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  1. Tell me a paradox
  2. What makes YA, YA?
  3. Cover Art to Avoid
  4. HarperCollins to Buy Thomas Nelson
  5. Misbehaving author number.... I've lost count
  6. Intelligent Things Non-Writers Say
  7. Do you have a special reading area at home?
  8. 10 Queries in 10 Tweets
  9. An Homage to a Contemporary Intellectual
  10. Favourite Bookshops?
  11. Thoughts on Motifs
  12. Gauging Opinion - Is It Legit...
  13. What is YOUR process?
  14. a pen name for each genre?
  15. License to Plagiarize?
  16. A Fun Q&A With Newly Sold Writer
  17. Overheard
  18. This ... this is why publishers shouldn't use stock photography for their covers
  19. Big 6
  20. Agents Who Rep Self-Published Books / A Growing Trend
  21. Having a friend beta read for you
  22. "Studying" Creative Writing
  23. "I am Uniquely Qualified..." (in query letter)
  24. Do you want someone pointing out mistakes in your published works?
  25. What if you had to critique to use SYW?
  26. History and Science: Responsibility of the Writer?
  27. Open letter to S&S [Simon & Schuster]
  28. Do we take our writing gifts for granted?
  29. I'm the writer, the creator. So how do my characters keep taking over?
  30. Received an offer, can I ask them for one week?
  31. Another writer's bible in town?
  32. How long have you been taking your writing seriously?
  33. When Learning the Craft of Writing isn't even an option...
  34. Fork in the road: Which is the path to success?
  35. How Commercial Publishers Make Their Money
  36. Tying Up Loose-Ends - Or Not? [Article]
  37. Etiquette?
  38. AW and Low Vision
  39. Pressure from the parents
  40. Diana Gabaldon talking about writing
  41. Do you feel you have something to say through fiction?
  42. When a Collaboration Heads South
  43. Massive Copyright Infringement of AW Authors
  44. What's with agent-publishers? (digital publishing from agents)
  45. Think You're Too Old to Write?
  46. More Literary vs Genre--Is It Snobbery?
  47. Dust Jackets
  48. How to generate book titles.
  49. Great Crits and What You Learn From Them
  50. Professional Editing
  51. Allowing my characters to lead has worked out well!
  52. Michael Crichton To Publish Final Novel 'From Beyond The Grave.'
  53. Erotica taboo for a professional author?
  54. Do you have a favorite POV?
  55. So what is in a pseudonym?
  56. Harry Potter, Twilight and the 'It' Factor
  57. Cinematic Influence and Viewpoint Problem
  58. The Writing Process, An Infographic
  59. Acceptances... and Possible Better Acceptances?
  60. The better I get at writing...
  61. Buying a bookstore- just curious
  62. why does no one write like Shakespeare?
  63. 350 fake reviews on one book!
  64. When Researching Agents/Editors, How Deep Do You Go?
  65. Web vigilantes "occupy" author website
  66. Is this piracy?
  67. Continue College, or Pursue a Dream?
  68. I think I'm accidentally writing another book...
  69. How Do You Dump a Potential Publisher?
  70. When burning bridges isn't enough, use TNT
  71. Amazon Acquires Marshall Cavendish Children's Book Titles
  72. What is the greatest Christmas story?
  73. Pounding my head against a wall (Need Scholarly Criticism of Dracula!)
  74. Sticky Situation
  75. Quoth the author: nevermore? Another plagiarism scandal.
  76. *Spam* from Agents?
  77. Methods to character construction
  78. Next steps: Etiquette question
  79. Eight Reasons People Write
  80. Writer Responsibility: Freedom of Speech Vs Censorship
  81. No offence Mac, (or whoever) but I just hate that Devil with kids image
  82. Does rejection...
  83. Reading Classics = Negative Impact?
  84. Writing in the head
  85. How not to be condescending when depicting other groups of people?
  86. Is a query letter all about character or all about story?
  87. Brief author bio? Ummm....
  88. Family Distractions
  89. Imagine: Books - The Last Chapter? on bbc now
  90. I know 'size doesn't matter', but let's be honest. How many words a day? On average?
  91. E-books, Schmee-books: NYTimes article.
  92. Copyright quandary
  93. If you have an agent...
  94. Always remember how good a writer you are...
  95. Sophia Stewart/The Matrix
  96. Women vs. Men Fiction Writers
  97. On the death of Christopher Hitchens
  98. A Tribute to Women Writers
  99. How often do you get to keep the original title?
  100. Genre writes Literary a letter
  101. If you shouldn't quit your day job-- what is your day job?
  102. May all your Christmas wishes come true
  103. When is the right time to attend a writers' conference?
  104. If you had twenty minutes to Skype, plus two agents to listen...
  105. When A Book To Movie Franchise Meets Irony - Hunger Games Nail Polish
  106. The Christmas Crunch
  107. So, Would You Give Up The Day Job?
  108. Trying to Make Sense of a Possible Trend - Crazy Entitlement Much?
  109. Libations and Truth
  110. Subconcious Plotting
  111. Novelist Quits Writing Due To Piracy
  112. Authors claiming to be "bestsellers"
  113. Fears About Publishing: Am I Just Being Paranoid?
  114. Dieselpunk inspired by Evita?
  115. Anyone do Morning Pages?
  116. HarperCollins Announce 100,000 Christmas Day Downloads
  117. SCORE!
  118. Marketing Questions
  119. And That Is Why God Created The Delete Button . . .
  120. Nielsen's Bestselling Books of 2011 [UK]
  121. Questions on the nature of publishing
  122. Fair Use
  123. How Long Do You Let a Draft Sit?
  124. Book Ratings
  125. Most awesome Christmas gift ever!
  126. Have we degraded literature?
  127. E-books and Piracy
  128. Horrible critique
  129. response to my orig lit post
  130. Another Advantage of a Pro Publisher [moved from self-publishing]
  131. We are in a golden era of literacy.
  132. Finally letting go of the Story
  133. Feeling Something Is Missing Genre/Plot-wise.....
  134. Vocabulary Improvement,
  135. Where would someone ask this?
  136. Tolkien's Nobel Prize
  137. Should a writer thank the editor if the editor provides advice in the rejection email
  138. This NEEDS More Reads!
  139. I Have a dilemma...
  140. Characters making jokes about their own race/ethnic group/home region/country?
  141. Thief Selling One of MY Stories on Amazon
  142. Cultural appropriation? Use of folktales in stories
  143. Writers most deserving of a Nobel in Literature, who never won
  144. Would You Like Words With That?
  145. The difference between marketing, publicity, and self-promotion
  146. Who to trust?
  147. Shift Happens
  148. Interview With Amanda Hocking [The Guardian]
  149. Stupid things writers say
  150. Magazines and Presses with free website hosting
  151. How do you tell when an author needs to read more books?
  152. Boy Do I hate....
  153. Why do you write in your preferred POV?
  154. What does everyone think of this?
  155. What the Dickens?
  156. Tax breaks for writers [moved from self-publishing]
  157. Disastrous self-promotion in process
  158. The technical usefulness of expletives
  159. Controversial Article in Mobius Magazine
  160. Self-Published or Traditionally Published
  161. Traditional Publishing *AND* epublishing/self-publishing
  162. Proof Writers Have a Touch of Mental Disorder
  163. NDA before contract discussions?
  164. Red Flags
  165. Authors: Rescue your Books on Goodreads
  166. The pen name issue on Goodreads
  167. Is Every Story a Love Story?
  168. Anyone done this? Characters inspired by historical figures?
  169. Loving the idea of being a writer vs loving writing itself?
  170. msnbc aggregates story of amazon plagiarism problem
  171. Balancing Writing and Real Life
  172. What is a way to keep going on?
  173. AAR, Agents, and Publishing
  174. authors getting the raw end?
  175. couple etiquette questions [asking authors to sign books]
  176. When to introduce new characters?
  177. Stephen King and his brother, Nosmo.
  178. Robert McKee, Story
  179. Editing fanfic to publication?
  180. Mslexia Critiquing/Feedback Survey
  181. The digital revolution and writing
  182. Books vs movies
  183. Your personal tropes
  184. Here's a question for you ...
  185. Cursive Writing
  186. Snail mail queries and submissions
  187. Emoticons in E-communications
  188. Re: My Post on the SYW Board
  189. What is commercial fiction?
  190. B&N not selling Amazon published titles!
  191. Popularity of Different Genres
  192. I Have the Urge to Write
  193. Do you have a magic wand? I’d like to write (fiction) but can’t think of WHAT to write.
  194. Learning How to Write on Your Own
  195. What Are the Benefits of Tweeting?
  196. Great little piece on the perils of non-fiction fact-checking
  197. What's Your Favorite Type of Pen??
  198. Cell phones and overheard conversations
  199. Why do you write?
  200. Should fiction authors blog politics/current events/contentious issues?
  201. Breach of Contract?
  202. Amazon opening physical bookstores?
  203. Length of author reading event
  204. Got any Carpal tunnel tips??
  205. What is a "boutique press"?
  206. California cut state funding for libraries
  207. Perfect Writing Spot?
  208. How Incredibly Awesome is it when you Hard Copy your Entire Completed Novel?
  209. Guidelines for quoting an editorial review
  210. Can you tell when it's right?
  211. How do you decide?
  212. Does using a pen name really give you anonymity?
  213. For all us writers/geniuses (link fixed, pic visible!)
  214. Multi-sub question...
  215. Getcher free outlining tool here!
  216. John Locke's print distribution deal with Simon & Schuster
  217. Could a journalist’s “Inverted Pyramid” style be used to write a more effective synopsis?
  218. Using Song Titles in a Story (or searching for an alternative).
  219. Legal action against piracy company
  220. American distributor problems
  221. The 4th Wall
  222. Who do you write like?
  223. One way to ensure I don't want to read a book...
  224. Number of Author Copies
  225. How many books?
  226. A Writer's Curiosity
  227. Does Anyone Here Use Generators?
  228. The 30 Harshest Author-on-Author Insults In History
  229. Paramount Sues Puzo Estate over "Godfather" Sequels
  230. AMAZON PULLS 5,000 E-BOOKS...
  231. So, how do you celebrate that 'final' draft?
  232. Would James Joyce have used AW if it were available?
  234. secret printing of a book?
  235. Prized Possessions (also, “Hey buddy, don’t touch my pen.”)
  236. Who do you WANT to write like?
  237. Is there a possibility that relatives could be upset by this?
  238. Genre you just can't write?
  239. Can great writing really exist without Eric Cartman?
  240. Notebooks and Outlines and Drafts
  241. Literary Fiction Just Doesn't Do it For Me and I'm not sure why
  242. describe a book using an adjective (not genre)
  243. ISBNs
  244. Why Writers Need Publishers [Anthony Horowitz Article]
  245. Female to Male Writing: Similarities and Differences
  246. Question for debut fiction authors - platform?
  247. Longest submission time
  248. Self-publishing and trends
  249. When your WIP goes stale
  250. Dry Periods