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  1. Possible mentor?
  2. Men and books about/by/featuring women
  3. Waiting...
  4. Book covers
  5. What makes a novel erotica?
  6. What kind of book cover do you like?
  7. technical mailing questions
  8. Websites / blogs / podcasts that inspire you as a writer
  9. What is Narrative Non-Fiction?
  10. How to write with distraction
  11. Round one... Fight hard? Or build up some momentum, THEN fight hard?
  12. Google Your Name!
  13. Exclusive Basis
  14. How slow is too slow?
  15. Definitions
  16. Great Storytelling-What Are The Ingredients?
  17. When do you stop?
  18. I have no idea what I'm doing
  19. Writing dreams
  20. Peculiar pronunciations
  21. Building Great Sentences
  22. Genre - one, two or more?
  23. Writing and Typing
  24. Is a dark mood problematic?
  25. Feedback--I craves it.
  26. Using a Dale Carnegie idea in queries: good idea or passive aggressive?
  27. An Article on Ghostwriting, by a Ghostwriter
  28. Secrets of book publishing I wish I had known
  29. Joining a Writers Group
  30. E-Paper for Esquire
  31. Odd requirement
  32. Working out and writing
  33. 2 Months to Come Up With Idea for Novel!
  34. Affected by your work...
  35. I am so sorry I didn't see the posts.
  36. Writing down your imidiat thoughts without disturbances
  37. When is it appropriate to ask the status of a requested partial?
  38. Musicals?
  39. Literary Agent: History Book MA
  40. How much work have you done for an agent?
  41. I'm at my climax! Whoo-hoo!
  42. Abusing friends, aka "when friends help you edit"
  43. Taxes/Write-offs in Canada?
  44. help
  45. How many publishers did your agent sub to?
  46. How do you recommend someone to your agent?
  47. How exactly do advances work?
  48. The Gurdjieff Thread
  49. What subjects won't you touch?
  50. Name Your Nemesis
  51. The Death of Reading
  52. Holy Censorship, Batman.
  53. How do you find a writer to recommend you?
  54. Looking to start a magazine.
  55. Is there an era you won't touch?
  56. Help me pick my writing name!
  57. How to revive a lousy story
  58. Dispute with Publisher
  59. Best small or mid-sized city for writers?
  60. Pseudonyms and the Internet
  61. Submission season
  62. Unsolicited?
  63. Not sure what to do
  64. South Carolina Writers Workshop
  65. Standards for Books vs. TV/Movies
  66. The great chick lit cover-up
  67. Writing routine ?
  68. Butt in Chair - Does this method hold water?
  69. Giving Up...
  70. Researching medical studies
  71. Who Likes To Research?
  72. Recommend me a recently published dystopian fantasy noir told in First Person POV
  73. Conference Question....
  74. British English, American English...
  75. Melbourne Writers Festival
  76. What is your favorite quote?
  77. insecure/arrogant
  78. What constitutes a good critique?
  79. Small changes
  80. How important is it to belong to a writing group?
  81. Does anyone feel like giving up??
  82. Why Do You Want To Be A Published Author?
  83. Writer's Market 2009
  84. Worst writing of 2008 - Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest
  85. Follow up from Agents
  86. If you knew that you would never be published...
  87. Where does your inspiration come from - Mine? Today from research
  88. "Sorry, we don't accept..." (Rant)
  89. Interesting article/blog
  90. Need Help With a Word (Not Yet Illegal)
  91. Writing classes or groups? (Morris County/New Jersey)
  92. What to wear to meet a prospective agent?
  93. I apologize- but how much do you make as a writer?
  94. Can a day job be too demanding?
  95. Do you clip passages and link them to your dreams?
  96. Online courses, anyone?
  97. How nitpicky are you about details?
  98. Am I allowed to do this?
  99. Day Jobs, Writing Routines & Sleep
  100. Loss and depression.
  101. Waiting game...first non-fiction submission
  102. Music that inspires you to write!
  103. Writing "proper English" on the forums (split from Published books in Novels)
  104. Really Strange Experience.
  105. Self worth /validation
  106. Who can I trust?
  107. What would you do if your Most Precious Manuscript vanished
  108. Writing Full-time
  109. Writing a first draft
  110. Getting contract, now terrified!
  111. Free promotion opportunity
  112. The Incomparable Wayson Choy Talks about Writing.
  113. Publisher looking for people to sign fake autographs on books
  114. Writing class question....
  115. A question for you all
  116. A Publishing Dictionary
  117. What's in a Name?
  118. Is a recollection a flashback?
  119. How funny is this?
  120. Motifs
  121. Fast or slow beginning?
  122. Nielsen Bookscan
  123. Writing classes
  124. My love for great stories, versus my inability to tell them.
  125. Literary Coitus Interruptus
  126. Myths and mythology
  127. Are you completely loyal to your genre?
  128. Good critique vs. no critique
  129. XMLWriter
  130. anybody recognizes this?
  131. Can fiction be good without some element of romance?
  132. My book is on Google docs? Would it still be published?
  133. How many hours would you spend on writing each day if you had a choice?
  134. Everyone Has a Story (Today Show)
  135. Organisation tips?
  136. Twisted
  137. AutoCrit?
  138. How Did Newspaper Journalists Used To Write "The End?"
  139. Your proofreading and editing
  140. Bestsellers in numbers
  141. The Unphotogenic Art Form
  142. Word counts
  143. double revisions?
  144. My writing career is over. I bought a kitten.
  145. Lost interest in my revisions - help!
  146. First time Publishing
  147. Why Agents Call
  148. taking risks with my writing
  149. Exclusives to Editors
  150. Stephenie Meyer's Midnight Sun leaked
  151. Show, Don't Tell - Why Don't The Greats Play By The Rules?
  152. Every Writer's Worst YouTube Nightmare?
  153. Reviews and Libel
  154. Glimmer Train
  155. Prologues and Introductions
  156. Publishing Credit - Journal Defunct
  157. I've become nagged by "good writing."
  158. What's In Your Online Writer's Toolbox?
  159. I'm Incredibly Discouraged
  160. Amazon Sales Rank -- Used vs New
  161. Writing and College?
  162. A big mistake
  163. S Meyer Twilight book release delayed
  164. If only they knew!
  165. Please help!!! I desperately need your thoughts now.....
  166. Let's talk about "preachy" books.
  167. What would you do?
  168. Playlists for Novels
  169. Literary Festivals
  170. Let's Talk Politics...or Not?
  171. Generating ideas on the fly
  172. Strunk & White in the Washington Post
  173. Did you ever decide not to read a book because...
  174. Clock in, Clock out, to write.
  175. Where did my post go?
  176. Letter to a young contributor
  177. Would this count as parody?
  178. Why $21.95 and not $65
  179. An Open Letter
  180. Computer shuts down- your day's work is lost.
  181. Man, I am good!
  182. Speech About Writing To Kids
  183. JK Rowling and Harry Potter Lexicon
  184. What questions should I ask?
  185. Paying to enter a contest?
  186. What's Your Writer's Group Like?
  187. How can a book that starts like this become a best-seller?
  188. Commercial-friendly MFA programs?
  189. Writing: a narcotic? (Moved from Novels to Roundtable)
  190. Natural Writers
  191. Book Pricing
  192. SASE question
  193. Usage Of Prologues/Epilogues - What's Your Take On Them?
  194. Writer's Conferences/Workshops
  195. Copyright?
  196. Ever asked to be on a panel - Or, any advice on how to bring up money?
  197. People (authors included) learn
  198. New SF/F Imprint
  199. Editing to Perfection
  200. Naming chapters- are they spoilers?
  201. Query Letters That Got An Agent
  202. Coming up - my first experience of a writer's group
  203. Please wish me luck!
  204. Empathy for characters
  205. Southern Festival of Books
  206. What hardware do you use?
  207. Writer David Foster Wallace found dead at home
  208. Have you queried before completing the WIP?
  209. Visually Impaired? Free Screen reading Programe.
  210. You are told to cut-what do you remove?
  211. Music when you write
  212. Putting Together My Google Book Library
  213. Query workshop?
  214. What are you anxiously waiting for right now?
  215. How much do you care about the characters?
  216. Data Management?
  217. A dual query?
  218. A bit of inspiration for you (Twilight thoughts, moved from Novels to Roundtable)
  219. psuedonyms (Moved from Novels to the Roundtable)
  220. Don't ask, don't tell? (The age version)
  221. Typos
  222. How do you find writing groups in your area?
  223. A question for published authors - cover blurbs?
  224. Just got a $2500 deal- feel really miserable
  225. Everything I Write is a Cliche!
  226. cover dreams...
  227. Where the hell are you supposed to start?
  228. Anyone use an Alphasmart?
  229. Need Some Advice (Thinking of giving an 8th grader Ender's Game to read...)
  230. Do you get annoyed with description in fast-moving scenes?
  231. Is description a dying art?
  232. Trends and What's Hot in your genre
  233. Quality vs Speed
  234. How to send a STAMPED self addressed envelope to another country?
  235. Multilingual viewpoint character
  236. Check received with contract?
  237. Does anyone have a reliable source for statistics . . .
  238. Please help with genre
  239. Is the economy affecting you as a writer?
  240. The WIP graveyard
  241. Depicting and Developing Insanity
  242. Great Article in New York Magazine--The End
  243. Does anyone get Deal Lunch?
  244. Questions for beta readers, some writing book...
  245. Do you use a pen name?
  246. International Collaborations -- Legalities, agents, etc.
  247. Economic Meltdown and Publishing
  248. RIIA Judgment Overturned
  249. The Time is Write website
  250. Industry Info