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  1. How does equity crowdfunding work for filmmakers?
  2. Grants for writers
  3. Writing Comedy
  4. Getting a screenplay to a producer
  5. A Probably Dumb Question About Registering Scripts
  6. Agents in L.A. who accept email queries
  7. Finding an agent via screenwriting contests
  8. Two main characters and several ghosts
  9. Screenplay density?
  10. Action pacing: to go full kinetic drive or use subplots?
  11. Aspiring Directors?
  12. The confident screenwriter...
  13. Question About Setting Up Locations After a Slug Line
  14. A question about script consultants
  15. Why won't a script consultant tell me his real name?
  16. Question About Writing a Classroom Scene
  17. What's the Average Page Count of a Half Hour TV Show Pilot Script
  18. Audio-Only Formatting?
  19. Confessions of a Failed Screenwriter
  20. Should I reply back to this actor's manager?
  21. Question About Registering a Pilot/TV Series Idea
  22. what goes into an offer letter to an actor?
  23. New Short Romantic Drama available
  24. My ideas aren't commercial enough
  25. If You're Writing a Phone Conversation...
  26. Thoughts on this idea? (Christians should definitely steer clear of this, you won't like it)
  27. questions on my first script
  28. Too Many Characters
  29. Screenwriters with questions for a lit manager?
  30. Question about screenwriting contest categories
  31. Is there a format for synopsis of scripts?
  32. Advice on screenwriting classes for a newbie?
  33. Act Breaks for Animated TV Shows
  34. script swap?
  35. Close-up formatting question?
  36. Flashbacks - Are they Cliche?
  37. Anyone ever turn a Novel into a Script?
  38. An Opera Libretto?
  39. Recommend me some plays which meet this criteria
  40. Newbie Type Question [seeking screenwriting collaborator]
  41. A few questions on converting a screenplay to a novel
  42. Do I need to purchase the rights?
  43. "Gallery" Treatment Synopsis
  44. Shameless Self-Promotion-Horror-Writing Seminar
  45. Agents who handle book film/TV rights
  46. From the L.A. Times: Is the spec script making a comeback??
  47. Can I get some opinions on this drama short? [content removed]
  48. story length
  49. First Pitch Next Week - HELP!! Please!!
  50. PDF files ?
  51. How much time is the page?
  52. Experimental Screenplays?
  53. How do I handle paying actors on my indie low budget film?
  54. script consulting services
  55. Has anyone submit their script to Amazon Studios?
  56. Why Your Screenplay Won't Sell
  57. Screenwriter Entitlements
  58. Help! Anyone familiar with writing a two hander?
  59. The Black List
  60. Flashback subplots?
  61. This is the end, my beautiful friend, the end
  62. Ten-Minute Plays
  63. Flashback Question
  64. An Idea for a Commercial
  65. From a single scene, a whole idea....
  66. What Are the Best Ways Of Getting Read for Someone Just Getting Back in the Game?
  68. Just Curious - Song References
  69. Re-Phrase
  70. What is it with Stage and Screen?
  71. To Live and Die in LA
  72. I am in need of some serious help regarding scripts and such
  73. Ideas
  74. Not A Book Anymore
  75. Writing for Cartoons/Animated Movies...Can you submit a script with no art attached?
  76. Inhabiting Personalities
  77. Submitting to festivals & tiny theatres
  78. Optioned Screenplay
  79. Voyage Media
  80. Writing for a book trailer
  81. Action scenes - how descriptive?
  82. Handing a screenplay to an actor/director?
  83. When a Screenwriter Contacts a Novelist
  84. Movie Title Tips from BlueCat!
  85. Newb, confused about agents...
  86. The Baby Lacks a Name: Picking the Title of Your Script
  87. Could anyone help me with this?
  88. How is word count determined in a screenplay
  89. "How did that scene look on the page?"
  90. I need help from someone with writing experience
  91. NBCs Writers on the Verge
  92. Budget - Need help
  93. New Devised Theatre Job, Help!!
  94. Screenwriting Tips & Advice in the BlueCat Weekly Screenwriting Newsletter
  95. Television Series Proposal
  96. Screenplay Based on a Book
  97. Does a Mystery Script Need an Interrogation?
  98. Screenwriting advice, new article available - Where to get Feedback
  99. Exclusive Interview With ‘Birdman’ Screenwriter: BlueCat Screenplay Competition
  100. 31 Days Around the World With BlueCat
  101. Follow up?
  102. Production Company Interested - Now need agent!
  103. Free Option...
  104. Check Out the Latest Screenwriting Articles from BlueCat
  105. New article on resources for screenwriters, where to promote your work
  106. The Agent/Manager query...
  107. Format Question for a daydream sequence
  108. The Bourne Franchise: An Overview
  109. Exclusive Interview with Dan Gilroy, Writer/Director of "Nightcrawler"
  110. Script Pipeline
  111. Exclusive Interview with Diane Drake, writer of "Only You" and "What Women Want"
  112. Why enter screenplay competitions?
  113. Analysis: Why Aspiring Screenwriters Fail
  114. Watch the Coen Brothers in Conversation with Noah Baumbach at the Lincoln Center
  115. I have submitted.. [Amazon Studios]
  116. Fan Film Question
  117. Television drama act structures?
  118. Pump Productions Inc.--
  119. Poetry Film Contest
  120. Short horror film markets?
  121. New article on resources for screenwriters, where to promote your work
  122. New to Screenwriting
  123. just an observation.....
  124. Star Trek's City on the Edge of Forever original script
  125. pitch fests
  126. Pilot
  127. Producer Release Forms Blues
  128. Western synopsis wanted!
  129. Martial arts spec screenplays? Are agencies even interested?
  130. HBOAccess Writing Fellowship opens in March
  131. Logline Madness 2015 – Submission Sunday!
  132. Script coverage - pro bono
  133. Page Length For Television Pilots
  134. I'm in Dutch
  135. Feature length format in UK and US?
  136. New Lit Manager Podcasts
  137. Advice for TV Staffing Season from Pros
  138. Got a meeting with a producer...help
  139. TV Fellowship Advice from a current CBS Fellow
  140. New Podcast Interview with Lit Manager Ava Jamshidi
  141. For just a moment, I smiled...
  142. Novel to screenplay transition
  143. New screenwriting article - Competitions
  144. Scriptware *tears hair out*
  145. Too Boring?
  146. INT/EXT when in a car?
  147. Spec Script
  148. Putting Your Scripts on the Net
  149. Subscribe to the BlueCat E-Newsletter!
  150. Has anyone ever written a story that became a movie without being published.
  151. USA Network Show "Royal Pains" Now Casting
  152. Movie Title Contest
  153. Subliminal Flashbacks
  154. Dealing with self-doubt
  155. Got a meeting with producer and need advice
  156. A few formatting questions...
  157. New screenwriting article - Podcasts
  158. Literary agent and film literary agent? Do I need both?
  159. What can you do with a short(ish) play?
  160. e-published my script
  161. Fringe Festival
  162. My outlines? Fantastic. My execution? A mess.
  163. Identifying the Important Plot Points in Joss Whedon's "Serenity"
  164. "Ex Machina" - Script Discussion
  165. Book-To-Film Agents: What do I need to know?
  166. Has anyone written a musical?
  167. Agent - not sure if I feel arm and fuzzy about this?
  168. Science Fiction and quirky dramedy
  169. Figuring out character descriptions
  170. Who Else Loves Early American Screenplays Like 12 Years A Slave?
  171. Is it easier to get an agent for a screenplay if you already have a book agent?
  172. Is it a Script or Romance Novel?
  173. My limited location thriller WALKING WOUNDED to be produced.
  174. How can I infuse action scenes in my script?
  175. The Feedback I Value
  176. As a TV writer a lot of people asked me to show my Star Wars Episode VIII spec script. I did.
  177. The Nicholl Fellowship Is Now Open. But Is It Really Worth It? Unless You Live In LA/CA/Hollywood...
  178. A Different Set of Rules?
  179. How do you present an idea for a show that has no script?
  180. Nudge on a direct submission?
  181. Novelization of Screenplay.
  182. Character's name emphasized twice, character description, and "specific locations"
  183. A Novelist Swapping Hats
  184. Writing a Miniseries/Limited Series?
  185. Playtone
  186. Option proposal terminology
  187. Are you a screenwriter looking for a manager?
  188. Working on one-act play:
  189. Interview with Matias Caruso, 2014 Page Award Winner, now published...
  190. A question about querying
  191. Pages --> Minutes
  192. Blue Cat's 2016 Goal Post Challenge
  193. Stage 32
  194. Television series on cable/streaming channels
  195. Unoriginal Writer
  196. Best place to live & study screenwriting
  197. Monologue Tips?
  198. Producer Wants Synopsis, But I Already Gave It to Him
  199. Phone conversations
  200. Now What
  201. Good relationship bad relationship
  202. Script Terminology - Continuous
  203. ScriptRevolution
  204. Musicals and copyrights
  205. Terminology CUT TO:
  206. Ideal number of speaking characters in a scene?
  207. Film agent...
  208. Two plays tonight! I come to you SLEEPLESS in Toronto...
  209. Falsetto in dialogue
  210. How to format write songs in screenplay
  211. how to write a character in hidden location watching other characters
  212. Formatting FlashBack ? Montage
  213. Primary Wave Entertainment
  214. Picking the Right Protagonist
  215. A manager on the line; fire sleeping agent?
  216. Adapting novel to stage
  217. Waldo Salt: Multiple Inquires
  218. Novelization of The Ring Cycle
  219. How Should I Format Varying Locations From Inside a Car?
  220. One act Play festivals
  221. How to write a scene which is set in a video game?
  222. Writing partner wanted for screenplay (historical/western)
  223. The number of commercial breaks in one episode
  224. My story is going to be made into a movie short
  225. How to know if your story should be a play, movie, comic book, etc?
  226. Audio drama
  227. Hiring a Screenwriter questions
  228. Hiring an entertainment law attorney
  229. character winning award
  230. Camera shot in a film script
  231. Writing Something For A Particular Person
  232. How to write text message conversation in Screenplay?
  233. Fitting a spec into a story-driven show?
  234. TaleFlick - Any Experience? Any Good?
  235. What to do with screenplay?
  236. How to find one-person comedy storytelling show's themes/concepts/premises? Suggestion needed.
  237. What kind of writing guide I should look for?
  238. RIP William Goldman
  239. Damn ideas!
  240. I have three finished production-ready screenplays. What next?
  241. Writing in the Round
  242. Screenwriting website
  243. Basic Question re Margins: Why 1.5" on Left Side?
  244. Screenplay Readers... Any Good?
  245. Throwing a "Hail Mary"... What would you do?
  246. Question regarding pauses in dialogue
  247. My screenplay is at 85 pages... what to do?
  248. I Highly Recommend Trelby As Free Screenwriting Software
  249. Play writing Vs Screenwriting
  250. Question Regarding Movies' Changing Attitudes Towards Women