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  1. Great tips for authors on using social media
  2. Backspace Writers' Conference
  3. Really tired of the spam
  4. Writers Conferences and Business Cards
  5. Golden-word syndrome: give and take
  6. True Confessions...
  7. Author Copies & Libraries
  8. Make everyone's Birthday. Buy your kids an e-reader as a pressie!
  9. Best use of an ARC
  10. Epic/Trailer/Movie Soundtracks
  11. 50 Shades of Grey trilogy goes from fan fiction to Random House
  12. Are multiple pseudonyms a necessity?
  13. The shape of things to come
  14. What to do
  15. Paying For Reviews
  16. The Composites
  17. "But this really happened!"
  18. Contests and feedback
  19. Origin of expressions: "Tastes like chicken" and "now we're cooking."
  20. The 238. Did anyone see this?
  21. Have you ever called your any of your family members by your MC's name?
  22. Dilemma of sorts
  23. Did This Felon Con The Big 6 Into Publishing Him?
  24. Difference between the US and UK markets
  25. Goodreads Issue
  26. Resume + Agented, Unpubbed Novel = ?
  27. Submission Guideline Ticks
  28. Are The Rules Beneficial?
  29. Gotham and other online writing classes
  30. How do you indicate a pen name?
  31. Announcing your goals is a bad idea
  32. Milford-style Workshopping
  33. The Influence and Impact of Music On Your Writing
  34. E-readers and information retention
  35. Joel Stein says adults should stop reading YA
  36. Political Correctness: An Unlikely Friend
  37. Young Writers Dazzle Publisher (Mom and Dad)
  38. Any place here for non-YA/Fantasy writers?
  39. Copywriting (for back covers)
  40. How Important is the Last Line?
  41. Seattle Times dishes Amazon dirt
  42. Unusual punctuation in Brit lit - I think this works
  43. Racefail?
  44. The BAD consequences of authors going after their reviewers...
  45. My First Writers' Conference
  46. Amazon UK: £7bn Sale, But Pays No UK Corporation Tax
  47. Big Time Writing/Publishing Issue [Moved from BR&BC]
  48. The Curse of the Young Author
  49. I'm all set up - where do I start?
  50. New authors published?
  51. Can't Sleep, Clown'll Eat Me.
  52. Sampling
  53. Off limits forever?
  54. What does it mean "It's worse to be published badly than not at all?"
  55. Dropping Eaves
  56. DoJ sues Apple, five of Big Six
  57. Will ebook subscription clubs become a trend?
  58. International Payments from the US, cheques lost in the mail, etc
  59. Any tips for running a contest?
  60. Can books really be "Bad" for you??
  61. Daring to cut off Amazon
  62. No Winner for the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction this Year
  63. Spamazon
  64. Are most writers introverts?
  65. are authors artists?
  66. What effect do you want your work to have?
  67. How Scott Sigler Propelled Himself to Bestseller Status
  68. Excerpts
  69. How important is it to hire an editor?
  70. As a reader...
  71. "Ten Harmful Novels for Aspiring Writers"
  72. Have You Ever Lost Your Passion? - UPDATE in OP!!!
  73. Anyone else being pressured to self-publish?
  74. A self-publisher to watch?
  75. Can readers/viewers be "wrong"?
  76. Different publishing model (?)
  77. Average Net Earnings Bracket for Published Fiction Writers
  78. Goodreads Questions
  79. A good reason for publishers to begin switching to pdf ARCs?
  80. Reviews - an interesting trend in the market
  81. Conscious vs. unconscious writing in fiction
  82. Barry Eisler On Amazon [Guardian Article]
  83. who has switched agents?
  84. What Is "Great" Literature?
  85. What do you demand of a novel?
  86. Writing Conferences-Worth it?
  87. How many of you are also visual artists?
  88. You're Doing It Wrong. On Purpose.
  89. Interesting article on earnings/royality for SP vs publishers
  90. Social Media talk: The Author vs the Fiction/Writing
  91. Oh dear. How to tell them I'm not Suzanne Collins?
  92. Your Writing Environment
  93. reviewing writings.
  94. The Lonely Life of a Writer
  95. Goodreads Giveaways
  96. A Sense of Responsibility on this Forum (Moved from BR&BC)
  97. My wife is going nuts (ebook pricing)
  98. Publishing Accounting - Conspiracy or Paranoia?
  99. Nook vs Kindle - availability of titles?
  100. Do Drugs Inspire?
  101. Are Your Friends Jealous of Your Writing?
  102. A little help with author photo?
  103. 20-year old Oxford student: "the new JK Rowling"?
  104. What are the odds?
  105. Is video killing the literary star?
  106. How to Keep Writing
  107. Pinhead Publishers Should Be Afraid According To Konrath
  108. Problems faced by publishing
  109. Am I the only one who does this?
  110. Pottermore Sales Figures
  111. Writing Memes
  112. Are copyeditors the unsung heroes of publishing?
  113. Showing gratitude
  114. Major Figures in the History of Writing Theory - Who's Missing?
  115. How emotionally attached are you to your darlings?
  116. Great SNL sendup of Amazon and Fifty Shades of Grey
  117. Put a blurb on the freaking book!
  118. How do you save the local bookstores? You digitalise and remove the inventory constraints. :)
  119. reprinting a book in public domain
  120. Kirkus Reviews
  121. How has social media helped you?
  122. A book a year is slacking
  123. influencers [what author(s) influenced you most?]
  124. How do you define success?
  125. Contract question
  126. Adventures in Story Research
  127. Words That Simply Don't Exist In English
  128. Joe Konrath issues challenge to fisk his latest blog entry or any of his blog entries.
  129. Being a Good Critter
  130. Any One Else?
  131. Do you read book review bloggers? For ideas on what to read?
  132. Do you read biographies?
  133. Another experiment – the benefit of freebies
  134. Writer's circles
  135. Great authors and jobs?
  136. Getting flustered
  137. Do you full time writers do these things?
  138. Authors are evil. It's all their fault.
  139. How To Handle Negative Reviews
  140. Template Question
  141. Guetapens
  142. Shouldn't I Be More Upset About This Rejection?
  143. Article published under someone else's name
  144. Cory Doctorow in PW on how to appeal for buying vs. illegally downloading books
  145. How to avoid getting mobbed for your beliefs.
  146. When bad things happen to good characters
  148. Second (Third, Fourth...) Time's a Charm!
  149. Oh! I just noticed X about my writing
  150. Has anyone from here made it "big"?
  151. Arizona Lawyers are Offically Allowed to Use Pen Names
  152. Enhanced ebooks are bad for children, study finds.
  153. Playing Hooky to Write?
  154. A World Without Bestseller Lists
  155. Need some reassurance I am not too old...
  156. Writers' age
  157. Need Some Reassurance
  158. Stories that started life as fanfic
  159. Kate? Really?
  160. Worth mentioning a growing website to my agent?
  161. When Are Critiques Not Critiques?
  162. Most Interesting Character Attribute
  163. An offer to publish my trunked horror novel but--
  164. Ray Bradbury United States Postage Campaign
  165. Self-promotion, not for wimps.
  166. How Books Were Printed in 1947 / 10-minute film
  167. When to trunk?
  168. What do you love most about writing?
  169. Recent experiences with culture
  170. Novel About Romance Between a 30 Year Old & a 16 Year Old Grabs a 7 Figure Deal
  171. Scattering energies too widely?
  172. Who’s After the dotBOOK Top Level Domain
  173. Experience literary history - Heller's desk & typewriter on display
  174. Creating balanced writing
  175. Could they be talking about us?
  176. Mediabistro classes
  177. Co-Written Work...Pseudonym?
  178. Has anyone ever told you being a writer is sexy?
  179. Full time writing and health insurance?
  180. Too much focus on query letters?
  181. Did Douglas Adams base Zaphod on someone else's work?
  182. Good/True to Authorial Intention Characters vs. Good Role Models
  183. Farewell 300!
  184. Alleged Plagiarism Spanning Two Decades
  185. Cover contest but...
  186. No quotation marks
  187. See the World in Thrilling New FailureVision! - Denouement, 11/20/12
  188. Better to sell work or Build audience?
  189. The Fog Index
  190. BBC News: Author says NO to e-books
  191. Confidence, modesty, realistic expectations
  192. E-reader analytics: "Your E-Book Is Reading You"
  193. Teaching a writing workshop
  194. Authors Guild defends PublishAmerica
  195. Angry Robot bundles ebooks with print editions
  196. Full Request Etiquette?
  197. Getting back into the flow?
  198. 26 words you've probably never heard before
  199. Business Models
  200. How to tell if reviews are real?
  201. Positive Critique
  202. Collaborative Writing
  203. Ego Band-aids from thethinker42
  204. SFF.Net
  205. Am I considered published?
  206. Most fun research
  207. Book Pirate gets called out
  208. Clarification please, on ingrams and B&T
  209. Self-Publishing Consequences Question
  210. Another plagiarist at Amazon
  211. Paid Reviews and ChickLitGirls
  212. Ever give yourself the creeps?
  213. Your feelings toward Novellas and Novelletes VS Novels?
  214. Using Twitter for writing
  215. idreamofbooks [review aggregator]
  216. do your craft problems = your personality problems?
  217. Could readers ever sympathize with a cheater?
  218. Writer's guilt
  219. Harlequin and a Class Action Suit
  220. What? No spell checker?
  221. Amazon sock-puppets are for succesful authors, too
  222. The Absolute Write-in
  223. Copyright Infringement and Schoolyard Tactics
  224. Agreed to do book review, and I'm not enjoying the book
  225. How do you begin believing you're good enough?
  226. How long before you found your rhythm?
  227. Blogger signs deal, then self-pubs, keeps advance...?
  228. Can You Make Any Kind Of Living As An Artist? [Guardian Article]
  229. Your first affirmation?
  230. Running an Online Workshop (logistics)
  231. What's the most work you've ever lost?
  232. Simple Revelations
  233. Because Erotica Readers Need More Twilight Fanfic?
  234. When it's clear no one bothered to research
  235. When Writers' Festivals Go Wrong
  236. The epidemic of niceness in online book culture.
  237. Making the leap to full time writing
  238. Author criticises Maeve Binchy for not having children
  239. Should gay guys write about their lives?
  240. writer's forum for non-ficion writing.
  241. Copyright question
  242. Mentioning Your Own Book in Reviews [moved from Book Promotion]
  243. Ebooks have overtaken print sales
  244. Writing For Charity: Kick Start Idea?
  245. What have you done to make your story more authentic?
  246. Publishing Credits
  247. I wonder if it's one of those publishers who say "Due to current economic conditions . . ."
  248. is it just me or are there fewer people writing today?
  249. Setting up retreats
  250. Non-Fiction Writers Behaving Badly: Don't Make Up Stuff About Jefferson