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  1. Should the Patriot Act be renewed?
  2. Alabama Bill Targets Gay Authors
  3. Creationism/Intelligent Design/Evolution
  4. robeaie, jill and others of a philosophical bent
  5. From Russia With Love
  6. More on (or is it moron?) polls
  7. Bush's Climate of Fear
  8. Bill Clinton rips apart fox news
  9. Proposal for the Ulimate Survivor Game
  10. I discovered an unbiased news source!
  11. Creepy?
  12. Cia analysis...
  13. So how's that ad campaign working for you, Angelides?
  14. Basic Current Events notes and ground rules...
  15. media fueled rumor: Colorado school shooter researched his victims on Myspace
  16. Still Crazy After All These Years
  17. Voter I.D.
  18. The harmony of SCIENCE and RELIGION
  19. Here's a crazy question--
  20. Hobbesian Manifesto...of an economic sort
  21. Read this: recently read books on political theory and current events
  22. Marijuana and lung cancer
  23. Foley...
  24. Shooting at Amish One-room Schoolhouse
  25. Trend: Are school shootings becoming more frequent?
  26. Who has the right to tell me...
  27. Cheerleading coaches dismissed over smiley face
  28. Car gets ticket after lines are painted under parked car
  29. Nice going, Secret Service and Cheney
  30. My favorite news item of the day
  31. Do We Really Need a President Anymore?
  32. Who got the most right?
  33. Pray for our President not on him!
  34. Leave it to the Aussies
  35. The Stuff of Stories - Ig Nobel
  36. It's a Good Thing We're Getting those WMDs in Iraq...
  37. John Mark Karr in the News Again
  38. Runaway Bride Returns to News
  39. Mother Tries to Sell Son to Pay for Wedding Dress
  40. Mother put babies in freezer
  41. Bad news for Bloggers
  42. Deny Armenian Holocaust, Get a Year in Prison
  43. The rats continue leaving the ship
  44. Birds and Bees may be gay- a museum exhibition
  45. I hope the surpreme court overturns this one!!!
  46. social worker killed, baby kidnapped.
  47. Harry Reid
  48. Cracker Barrel Lawsuit
  49. the texas elections
  50. From the "I don't think that word means what you think it means" Department
  51. Youth League Games Forfeited Because of Angry Parents
  52. Rush criticizes MJF
  53. Yet another epiphany
  54. Happy Halloween, All
  55. Why does Al Queda, Iran, North Korea, Palestinians and Jihadists want....
  56. N.J. Court Opens Door to Gay Marriage
  57. Kid Gets Stuck in Vending Machine
  58. This week's good news
  59. This Woman Needs to Be Thrown In Jail Already
  60. Wisconsin considering ban on gay marriage.
  61. Rush criticizes CCR
  62. "It's Not The Economy, Stupid."
  63. dirty politics -
  64. Kosovo Rekindled
  65. Fiction and Politics
  66. Where does Humanity end and PC begin?
  67. Free Press?
  68. Kerry Insults Troops or Misspeaks?
  69. OK, that's it, I'm eating a steak
  70. Someone IS Intercepting and Reading Your Emails
  71. Yup, the Good Ole U.S. of A. is the one with the poor Freedom of Speech
  72. Good Bye Huck Finn
  73. almost election time....
  74. Yet another one
  75. Man Escorted Out of Gym for Grunting
  76. Homer Simpson running national security
  77. Another hypocrite
  78. The Saddam Verdicts
  79. Unemployment at a Five Year Low!!
  80. An election insight
  81. Unfair, I know, but I cannot resist
  82. Silence called for on CIA prisons
  83. Open Letter to My Democrat Friends From William H. Thrilly7th
  84. Watchdog... or Attack Dog?
  85. One of my Favorite Authors of All Time: Orson Scott Card
  86. A Democrat Who (-se Political Campaign) Doesn't Suck
  87. Go Vote
  88. Gaffer's Official Election Returns Thread
  89. Island Politics
  90. Help me understand: Why are people so threatened by gay marriage?
  91. Congratulations, Democrats
  92. The Official 2008 Presidential Election Thread
  93. What is the absolute first thing the democrats MUST work on...
  94. Rummy's Out
  95. Excellent article re: political advertising
  96. Interesting....
  97. Let's All Take A Deep Breath
  98. Republican Election Fraud in Ohio, 2004
  99. Reminiscent of actions taken against the Jews by the Third Reich
  100. Son Of Sen. Bill Nelson Arrested In Downtown Orlando
  101. Americans, we the rest-of-the-world hug you.
  102. Are you being monitored?
  103. Dems Take Senate
  104. Media Bias Question
  105. Yesterday's news
  106. Unleash The Iraqi Army?
  107. Britain Spy Agency Tracking Terror Plots
  108. Iraq says civilian death count 150,000
  109. Dick Cheney, Flip-Flopper
  110. Massachusetts Judge Settles Dispute
  111. Joe Lieberman election a big "middle finger" to the Dems
  112. C.bronco Up to No Good
  113. Iran - The Bell Tolls for Thee
  114. Chad Conrad Castagana, right wingnut job and anthrax suspect
  115. Burrito: Sandwich or Not?
  116. It's about to get Ugly for The Democrats
  117. Why We Lost: An Indepth Analysis of America's Top to Bottom Failure in the Iraqi War
  118. This subsection needs a catchy acronym
  119. Is Iraq the new Vietnam War?
  120. U.S. commander warns against Iraq cutoff
  121. humankind's evolutionary proclivity...
  122. CNN's Beck to America's 1st Muslim Congressman...
  123. Dear Mother of God... I'm Glad We're on Their Side
  124. George W. Bush goes to Vietnam
  125. Kudos to Bill O'Reilly
  126. some cartoons to brighten your day
  127. Is this your patriot act?
  128. The lies that are not meant to deceive
  129. The grapes have really gone sour
  130. The True Legacy of Arafat
  131. The Rangel Draft
  132. Your Manifesto
  133. Go home, go big, or go long
  134. Girl walks away from murder eating sandwich
  135. Billy... Pray for Kramer. :(
  136. Probation for Elderly Driver Who Plowed into Crowd
  137. I don't give a hoot whether this has been going on for 200 years it still stinks
  138. bringing back rule of law?
  139. K-Fed to "Write" a Book
  140. Peace talks for Baghdad
  141. Judith Regan explains
  142. The Law of Land Warfare, FM 27-10
  143. Oops. Didn't mean to keep an eye on you Iraq War protesters
  144. For all you warriors of truth: Free play
  145. bottle of water $2. getting thirsty kids to chase you 6 blocks in a desert. priceless
  146. some questions about Israel
  147. More brown people suspected of not being white.
  148. Thanksgiving Wishes - TIO/CE Style (with carrots)
  149. Can't Lindsay Lohan afford an editor?
  150. Is it rape if the woman is drunk?
  151. Shame! Israel Rejects Truce
  152. Are some nations more equal than others re. their fair share in Afghanistan?
  153. when did peace become offensive
  154. ID in UK schools
  155. Activists urge boycott of the 'N-word'
  156. Beyond speechless
  157. Convince me....
  158. Fairfax to place restrictions on feeding homeless
  159. Jews run everything: The meme that never dies...
  160. Why do Conservatives Give More Money To Charity than Liberals?
  161. Why do aliens hate america?
  162. Knock me over with a feather!
  163. Are you Left-Wing or Right-Wing, or is there such a thing?
  164. Spinmeister Spinmeister Spin me a web
  165. Should Yusuf Islam Take the First Step in Uniting the West with Islam and...
  166. U.S. rethinking Iraqi unification goal
  167. Look for the sign that says:
  168. War Memorial: Yes or No
  169. John Bolton Out - Sad
  170. Congratulations, Mr. President
  171. World's Finest Chocolate Bar Tapped for Clinton Fundraiser
  172. Rainforest Status: Saved
  173. Native American Sovereignty is bunk.
  174. The next big issue in the United States?
  175. The Feel Good Film of the Year
  176. Reality Sets In - Democrats Bailing from Iraq Campaign Promises
  177. officials have systematically underreported the violence in Iraq
  178. James Kim
  179. Get your tinfoil beanies ready!
  180. I'm sure he doesn't REALLY mean this either....
  181. Iraq report
  182. Mother has son arrested for unwrapping Christmas gift early
  183. Eat the Rich
  184. "Flatulence forces plane to land"
  185. What a couple of grifters!
  186. How to speak republican/democratic--a glossary
  187. My daughter's teachers view on terrorism. (It's scary!)
  188. Garden of Eden Restoration
  189. "Don't Tell Mama, I'm for Obama"
  190. Jeane Kirkpatrick Dead at 80
  191. Palestinian PM: "We will never recognize Israel"
  192. Another Awesome New Weapon
  193. Fiji: Thrilly/Clary's kind of coup?
  194. Language, Intent, Offense [WARNING: ADULT discussion of specific, graphic words
  195. US Secret Service Spied on Di
  196. Pinochet Dead
  197. A real bad story
  198. The worst Government in the world
  199. Kofi's Goodbye
  200. Bah Humbug!
  201. Stupid question... [Iraq]
  202. Iranian Student Heckle Ahmadinejad
  203. A troubling issue with freedom of speech
  204. Offensive to Asians?
  205. A completely unscientific experiment
  206. "The baby will be here in two weeks, let's get a Pit Bull!!"
  207. Different Party - Same Dumbasses
  208. Olmert's Oopsie
  209. What's in YOUR Stew?
  210. Peanut Gallery for Writing Style Experiment
  211. Update on Darfur
  212. Bushmen have right to return to homeland
  213. Get Well Soon, Senator Johnson
  214. Was my "Cluepon" a bad post?
  215. Midwest Serial Killer?
  216. Senator Johnson Suffers Stroke (D-SD)
  217. Don't ever piss off Michael Crichton
  218. Save wildlife: be an insurgent.
  219. Mike Nifong: Evil D.A.
  220. Not a friend of Democracy
  221. Duke rape victim: Stripper just had a baby, 9 months AFTER the rape.
  222. The Neocons who were for the war but are against the war
  223. Mirror Mirror
  224. Jeb Bush Suspends Executions
  225. Historic change in Japan; WWII era over?
  226. Judith Regan canned
  227. Whoo Hoo for those Chicks! Congrats!
  228. China's Cookin. . . .
  229. 2008 Ins and Outs and Shake-It-All-Abouts
  230. Russians Making A Stand
  231. India Has Killed 10 Million Girls in 20 Years
  232. Belgium Pulls an Orson Welles
  233. Time Person of the year was....
  234. When should we intervene in another country?
  235. Cease-Fire, Civil War, Coup? Who knows...
  236. U.S. Expats Giving Up Citizenship to Lower Taxes.
  237. TIO regulars: WIP 30-day word count
  238. Corruption
  239. And, America's top cash crop is...
  240. Capitalism never sleeps...
  241. Let's just negotiate, it'll be fine.
  242. The dangers of trying to help
  243. Bono Angry with Democrats
  244. Houston-area rapist preys on men
  246. US Military Can o Worms Thread
  247. True community spirit. Town rallies to support what's truly important.
  248. FBI Releases files on John Lennon
  249. "Illegal Immigrants Do Jobs Americans Won't Do"...
  250. Oh, Sandy... So much for the claim...