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  1. That "Black Friend" of Yours Isn't Real, Right?
  2. Obama administration backs prayer at local government meetings
  3. First Ginger (=Redhead) Pride Walk in the UK
  4. (TRIGGER ALERT) Eddy Shah, newspaper founder: underage girls can be at fault for sex with adults
  5. Healthy polar bear starves to death in Norway; probably first of many
  6. Another gag order: Lavabit shuts down, can't say why
  7. If We Could "Cure" Down Syndrome, Should We?
  8. UK Guardian editorial lauds The Doctor as good TV for children(after pedophile scandals & recession)
  9. The Raisin Outlaw Of Kerman, Calif.
  10. Former email provider for Snowden gets issued gag order, then retaliates by shutting themselves down
  11. Victims recovered in FBI's recent child sex-trafficking sting may go to jail
  12. Tennessee judge changes baby's name to Martin
  13. No more mailman at the door under U.S. Postal Service plan
  14. Is it racism or do they just hate the President? (Missouri Fair Clown Edition)
  15. Study finds religious people are less intelligent than atheists
  16. "Whitey" Bulger Found Guilty!
  17. Medical oddity in the news (and a great big WTF): Infant in ICU due to spontaneous human combustion
  18. Things Australia Does Better Than America
  19. Rape Culture as Taught to Athletes... (TRIGGER ALERT)
  20. More siblings = less divorce? Seriously?
  21. Another Thread On College: Why One Fellow Thinks We Should All Be English Majors
  22. Eric Holder: Rethinking the Drug War™
  23. Kiss privacy goodbye thanks to private enterprise
  24. Feinstein wants to limit who can be a journalist
  25. Egypt's pro-Morsi protest camps bulldozed, scores dead
  26. Doctors Without Borders throws in the towel after 22 years in Somalia
  27. Meet the Olinguito, the fruit-eating raccoon
  28. Russia's antigay law
  29. Concord, NH police dept. seeks to acquire tank-style vehicle; retired USMC colonel speaks against it
  30. Charlie Stross on the NSA's biggest problem...
  31. Bud is beverage of choice for ER visitors
  32. Unintended consequences: Nuisance property laws mean abuse victims lose homes if they call the cops
  33. A Treat for Camus Fans and Other Types of People
  34. And it starts: Mississippi jails woman for stillbirth
  35. Ya gotta love the dangling modifier
  36. Supreme Court: Not answering police's questions can be used as evidence against you at trial
  37. Trying to save bookstores
  38. Louisiana Rep. Surprised There's More Than One Religion
  39. To Brighten Your Day
  40. Medical Marijuana - Time has come today
  41. Swedish women don headscarves in show of solidarity with Muslim assault victim
  42. Won't you be my neighbor? Trigger warning.
  43. Secret Tax Proposals?
  44. Random shooting
  45. The "tyranny" derail
  46. R.I. P. Elmore Leonard
  47. UK Government uses high-handed tactics against Guardian over Snowden documents
  48. The sheep have spoken! Mass gathering of unified sheep at political rally in NZ. (Yes, it's a joke.)
  49. Family evicted after mother killed by gunman
  50. Party of Small Government strikes again..
  51. Another school shooting, this time in Atlanta. Was it maybe an attempt at suicide by cop?
  52. About that "meta-data" and "only emails sent out of the country"...
  53. The Human Trafficking Market of Duluth, Minnesota
  54. DHS employee preaches race war and anti-gay conspiracies
  55. Parti Quebecois to propose a ban on religious symbols on public employees
  56. Intern at Bank of America dies after working for three consecutive days
  57. More of Richard Nixon revealed
  58. Bradley Manning: "I am Chelsea Manning. I am female."
  59. A New Drug Possibly Mimics the Effects of Exercise
  60. Legal Reference Links
  61. Who Shot Trayvon Martin? Paula Deen Did It!
  62. School faced with ruff choice.
  63. Spain angles to start taxing sunlight
  64. William T Vollmann, Unabomber Suspect S-2047
  65. Sweeping Up the Homeless
  66. MLK's Gay Civil Rights Advisor
  67. Public Accomodation vs. Free Speech
  68. 50 years ago, a great man had a wonderful dream.
  69. US Moves Closer to Syria to Make Preparations for a Possible Missile Attack
  70. Windows 8 is the NSA's backdoor into your computer -- German Gov't
  71. Apparently Jim Crow is alive and well in Charleston
  72. UK: More parking and more car traffic will save town centers from teh interwebz and superstores
  73. For Canadians only: abolishing the Senate
  74. Drive-thru prostitution in Zurich
  75. A personal matter between Australia's representative in Taiwan
  76. Horribly abused child "reclaimed" by love and support
  77. 21 Measles Cases Linked to Megachurch in Texas Paster: "vaccines" or "faith" are equivalent options
  78. Miley Cyrus Blurs Line at VMAs
  79. Did he miss the end of the movie?
  80. TRIGGER ALERT: Wonders and Evils in India
  81. Transgender Woman Dies After Beating in Front of NYPD Precinct
  82. More Louisiana Republicans blame Obama for Hurricane Katrina response than do blame Bush
  83. Teacher gets 30 days for raping 14 year old
  84. SOPA's Back (Or at Least in Part)
  85. You can easily become a target of homosexual propaganda.
  86. Kim Jong-un allegedly has ex-lover executed
  87. Austrian scientists grow tiny human "brains" from stem cells
  88. Lack of Cultureable Diversity Makes You Fat
  89. 3D Skyping TBA
  90. MetaThread: Cyrus vs. Assad
  91. Old guard vs. new guard in Al. GOP Showdown
  92. Cory Booker's Imaginary Friend
  93. is worth 1,000 words – cartoonist illustrates famous commencement speech
  94. Possible explanation of (most of) the current North American wildfires: terrorism (?)
  95. The Advantages of Being A Corporation: Unnamed Bank Reposesses Wrong House
  96. Let's hear it for the IRS!
  97. Australia is having an election (like you care..)
  98. RIP, Seamus Heaney, age 74
  99. How many class action lawsuits can we be in...
  100. Justice Ginsburg to perform same sex marriage.
  101. Does "International Law" permit the U.S. to intervene in Syria's Civil War?
  102. Is this surveilance camera video real? Not a staged fake? (And what has she been smoking?)
  103. R.I.P. Sir David Frost
  104. Human Trafficking PSA
  105. Love at First Sight?
  106. Tommy Morrison: ex champ dead at 44
  107. Meanwhile, in the waters off Florida (Diana Nyad is amazing.)
  108. Happy Labour Day
  109. Malala Yousafzai - this is good news
  110. British attitudes to war in Syria and the 'special relationship'.
  111. This is a bit odd..... reflection
  112. The Physics of 9/11
  113. An instance of decency on both sides in WWI
  114. Donald Rumsfeld wins the Olympic Gold Medal for Chutzpah
  115. Turning a blind eye
  116. Cleveland kidnapper commits suicide
  117. Five New Salinger Works to be Published
  118. NEA, NEH budget crumbs slashed 49%
  119. Sometimes we forget the power of books....
  120. Stabbing at Spring Tx, High School
  121. UN wants US to (finish) review(ing) the Trayvon case
  122. Ohio State ER may be renamed after Abercrombie and Fitch
  123. Real Sports Are So Old Fashioned
  124. Worst job interview ever!
  125. NSA winning its war on encryption
  126. A Bad,Bad Day(trigger warning)
  127. Germany is having an election (like you care)
  128. Would you like melamine with your chicken?
  129. Here's a Christmas present I have to run right out and buy
  130. Happy Meal!
  131. Suspected spy released only to be killed and eaten
  132. The student loan bubble is starting to burst
  133. Kiwis kick butt today at the America's Cup race -- USA team left to eat their dirty wind
  134. A Truck Decal or a Epic FAIL? (trigger warning)
  135. Fear, Panic, get prepared, the ice is coming....
  136. Fox News and Greta Van Susteren get kudos
  137. Australia's asylum-seeker issue just got more awkward...
  138. Another exploited intern thread (this time: Radio industry)
  139. The FBI kept its own notes on 'dirty old man' Charles Bukowski
  140. Do organized sports belong in US schools?
  141. R.I.P. Cal Worthington
  142. Historians Give Barack Obama a B-
  143. Couple starves and exposes child they adopted from Ethiopia *trigger warning, abuse*
  144. *TRIGGER ALERT* Child Bride Dies
  145. Ivy League = Less Student Debt?
  146. US income disparity between top 1%, everyone else, widest since 1928
  147. Wanna buy a book? $15 mil MIGHT do it.
  148. 14 Principled Anti-War Celebrities We Fear May Have Been Kidnapped
  149. 250,000 Bks DUMPED!
  150. Colorado Recall: not a good sign for the future
  151. First they took brontosaurus, Pluto, and the taste regions of the tongue. And now they've come for..
  152. The Patriarchy Is Dead
  153. Youngest Author Ever Shortlisted For The Booker
  154. Pope Francis reaches toward Non-Believers with one word: Conscience
  155. Fox's Neil Cavuto ponders if conflict in Syria is a sign of Second Coming of Christ
  156. The Value of Women in India? [TRIGGER WARNNG]
  157. Pastor Terry Jones planned on burning a Qu'ran for each victim of 9/11; arrested first
  158. Fire Destroying Seaside Park Boardwalk
  159. Welcome to the panopticon! (the good side of it, this time)
  160. US Consulate in Afghanistan Attacked
  161. The two million biker ride. No coverage?
  162. Russia attacks the US. US responds.
  163. Possible Aids Breakthrough.
  164. I Hope She Wins
  165. Voyager leaves solar system and enters interstellar space
  166. Tennessee pastor lives as homeless person for several days before preaching incognito
  167. UN urged to swat UK for penalizing poor for spare bedrooms
  168. Ding Dong.
  169. Acid attacks spread to resort towns in Africa; priest and female tourists burned
  170. Ok, I'm moving to Jersey...
  171. The debate over mandatory waiting periods.
  172. Survived Car Crash. Killed by Cop
  173. House GOP attempting to cut food stamps by $40 billion, depriving six million American families
  174. Third Afghan female cop shot and in critical condition, presumed paralyzed
  175. As of this morning, last nuclear plant in Japan shut down
  176. Was Salinger Too Pure For This World?
  177. Larry Summers Withdraws From Fed Consideration.
  178. At least 12 dead, possibly 2 shooters at Navy yard
  179. Stop Blaming The Zoo
  180. Superbugs: overuse of antibiotics creates three highly dangerous infectious agents, CDC warns
  181. Racists are really angry that Miss America isn't white
  182. Things you don't argue about: Politics, Religion, and Immanuel Kant
  183. At Least The Judge Gets It
  184. Gun at White House? Nope just a moron with a firecracker.
  185. U.S. Household Incomes: A 44-Year Perspective
  186. A Small Bit of Good News
  187. Girl, 14, Abducted in Home Invasion
  188. Time to reprogram your DVR
  189. The Thought Police: Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, and Jurisprudence
  190. Frappes, Lattes, and Guns - Oh my!
  191. $650 million to be spent on benefits for illegal immigrant parents in LA County
  192. talk about a cheap drunk
  193. Like.
  194. Electronic Health Records Requirements and Confidentiality
  195. RIP Ken Norton
  196. FBI: Chicago passes New York as murder capital of U.S.
  197. Road rage: Flipped-off? Cussed out? Tail-gated? New study says more likely a women.
  198. Cancer? Robo-Maggots will eat your brain!!!
  199. Paedophiles amongst us? Here are the warning signs.
  200. Greece: Protests after Left-Wing Activist Murdered by Suspected Neo-Nazi; Rise of Nazism in Europe
  201. Is this seriously legit?!
  202. PA police chief suspended after using government resources to film video where he decries liberals
  203. I Went to Congress and All I Got Was A Lousy $172,000!
  204. California college limits free speech
  205. How to cause a prison riot in one easy move.....
  206. Need your faith in humanity restored?
  207. Sexism in Debates
  208. North Carolina school district bans Ralph Ellison's "Invisible Man" from reading lists and libraries
  209. Beer Belly.
  210. Analysis of the Legacy of Slavery on Southern Political Attitudes
  211. Declassified: 1961 North Carolina H-Bomb Near-Disaster
  212. Al Shabaab Mall Massacre
  213. Venezuelan news - toilet paper
  214. "Future Londoners"?
  215. The Thomas Friedman Op/Ed generator
  216. Just for fun, Carpet maker sues cosplayers.
  217. Moved posts about M/F Privilege with a side of grooming
  218. RIP Kofi Awoonor
  219. She should stay or should she go?
  220. Kids suspended for playing with toy guns while not at school.
  221. The face behind the battle against the Toronto SARS Outbreak makes after-death plea for euthanasia
  222. AIG CEO Feels Lynched
  223. Fake Online Review Crackdown
  224. President Obama to the UN: The "world is more stable than it was five years ago."
  225. Ted Cruz Stands for Liberty, Freedom and the American Way
  226. Church of Football
  227. Popular Science permanently disables reader comments...
  228. Congo charcoal line
  229. Ayn Rand Movie Producers Need Your Money to Make Ayn Rand Movies
  230. The most plausible culprit so far identified as Jack the Ripper
  231. Corporal Punishment in Schools
  232. To comment on youtube, you need Google+
  233. How many country constitutions can you read?
  234. Hey, you Gays! Stop Eatin' My Pasta!
  235. Bill Nye challenges and has some Choice Words for Todd Akin
  236. Canadian Police Seek Help Identifying Sexual Predator (pics & video)
  237. The Man who Saved the World?
  238. Marissa Alexander given retrial by appeals court
  239. Court Rules Against Google on E-mail invasion
  240. Some Good News
  241. Alabama Police trying to fight crime with christianity
  242. The Government Shutdown, 2013 version.
  243. Talking to Iran
  244. Silvio Berlusconi's ministers resign, Italian government may collapse
  245. Christian groups sue to stop Kansas schools from teaching science
  246. Dozens of students slaughtered in Nigeria
  247. Minecraft gets blamed for student bringing in a gun to school.
  248. Competitive Writing -- You in?
  249. Ed Miliband and the Daily Mail
  250. Hungary "helps" the homeless by banning sleeping in public