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  1. This space for rent
  2. DNC chair heckled with calls for more debates
  3. RIP Jackie Collins
  4. Anonymity and the PickUp Artist
  5. Could Fiorina Win the Republican Nomination?
  6. A NC Cop comes face to face with the man who tried to stab him 1 year later
  7. Young man takes down hate preacher in the most Scottish way possible
  8. US Soldiers told to ignore child sexual abuse in Afghanistan
  9. British politics NEVER fail to deliver... NSFW!
  10. Oh, Volkswagen -- What Have You Done To Us?
  11. Not a Joke: Saudi Arabia Named Head of UN Human Rights Panel
  12. New price on an old medication
  13. And Walker is out the way he came in...tepidly.
  14. This Teacher Is Sinister
  15. Gil Fulbright for President!
  16. A new look at the 1st GOP debate.
  17. Westminster Abbey archeology
  18. Happy Public Domain Day To You!
  19. How Much Do You Know About World Poverty?
  20. R.I.P. Yogi Berra
  21. Putin and Obama...Together? Against Islamic State?
  22. Haaj Stampede near Mecca
  23. It's not often that I want to cheer for violence...
  24. Trapped in the System: A Sick Doctor’s Story
  25. Boehner to resign from office.
  26. Why there are criminals
  27. Mars Mystery Monday - P&CE Edition
  28. Catalonia votes to go it alone - possibly breaking up Spain
  29. Good Samaritan shoots crime victim in head. Flees.
  30. Animal group beat up disabled French homeless man, steal his puppy
  31. Dear Mr. Dick, It's not a pre-cog. It's a computer.
  32. Russian Air Strikes in Syria
  33. Planned Parenthood Head Cecile Richards Testifies In Front Of Congress
  34. Oklahoma postpones executing innocent man (but only because they ordered the wrong f*cking drug)
  35. So what do we think of the impending - Peeple? (It's basically Yelp for rating the people you know.)
  36. Alabama closing driver license offices in majority black counties
  37. Mass shooting at Oregon community college
  38. Did Kevin McCarthy Just Shoot Republicans in the Foot?
  39. First Western hooks...er..companies welcomed in Iran
  40. U.S. bombs Doctors Without Borders hospital in Afghanistan
  41. 11 year old kills 8 year old over puppy
  42. It's 2015, Not 1915, Right? Female Reporters Barred From Locker Room By AN Usher.
  43. Tennessee County Wants To Opt Out of God's Wrath
  44. AI with IQ of four-year-old
  45. Feel the Bern? Hillary Clinton drops support for TPP
  46. Good News: Pizza Delivery Driver Changes Homeless Man's Life
  47. Ben Carson wouldn't follow his own advice
  48. Fort Bragg restaurants required to use paper plates
  49. "Me, too!" says Pluto
  50. Would you Rather? – Political Edition
  51. Former Republican Staffer Accuses Benghazi Panel of Partisan Investigation
  52. Have Mainstream Magazines Reached a New Low?
  53. RIP Jerry Parr
  54. The Biden Scandal. Sort of. Maybe. I don't know, you decide.
  55. Texas students protesting lax campus gun laws by carrying, uh...
  56. Chris Christie: "I am tanking in the polls, so here's me promising WW3 with Russia over Syria"
  57. So Much for Judicial Temperament
  58. Rock On, Socialism!
  59. Democratic Debate
  60. Gun control for the benefit of cops
  61. Southwest Airlines Goes Above and Beyond
  62. Huge Sex Trafficking Sting.
  63. NBA player cleared of charges against NYPD
  64. NSA Facility Bombed by Drone
  65. Alien Megastructures Found Around Distant Star?
  66. Obama again delays Afghanistan troop drawdown
  67. Google Book Scanning Upheld on Appeal
  68. RIP Ken Taylor, Canadian ambassador to Iran in the Canadian Caper Incident
  69. A Different Kind of Traffic Stop
  70. Data Model Predicts Republican Winner for 2016 Presidential Election
  71. One More Reason to Love Australia
  72. I'm not saying it's zombie...
  73. 3-D printed railgun.
  74. Trivial Tuesday -- fun satire from The Onion
  75. And Webb is out.
  76. Serious Criminal Justice Reform Coming?
  77. School shooting, even when there isn't one
  78. Joe Biden Announces He Will Not Run
  79. Netanyahu UnGodwins Hitler
  80. Cory Wells, R.I.P.
  81. Texas Inspector General raids Planned Parenthood
  82. Sanders beats Trump, but Trump beats Clinton
  83. Bill Introduced to de-regulate firearm silencers and suppressors
  84. More Justice System Sanity
  85. And another one bites the dust.
  86. Hold tight, Mexico.
  87. When Malcom X and Martin Luther King turned their communications to social media
  88. Oh, Germaine Greer, No! (Feminism and Transphobia)
  89. Pedophile Culture
  90. Jeb: staking a more central position or entitle brat throwing a fit?
  91. Chris Christie Has News Story Written About Him
  92. States Suing to Halt Clean Power Plan
  93. Rubio isn't a quitter, but he's quitting.
  94. WHO Declares Bacon a Carcinogen
  95. Let's all mourn for China's bachelors
  96. A Takedown in the Classroom
  97. SXSW cancels Gamergate panels due to threats
  98. Another Religious Rights Issue
  99. Hobby Lobby - laws apply to us only when we want them to
  100. Poets latest to be snared in Iranian hard-liners' crackdown
  101. The unofficial official 3rd Republic Debate discussion thread
  102. House passes budget deal. Net cost: One Speaker.
  103. China Ends One Child Policy, but...
  104. Lesbians Arrested for Kissing + Police Brutality
  105. NYT: Hillary Clinton Comes Out Against Abolishing the Death Penalty
  106. 20 Years Ago: The Referendum
  107. Halloween Costumes and Offensiveness
  108. Black Lives Matter protesters interrupt Hillary rally
  109. Halloween Asteroid!
  110. Russian Plane Crash in Sinai: No Survivors: Possible ISIS bomb
  111. The 3 letter word that you should not say.
  112. Islamic fantatics chop up some more writers and a publisher
  113. Obama to put boots on the ground in Syria
  114. Hillary calls out Bernie on Sexism.
  115. RIP Fred Thompson
  116. Duncan Campbell Scott's Grave Plaque edited
  117. Guess what, y'all? Jeb can fix it.
  118. Guess Which Presidential Candidate Is Running on Tax Simplification and Deregulation?
  119. President Carson
  120. Illinois Police Officer Who Was Gunned Down Actually Committed Suicide
  121. Bernie Sanders Wants To Let States Decide the Marijuana Issue
  122. State trooper delays telling children of parents’ death, takes care of them on Halloween
  123. Chile: Poet Pablo Neruda might have been killed
  124. NFL was Paid by Military for "Patriotic" Halftime Shows
  125. She Got Her Phone Back and She Didn’t Even Shoot the Guy
  126. Man dies of tapeworm cancer (not lunch safe)
  127. Democratic Candidates' Forum
  128. Louisiana policemen arrested for killing six year old, boy's father critical
  129. FOX News Raw: Bill O'Reilly vs. George Will
  130. Kansas Tax Cuts Lead to Financial Crisis Instead of Growth
  131. We may have smart guns soon
  132. Muggle isn't really a muggle if you're American
  133. Black Missouri Tigers' Football Players Go On Strike
  134. Tempest in a coffee cup
  135. The Quite Literal Death of the White Working Class
  136. Riots on Christmas Island
  137. Teacher engorged new controversy with student
  138. Insane Anti-gay Pastor Hosts Republican Presidential Hopefuls
  139. It's the 4th Republican Presidential Debate Thread!
  140. Alabama 8 year old charged with murder
  141. Chick-Fil-A sponsors LGBT Film Festival...on purpose...
  142. One Solution to Homelessness
  143. Utah judge takes foster child from lesbian couple
  144. The Secret Service: who is vetting these turkeys?
  145. Attack in Paris restaurants
  146. Kurdish Military, With Some Help From the US, Has Freed Sinjar From ISIS
  147. Attack in Beirut.
  148. Love Goes On: The weddings start Monday in Ireland!
  149. The Democratic Debate of Saturday, November 14th
  150. Paris Essays
  151. Finally, Lebanon bombing also gets a mention
  152. Deleted (older news)
  153. pastafarian allowed to wear colander in driver's license photo
  154. At least 23 Governors Refusing to Accept Syrian Refugees
  155. Charlie Sheen announces he is HIV-positive
  156. On the Heels of Peterborough Hate Crime, Another One Hits Toronto
  157. RIP PF Sloan
  158. From Toronto's City Hall to Hamilton's City Hall
  159. 13-year-old kills would-be burglar
  160. We switch our attention to Hanover.
  161. Is dislike against illegal immigrants a hatred for a race?
  162. Bobby Jindal Lands With a Thud
  163. It's Not Descrimination, It's Culture Fit
  164. FBI Director Reiterates Call For Encryption Backdoors
  165. Ethics Professor Found Guilty of Sexual Assault Wants Conviction Set Aside.
  166. Roanoake Mayor thinks Syrians should be put in internment camps like the Japanese-Americans
  167. REALLY Stupid Criminal Time
  168. Texas once again makes my head hurt
  169. Having Kids or Being Childfree: The Controversy
  170. Goodbye, colistin (hello, total antibiotic resistance)
  171. Gunmen attack Mali hotel, take 170 hostage
  172. Trump's Wall Would Keep More Mexicans In Than Out
  173. A very French response to mark the one week that's gone after the Paris attacks...
  174. John Kasich Goes Off the Rails or on a Narrow Rail?
  175. Bush-Reagan Debate on Illegal Immigration 1980
  176. Higher "Education" Jumps the Shark
  177. Saudi Arabia Sentences Palestinian Poet To Death For Apostasy
  178. Russia publishes incompetently forged letters to try to frame gay activist as US agent
  179. Brussels on lockdown over "serious and imminent threat"
  180. Time Magazine 2015 Person of the Year prediction
  181. US police now confiscate more assets than thieves and burglars
  182. Rat Evolution
  183. Crimea in State of Emergency After Apparent Act of Sabotage
  184. Eco-Catastrophe: Brazil Mine Sludge Kills Entire River, Headed for South Atlantic Turtle Grounds
  185. Belgium, we love you (trigger warning - cats)
  186. Our Racists Are Better Than Your Racists.
  187. Donald Trump - Nuts? Troll? Hallucinating?
  188. "Any free country in the world" -- former residents of 3 nations in hunger strike at Greece's border
  189. Turkey shoots down Russian Warplane
  190. Canada to turn away single men as part of Syrian refugee resettlement plan
  191. IS militants claim hotel attack that killed seven in Egypt's Sinai
  192. Shooting at BLM protest in Minneapolis
  193. Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently - News from Raqqa
  194. Koch Intelligence Agency
  195. DNA analysis: London has had racial, ethnic diversity since its founding
  196. They want to join the Boy Scouts.
  197. Laquan McDonald: Shot Oct 2014 by Police. Officer Charged Nov 24, 2015
  198. Mutant Mosquitoes Could Eliminate Malaria
  199. Judge denies Sherri Shepherd's plea to get out of surrogacy contract
  200. What's a terrorist look like?
  201. Bernie's Gone Phishing
  202. Turkey arrests editors over reports Ankara supplied weapons to Syrian fighters
  203. Superfriends
  204. Active shooter in Planned Parenthood, Colorado Springs
  205. Another day and another protest in the US...of Renoir?!?
  206. "Americans Don't Disagree on Politics as Much as You Might Think"
  207. Twitter. Looking to help out a mom.
  208. University of Chicago Under Gun Threat
  209. an example of things getting out of hand
  210. Inequality and Geography
  211. Body terrorism ain't real and nobody wants us to kill ourselves
  212. When pity becomes illegal - Canadian woman faces 10 years in prison for giving pigs water
  213. December 1 is World AIDS Day
  214. Woman migrant worker to be stoned to death in Saudi Arabia
  215. Chris Christie's Scientific Advisor: His Feelings.
  216. Fascinating Office of Strategic Services analysis of Hitler's behavior
  217. Another shoot-up at a health centre in San Bernadino, California
  218. TRIGGER WARNING: Rape? Not Rape?
  219. Republicans Allowing Terrorists To Buy Weapons
  220. Racism of a Different Stripe at Mizzou
  221. Detroit Police Chief's Comment After Pit Bull Attack: Seeing Too Much?
  222. Sexual preferences and racism
  223. ISIS wants you to hate and revile Muslims
  224. NY Times breaks with tradition and publishes front page editorial calling for gun regulation
  225. Triple Suicide Bombings in Chad Kill at Least 27, Police Say
  226. What happens when frat boys can see inside your daughter's window.
  227. Triple Suicide Blast Kills 15, Injures 130 in Chad
  228. President Obama To Address Nation Over Terror Threats
  229. Hillary Clinton Calls for 'Hard Look' at Visa Waiver Program After San Bernardino Shooting
  230. How Stoya took on James Deen and broke the porn industry's silence
  231. Meanwhile, over in London: stabbing "a terrorist incident"
  232. Lindsay Graham blasts current GOP field
  233. R.I.P. Holly From Miami F. L. A.
  234. Children staying at a home with a gun
  235. Did you read any positive news lately?
  236. Fox News: Obama is a "P**** Who Doesn't Give A S***
  237. The Supremes: Second Amendment Doesn't Protect Assault Weapons...
  238. Inquiry in to the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women to be announced today.
  239. Scalia's Thoughts on Affirmative Action
  240. Tom Brokaw Commentary
  241. Why education does not fix poverty
  242. Lovely Tim Minchin and MND
  243. The future is here. Tokyo launching flying robot wars in the sky!
  244. National Geographic names the Virgin Mary as the most powerful woman in the world...
  245. Islamic State seizes Unesco heritage site in Libya
  246. U.S. Marine Claims 'Trans Panic' Attack, Murders Trans Filipina, Gets Wrist Slapped
  247. French Elections: 2nd round - Le Pen wins... nothing
  248. GOP Debate Episode 5: The Donald Awakens
  249. All 900 Los Angeles Schools closed due to a multi-campus threat
  250. Obama Changes Stance on Assad