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  1. Robot Plays Violin! Lt. Commander Data rates the performance as "needs improvement."
  2. Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson Regrets 'Serious Lapse of Judgment' in Selling Access
  3. Obama seeks to create tool to cut unnecessary spending
  4. Is it possible to get laughed out of prison?
  5. Teh intarwebz iz forevarz!
  6. First woman ordained as priest in Catholic sect.
  7. Capitalist vs. Socialist vs. Creationist
  8. Sex offender working for the Census Bureau
  9. Anybody get this or is this another banking scamarama??
  10. Outright lies or sensational headlines?
  11. GOP tries to knock out Tea Party backed candidate in NC
  12. The end is near for ďdonít ask, donít tellĒ
  13. New Rasmussen Poll - Big trouble or passing trend?
  14. Leon Trotsky on Fox
  15. The Queen's speech
  16. Student Sues School for Damages in Sexting Case
  17. Pennsylvania Rep. Joe Sestak
  18. Australia takes Wikileaks' founder's passport
  19. Cops furious at 'don't-kill' bill
  20. 80 year old Chicago man kills intruder
  21. NYT Jane Brody piece about children's sports and pressure
  22. R.I.P Art Linkletter
  23. The Rep. Party's "America Speaking Out" (OR) "Teh intarwebz iz forevarz!" Part 2
  24. Power to the People - Internet Edition
  25. Meantime, back at the volcano
  26. Stimulus Surprise: Companies Retrench When Government Spends
  27. Oh, Like A Computer Can Recognize Sarcasm
  28. Protest or Mob mentality?
  29. Best News of the Day (if you're an Argentine soccer player)
  30. PA Lawmakers pass bill to legalize bake sales
  31. Hello..hello..hello....is there anybody in there...
  32. 2 year old smoking
  33. Mass. Senate vote hits illegal residents
  34. Teach Kids Rights, Get Put on Leave
  35. RIP Gary Coleman
  36. Bus driver gives verbal bashing to student
  37. Michigan Considers Law to License Journalists
  38. Apple
  39. Glenn Beck Mocks Barack Obama's Daughter
  40. Ok, OW!
  41. Will California be our Greece?
  42. dairy farm - no other way to say it - horror
  43. "Who knew?" said Glen Beck
  44. R.I.P. Dennis Hopper
  45. And the first resignation is in...
  46. Top Kill doesn[t
  47. Looks like the top kill may die an early death!
  48. Glenn Greenwald - Who are the real "crazies" in our political culture?
  49. Your views on Imminent Domain (aka I might be on the news soon)
  50. Texas fishermen attacked by pirates
  51. New Borders Chairman. Bad for Business?
  52. Is Canada submitting to US culture through a media back door? (Undead Thread Shot Down)
  53. 10 killed in Israeli raid on aid ships
  54. I Am Free Enterprise
  55. Deaths as Israeli forces storm Gaza aid ship
  56. The Withering of the State
  57. Iowa Representative: "Don't advertise it!"
  58. Interesting Newsweek article on the Republican Party
  59. Hi tech and lack of brain power...
  60. Sinkhole in Guatamala
  61. Minimum (UK) alcohol price
  62. Soaring costs force Canada to reassess health model
  63. Shadow Congress: Or Incest is Best
  64. Court: Speak up if you want to remain silent
  65. Many of my suspicions about U.S. drivers confirmed
  66. My oil-spill solution...
  67. Gunman in the Lake District
  68. What could go wrong?
  69. Scientists study how fair-minded chimps can be in (let's say) mortgage lending
  70. Van der Sloot suspect in murder of Peruvian girl
  71. Girl forced to apologize for being raped
  72. Congressional candidate barred from debate due to race
  73. MicroBrew: A freedom success story
  74. Los Angeles Students to Be Taught That Arizona Immigration Law Is Un-American
  75. Stimulus was a Clunker
  76. Im on ur interwebz, psting ur twiter
  77. What does "un-American" mean?
  78. India seeks an anti-ACTA coalition with other countries.
  79. Man kills kitten for unplugging video game console in the middle of his game
  80. R.I.P. Rue McClanahan
  81. Rosenthal out, Karp in as Simon & Schuster
  82. Now that's a bad, bad trip
  83. US Politics + Facebook
  84. An imminent sports loss
  85. Minnesota Republicans support extremist group
  86. Mother finds kidnapped children with Facebook
  87. It was 20 years ago today - Tianenmen Square
  88. Spelling is hard
  89. McDonald's Recalls Shrek Movie Glasses
  90. Live Gulf oil leak video
  91. Whitman vs. Poizner, aka is there anybody money can't buy??
  92. Whatever happened to AGW/AGCC?
  93. Helen Thomas: Jews out of Palestine...
  94. The posh test - do you pass?
  95. Drive Carefully in Ohio
  96. NAACP calls Hallmark graduation card racist
  97. Real Life Armageddon, Asteriod Slams into Jupiter
  98. Obama names new Intel Official.
  99. Egyptians married to Israelis will lose citizenship, Egyptian court rules
  100. Does anyone know more about Gary Johnson?
  101. Only 21% Say U.S. Government Has Consent of the Governed
  102. Should we send the tea partiers to Greece?
  103. Is This Obama
  104. Congrats to Rush Limbaugh on his fourth traditional marriage
  105. Gulf Spill, Canadian Edition: Alberta tar sands cause toxic hazard via tailing ponds
  106. Greeting Friend! I write to you from my native Nigeria and wish report to you that--
  107. Nine-month-old twins reportedly attacked by a fox
  108. Madoff: "F*** My Victims!"
  109. Did the U.S. secretly kill women and children in Yemen?
  110. Researchers Say Children of Lesbian Parents Have Fewer Behavior Problems
  111. Pols turn on labor unions
  112. Is this guy a hero or traitor?
  113. A corollary issue to the Gulf oil disaster
  114. Van der Sloot confesses
  115. New Study on Violent Video Games finds startling results!
  116. Police narrow search for Stacy Peterson.
  117. Deconstructing the State - in Great Britain?
  118. How much should members of congress be paid?
  119. Easy there, tough guy...
  120. Sarah Palinís new neighbor
  121. The Press: Pitbulls or Lapdogs?
  122. Taliban allegedly execute 7 year old boy for spying
  123. Nanotat can help monitor glucose levels for diabetics
  124. Abby Sunderland feared lost at sea [she's OK!]
  125. Ouch (USC football)
  126. Taxes are going up.
  127. Devastating losses over Gold mining
  128. Nelson Mandela's great-granddaughter killed
  129. Alvin Greene FTW??
  130. Deadly floods in Arkansas
  131. Ladies' Night Not All Right, State Says
  132. The Accusation of Bigotry. . . .
  133. Charlie: the Republican I used to admire. . .
  134. The Supreme Court and the Chamber of Commerce
  135. Former mayor charged with molesting teen
  136. Did Obama Lie About Keeping Your Insurance?
  137. Standing in line with Mr. Jimmy...
  138. Brits don't get it
  139. How BP will handle the crisis, going forward
  140. Office of the Repealer?
  141. Poland arrests alleged Mossad spy involved in Dubai assassination case
  142. Global crisis due to a shortage of ......... highway paint??
  143. A Snapshot of where we are . . .
  144. Are you An Evil Lookist?
  145. New Hope for Afghanistan
  146. When Congressmen Attack
  147. Another Economic Shoe Drops
  148. Teacher fired for premarital sex with her future husband
  149. USA-England tie up at the World Cup
  150. Rand Paul has not kept up his certification in ophthalomology
  151. The Left Flunks Econ 101
  152. Attorney Barred Over Bra
  153. BBC being sued, again.
  154. Study Shows Humanity Losing Empathy
  155. I Love Living in the Future: (Un)Deaf Baby Edition
  156. Impressive perseverance
  157. Don't F*** With the Police!
  158. I'm hunting for Bin Ladens
  159. US Citizen arrested in Pakistan while on Bin Laden manhunt
  160. Raft guide arrested after helping stranded rafter
  161. Fox News sets up shop in Canada. This satellite news operation will be called ......
  162. Well from Hell & the Devils who built it
  163. Autism Genome Project research sheds light on autism's genetic causes
  164. Woman shoots herself
  165. Jesus struck by lightning
  166. "Doomsday Capitalism. . . ."
  167. BP Agrees to Set Up $20 Billion Escrow Fund
  168. Murderous Alabama prof. may have started earlier than anyone thought...
  169. Catch 22: Chicken Edition
  170. teen faces felony charges 4 helping 3yrold
  171. Woman Sues Rogers For Ruining Marriage By Exposing Her Affair
  172. Handheld Class 4 laser avaliable for public purchase
  173. Rep. Barton apologizes to BP for "Obama shakedown"
  174. U.S Government Proposes: Internet Kill-Switch
  175. Vatican Endorses "The Blues Brothers"
  176. Compelling TV - The Grilling of Tony Hayward
  177. Utah To Execute Inmate By Firing Squad Tonight (past tense; it's done)
  178. Another man killed for watching World Cup
  179. Deflation. . . .
  180. Inept Terrorist Wannabe Indicted
  181. 400+ New Oil Leases in Gulf
  182. Hitler Making a Comeback in India
  183. The mayor hates the cops. The city council hates the cops.
  184. Don't drink the water: Missouri edition
  185. What's the Matter with These People??
  186. The People's Bank of China is making some changes. Is this bad for the USA?
  187. RIP Manute Bol - a life cut short but well-lived
  188. Human race 'will be extinct within 100 years', claims leading scientist
  189. Itís All State Capitalism
  190. Arrested for owing $250.00 on a JCPenney Card
  191. Aquafarms: Why entrepreneurs are awesome
  192. Those Barbarians! (Oh...wait...it's us)
  193. Man arrested for traffic violation after rushing wife to hospital
  194. Shakespeare: Young earth creationist? (and other interesting views by "great" men)
  195. Republicans Nanny-State Missouri, Kill Jobs
  196. More evidence deregulation caused the economic meltdown
  197. An Interesting Self-Defense Tactic
  198. Rudimentary Nanotech: Antibodies edition
  199. New World Order Poll
  200. The General vs. "The Wimps in the White House"
  201. Teen stabs former friend after being called...
  202. UK Budget
  203. 50 Statistics About The U.S. Economy That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe
  204. The dirty truth about farming subsidies
  205. So Australia might just have its first female prime minister tomorrow
  206. Guantanamo Bay, Ontario
  207. Medvedev on Twitter
  208. Stimulus Spending: Strip Club Edition
  209. Did the Beatles bring down the Berlin Wall?
  210. No Happy Ending for Al Gore
  211. New Multiple Sclerosis Medication Passes FDA Muster
  212. "Evil."
  213. The solution to our economic crisis
  214. Stem Cells Curing Blindness
  215. World getting...better?
  216. This should be interesting
  217. Obama & Medvedev: Photo op or the start of a beautiful relationship?
  218. Another anti-gay preacher is busted.
  219. Couple Tries to Sell Baby Outside Walmart
  220. Obama Plummeting
  221. Quotes for the Day
  222. Financial Reform Bill
  223. Godwin's Law
  224. Over 1,000 rotten food containers found in Venezuela
  225. Stalin has left the building!
  226. Another Taser Story
  227. Cat gets new feet
  228. Insurance policies
  229. Dr Kelly - new evidence?
  230. School wants to ban sexting, everywhere.
  231. Pope condemns Belgian sex abuse raids
  232. Alabama ship captain kills self, possiblly over oil spill
  233. This guy's got MY vote for US Senate
  234. 82-year-old author gets three-book deal
  235. You gotta love Joe Biden
  236. Senator Robert Byrd dies at age 92
  237. States Must Honor Gun Rights
  238. Americans will pay and pay and pay...
  239. Money is Debt. So, no debt, no money.
  240. SCOTUS won't hear Vatican appeal, abuse victims' suit can go forward
  241. Feds arrest 10 accused of being Russian agents
  242. An article that makes me like Jerry Brown a little bit more
  243. 3 miniaturized biosensors poised to put Dr. House out of buisness
  244. White People for Rent!
  245. Bulwer-Lytton 2010
  246. The 2nd Amendment
  247. France to Out Nazi Collaborators
  248. Michael Mann throws Al Gore under bus
  249. Does caffeine reduce the risk of Alzheimer's dementia?
  250. ACLU Study Highlights U.S. Surveillance Society