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  1. Malpractice Insurance and Doctors' Fees
  2. This just in: billboard discusses religion or lack thereof! Pictures at eight!
  3. "Why I Left Goldman Sachs"
  4. What do you feed your kids!?
  5. Santorum: Stupid, Shrewd, or Stubborn?
  6. US Pastor sued over Ugandan anti-gay activities
  7. Lack of fall out from the afghan civilian murders
  8. Mitt Romney: taking aim at "Obamacare", PP, Amtrack, and National Endowments for Arts and Humanities
  9. 16 year old Morocco girl commits suicide after being forced to marry her rapist.
  10. Man With Famous Name On Trial for Manslaughter while Drunk Driving
  11. Infrared catalog and atlas of the entire sky
  12. Legal authorities doing their job right
  13. Texas man killed for being an atheist
  14. Tucson School District Removes Hispanic Books
  15. Dharun Ravi: guilty
  16. Rick Santorum: Ready to take on porn, single handedly.
  17. Utah Governor Vetoes Restrictive Sex Education Bill
  18. Abortion Laws and Free Speech
  19. Police hid corruption investigation from Stephen Lawrence inquiry
  20. Bolton Wanderers' Fabrice Muamba collapses during football match
  21. How to get kicked out of a Rick Santorum rally.
  22. Tweeting homophobia.
  23. Not your Dads Texas-tea
  24. Is Iran innocent?
  25. Big Brother starts crunching Big Numbers -- ever heard of a "yottabyte" of data before?
  26. Free pass on drunk driving for Minnesota lawmakers about to come to an end?
  27. While you Were Sleeping: Obama signed himself in as Dictator
  28. English-only, please.
  29. 69% of Americans want Super PACS banned
  30. TN bill - Dept. of Health to publish doctor and patient info on every abortion procedure
  31. Bloomberg: Bureaucracy Trumps Waste and Taste
  32. Man jailed and held without bond for putting the wrong siding on his house
  33. Would they Really Tell Us of Unavoidable Global Cataclysm?
  34. Would Be Employers Gone Wild
  35. Words fail me
  36. Is this not scary?
  37. French terrorist under siege in Toulouse - says he's Al Qaeda
  38. The most beautiful message of all
  39. The candidates' better halves
  40. Republicans do, in fact, do nuance
  41. Wisconsin Boom Boom
  42. Rumors of Coup in China
  43. You know that joke about taking a long walk on a short pier?
  44. "And ye shall know them by the stench of granola and fruit smoothies..."
  45. Whoopdie Doo...What Does It All Mean?
  46. HOAX!! -- First ever flight by a human with strapped-on mechanical flapping wings
  47. Want to have an abortion? You should have to watch one, you harlot.
  48. A new take on heart disease
  49. Need a date for the prom?
  50. John Corzine and the case of the $200 million transfer.
  51. The misandry of the far right GOP
  52. Awesome Rolling Stone article on just how evil Bank of America really is (NSFW)
  53. Obamacare question?
  54. A likely pedophile.
  55. Punching above your weight
  56. Rick Santorum's Obamaville: A Cautionary Tale!
  57. New Favorite and Least Favorite Republicans (another misogyny thread)
  58. Muslim Woman's Murderer Leaves Note Calling Her A Terrorist
  59. TN lawmakers try to inject Creationism into science class....again
  60. The Atheists' "Reason Rally" in D.C.
  61. Is this the Matrix: Computer Code Found Hidden in SuperString Equations
  62. Dinner with Dave
  63. US Homeland Security to block European visitors... to Canada
  64. Florida's Stand Your Ground Law was no accident (laws pre-written for many states)
  65. Easter Is Cancelled
  66. SCOTUS Holds Obamacare Constitutionality Hearings
  67. Obama's One Dollar Abortion Surcharge?
  68. Proposition: Societies that create hopelessness put themselves in danger.
  69. The trainwreck of conservative propaganda toward teens
  70. The Obama Medvedev exchange
  71. Fly Jet Blue! The floor show is always exciting
  72. Forced adoption at birth from the 1940s to the 1980s.
  73. Michigan pig farmers could face felony charges for raising the wrong pigs
  74. Georgia Abortion Bill Dies, Doctors who Opposed It Burglarized
  75. A Scientific Revolt in Progress
  76. What's your password?
  77. The Psychology of Prejudice
  78. PA Docs Gagged Over Fracking
  79. Face Off...
  80. Guy comes out too friends: Friends to geeky to care.
  81. Romney's tone deaf, example #999
  82. Rick Santorum comments on another mans balls.
  83. The Fun Never Stops at Newscorp
  84. Another dead teen.
  85. Canada moves to lose the penny.
  86. Senate Republicans Block Bill To End Oil Subsidies
  87. NYC Bans Halloween, Birthdays, Aliens and More on School Tests
  88. PA Church kidnaps teens, holds them at gunpoint to teach them about religious persecution
  89. UK: Mainstream parties crushed in by-election
  90. "Girls Around Me" - Creepy Stalker App
  91. The Dark Knight, pulled over by Police. (For Celia!)
  92. Liam Stacey jailing
  93. Did Santorum really say the N-word in Wisconsin?
  94. FDA refuses to acknowledge nearly 1 million signatures on a GMO-labelling petition
  95. Trayvon Martin: Not a Symbol for Vigilante Justice
  96. UK: Email and web use 'to be monitored' under new laws
  97. Two Experts: Voice Calling for Help on 911 Tape Not Zimmerman's
  98. Cameron asks Shaun Ryder to advise on class
  99. The Rapist Says He's Sorry
  100. Cheney reveals secret plans to take over government
  101. "We Got Your Back Little Joe!!!"
  102. Possible jail for Mom in baptism of her children against her ex's wishes.
  103. The Descent of Man: Are men going the way of the dodo?
  104. Explosion at Wisconsin Planned Parenthood building
  105. The unreasonable demands of Detroit High School Students!!
  106. Is the US the new Middle East?
  107. Justices Approve Strip-Searches for Any Offense
  108. What the hell is wrong with Arizona?
  109. Can anyone help me find this short film?
  110. Shooting at Californian College
  111. Roleplaying: Learning Can be Fun!
  112. Rick Santorum: California Universities don't teach American History!
  113. But who will repair the roads?
  114. Mitt Romney's Latest Speech
  115. Never mind, I got punked by an April Fools gag.
  116. It's the future!
  117. Meet HR 3523: The New, Worse SOPA
  118. Voters should really do research
  119. The Hurricane Conspiracy!
  120. More info on Invisible Children / "The Family"
  121. Mississippi's De facto Abortion Ban
  122. Interesting Memoir on Occupy Wall Street
  123. Obama putting political worries ahead of the FDA's recommendations
  124. Arizona AW'ers take note
  125. 5000+ Artists Line Up For a Pirate Bay Promotion
  126. Former presidential candidate George McGovern hospitalized in Florida
  127. $823k taxpayer dollars squandered in Vegas
  128. I refuse “to search garbage for food”
  129. AW is #1
  130. Zimmerman suffered "Shaken Baby Syndrome?"
  131. Poor poor Heathcliff
  132. Tulsa murders
  133. When Losers Write History
  134. Mike Wallace, dead at 93
  135. Gateway Sexual Activities
  136. Weekly World News / Homemade Gasoline
  137. DHS buys hundreds of millions of Hollow Point Bullets...
  138. Cool off, Copper Top!
  139. George Osborne is shocked!
  140. Teacher fired for Trayvon fundraiser.
  141. So Long Santorum.
  142. So... what if this had been an assault on a woman?
  143. Governer Walker signs in several controversial bills
  144. 8.6 Magnitude Earthquake off the coast of Sumatra
  145. Apple & Major Publishing houses charged with price fixing.
  146. Zimmerman To Be Charged In Trayvon Martin Case
  147. Lamest Mole Ever
  148. The GOP ain't done yet
  149. Mel Gibson and the Jews (again)
  150. No hope and no change for LGBT in the USA?
  151. New Black Panther Party Select-a-Slur
  152. Mayor of London yanks anti-gay ads from buses two hours after the campaign is made public
  153. North Korea missile launch terrifies the world!
  154. London Mayoral Election
  155. Life on Mars
  156. And for WHAT?
  157. The Alberta Election
  158. Newark Mayor Cory Booker
  159. Trayvon Martin Events at Union Square
  160. Could Latin America end the War on Drugs?
  161. Do you think Obama will win re-election?
  162. Midwesterners, watch out for "life-threatening" storms this weekend.
  163. Death at Grand National. Animal Cruelty?
  164. Obama's Advance Secret Service Team in Colombia Focuses on Getting Laid
  165. Mitt Romney, NOT following dad's example, hiding his 2011 taxes
  166. UC Davis Pepper Spray Reports Released
  167. Any advice for a first time voter?
  168. Are Feeding Tubes the New Atkins?
  169. US groups exporting murder of LGBT
  170. Girls download just as much porn as the boys
  171. US and China engage in cyber war games
  172. What do you think of Bill O'Reilly?
  173. AW 2012 Presidential Poll Watch
  174. Buffet Rule Vote Blocked By GOP Senators
  176. 30 Years of the Canadian Charter of Rights & Freedom
  177. One of Georgia's most dangerouse criminals arrested.
  178. Poison pen pals?
  179. Swedish "Artist" Creates Insanely Racist Cake
  180. Nugent to be investigated by Secret Service
  181. "Clearly the man is an imbecile," a US official added.
  182. This F**king Town thinks about renaming itself!
  183. Worst commercial, ever!
  184. RIP Dick Clark
  185. Washington DC: Cesspool of Corruption
  186. Racist - ?
  187. Votin' with your wallet
  188. Vatican Orders Crackdown On American Nuns
  189. RIP Levon Helm
  190. If you see a blue phone box...
  191. Woman arrested after shop dummy entered as election candidate
  192. "I Am Fully Functional, Programmed in Multiple Techniques."
  193. Christians 'More Likely To Be Leftwing' And Have Liberal Views On Immigration And Equality
  194. Trayvon Martin Update
  195. Snake Show Outside
  196. I know! Let's make standardized tests even dumber!
  197. RIP Facts (360 B.C.-A.D. 2012)
  198. Calling Captain Jack Harkness: 20 pristine Spitfires found buried in Burma
  199. Canada: Gay porn interrupts local television news
  200. Internet "enemies list"
  201. Is Mitt Romney Eternally Damned?
  202. French Presidential election, first round
  203. Happy Earth Day! Buy this $60 light bulb!
  204. 6-Year Old Tucson Girl Missing - UPDATE: They found her remains
  205. More New Math
  206. Buying a house while black . . .
  207. Planetary Resources, Inc.
  208. Tory MP not a fan of Cameron and Osborne
  209. To show or not to show
  210. Bollywood Actress Kidnapped and Murdered by Co-Stars
  211. Mad Cow Disease in USA?
  212. Vermont considers dropping immunization philosophical exemption rule
  213. Scary- Beating of Alabama Man- Hate Crime?
  214. Justice Dept. Will Not Re-Open Investigation of 1970 Kent State Shootings
  215. Why hasn't this teacher been fired?
  216. Sarah Palin's comment about secret service agent.
  217. UK back in recession
  218. Note to Americans Abroad: Pay your Hookers...
  219. Why do they hate us=
  220. Newt kapoot.
  221. Marissa Alexander: Shoot to Kill Or You Must Not Be Scared Enough
  222. A Voice of Sanity... and it's Rob Delaney?!?
  223. EPA: We like to crucify people to make a point.
  224. Bay Area Occupy Schism
  225. The Discharge of Sgt. Gary Stein
  226. Fifth anniversary of Vicktory dog rescue
  227. Barefoot illiterate grandmothers: solar engineers of Africa
  228. Cyberstalker ruined people's lives - can they be helped?
  229. Maybe we should just let teenagers drink booze...
  230. Governor Scott vetoes bill to provide funding for rape crisis centers
  231. It's those danged parents again!
  232. Unite Against the War on Women 04.28.12
  233. GOP and the fear of dead countries
  234. Joe Biden: "Obama has a big stick. I promise you."
  235. Help George Zimmerman. Send Money!
  236. Apparently, Democrats love killing children
  237. The Legal Debate Over an Alleged Haunted House
  238. NYT now only allows 10 free articles per month
  239. Politically Correct Sensitivity vs. Parody -- how close to the line is "oops, too close?"
  240. The Dutch ban tourists from smoking weed
  241. Wisconsin GOP to run fake Democrats in recall elections
  242. Germany: Pirate Party leap-frogs to position as the 3rd biggest party
  243. Doesn't take much to ridicule news agencies
  244. Time Traveling Lawyer exposes Hawking as a fraud!
  245. What A Way To Go
  246. A conservative critique of libertarianism
  247. Let's increase the taxes on the poor.
  248. I think he should have bought a Hummer
  249. The cost of "hands off" education
  250. A victory for the girls