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  1. CVS pulls tobacco products from stores
  2. Wasserman Schultz Knifes Scott Walker in the Nuts...
  3. Just Throw Away The Key
  4. Good news on the financial sector front
  5. Joan Rivers Dead at 81
  6. North Carolina was wrong about Henry McCollum, and so was Antonin Scalia
  7. US Appeals Court Rules WI and IN Same-Sex Marriage Bans Unconstitutional
  8. Leading Flu Researcher in Italy Accused of Selling Virus
  9. The Self-Aware Ant
  10. Al-Shabaab Terror Group Leader Killed in U.S. Airstrike
  11. plane forced to land in Iran
  12. Slender Man strikes again.
  13. H. Norman Schwarzkopf passes at age 78.
  14. Franklin Delano Roosevelt passes at age 63
  15. Estonian Officer "Abducted"
  16. Brussels Jewish Museum Shooter was QSIS/ISIS torturer of Fr & US journalists
  17. Jack the Ripper is...
  18. Obama out Reagans...Reagan
  19. O! O! Fourth one in line is a-comin'!
  20. Big bang and crater in the capital of Nicaragua.
  21. Baltimore Ravens Release Ray Rice
  22. Obama's ISIS Strategy
  23. School Year off to a Great Start!
  24. One of the boats of Franklin's Lost Expedition discovered
  25. Enterovirus hospitalizing children in Midwest
  26. Whitey Doesn't Live Here Anymore
  27. Telepathy just around the corner?
  28. Local Shooting Threat
  29. Senate Advances Amendment to Overturn Citizens United
  30. US Air Force: All must swear to God or get out
  31. Man Bites Dog
  32. Why the worst governments in the US are the local governments
  33. Arm the Women!
  34. The Non-Reality of Social Media
  35. Yeah, no. Screw this job.
  36. RUOK Day
  37. When travelling into the US, carry as little money as you can.
  38. Student tackled by officers over cell phone tells her side of the story
  39. Is Jim Webb the Anti-Clinton?
  40. Urban Shield
  41. Manchester Dogs' Home
  42. Ian Paisley has died
  43. Rob Ford steps aside in mayor race, Doug Ford steps in
  44. In the same vein as CVS and tobacco, pharmacist in Nova Scotia pulls all sugary drinks.
  45. Push to make being a bad parent a crime
  46. Oh Georgie, what have you done this time?
  47. I always cry at weddings.
  48. Ugh, I can't stand this guy (Sanford)
  49. British Aid Worker David Haines Executed by ISIS
  50. Judge Fired for Outing Charlize Theron Adoption
  51. Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt
  52. CPS to mother: Do not let your children play outside.
  53. Possible good news in Russia - at least in terms of GLBTQ rights
  54. A new source of opposition that could destroy the Republican Party
  55. Drive-thru funeral visitation
  56. #GamerGate
  57. Harper sneaks through Canada-China FIPA
  58. The Lessons of Prohibition - Round Three
  59. Satanists plan to send materials to Orange County schools
  60. Okay, things just got real...
  61. Libertarian Paradise founded - implodes immediately
  62. M16's and grenade launchers in schools?
  63. The grim task of dragging the Red River
  64. Police Attack Protestors in India
  65. Scottish Independence Referendum
  66. Active Shooter at Sky Harbor Airport
  67. How not to fight an epidemic in your village
  68. Congress Goes Home Early
  69. Boys-only Hasbro promo puts personalized 3D faces on superhero dolls - but left out women
  70. The "Houdini Suicide" of Victor White
  71. The KY Write In candidate.
  72. It's time for another outrageous story of injustice from Texas
  73. THIS Was A Good Idea - H.S. Rape Photo 'Joke'
  74. Does the punishment fit the crime in this school situation?
  75. Post Sydney-Dawn-Terror Raids
  76. School district: our landmine-proof armoured personnel carrier is not a tank
  77. Jeffco Colorado - Teacher's "Strike"
  78. Russian planes encroach on airspace of US, Canada, and others
  79. School Uses Girl as Rape "Bait;" Fails to Stop The Rape
  80. Girl in Cage, With Dog, in Bed of Pickup. Endangerment?
  81. September 22: Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation
  82. Confessions of an ex-ISIS member
  83. How to Leave Your Job With Class: "F*ck It. I Quit!"
  84. US launches airstrikes against ISIS (QSIS) targets in Syria
  85. Political Trivia, or "Who'd'a thunk it?"
  86. Here's to you, Miss America
  87. Three-Breasted Woman
  88. A Homemade Approach to Unemployment
  89. Congress targets welfare recipients with the "Needs not Weed" act
  90. What "Life Begins at Conception Laws" look like in action
  91. Backlash at Emma Watson for Gender Equality Speech at UN
  92. Fan-Fic-in' for Jesus?
  93. Canadian House of Commons Specials
  94. Deborah, last of the Mitford girls, dies
  95. Navajo Settlement Largest Ever to Any Single Tribe
  96. Trial of Marathon Bombing Suspect to Remain in Boston, Judge Rules
  97. Trooper Fired and Charged After Shooting Man Reaching for His Wallet
  98. State Responds to Lawsuit: Woman Contributed to Her Own Rape
  99. Holder Stepping Down
  100. More Than 100 Muslim Clerics Sign Letter Condemning ISIS
  101. White Trooper Shoots Unarmed Black Man - Trooper Fired, Arrested, Go SC?
  102. And the rich get richer . . .
  103. Boobs on the Ground
  104. FBI: your smartphone data is too private
  105. John Scalzi on Twitter
  106. China and the US decide to do nothing at latest climate change summit
  107. Teacher threatens students with killer robots, gets $92k and "glowing letter of reccomendation"
  108. Today's Alaska earthquake
  109. Anti-Bullying Video, But Is There Bullying?
  110. Beheading in Oklahoma
  111. What Would You Do If Pulled Over?
  112. The Federal Reserve - Lapdog to Goldman Sachs
  113. AQ does a drive-by on US embassy in Yemen
  114. Traficant Dead in Bizarre Tractor Accident
  115. Dozens feared dead near volcano...no, not Iceland
  116. Ebola a national security threat?
  117. Pro-Democracy protests in Hong Kong rattle Chinese government
  118. Woman 'fooled' into thinking her baby daddy was premiership footballer
  119. {RESULTS} 11/4/2014: Does the GOP Take the Senate?
  120. Mississippi inmates incarcerated indefinitely without being indicted
  121. Racist Fired After Protesting Mexican Flag to Homeowner
  122. They have come for your uncool niece...
  123. Suspect In Missing UVA Student Case May Be Serial Killer
  124. Is homework beneficial?
  125. Ebola case in Dallas.
  126. The Public Screw-Ups of the Secret Service.
  127. Kim Jong-un fractures his ankles
  128. The Weather Channel announces new names for 2014-15 winter storms --and YOU can vote on the "W" name
  129. Dickens' Dickery Docked: Doctor Wronged Righted, Rae Remembered
  130. ComputerCOP: keylogging that considers the children
  131. "Jailed Cop Killer Invited To Speak At Goddard College, Prison Chief Is Outraged"
  132. Happy Birthday, Jimmy!
  133. Scalia on the Constitution's view of religion
  134. Nicholas Sparks: Monster?
  135. 2022 Winter Olympics: Norway bows out
  136. Alan Henning beheaded by ISIS
  137. Judge orders Guantánamo Bay force-feeding videos to be released
  138. Missing Child Found After 12 Years
  139. Coup a-brewin' in DPRK?
  140. Sociopolitical aspects of Ebola
  141. Baby Doc Dead
  142. Is it a guy thing?
  143. Federal Court Upholds Texas Abortion Clinic Restrictions
  144. Ben Affleck and radical Islamists and also Sam Harris and Bill Maher.
  145. Dad Calls 911 When Ex Punches Girlfriend
  146. Supreme Court Sidesteps All Pending Equal Marriage Cases
  147. Jury Selection Process before the Supreme Court of Canada
  148. When trolls are exposed.
  149. 7th Heaven Star Confesses to Child Molestation
  150. Adobe's Digital Editions 4 reportedly scrapes ebook info from users, uploads it to Adobe
  151. The face of Mars
  152. Yet more collateral damage in the War On Drugs
  153. Unrest in St. Louis After Police Officer Shoots, Kills Man
  154. DEA Created a Facebook Profile for a Woman to Lure People
  155. China takes America's place as nation with largest economy
  156. If you like WONDER . . .
  157. Malala Youngest Nobel Peace Prize Winner in History of Prize
  158. Voter I.D. laws struck down in Wisconsin, Texas
  159. Media Mysogyny and Rape
  160. Soylent Brown is poople.
  161. On the elegance of presidential speeches
  162. Texas Teen Kills Mom With a Hammer, Defiles her Corpse
  163. Thousands of Spiders Chase Family From Their Home
  164. Five year old forced to sign "no-suicide contract" in school
  165. Mercy student wins Best in Show at Harvest Home Fair
  166. Live Tweeter from Kobani
  167. Florida man arrested for credit card "fraud"
  168. Is the Supreme Court a massive disappointment?
  169. Schools maybe show they are finally getting serious about severe bullying?
  170. All German Universities are now tuition-free.
  171. Amazing Viking treasure trove discovered in Scotland last month
  172. RYFW when the W has apparently gone insane?
  173. Ebola in Boston?
  174. R U Going to Hell?
  175. Harlan Ellison suffers stroke, partial paralysis
  176. Ok. Um... wow.
  177. "Benveolent" Stalker
  178. Stand Your Ground Laws and Domestic Violence...
  179. Senate Democrats surrender fight against GOP Leader McConnell
  180. Haskins Gets Green Light to
  181. The Medium Dictates Discourse
  182. The Murder That Won't Be
  183. Public Stuffed Animal Masturbation
  184. Man Killed by Camel in Mexican Wildlife Park
  185. Breaking News: Bees v drones
  186. Charlie Crist Rick Scott Debate Becomes "Fangate"
  187. John Grisham: Prison penalties too harsh on guys who watch child porn
  188. What's worse than being a drug user? Being an atheist drug user...
  189. The Dark Side Wins Again
  190. Man in charge of reviewing Australia's English curriculum is cartoonishly racist bigot
  191. US tourist gets trapped inside London bookstore
  192. Ex-GF Wanted to Ruin Him. Did She Leave Anything Out?
  193. And... Wyoming now allows gay marriage!
  194. Occupational Licensing vs. Privacy
  195. Different kind of hurt locker.
  196. Chicago Police Kill Teen Armed With A Knife
  197. Ben Bradlee Dead at 93
  198. CNN Bemoans Voter Apathy... and Covers a Presidential Kiss
  199. Canadian soldier shot at war memorial in Ottawa and shots fired in Parliament Hill
  200. Conflicts in Russia Today
  201. Cop scuffles with kid over gun, doesn't shoot him
  202. City raccoons are smarter than rural ones
  203. Mid-October back in '66
  204. Man attacks police in Queens NY with hatchet.
  205. Car in Montreal. . . hunting rifle in Ottawa. . . hatchet in New York City now.
  206. When abundance of caution goes awry - ebola
  207. Seattle area School Shooting
  208. Chiefs hanged in 1864 Chilcotin War exonerated
  209. Frank Mankiewicz, 90, Press Aide to Robert Kennedy and NPR Chief, Dies
  210. This one hurts... Jack Bruce dead at 71
  211. It's been a rough week for cops.
  212. Elon Musk: "AI is akin to Summoning the Demon"
  213. University of North Carolina's academic scandal grows
  214. Uruguay's fascinating president prepares to leave office
  215. Next Off Q: Jian Ghomeshi and subsequent sexual assault/harassment cases
  216. Fox News: Voter Fraud in Colorado (cue laughter)
  217. TRIGGER WARNING: Afghani Child Rape Victim Confronts Rapist
  218. Could non-citizens decide the November election?
  219. Life without parole might "breach their human rights."
  220. Australia bans travel from Ebola-hit countries
  221. Jose Canseco Shoots Off His Finger
  222. FBI created fake Seattle Times Web page to nab bomb-threat suspect
  223. Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are right
  224. 10 Hours of One Woman's Being Harrassed in NYC, Filmed
  225. Airsoft rifles, Facebook pictures and the Homecoming Dance don't mix.
  226. Rest in Peace, Mayor Menino
  227. Man Missing for Five Days "Just Went For a Walk"
  228. So, China is getting a little crazy, eh?
  229. Social issues are now taking a backseat
  230. Canada imposes visa ban on three Ebola-hit countries
  231. WaPo: Poor kids who do everything right don’t do better than rich kids who do everything wrong
  232. A fun/interesting investigation for P&CEers! Um...I hope. :)
  233. Do bad reviews have a "right to be forgotten?"
  234. Virgin Galactic accused of ignoring warnings SpaceShipTwo was unsafe
  235. Obama's message regarding SAHMs
  236. Arizona Censors Biology Textbook
  237. Conservative? Liberal? The Brain Reveals All.
  238. Edmonton Piano Player
  239. Death With Dignity Advocate Brittany Maynard Dies in Oregon
  240. Black humor or . . . ?
  241. U.S Marine Sgt. Tahmorrissi Released From Mexican Prison
  242. "A lament for the closing of the American mind"
  243. RIP Tom Magliozzi
  244. The I-voted-and-I-need-to-tell-everyone check-in thread
  245. Relax—Both Parties Are Going Extinct
  246. When roses just won't do.
  247. The Peculiar Unrestricted Access (Which is your countries' "Second Amendment"?)
  248. Midterms Provide New African-American Political Firsts
  249. Drug Legislation
  250. Hope For The Next Generation