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  1. Big-Box Stores' Hurricane Prep Starts Early
  2. Republican operative trolls New Yorkers during storm
  3. Romney vs GM and Chrysler
  4. John McCain uses hurricane relief event to attack Obama on Benghazi
  5. 2MIN News October 31, 2012
  6. 2012 Presidential Prediction Thread
  7. More Romney Campaign Dishonesty
  8. Burn this mother****** down!
  9. "National Kill A Pitbull Day"
  10. Frantic mother called 911 to talk her son from suicide; police sent sniper that killed him
  11. FEMA and Sandy
  12. Don't blame it on the moonlight; Don't blame it on the good times; Blame it on the gays!
  13. Did Gov. Romney give relief supplies to supporters to donate to his relief effort?
  14. Murder, Treachery, $43 trillion Dollar Lawsuit Thread
  15. 2MIN News November 1, 2012
  16. A Career Day Lesson in Obedience
  17. Poll Tax?
  18. Huckabee warns Christians that votes for Obama will...
  19. What A Young Person Says....
  20. David Ignatius reveals detailed timeline of Bengazi attacks
  21. CRS findings squelched by GOP
  22. Mayor Bloomberg Endorses Obama
  23. Death to small currency?
  24. Free bridge fought with $30m campaign
  25. 2MIN News November 2, 2012
  26. Radio Host Tells Gay Caller He Should Kill Himself, Shouldn't Be Allowed to Vote
  27. Aussi & Kiwi Solar Eclipse slated for Nov 13 2012
  28. Final Pre-Election Jobs Report
  29. Non Union workers turned away from NJ.
  30. Let them dumpster dive for cake.
  31. Australia now doesn't exist
  32. Leading Thatcher-era Tory took part in child sexual abuse
  33. Who is the worst civil liberties president in US history?
  34. Electric car becomes car of the Year
  35. Researches creates crude oil in less than a minute
  36. 2MIN News November 3, 2012
  37. School District labels student raped by teachers "negligent"
  38. 2MIN News November 4, 2012
  39. Radio host apologizes for suicide "metaphor"
  40. Romney's Tax Problem- it's back
  41. 2MIN News November 5, 2012
  42. Is Verizon Blocking E-mails?
  43. The Spiegel chips in. . .
  44. The Washington Redskins jinx
  45. "They’re not mean to me, because all my boys love me,"
  46. Spate of bombs in Vancouver
  47. Local ballots and elections
  48. A wholly unscientific observation of voter turnout
  49. Is there an election today or something?
  50. Poli-techy help please!
  51. Voting from the Grave
  52. Presidential Fun Fact
  53. UK: Nadine Dorries booted from the Tory Party
  54. Composer Elliot Carter is dead
  55. The Results! (US Election)
  56. Dire Consequences for Canada if Romney wins - Satirical.
  57. The Results! Puerto Rico wants to be a state!
  58. Countdown to Election 2016!!!
  59. Doing a bit of Kremlinology about the results
  60. "I've been re-elected, let the chaos commence and thanks for waiting until after the election."
  61. Morris, Dick
  62. Where does the GOP go from here?
  63. Yo ho, Silver!
  64. Viagra patent tossed out by SCoC
  65. Meanwhile, in Greece...
  66. Fiscal Cliff
  67. Blast from the past
  68. What the hell is it with Florida?
  69. Senator Reid promises to change the filibuster rules
  70. More Star Trek tech becomes reality: Microsoft unveils "universal translator"
  71. Abu Hamza's son gets 11 years for armed robbery
  72. Alberta Tories are deciding whether or not to split with the Canadian Tories
  73. Hank the cat claws in at 3rd pace in Virginia Senate Race with nearly 7,000 votes
  74. Barack Obama, you've just won a 2nd term. Here's your prize!
  75. Obama lays down the gauntlet.
  76. CIA Director Petraeus resigning over affair?
  77. Senatorial Mansplaining
  78. Never Call the Police: Landlord Edition
  79. And in 6th place
  80. The world's oldest d20!
  81. A pair of Comedy Central comics come up with a bullying skit worthy of a Peabody Award
  82. When is news commentary "venomous" and "shrill" and "trollish," and when is it just factual?
  83. If only white men had voted in the recent election
  84. Looming nationwide shortage of doctors will cause long waits for appointments and "fragmented care"
  85. Atheism in the international political scenario
  86. the 2nd letter.
  87. The next two years (at least)
  88. ashes for ammo
  89. Robert Wiedemer, "Aftershock" author
  90. UK: immigration in the news
  91. Water war
  92. Elmo puppeteer accused of underage relationship--accuser now recants
  93. The U.S. will become the world's biggest oil producer before 2020 and energy independent by 2030
  94. Norquist: Romney was a "Poopy Head"
  95. Adding Insult to Injury: NYPD edition
  96. Urban Agriculture 2: This time, it's personal
  97. Texas wants to secede
  98. Black Thursday
  99. Non-Perishable Food Donations Desperately Needed
  100. Bob Dole never stopped
  101. Woman dies after being refused an abortion
  102. Humor: the latest argument for gay marriage
  103. Teacher accused of turning student into lesbian
  104. Virginia Sorts Kids' Scores By Race
  105. Uganda's Kill the Gays bill will be passed this year
  106. Israel live tweets its own offensive into Gaza
  107. Irish Doctors Used to Break Women’s Pelvises So They Wouldn’t Miscarry
  108. It's polling day in England and Wales...
  109. Seattle Police Department's Q&A about Pot
  110. British Petroleum Settlement and Charges
  111. LazyTruth
  112. The street value of Twinkies after the company closes
  113. Obama's Mind Control Plot
  114. Man Armed with Water Hose Tazed
  115. Wall Street Journal: The wealthy will maintain spending even if their taxes go up
  116. A planet without a star may have been found
  117. Do you have a right to privacy (and to call Obama a "nigger?")
  118. Survival of the Sexy
  119. Republicans begin to get it, maybe
  120. World Bank releases report on global warming: We're Screwed
  121. 3-yr-old boy's mom gets a $2,500 citation from a cop 'cuz the boy peed in the mom's front yard
  122. The official "Mayan Calendar Countdown Thread" -- Countdown to Dec 21, 2012
  123. Okay, THIS is a UFO story that makes you pause and wonder
  124. Marco Rubio vs Middle School Science: Age of the Earth is "one of the great mysteries"
  125. Cameron pals Brooks and Coulson racking up the indictments LOL
  126. Senate bill rewrite lets feds read your e-mail without warrants
  127. San Fran nudity ban introduced by a guy named...wait for it..."Wiener"
  128. The new Macarena -- called the "Gangnam Style," [Now includes O'Reilly merge]
  129. Teen sentenced to church for manslaughter
  130. Woman fired for Facebook photo
  131. Child shot in front of 7 yr old Sister on School Bus
  132. Woman charged with having sex with a human skeleton
  133. Anti-gay group lawyer sells sexual access to minor
  134. Blasphemy charged Pakistani girl set free
  135. What is hiding in the martian soil?
  136. Former Canadian MP, current Mayor of London, Canada arrested
  137. Jesse Jackson Jr Resigns
  138. Copyright and IP issues
  139. Interesting Times in Egypt...
  140. New name for Los Estados Unidos de México?
  141. Shutting down nuclear power stations is madness
  142. Catholic boy denied confirmation over political facebook picture
  143. The "undiscovered country"
  144. Morsi Power Grab Not Going Over Well in Egypt
  145. RIP Larry Hagman.
  146. Hector "Macho" Camacho dead at 50
  147. The New Rising Star in Texas: George P. Bush
  148. This is a fantastic graph. It makes me happy.
  149. Look, we all gotta die some time, right? How much longer can Fidel Castro last?
  150. US Planned to Nuke the Moon During the Cold War
  151. Canadian Byelections
  152. Canada's Favourite Mayor to learn if he'll be the fourth mayor in a month to fall.
  153. UKIP and the foster parents
  154. High School student suspended for refusal to wear an RFID tracking device
  155. Protest shut down Bangladeshi city after 112 die in fire that consumes Walmart supplier factory.
  156. Supreme Court rejects appeal to block taping of Police in Illinois.
  157. Hours Cut To Avoid Obamacare Requirements
  158. Dems Considering Filibuster Change
  159. The Power of the Web: Virtual Choir With Thousands of Voices
  160. Author's impact on followes when voicing controversial opinions
  161. Anger in Hungary over far-right party's demand for a list of Jews in country
  162. The Onion Does it Again
  163. Canadian mandatory minimum laws to be challenged
  164. The Associated Press bans the terms "homophobia" and "Islamophobia."
  165. Cambridge U: Don't Trust the F-ing Robots
  166. Erdogan fuming at soap opera gaining popularity
  167. 11/29/2012 Google Down in Texas... Others?
  168. America: Near Bottom in New Worldwide Justice Survey
  169. Vampire Threat Terrorizes Serbian Village
  170. Give me attention!!
  171. Are you a psychopath?
  172. Another isolated incident?
  173. Looking to finish the work that he started.
  174. Majority of Americans want defense cuts
  175. Thirsty? Let's go out for a cool drink of water.
  176. Vigilantism is bad. Still, you shouldn't steal people's packages.
  177. Palestinian birth certificate
  178. Child inventor wows MIT...
  179. If you die should your debts be forgiven?
  180. Coalition gets trashed in Rotherham
  181. Stand Your Ground (and kill who you want)
  182. Sesame Project: Multinational Particle Accelerator in the Middle East
  183. Simulation of Schizophrenia
  184. Detroit, Flint Invalidate Voter's Choice
  185. "Congressman Torn Between Meaningless Pledge to Anti-Tax Zealot, Well-Being of Nation"
  186. Dismember the Alamo: Texas group lines own pockets with funds intended for museum, says report
  187. It's in the cries.
  188. The tyrant and the unicorn.
  189. UK govt to England's free schools: Teach evolution or we'll cut your funding
  190. British father thrashes his three grown children in a scathing letter
  191. Russians freaking out about the apocalypse
  192. The Mysterious Twenty-Four Circles of Sarnia
  193. Jordan and Israel wonder about bombing Syria
  194. So-called Mark of the Beast via Mandatory RFID Tracking of Human Movements -- Vatican Edition
  195. Another serial killer gone
  196. And not to be outdone!!! (This is about Mars, don't start duplicate threads, you have been warned.)
  197. GOP strips 4 House Committee Seats...
  198. I feel the earth move, under my feet . . .
  199. Dutch "Scum Villages"
  200. Maybe I just don't get the fascination with royalty
  201. Reflecting on November: the 1%
  202. Child Bitten by Dolphin at Sea World
  203. Lurid Sensationalism or Just the News? (Warning: Image May Offend)
  204. O'Reilly argues that Christianity is not a religion...
  205. The Next Birther Ploy(s)...
  206. "Time Out" - Dave Brubeck, RIP
  207. It's a done deal: Washington's governor signs gay marriage into law.
  208. Gov't handouts to Big Oil is 5X more than gov't aid for Third World climate initiatives
  209. That's it, game misconduct for jumping the bench!
  210. LEGOLAS LIVES !! (And he's going to change the Olympic category of archery forever!)
  211. Remember the "Can you hear me now" guy? Apparently "he" wants to watch us.
  212. Max Clifford arrested in sex offences investigation
  213. Quinnepiac Poll: Voters Going Obama's Way
  214. Israel drifts Sunni-ward
  215. Mexico Supreme Court declares Anti Gay Marriage Law Unconstitutional
  216. Jim DeMint Resigning from Senate
  217. Starbucks to finally pay up?
  218. Wearable Solar Cells
  219. DeMint leaving Senate
  220. Robbed a bank and then bragged about it on youtube
  221. "666" marks his forum!
  222. John McAfee, person of interest and faker of heart attacks.
  223. The latest shot on the War on Women: The War On...Men?
  224. Supremes to take on same-sex marriage issue
  225. Pearl Harbor
  226. CHEAP nanocubes trap nearly 100 per cent of light
  227. I think even Don will agree
  228. Family pets taken from homes...
  229. O'Reilly blames gays and abortions for war on Christmas
  230. Mitch McConnell filibusters his own bill
  231. Anita Sarkeesian TED talk attacked by misogynist comments.
  232. Charlie Crist Now a Democrat
  233. Deck the Halls with Macro Follies
  234. RIP Blessed Sir Patrick
  235. Child killed for not memorizing the Koran
  236. Committing the ultimate journalistic sin
  237. Michigan Republicans trying to push abortion bills through...
  238. Russian PM Medvedev: Aliens Live Among Us?
  239. The War on Quotes
  240. Solar/Wind power will handle 99% of the grid by 2030
  241. Denver Earns "Mile High City" Title (Co. Legalizes Marijuana)
  242. Mapping the London Blitz
  243. Would you vote for a transhuman?
  244. Mass Shooting in Portland
  245. Michigan Right To Work Law Passed In Michigan
  246. Washington State Senate Coup
  247. Forget about Y2K. Forget about 2012. Brace yourselves for... The 2038 Problem!
  248. Michigan Legislature Moves On To Abortion Restriction Bills
  249. Your Hair is Short. Do You Have Cancer?
  250. Judge finds NC 'Choose Life' plates unconstitutional