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  1. When should I stop and consider there's something wrong?
  2. copyright violation?
  3. The lesser of two memoirs
  4. How delicately do you handle a memoir?
  5. Book Conventions and Writer's Conferences
  6. The writing life is a glamorous life... (Moved: Novels to Roundtable)
  7. Are Writers Cursed By Thinking Too Much?
  8. What genre do you stay far away from? (Moved from Novels to Roundtable)
  9. What genres would you attempt (Moved from novels to the roundtable)
  10. Creating a website: the payoff
  11. seeking advice for Plan B
  12. The great theme of 21st fiction literature is going to be...
  13. Australian publisher, agent and editors list...
  14. Wm. Shakespeare's Five and Twenty Random Things Abovt Me
  15. The starving writer diet
  16. Never Completely Trust Wikipedia
  17. The great title you've had no use for yet
  18. How long would it take...
  19. Neos...in Australia?
  20. What fields are on your agent tracking speadsheet?
  21. When you start stealing for your writing?
  22. Question for the masses....Or whoever feels like answering! :)
  23. Things you REALLY would like to add... but you can't
  24. Your next novel gets you a $1,000,000 advance.
  25. Still struggling with 3rd person POV
  26. Should books have a rating systems like movies do?
  27. A rather silly question (Using real name for fiction? Moved: Novels to Roundtable)
  28. Do I tell agent another agent said no after reading full m/s?
  29. I'm addicted to writing...when I am not writing.. I am bored!
  30. Long Term MRI of People Reading Stories... (Moved: Novels to Roundtable)
  31. Mad Anthony Writers' Conference-Ohio
  32. Did anyone get a spot in the James Patterson Chain Thriller?
  33. writing across the genre lines......
  34. Worth getting a pen name?
  35. Violence Against the Sexes (moved from BWQ)
  36. Final Survivors
  37. What is wire news?
  38. Books Sold?
  39. Do you want to be a famous bestselling author?
  40. web hosting recommendation
  41. Synopsis help
  42. Help identifying unconscious plagiarism
  43. website question rights question
  44. Keeping your sanity during the creative process (video)
  45. Anyone recommend a good book on building plot?
  46. Characters In Cartoons and Television
  47. Does anyone remember the name of that PA book that a bunch of AWers collaborated on?
  48. A racial question (personal relationships, Part 1)
  49. Music and other inspirations
  50. Comfort writing?
  51. Musician could've been a novelist?
  52. Another Copyright Question, but on artwork, not writing
  53. Translation sites
  54. Article - Q&A with Editors
  55. Submit In The Down Economy? Or Wait?
  56. how well your genre is selling?
  57. Have you revised your m/s after agent rejection on fulls?
  58. Another off the wall question from me.. (personal relationships, Part 2)
  59. Querying Multiple Agents for Multiple Projects
  60. Genre Question--Have I Been Querying the Wrong Agents?
  61. When history passes you by.
  62. A question about how much to reveal (perils of posting on the internet)
  63. Your Significant Other's Other
  64. Random Thread About A Pen Name...
  65. What Constitutes a *Legitimate* Publishing Credit?
  66. agents who do humor
  67. Finding your own voice...
  68. USPS Postage - Media Mail
  69. Feeling Emotions
  70. IN AVERAGE how much do you think a first time author gets in advance?
  71. Is everyone still submitting to agents, etc...regardless of the economy??
  72. Irish Writers take Note
  73. Merits of vanity publishers?
  74. The Slumped Shoulder/Flat Forehead thread
  75. Piggybacking off of slumped shoulders...
  76. Anyone know what language this is?
  77. How do you become a member of WGA?
  78. Bad friend = good writer?
  79. General Advice?
  80. Call the waaahmbulance; my finishing anxiety has just flared up something chronic
  81. Ten Commandments of a Happy Writer
  82. 'Tis a struggle, but sometimes you get paid in ways you don't expect
  83. Books to read to help you write
  84. A Question For Canadian Writers On Book Distribution In Canada
  85. Reaching Word Count Limit But Wanting To Write More
  86. Published Authors: Google wants to talk to YOU!
  87. A few words of appreciation
  88. Submitting First Chapter as Short Fiction
  89. Celebrating 10
  90. All These Changes....
  91. What does a "good" contract look like for a first novel? (moved to roundtable)
  92. Writer's Digest says Absolute Write best website for writers
  93. How Do You Sleep?
  94. Do you lose your inspiration muse if you stop writing for a while?
  95. In Person Critique group discussion
  96. Baker and Taylor Acq Corp on Bottom Rung
  97. What's Your 'Other' Job?
  98. Niffenegger's second novel sells -$5m
  99. Why Does The Villain Always Die But Never Change?
  100. A shout out to you...yes you.
  101. Question about payments
  102. Leap Year Birthday
  103. Most overused words of 2008-2009
  104. A Question About Submitting With Your Pen Name
  105. Fun Comic...
  106. The selling of advance review copies...yea or nay?
  107. A lesson in how NOT to write description
  108. How To Learn About Characters
  109. Help! How can I unblock images
  110. Can Books Change People?
  111. Sherlock Holmes and Jack the Ripper question
  112. Posting Novel Previews - How Much is Too Much?
  113. Ask the Newbie
  114. Do you do something silly to celebrate finishing a novel?
  115. Commonly used but incorrect words that bug you...
  116. ...So that's it? (Moved from Novels to Roundtable)
  117. Did you know that your computer can READ your book to you? (I didn't!)
  118. Time line to getting an agent
  119. ending contract, querying again
  120. A little good news for writers :)
  121. Lenders' Rights
  122. Don't Know How To Get Better
  123. Fantasy Character Name Pronunciation
  124. Little Successes Everywhere or Solitary Goal Focus
  125. HUGE eBook pirating site
  126. I'm Beginning To Understand Characters
  127. pros and cons of academic publishers?
  128. Ever had ideas that came to you in a dream?
  129. Letting your subconscious write for you.
  130. Contemporary Lit Nonsense writers
  131. Where do you buy your books?
  132. Do you have anyone to bounce ideas off?
  133. Looking for Opinions about Florida Writers Association
  134. Question
  135. editorial response to a status check / follow up with a "Thanks?"
  136. What's the best way to start an online novel writers' group?
  137. Are you doing the Writers Bureau course?
  138. How do you console yourself with food?
  139. Myspace for Writers?
  140. Maybe it's a sign
  141. Does music inspire you?
  142. Published author/unpublished writer etiquette
  143. addressing characters by name in dialogue...
  144. "How Kindle Will Change the World"
  145. Similar character names too confusing?
  146. Questions about Words & Numbers
  147. Pen Names?
  148. Caveat lector: the 10% miswording
  149. Clunky Wording, or Worthy Title
  150. Junot Diaz is coming to my campus! I'm so nervous
  151. Is this right?
  152. Do you have a 'comfort' book?
  153. Rejection
  154. Meyer's fanfic writer thinks copyright laws don't apply to HER.
  155. Kids can always make you laugh
  156. How long did your agent take to read your revised m/s?
  157. Crazy idea or what?
  158. When the author lies about his background
  159. Requested material, okay to attach file?
  160. Hoping to inspire or at least share the luv
  161. Expressing Yourself
  162. Readers wanting longer word counts?
  163. Determining Character Flaws/Traits
  164. Kindle=E-Books=Piracy...Is this the beginning of the end for books?
  165. Presents for Agents
  166. So how do libraries figure into sales?
  167. Realism
  168. Crossover Books - Agent?
  169. Quick question - publishing WIP excerpt in a school lit mag
  170. Curious what others think of Writing.com
  171. How Did You Create Your Pen Name?
  172. Pen names & interviews
  173. Where do all the fun writers hang out these days?
  174. Does anyone start off writing amazingly?
  175. Are writing conferences worth the money?
  176. How does one get a website?
  177. How many of you are now IRS Auditors? (Not what you think)
  178. Do I need this book?
  179. Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, anyone?
  180. Too many agents reading? Is this possible?
  181. Using real names for memoirs?
  182. Question for published authors
  183. Confidence Boost? Or shameful secret!
  184. Published authors, do you ever think, "Oh, I should have..."
  185. Get Free Books
  186. Question!
  187. Ideas are free?
  188. How do you deal with bad reviews?
  189. 0 - 1000 in sixty seconds
  190. Cataloging your home library -- this is WAY cool!
  191. Teen Authors?
  192. When does your best work come to you?
  193. Here we go again! Please wish me luck:
  194. Floating body parts
  195. Killing your characters & The George R.R. Martin method (Spoiler Alert)
  196. Studying with Successful ($$) Writers
  197. UK Agents?
  198. How Do You Deal with No Reviews
  199. If manuscript is requested, what to do?
  200. Nathan Bransford's Agent for A Day Contest
  201. CNN reporters seem to think I lost my copyright...
  202. Re-querying etiquette
  203. Self-publishing just for myself and friends
  204. The Brainfreeze Thread
  205. Literary anorexia -- owoo
  206. QueryFail/AgentFail/etc?
  207. Worthy Villain For A Hero
  208. Waiting for the next book in a series? What's your worst waiting experience?
  209. Hollywood villan factory
  210. Query Bloopers/Mishaps
  211. You know that book that as a kid you took out of the library over and over ?
  212. Authonomy.com?
  213. If I did it.
  214. Internet Killed the Library Star
  215. Article on agents
  216. amazon removing reviews by self identified authors
  217. Tricks for Helping Newbies, Increasing Crit efficiency, and things of that sort
  218. Faking Credentials
  219. How Useful Are Author Appearances?
  220. Amazon removing "adult" material from sales ranking
  221. Judges published in lit mag=self publishing?
  222. An Easter pet peeve
  223. I got a letter from some publicist. He can put my book in the Oprah show.
  224. When you've beta read a good story -
  225. My editor wants me to grow a new personality
  226. Nathan Bransford's Contest - De Goggles Do Nossing.
  227. Just how bad can a character be?
  228. About that Book Advance ...
  229. What exactly is character "angst" or wankst
  230. Writing under my own name?
  231. ARGH!
  232. Do you read new writers?
  233. Can Not Everyone Create Interesting Characters
  234. Reading influencing your writing?
  235. The event formerly known as #queryfail
  236. Why e-mail a partial? Why not e-mail full MS???
  237. Encouraging Frustration?
  238. Most Tragic Ending You've Ever Read (contains spoilers)
  239. Lost words
  240. Teacher suspended after writing fiction in which her pupils have fantasies with her
  241. Question on tagging terminology
  242. Agent Expectations ~ Judging Your Own Work
  243. Worthy Love Interest
  244. Has a work of FICTION ever changed your life....
  245. state of mind when writing
  246. When you quote people in your writings....
  247. (Hopefully) Helpful Article
  248. How do you know?
  249. Writing Rituals?
  250. Submission goofs