  9. How long a break is it possible to safely take from writing?
  10. When choosing a pen name, how important is uniqueness?
  11. Big Publisher to Author: "We'll market your book through USENET."
  12. Queries: Everyone Gets Rejections, But Not Just Rejections
  13. Would you rather be Amanda Hocking or Harper Lee?
  14. I Should Write...
  15. THIS! THIS, THIS, OH, THIS is why you need an editor!
  16. European Union citizens can't be prevented from reselling EBOOKS
  17. naming similar works in a query
  18. Bad-mouthing a book, harmful or useful?
  19. low price point key to high sales?
  20. Question about publishers
  21. What is your worst flaw as a writer?
  22. Would you rather have an ending or be left hanging?
  23. Are you lonely?
  24. On Giving Writing Advice
  25. Interesting New York Times article
  26. Can anyone recommend a good copy-editor for my novel?
  27. Bad Advice
  28. Is there absolute quality?
  29. Questions for Author Interviews. What do you like?
  30. An opinion on writing classes
  31. What's Your Reading Style: Page-turner Or Savour?
  32. Responding to positive reviews
  33. Artwork / Cover Art & Sleeves for your Books
  34. Your writing space
  35. Morse et al unearthed
  36. How to Gracefully Manage Criticism
  37. Revival of the serialized novel?
  38. Reading about girls
  39. Self-Pubbed Author Trolled by a Waterstones Employee
  40. Too many ideas...
  41. Literary Agent Attacked (apparently by rejected author)
  42. Trade publishing definition - clarification? [moved from self pub]
  43. Big Six Publishers
  44. Contract Review requested
  45. pseudonyms and privacy
  46. Audiobook Royalty Rate
  47. Fantasy novel written live??
  48. James Potter??
  49. Do young adults read?
  50. German "Pirate Party" Politician Has Own Book Pirated -- And Doesn't Like It
  51. How you picture a scene while reading
  52. Writing Program Preferences? Looking for the Tool of Choice.
  53. Formal Education Level
  54. JK Rowling Interview [The Guardian]
  55. Did you have a "chemical reaction" to your inspiration for your WIP?
  56. Getting the RIGHT people to read your work...
  57. Newbie question from an oldie?
  58. Honesty or not?
  59. Amazon Hot New Releases
  60. Critiquing Fan Fiction
  61. A "Rating" System For Books
  62. Oddest/unusual ways for generating ideas and inspiration?
  63. Is it really necessary to have an Agent?
  64. Fan Fiction: Love it or hate it?
  65. Does anyone else feel rather insulted by these ebook "samples"?
  66. google's overly aggressive copyright enforcement
  67. Returning books you're not happy with
  68. Amazon actively moderating one-star reviews now?
  69. Terrible Bookstore Stories
  70. Bad reviews for length?
  71. Quick and Easy vs. Slow and Difficult - Quality?
  72. ebooks more expensive than hardbacks
  73. Sublime Rule-breaking
  74. Bad deal, or regular publisher power?
  76. Published Authors - a Royal Question...
  77. Moving from Big to Indie Publisher
  78. If making your plot consistent is hard, does that mean you're doing it wrong?
  79. the career path of an editor
  80. Bookstore Question
  81. Innovation in publishing
  82. another fanfiction writer offered publishing deal
  83. When Asked for Review and Book Not-So-Good
  84. What was the first story you ever wrote about?
  85. Hey you! Where the ^%$# are you going?!?
  86. How many publishers do you submit to at once?
  87. Noodlin - a plotting/brainstorming tool
  88. Penguin USA asking for unearned advances back?
  89. Book Trailer
  90. Blatant self promo that failed
  91. How Harriet Klausner's Amazon reviewing scam works.
  92. Our Heroes Are Human Too
  93. Hachette, Harper Collins, and Simon & Schuster-Anti-Trust settlement
  94. Writer's Essential Tackle Box
  95. Why does it take two years?
  96. Creativity linked to mental illness (BBC)
  97. Thank You, Man Booker Judges, for Making Me Dance
  98. E-Book Settlement Options
  99. The Perils of Critique Group
  100. Is this roller-coaster ride the norm?
  101. Amazon To Force Publishers To Pay VAT On Ebooks/ Wipes Customer's Kindle
  102. If you ever feel like your writing is pointless, read this.
  103. Warned off by the muse
  104. Is there a 21st century Literary Movement?
  105. When the house says "no"
  106. Unlikeable Main Characters
  107. Pre-sales sales rank? What?
  108. Penguin and Random House in merger talks?
  109. Amazon Deleting Reviews
  110. What author inspired you to write?
  111. What defines literary fiction
  112. The Tobermory Cat-Troll
  113. Questions to ask an agent during critique session
  114. Keeping confidence levels up when trying something new
  115. Faulkner v Woody Allen
  116. Not all ideas are equal
  117. Do you have to like the main character?
  118. First Right of Refusal
  119. Misleading article from todays DM
  120. Pirating website PSA
  121. "Want to be happier? Stay in the moment."
  122. Flight: The Booze
  123. Too Many Interests--Too Little Time
  124. Amazon removes buy buttons again
  125. Advice: To Take or Not To Take?
  126. Yet another pirate
  127. Blovels Anyone?
  128. Anyone use Publisher Alley?
  129. What You Do Best.
  130. How to keep up with the market?
  131. Fan fiction or a tribute?
  132. "E-reading isn't reading"
  133. Has fiction ever changed your life?
  134. Standing Desks....
  135. Writing full-time. Do I need to be talked down off this ledge?
  136. Why Is Reading Beneficial ?
  137. To Picture or Not To Picture....
  138. TV Tropes Delete All 'Rape' Tropes
  139. Are you better or worse for writing?
  140. Bad Reviews - Oh the pain!
  141. the big 6, their imprints and the Indy's
  142. Simon and Schuster partner with Author Solutions?
  143. Do you HAVE to read what you write?
  144. to continue ... your sign, your writing, and your life
  145. last week's Peep Show episode
  146. On Genre Reading and Writing
  147. What do all writers have in common?
  148. Classy move, Random House
  149. Pen Names - do you have one? Do you plan to?
  150. MFA: Talk Me Off the Ledge (or not?)
  151. Writing not in your native tongue?
  152. Do You Have a Game/Battle Plan for Getting Pub'd ?
  153. How do you make time to write?
  154. Erotic scenes in regular books - how descriptive?
  155. Dreams and writing
  156. Poetry Writing Group (will it work?)
  157. Authors respond to the Bookseller's survey
  158. Review swapping ethics
  159. Comic Sans
  160. Award-winners
  161. is it okay for an author to ask you to delete your book review from amazon and goodreads?
  162. Worst Critique Experience Evars!!!
  163. Pen name issue for contribution: can you advice?
  164. Give a book review, win a free Kindle. No purchase necessary.
  165. How do you develop a "thick skin"?
  166. Theology of Writing
  167. Brainstorming techniques?
  168. Wrong Forum
  169. Tallying up word count for 2012
  170. Care to explain?
  171. 2012's Worst Words
  172. How do you
  173. Worst. Book. Promo. Ever.
  174. Sound familiar?
  175. Quitting your day job....
  176. Justification
  177. never mind/deleted thread
  178. So bummed my mom didn't find an agent nor publisher
  179. The People You Meet Online
  180. Am I too much of a dreamer to pull this off?
  181. It takes 10 years to become an overnight success
  182. What's Your Favorite Forums?
  183. It's Christmas Eve and you're alone, stranded on a tropical island ...
  184. Well, this was perhaps the most annoying thing I've ever read.
  185. Death of the Verb
  186. Amazon's latest policy: authors can't review other authors' books
  187. What other writing sites are you a part of?
  188. Which 2012 goals did you have but did not make?
  189. So was this considered plagiarism, or was I just a dummy?
  190. What to do..
  191. Never read great writers
  192. Apparently teens shouldn't read about real life
  193. Adaptation question and not sure if it's the right cat.
  194. Career theme (central theme in your writing)
  195. Last Call! Help an Eagle Scout project - Book Fair, June 1st - see post #9
  196. Mashup books passť?
  197. Best Magazine for Writing
  198. How to write a Mills and Boon - Stella Duffy
  199. Reviewing the publishing instead of the book
  200. Critiques
  201. Is 'Just write it' ALWAYS good advice?
  202. I Believe in my own story
  203. Impress Yourself
  204. Funny book trailer
  205. People behaving badly (having fun) on Amazon
  206. Update on STGB
  207. If you outline, how do you do it and what do you use?
  208. Apple wants writers for Siri
  209. Bookies, ya gotta see this
  210. Strong Female Characters
  211. Lost Time
  212. Pink Floyd "The Wall" in Novel form
  213. Where do you keep what you write?
  214. B&N to Close Retail Stores
  215. Post a picture of your notebook!
  216. Preference for main characters of one sex over the other?
  217. Are you sick of writers?
  218. Charging money for a pitch contest?
  219. 'Bad Writing'
  220. Art in your work room - Post links
  221. So what's your take on conjuring, channeling, lighting candles
  222. Checkmate
  223. Another Self-Pubber saying there is a Revolution
  224. "Chick lit harms body image," study says.
  225. Book Blogs that are Funny
  226. what to do?
  227. What would you tell Samuel Clemens?
  228. Help finding a famous quote
  229. Amazon investigating used e-book sales
  230. Is it ever okay to tell someone their story is unsalvagably bad?
  231. Creative Control
  232. Amazon Price Discrepencies
  233. Clues to a great story - TED
  234. Is there a nice way to tell someone they're bad at critiquing?
  235. Not sure if this is the right sub board,
  236. Serious advice: Shut up about your submissions
  237. Middle Market?
  238. Hatchet Job Of The Year
  239. Libraries 'have had their day'...
  240. Great simile
  241. Leslie Klinger, Laurie King and "Free Sherlock" lawsuit
  242. Dyscalculia
  243. Interactive Reading/Storytelling App for iPad
  244. Royalty Statements: You Don't Need Them
  245. Speed Reading Novels?
  246. U.S. writer, Canadian publisher
  247. The Keyboard Conundrum
  248. How do you use cue cards?
  249. fiction and nonfiction
  250. Why is it so hard to get published?