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  1. Former Senator Howard Baker Dies at 88
  2. Supreme Court Sweep Against Recess Appointments
  3. Father Finds Out Missing Boy Found While on Nancy Grace
  4. Obama seeks $500 million from Congress to help moderate Syrian rebels
  5. Rand Paul: "The War on Drugs has a Racial Outcome"
  6. We all need to know what happens to dogs in parked cars
  7. RIP Bobby Womack
  8. Jorge Luis Borges on Soccer
  9. What do you do when the useless nanny won't leave?
  10. Finally
  11. GOP Candidates - The Gift of Comedy That Keeps Giving (Okla. Rep. Primary Edition)
  12. 100 Years ago to this day, The Black Hand throws Europe into the Great War.
  13. Facebook running involuntary psych experiments
  14. Arizona-New Mexico Earthquake
  15. Incoherent Foreign Policy, Inherent in Democracy?
  16. Corporations not just people, but RELIGIOUS people now [Hobby Lobby]
  17. Orange you glad this isn't your nanny?
  18. Oklahomans elect a robot for Congress!
  19. Dystopia Face Off: Orwell vs. The Jenner Sisters
  20. Bodies of three kidnapped Israeli teenagers found in West Bank
  21. Byelections in Canada - Liberals gain one seat
  22. Japan sheds pacifist constitution, gives military more powers
  23. Why guns everywhere isn't such a good idea...
  24. RIP Walter Dean Myers
  25. Alleged gag order at refugee camp on US-Mexican border -- threat of arrest if doctors talk to press
  26. Microsoft's New Service Agreement
  27. MaydayPAC aims to get Big Money out of U.S. politics (yes, they embrace the irony)
  28. 'Why'd You Shoot Those Majestic, Sometimes Endangered Animals?' 'For Conservation!' ...
  29. Why Gorbachev?
  30. Ikea funded Romanian secret police: report
  31. Meet the Caliph
  32. 67th Anniversary of Roswell Event
  33. Putin Is a Di-, I Mean a Star!
  34. Ohio Man Uses Kickstarter to Make Potato Salad
  35. Smoking in Maryland can get you fired
  36. Neo-Luddism: Our Only Way Forward.
  37. National Park Service calls development plans a threat to Grand Canyon
  38. My own rape shows how much we get wrong about these attacks - by Richard Morgan TRIGGER WARNING
  39. We hold WHICH truths to be self-evident? (Does the Declaration of Independence ... have a typo?)
  40. shooting incident in houston, shooter cornered in car, live feed
  41. Caption me: Obama-Perry edition
  42. Dad Killed Toddler, Mom Helped Bury Her?
  43. Uh-oh. Yellowstone road melts
  44. A Brief History of the Corporation - 1600 to 2100
  45. Abstinence-only sex-ed being taken to the Human Rights Commission by mother and daughter (Canada)
  46. And to think we all thought we'd licked the Y2K computer bug for good
  47. Tsunami Warning in Japan. Here We Go Again?
  48. Should Spielburg be accountable for the animals that die in his movies?
  49. Given 15 minutes alone in a bare room, would you be bored or do this?
  50. "Does nobody see what's going on here?"
  51. Cool YouTube channel: funny, hyper-fast digests of everything you ever wanted to know about the USA
  52. And the award for WTF of the Year goes to two very important governmental agencies ....
  53. Last of the Ramones passes on...
  54. Video of teen bullying -- can anyone translate? (German? Austrian? Belgian?)
  55. I may have just saved a life.
  56. Author of U of T study says dyslexic children should be screened for physical abuse
  57. 1,500 Year Old Skeleton of Down Syndrome Child "not treated differently at death"
  58. How DARE you be fat and happy
  59. Fun in sunny Magaluf
  60. How Capital Captured Politics
  61. Harrassment by Women in a Men's World
  62. Police NON-Violence
  63. C of E to have women bishops.
  64. Archie's Demise (Spoilers)
  65. Craziest cyber-bullying case ever?
  66. The Internet: Where Cop Killers Congregate
  67. Mom Arrested for leaving 9 yo in park
  68. 98 yr old kicked out of her home.
  69. Nobel laureate Nadine Gordimer dies.
  70. Dad Claims Kingdom to make 7 Year Old a Real Princess
  71. The most dangerous guns
  72. Federal Judge declares California Death Penaly Unconstitutional
  73. MH17 Malaysia airlines plane shot down over Ukraine
  74. 25th anniversary of the B-2 Spirit planes
  75. Israel starts Gaza ground offensive
  76. PC Police Inhibition
  77. Elect "Honest" Gil Fulbright in the Kentucky November elections for US Senator
  78. NYPD kill asthmatic father with chokehold
  79. Hand-Picked NC Poet Laureate Calls it Quits
  80. Extraterritorial law. WTF? Is this serious?
  81. South Carolina is in favor of reelecting Lindsey Graham (something in the water maybe?)
  82. Ban the Box movement - good idea or bad idea?
  83. RIP James Garner
  84. Detroit Police Chief Explains Crime Drop
  85. How We Live Now: UK Immigration Edition
  86. And now, for something a little on the lighter side
  87. Ask Hillary Clinton - on Twitter. in Live.
  88. Letter from an old bartender to his younger self = commencement speech fodder
  89. The wages of greeeeeeeed
  90. Casey Kasem's body is missing
  91. George Harrison Memorial Tree Killed by....Beetles
  92. 9 Unbelievable Facts You Didnít Know About Federal Courts
  93. Tyler Durden Returns!
  94. The Ten Unhappiest (and Happiest) USA Cities
  95. Arizona Botches Latest Execution
  96. The Secret Gov Rulebook for Labeling you a Terrorist
  97. Broad Discussion of Police Use of Force
  98. Good news from Sudan
  99. Because porcelain dolls aren't creepy enough on their own...
  100. Shooting at Psychiatric Clinic
  101. Could a Plagiarism Charge Help Determine the Senate's Balance of Power?
  102. Middle East Landmarks destroyed
  103. Speaking of plagiarism, Benny Johnson fired from Buzzfeed
  104. Dear Charity, You must not prevent poverty but relieve poverty. Sincerely the CRA.
  105. Canadian Clinic: No Non-Whitey Sperm for Whitey
  106. US House of Representatives banned from editing Wikipedia following disruptive changes to pages
  107. Boko Haram Strikes Again
  108. You Are Now Entering the Demented Kingdom of William T. Vollmann
  109. Bel Kaufman Dead at 103
  110. A "conspiracy theory" lead worth investigating
  111. U.N. Security Council demands humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza
  112. The Sarah Palin Channel
  113. Prepare for Nuclear Winter
  114. When Spoken To By A Uniformed Cop, Do You...
  115. Wanna break into your neighbor's house? There's an app for that!
  116. I'm not saying it's aliens...
  117. The latest in TRAP laws?
  118. Rep. Gifford wants better gun laws to protect women
  119. Would Walmart workers do this for their CEO?
  120. Outsourcing protestors
  121. McDonalds to be held liable for franchises
  122. House Votes To Sue President Obama
  123. Turkish women defy Deputy PM's 'don't laugh' comments
  124. Boobs vs. Guns
  125. Is "slope" a racist word in the UK? --Television censors say it is
  126. C.I.A. Admits Penetrating Senate Intelligence Computers
  127. Ginsburg plans to stay on court for 'a while'
  128. teaching about homophones is part of 'the gay agenda'
  129. Now They're is a case of Reel Homophonia!
  130. So that ceasefire didn't last long.
  131. Thawing permafrost creating large craters in Siberia.
  132. Some good news from Africa.
  133. Port Authority Claims Ownership of NY Skyline
  134. Will we begin terraforming Mars soon?
  135. In Search of the Conservative Artist
  136. Welcome to USARMY LLC
  137. Florida Judge Orders Congressional Map Redrawn
  138. Experimental Drug Given to American Ebola Patients
  139. How'd ya' like to have a "Hoffa House"?
  140. Someone who needs a course in Idioit.101
  141. Everyone I Know is Brokenhearted
  142. Hotel Review Policy: Love us or $500 fine.
  143. Kurdish Pushmerga given order to remove IS militants
  144. New book for kids: My Parents Open Carry
  145. Tool for Political News Readers
  146. "Democrats are [...] waging a war on whites."
  147. The Universal Hot/Crazy Matrix -- Everything a young man needs to know about women
  148. Insurance Company Pays in Buckets of Coins
  149. The Apple Pie Guy
  150. Back to Iraq?
  151. Police Officer causes an accident. Victim is arrested.
  152. Why you should stop believing in evolution
  153. What is this world coming to? -- half naked and drunken school teacher edition
  154. The Dating Market: Anarchy in Action
  155. "Gamers know what to do"
  156. A murder committed over the course of three decades?
  157. And this week's award for "Greatest City in the World!" goes to the citizens of Perth, Australia!
  158. Are Liberals Killing Art?
  159. Australian couple leaves Down syndrome baby with surrogate mother, takes healthy twin
  160. Surge in Meat Allergy Across U.S. Due To Tick
  161. nevermind
  162. St Louis County - Police Officer Fatally Shoots 18-Year-Old (Michael Brown)
  163. Improving condoms through nanotechnology.
  164. Put Down the Cupcake: New Ban Hits School Bake Sales
  165. Clinton Contra Obama
  166. Robin Williams Dead at 63
  167. FOXNews out unclassed by ABCnews
  168. If They Gunned Me Down...
  169. And now Lauren Bacall...
  170. Jewish group asks French government to change name of the hamlet "Death to the Jews"
  171. Iranian woman wins Fields Medal
  172. Startling news: US policy is formed with zero concern for the wishes of US citizens
  173. Fox News Resident Psychiatrist: First Lady Could "Stand To Lose A Few Pounds"
  174. LBJ's 'Daisy' campaign ad for a new generation.
  175. Civil Lawsuit After Police Push Paraplegic From His Wheelchair
  176. Viking Ship Found on the shores of Mississippi (FAKE NEWS)
  177. Deleted
  178. The NYT's James Risen and Obama's Threat to Journalism
  179. Rick Perry Indicted
  180. Oh no. Not Sir Cliff!
  181. The Scourge of Internet Fight Videos (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)
  182. Police Militarization Is a Problem the Left and Right Can Agree About ó and Solve
  183. wiki-freedom?
  184. Ireland: No abortion for suicidal young rape victim, forced premature c-section delivery instead
  185. Deputy dumps paralyzed man out of wheelchair
  186. How to communicate when the Internet goes down? New Off-Grid App and Hardware
  187. Saudi Arabia ramping up executions, torture, surveillance, and secrecy
  188. Structured recess
  189. NY Post Trolling? "Hey Ladies - Catcalls Are Flattering! Deal With It"
  190. Police Officer op-ed: 'if you donít want to get shot...just do what I tell you.'
  191. ISIS beheads journalist, James Foley
  192. Iceland volcano threat
  193. Alaska - the Dan Sullivan state
  194. Black helicopters over Twin Cities--don't worry, it's only a drill.
  195. Global morality poll unfortunately shows how far the world is lagging on gay rights
  196. Remember the rich kid with the "affluenza" defense?
  197. US pastor who pushed for "Kill the Gays" law on trial.
  198. What matters if you live in Alaska
  199. In more Alaska news, a Good Riddance
  200. Iceland grieves
  201. While we're talking police militarization, let's see exactly who's been militarized (database)
  202. Suspicious Couple Tries to Get In to OB-GYN Mom/Baby Section
  203. Another Baby Left In a Hot Car
  204. Oh yeah, by the way... Russia's begun its invasion of Ukraine
  205. Israel's refusers
  206. Texas police chief shot dead during traffic stop
  207. Strongest Quake in 25 Years Strikes CA Bay Area
  208. QSIS, not ISIS
  209. MA SWAT Teams Are Private Entities
  210. Monkeyís selfie cannot be copyrighted, US regulators say
  211. RIP Sir Richard Attenborough
  212. The $3.2 Million Dollar Comic Book
  213. The collapse of Bloc Quebecois
  214. Poet Known As The 'Lioness Of Iran' Dies At 87
  215. Inversion, Fast Food Style
  216. Failed British rapper guy identified as Foley's executioner
  217. American killed fighting for ISIS
  218. ESPN: Gay Player Doesn't Shower With Teammates!
  219. 9-year old accidentally shoots instructor with Uzi
  220. The Precautionary Principle: Fragility and Black Swans from Policy Actions.
  221. TV Show "Cops"Crewmember Killed In Police Shootout.
  222. A mystery from the woods of Maine has been solved: North Pond Hermit captured after nearly 30 years
  223. Things Not To Wear
  224. Pseudonym = Alias?
  225. I really like Mary Beard
  226. Sister Of Boston Marathon Bomb Suspects Arrested - For Bomb Threat
  227. Tennessee Cops Out for Blood
  228. Evidence of sea level rise on the Eastern coast of U.S.
  229. ISIS
  230. What is going on in Philadelphia? A whole lot of Civil Forfeiture, that's what.
  231. The War Against Sociology
  232. Texas National Guard Relying on Food Banks
  233. Iowa Republican admits to being paid to support Ron Paul
  234. Police Officer makes shoplifting arrest and buys some groceries while she's at it.
  235. Firefighters' Random Act of Kindness
  236. Arrest rate in California Senate higher than rate in all of state's largest cities
  237. It Pays to Treat Employees Well
  238. A Potential Private Sector Solution to CO2 Emissions?
  239. Finally, proof libertarians are really marxists
  240. Lessons learned by Israel from the Gaza War
  241. And people wonder why I don't use the Cloud...
  242. Girl Beaten on Playground
  243. Guns don't kill people . . . . .
  244. Top Gun Rights Group Backs White Supremacist's Supreme Court Case
  245. What Policing Should look like
  246. ISIS beheads second American
  247. Strange Bedfellows - Grover Norquist and Burning Man
  248. Mother Pleads Guilty to Trying to Kill Herself and Autistic Daughter
  249. Federal judge upholds same-sex marriage ban in Louisiana
  250. DFW High School Miscarriage = Crime?