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  1. Dr. Pepper ad labeled "controversial" for daring to depict evolution.
  2. French Mag to Publish Cartoons of Prophet Mohammed
  3. VA Kids Exempt From An Education?
  4. Jesus had a wife?
  5. It's Obama time.
  6. Cashier rips up woman's money.
  7. Dear Urban Outfitters - Re: Che G.
  8. 'Miracle' child dies.
  9. Arizona and "Forcible Rape." Again.
  10. Philippine Freedom of Speech
  11. Lady ruins priceless fresco - claims copyright and a piece of the action
  12. Man lynches chair.
  13. GOP Blocks Veteran Jobs Bill
  14. NYT Mans Up Re: Quote Approval
  15. In Brownface? Seriously?
  16. Lee Harris and his take on the "second chance"
  17. Iranian cleric beaten up by a couple of women
  18. Woman finds out her husband was also her father
  19. DOJ & Media Matters = BFFs?
  20. Senior Tory calls policeman a 'pleb'
  21. Romney 2011 Taxes and 20 Year Summary Released
  22. Libyan democrats attack Islamist group
  23. A good, quietly big story
  24. The case of the undetermined stapling.
  25. A study shows shrinkage on the rise.
  26. Perry, Bachmann and others fight back against persecution.
  27. It's my fault Rush Limbaugh has a small penis
  28. The US Military's Rape Problem
  29. Debt collectors and district attorneys working hand in hand.
  30. Cop Shoots and Kills Double-Amputee
  31. Bill Nye Speaks Out Against Creationism
  32. Study: Conservatism linked with "low effort thinking"
  33. Iranian women banned from over 80 university degree courses
  34. Romney's Electoral Vote Problem
  35. Romney wonders why airplane windows can't be opened by passengers
  36. Little preview of the debates
  37. One Murder so far solved found in the Highway of Tears mystery
  38. One desperate pinkwash and several stuffed inboxes later, Question Period is going to be fun.
  39. Romney Suggests ER as Healthcare for the Uninsured
  40. Nobody has civil rights, except black people
  41. Romney gets advantage by bullying tv network
  42. Oh Kenney, Kenney. How many pies can you get your fingers in?
  43. Suffer the little children
  44. I need help in protecting myself from an unethical creditor
  45. No Dogs were Harmed During the Creation of This Post
  46. Global Bacon Shortage "Unavoidable"
  47. Soldier shot in a bizarre attempt to cure hiccups...
  48. Have the Banks Staged a Quiet Coup of the USA?
  49. The Marijuana Rebellion
  50. Turnabout is fair play - or The British are coming.
  51. North Carolina protecting us all from unlicensed nutrition info!
  52. From video to terrorist attack: a definitive timeline of admin statements on the Libya attacks
  53. Mr. Samuel L. Jackson Has A Suggestion...
  54. Polling
  55. Modern Slavery lost in the Political Narrative
  56. Big Brother Going Strong
  57. Dumbass of the week
  58. What's the Iranian word for D'oh!!
  59. Obama has created a new Ottoman Empire.
  60. Don't forget to participate in "Banned Books Week" Sept 30 - Oct 6
  61. Sen. Scott Brown's superpower
  62. New Mars rover's big discovery
  63. Carjacker Blows His Brains Out Live on Fox News
  64. Reagan's dream come true: The militaries of US & China teaming up to combat a UFO threat
  65. Economics and gender - Are we actually built to think differently about economics?
  66. French scientific study draws strong correlation between GMO consumption and breast cancer
  67. Yeah, but they'll never get their hands on enriched uranium
  68. One of the Rankin Family passed away
  69. Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches are apparently racist.
  70. U.S. House and Senate elections thread
  71. Eric J. Hobsbawm (1917-2012)
  72. Finally Some Good News For Romney
  73. Assad sold out Gaddafi to buy more time to kill Syrians
  74. The Information Diet -
  75. When is a boat not a boat? Property rights, seafarers' rights, and casinos, oh my
  76. Lockheed holds off bad news for election.
  77. Jimmy Savile rape accusations [Hall, Harris, Roache, et al]
  78. Paul Ryan agrees with Joe Biden.
  79. Birth control law requires women to show employers medical records?
  80. Coalition messes up the West Coat Rail Franchise
  81. Turkey v Syria
  82. An article about a common addiction that very few care about
  83. Contraception leads to homosexuality, among other things.
  84. The First Debate - 2012
  85. Teacher to Student: Romney T-shirt like KKK T-Shirt
  86. A Little Morbid Research
  87. Caption Me! What the Hell Just Happened? Edition
  88. CT Supreme Court Overturns Sexual Assault Conviction Because Disabled Victim Didn't Fight Him Off
  89. Venezuelan presidential elections
  90. People's Socialist Kingdom of Sweden, or Socialist People's Kingdom of Canada?
  91. Some new Republican stupidity
  92. South African Mini-Mengele charged in Canada
  93. Romney says he was "completely wrong" on 47% comments
  94. Videogames and RL Violence (posts from 2 other current threads moved/merged together)
  95. Why American Students Can't Write
  96. Unemployment plunges to 7.8%!
  97. Teenager who shot mother and sister: "Obviously, I am pretty, I guess, evil."
  98. Did Romney cheat at the Denver Debate
  99. "And They Ate It All Up!"
  100. Boy Scouts refuse to let gay child become Eagle Scout.
  101. Congressman says evolution, embryology, and Big Bang are "lies straight from the pit of hell"
  102. More crazyness from Akin
  103. UK judge in Liverpool says Facebook is becoming a launching pad for RL violence
  104. Turmoiled Greece staggers into next logical stage of financial collapse: the rise of neo-Nazism
  105. The Internet Blowhard’s Favorite Phrase
  106. Here's one way to buy votes, I guess.
  107. Duke Study: Men Are More Manly When Their Candidate Wins
  108. Why do you vote?
  109. As a voter, what is important to YOU?
  110. SCOTUS set to rule on whether it's legal to sell used books --or any other "used" stuff at all
  111. Stem-cell research awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine
  112. Caption Me! Romney campaign edition
  113. Nobel Prize in Physics did NOT got to...
  114. How to out-Obama Obama, or Romney's Foreign Policy Speech
  115. Sandusky Sentenced
  116. Sesame Street asks Obama's "Big Bird" ad to be dropped
  117. Books-A-Million and military service
  118. Has a Neurosurgeon Just Proved that Heaven Exists?
  119. Peace-prize winning Pakistani girl could have been killed by the Taliban
  120. Slavery, a blessing in disguise
  121. Wealth Gap Between Congress and Average Americans Widens
  122. Party drug show powerful effect on depression
  123. Big Brother in high school: students cannot vote in school election without proper "voter ID cards"
  124. Injected Meningitis
  125. 1 of 3 Pussy Riot Band members freed.
  126. RIP Alex Karras
  127. Boy with prosthetic leg finishes triathlon...with a little help from the Marines
  128. Did Rep. Issa's Hearing Blow the CIA's Cover?
  129. Six Strikes; now the ISPs are entering the USA copyright fight
  130. Walmart workers go on strike
  131. Yet another insane member of the House of Representatives
  132. Arrested for a good deal on a car
  133. Republicans attack debate moderator
  134. Study find libertarians more "cerebral" than liberals or conservatives
  135. Don't you hate sequels?
  136. A question of relevance.
  137. Vice Presidential Debate
  138. A personal matter
  139. A phone bill for twelve quadrillion Euros
  140. Nobel Peace Prize awarded to European Union
  141. Dear Obama, Crowdsourcing--not a great way to create jobs
  142. So how rough was it at the debate last night?
  143. Paul Ryan's regard for women
  144. Skydive from space - on now
  145. Arlen Specter dies.
  146. Man behind the Coyne Affair, James Coyne, dies at 102
  147. Dolphin safe tuna
  148. Cardboard Bike?
  149. Booze made with boobs
  150. Dalton McGuinty (Premier of Ontario) resigns
  151. Some Book! Charlotte's Web Turns 60
  152. The Gap seems to be failing history. - "Manifest Destiny"
  153. Bible-belt Christian comes out twice
  154. Paul Ryan Invades Soup Kitchen to Wash Clean Dishes
  155. The Biggest Troll on the Internet Outed
  156. Tolerance of homosexuality will lead to ducks taking over the world and enslaving humanity
  157. Oh Deer. Another example of the government caving to special interests groups.
  158. Waste not, want not
  159. Second Presidential Debate Discussion Thread
  160. Planet Discovered Circling Alpha Centauri B
  161. Anonymous outs the man they claim to be Amanda Todd's bully
  162. Binders full of women
  163. Caption Me! 2nd Debate Edition
  164. Uruguay legalises abortions
  165. Breaking: Terrorist plot to blow up Federal Reserve Back, thwarted by FBI.
  166. McGovern "no longer responsive" - R.I.P.
  167. scientific vs anecdotal
  168. Vote For Somebody
  169. NY Federal Appeals Court Rules DOMA Unconstitutional
  170. Billy Graham group removes Mormonism from list of cults
  171. Romney takes first lead in Electoral Votes
  172. animal intelligence
  173. I'd Like To Give The World a Coke
  174. School Bans Boy for Carrying the Cystic Fibrosis Gene
  175. Illinois House Race Walsh versus Duckworth: Another Ignorant Abortion Position.
  176. Another "Recovery Act" Boongoggle
  177. So farewell, Andrew Mitchell
  178. Romney Family Buys Voting Machines
  179. Pastor gives speech against gay rights
  180. CIA documents support Rice and Obama statements on Consular attacks
  181. Pastor admits to wanting to slap a woman.
  182. cars are usually responsible for truck/car fatalities
  183. The Al Smith Dinner.
  184. DNC Chairman folds to islamophobes?
  185. No Male Nudity, Please!
  186. War on drugs continues to fail.
  187. Nathan Sproul is back after being accused of election fraud.
  188. Four third-party presidential candidates set for internet-only debate
  189. Syrian connections to Lebanese Assassination
  190. Why Partisans Can't Explain
  191. "inexact, incomplete and contradictory" information (Italian scientists go to jail)
  192. Final Presidential Debate Discussion Thread
  193. Diamond Jubillee medals handed out to convicts (Canada)
  194. Hair we go again.
  195. Turns out I'm a disenfranchised voter
  196. Obama propaganda at Barnes & Noble or Truth?
  197. Because sometimes you've just got to have a....
  198. Deleted title
  199. Open letter to Ann Coulter
  200. Kennedy Cousin Denied Parole
  201. The global newspaper crisis hits the Daily Planet
  202. "Democrats urge Justice Department to probe alleged GOP voter fraud"
  203. "U.S. Officials Guilty of War Crimes for Using 9/11 As a False Justification for the Iraq War"
  204. Computer Viruses Are "Rampant" on Medical Devices in Hospitals
  205. FBI Investigates alleged Dem Voter Fraud
  206. A blog on the electric car situation and what it costs
  207. Lord Bichard says old people should work for their pensions or lose it
  208. 2MIN News Oct. 25, 2012
  209. Now it's Sarah Palin's turn to face the "you need to apologise" music
  210. Hybrid Hurricane/ Winter Storm
  211. High School "sex" league (SFW)
  212. "Think the Florida Recount Was Bad? Just Wait Until November 6"
  213. Obama Is Asked What Donald Trump Has Against Him
  214. Steven Colbert makes $1 million dollar charity offer to Trump “dip my balls in your mouth”
  215. Romney Campaign Treats Mitt Like McCain Campaign Dealt with Palin – No More Interviews
  216. A Final Warning from George Orwell
  217. SCoC accepts to review prostitution laws.
  218. What's for dinner?
  219. Obama's latest celebrity ad compares voting to sex
  220. When executing in North Korea, break out a big gun.
  221. Ben Stein still teaching econ class
  222. 2MIN News October 26, 2012
  223. Meth Head sues 90 home invasion victim he shot for shooting back.
  224. Benghazi Attacks Latest 10/26/2012
  225. Romney: 'Some Gays Are Actually Having Children. It's Not Right on Paper. It's Not Right in Fact.'
  226. Paul Ryan Labor Day Promise To American Workers: Candy & Packer Schedule
  227. Venezuelan elections: The aftermath
  228. Romney’s false scare story in Ohio
  229. Auto Rescue and Low Home-State Bonus Keep Michigan Out of Play
  230. Solar future: Brighter than ever!
  231. Obama moves to make the War on Terror permanent
  232. President Romney Can Thank Obama for His Permanent Robotic Death List
  233. 1 dead, 7 injured after van driven into classroom
  234. list of Nuclear plants in storms path.
  235. 2MIN News October 27, 2012
  236. 'government of the people, by the people, for the people'
  237. "Diversity May Be Fatal, says new government study"
  238. Obama channels his inner Bush
  239. Some people in this country make me so angry
  240. Objective proof of the superiority of the Hindu religion
  241. Former NSA agent says he can prove election fraud
  242. Someone didn't give this name much thought. . .
  243. Read this and THEN tell me that the zombies aren't coming!!!
  244. Earthquake off BC Coast
  245. 2MIN News October 28, 2012
  246. Des Moines Register endorses Romney
  247. 2MIN News October 29, 2012
  248. Another tragic accident.
  249. 2MIN News October 30, 2012
  250. The future of warfare: EMP bursts which surgically target exact buildings