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  1. Strong and bold leadership
  2. Newsweek Article: Palestine's New Perspective
  3. New Michael Moore film says capitalism is evil.
  4. Obama addresses School Kids (Inflammatory thread title removed)
  5. Lost world found in extinct volcano crater!
  6. Fire Engine Falls in Sinkhole
  7. Hiker falls after marriage proposal
  8. Get liposuction! You could save a life.
  9. The Save the World Project.
  10. Is Iraq reverting back to police state?
  11. Where do we find the balance?
  12. "Pro-family" Assemblyman Mike Duvall brags about bedding lobbyists, is caught on tape
  13. Obama's Health Speech
  14. Beck seemingly gets communist czar to quit.
  15. The Joy of UN Sex
  16. Drug Addict Hijacks Plane, Claims God told him so
  17. Rep. Wilson tells President Obama, "you lie!"
  18. Google Book Search Settlement as "unconstitutional"
  19. The Stimulus Package
  20. You don't help your issues by being stupid
  21. UK Government apologises for appalling treatment of Alan Turing
  22. Net's plagiarism 'cops' are on patrol
  23. Obama's War?? Afghanistan. . . .
  24. Remembering 9/11
  25. Another ACORN office...
  26. ICC to collect information on possible war crimes in Afghanistan
  27. New NASA Photo Proves Moonlanding Hoax.
  28. 9/11, and a quiet companion does her duty
  29. Is America Coming Apart?
  30. RIP Larry Gelbart
  31. A Boy and His Manhood: A Brief Tragedy
  32. Lake Mead and Global Warming
  33. The Lisbon Treaty : Part Deux
  34. Is there something about elective office that make people go nuts?
  35. Death panels already at work:
  36. Supreme Court Destroys McCain-Feingold
  37. Detroit Bus Cuts
  38. The Man Who Saved More Human Lives Than Any Other Has Died
  39. Jim Carroll - (Basketball Diaries & so much more) has died
  40. Huckaby indicted
  41. British Judge Grants Religious-level Protection to Climate Change Belief
  42. Representative Democracy?
  43. Representative Representatives
  44. Giving props to Al Franken
  45. Things Government Should Not Be Involved In
  46. RIP Patrick Swayze - The star of Ghost has passed away
  47. Death of Annie Le, Yale Research Student
  48. Representative Democracy, take Two
  49. Shift Happens -- Did You Know?
  50. Please Mr. President, More 'Jackass' Outbursts
  51. Operation Rescue faces closure, "major financial crisis"
  52. FDA Approves Swine Flu Vaccine
  53. 107 year old woman and her 37 year old husband
  54. The Danger of Junk Science. . . .
  55. Shocking Development: UN Condemns Israel
  56. Tea Party attendees defending America
  57. Mary Travers, RIP
  58. 10 years max till US economic collapse?
  59. Could it somehow work in Jerusalem or Tehran?
  60. Carter cites racism as factor in Obama backlash
  61. Part-time Cops, Part-Time Inmates
  62. Is there any way to discuss race sanely?
  63. Pelosi Chokes Up Warning Against Political "Violence"
  64. Detroit War Zone!
  65. 45% Of Doctors Would Consider Quitting If Congress Passes Health Care Overhaul
  66. Timing your missiles
  67. $368M athlete and the Economy of Sports
  68. What in hell were they thinking?????
  69. Monopoly's Secret Role in WW2
  70. Happy New Year to...
  71. The loud little handful
  72. Got Kale?
  73. Find common political ground -- in three minutes or less
  74. Canada's unfair health care advantages
  75. Pretend You're Dave...Top Ten List for Monday
  76. Public Service Announcement
  77. John Edwards Discussed Wedding With Girlfriend After Wife Died
  78. Glenn Beck and the limits of parody.
  79. The Bush Years: It Ain't Gettin Better. . . .
  80. Iran's "president" continues to be a jerk
  81. Maybe coal is here to stay, yet
  82. Why Torture Doesn't Work: The View from Neuroscience
  83. Tucson Schools' "Post-Unitary Proposal" (Race related)
  84. They're raising my interest rate to 30.24%
  85. Gun? Or no gun?
  86. The Founding Fathers
  87. Art for Propaganda's Sake
  88. AP source: Census worker hanged with 'fed' on body
  89. Venezuelan minister accuses Family Guy of being used by the US gov. to promote drugs
  90. Mackenzie Phillips' Incest Allegations
  91. Why does President Obama snub Gordon Brown?
  92. Teach ‘em Young
  93. Just Two Decades Shy of Immortality...
  94. Who says this administration hasn't bolstered the economy?
  95. X-box the next heart monitor?
  96. Kennedy's Replacement
  97. 19 Pound Newborn Fresh from the Oven
  98. Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg hospitalized
  99. Mayor to police officers: "No more foot chases to apprehend suspects."
  100. Apostasy in the Chicago school of economists
  101. Swedish Cash Depot Robbed via Helicopter
  102. Violence Too Close for Comfort
  103. Manson Girl Susan Atkins has passed away
  104. U.S. Military Grab Protester at G20
  105. Google Book Settlement Dead (but perhaps not buried)
  106. Planned Terror Attack Foiled
  107. Confirmed: Obamacare plan would JAIL people who don't buy insurance.
  108. When is the Government Going to Stop Wasting Money?
  109. The President has just served notice...
  110. Reality ain't what it used to be...
  111. The 15 Most Corrupt Congresscritters
  112. Larry King interviews Ahmadinejad
  113. When Politics Divide Families (Koreans)
  114. Conservative Lutherans organize after vote on gays
  115. Polanski and the Long Arm of the Law. . . .
  116. Personal Protection from Climate Change
  117. Total Recall? Gordon Bell (Microsoft) is recording his life
  118. Safire Dead at 79
  119. Man sues Bank of America for "1,784 billion, trillion dollars"
  120. Pres. Qaddafi, Switzerland, Bodyguards. etc.
  121. Watch Germany flex its muscle (economically)
  122. A Soapbox of One's Own
  123. Sen. Stabenow to Sen. Kyl: Your mom!
  124. Non-profit News?
  125. So Could Somebody Please Explain why Milk is So Expensive??
  126. Fleeing the Tax Man
  127. DNA tests show 'Hitler's Skull' was a woman
  128. "Cash for Clunkers" Math
  129. Samoa Earthquake and Tsunami
  130. Is this necessary: GOP Rep calls Obama "Enemy of Humanity"
  131. Dead Celebrity Display
  132. Encouraging a Coup
  133. Cambridge University - 800th Anniversary
  134. Bush Administration thought Rowling 'encouraged witchcraft'
  135. Who are we, and what are we?? Genetics and mental illness (Merged)
  136. Attention all Aspiring Politicos...
  137. On Scare Tactics and Political Decorum
  138. Vick Gets Nike Endorsement Deal
  139. The easy justification for revolution
  140. Who Will Get the Olympics?
  141. Detroit: Too broke to bury their dead
  142. Israel to release 20 female prisoners for a one minute videotape of Gilad Shalit
  143. Move over Lucy!
  144. rationing of healthcare?
  145. Keep Bleeping That Chicken--On Air Bloops and the FCC
  146. More signs that DADT is getting closer to repeal
  147. 'New' Silver Alert system for seniors
  148. How's the stimulus working?
  149. The Ig Nobel prizes have been awarded.
  150. Letterman gets blackmailed
  151. R.I.P. Marek Edelman
  152. Is the "Hockey Stick" finally dead?
  153. A Marine Laid To Rest
  154. Does Ahmedinijad have jewish roots
  155. 47% will pay no federal income tax
  156. The Higher Lifetime Costs of Same-Sex Couples
  157. Pilots and cabin-crew brawl in mid-air!
  158. Let's build a healthcare bill!
  159. Supreme Court to decide on "Crush" videos.
  160. Yet more evidence of the idiocy of media financial pundits
  161. US Patriotism
  162. Brand USA
  163. The Untouchable One
  164. Giving up hope
  165. laborers
  166. Fascinating Insights
  167. Senate passes Pentagon budget, war funding
  168. Iowa Film Tax Credit Program Suspended
  169. Another Large Quake Hits South Pacific
  170. Americans to American Indians: "Sorry 'bout all that."
  171. sometimes, the news is good...
  172. Only known existing film footage of Anne Frank
  173. Ada Yonath: First Israeli Woman to Win Nobel Prize
  174. Fair or not fair treatment for sex offenders?
  175. China's Men Have No Women
  176. The World Is Doomed
  177. Oops.
  178. DADT: Lesbians Disproportionately Targeted
  179. Afghanistan: What to Do?
  180. Black people at the Nazi concentration camps
  181. The Very Silly Mayor
  182. Nobel Peace Prize 2009 Awarded.
  183. 1st Annual AW P&CE Peace Prize Nominations Thread
  184. Those who live by the sword will die by the sword
  185. Caption Me! Nobel Peace Prize Edition
  186. Communists are better Capitalists than we are
  187. The end is near. D'oh!
  188. The Seven Deadly Sins -- Find them on the map
  189. Black NFL players say they won't play for Rush Limbaugh.
  190. There's a new translation of The Bible in the works
  191. A historic accord between Armenia and Turkey
  192. Book trade seeks a deal with Google
  193. Spying for Fun and Profit!
  194. Obama vows to end 'don't ask, don't tell'
  195. Oct. 11, National Coming Out Day
  196. Celtic Woman
  197. If Microsoft says Trust all your data to us... um, yeah
  198. Columbus' Day
  199. Good books about the Vietnam war?
  200. Six-Year-Old Suspended
  201. Organ donor shortage leads to logic shortage
  202. 3rd greatest expense in healthcare is prescription drugs?
  203. I cut the crap out of my hand today
  204. Supermarket refuses to sell mother alcohol in case daughter drinks it
  205. Let's laugh at the Law Lords
  206. Health Care
  207. Conversation from the Soapbox: Blueprint for Non-Violent, Completely Legal Revolution
  208. Prison changes a man
  209. Health Care Bill passes out of Committee
  210. One Healthcare Question
  211. The Foxes in Charge of the Henhouse
  212. Calling 911 can be so bad for business.
  213. Fast cars rev men's engines
  214. Cheaper laptops hitting the US market on Oct. 22
  215. Real Life Mechwarrior
  216. Polaroid will return in 2010!
  217. Fast Internet access becomes a legal right in Finland
  218. Is Khamenei Dead?
  219. Six Year Old Boy In Runaway Balloon
  220. Great Apes and Human Rights
  221. KWTX: "One Baptist Church To Celebrate Halloween By Burning Bibles"
  222. $54 billion is chump change?
  223. Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana
  224. The fear photos of joshua Hoffine
  225. Is Universal Suffrage Representative?
  226. Are Humans superior to other animals?
  227. Boy in Balloon - 911 Call Transcript (Apocryphal)
  228. US Deficit worst since WWII
  229. Of Oswald, Cuba, and No Closure. . . .
  230. Should John Allen Muhammad Die?
  231. Randomized, controlled trial on the effectiveness of parachutes
  232. Moscow to End Snow with 'Chem Trails'
  233. Illegal Alien Costumes Spark Controversy
  234. Suicide Bomber Attacks Revolutionary Guard in Iran
  235. What's your favorite political quote?
  236. The 2012 Thread
  237. White House goes after Fox News.
  238. NYT article about Chabon and Waldman
  239. 39 Year Old Man Joins Army to Pay For Wife's Cancer Treatment
  240. Death threats against the president up 400% over Bush
  241. The Daily Mail, Stephen Gately and when the pot called the kettle black
  242. Alpha Troop of the 11th Armored Cavalry. . . .
  243. Apple profits up for the quarter...
  244. When Oprah met Sarah.
  245. Barnes & Noble Steals Kindle's Spotlight with Nook
  246. Catholic Church takes big step toward allowing married priests
  247. "Merchant of Death" arms dealer Viktor Bout's extradition...
  248. Michael Moore, Eva Golinger, Hugo Chávez and a bottle of Tequila
  249. How Much of an Obama Lover Are You?
  250. Dems hidden tax on gas