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  1. Would you read this book?
  2. 45k Too short?
  3. College Age Protag - early to mid 20's
  4. my freshmanyear: Jamieology and Deidreology part 1 bandcamp
  5. A celebration of names!
  6. question for YA authors
  7. Guidelines for Harlequin YA line
  8. Any good YA paranormals with boys as major characters?
  9. Tragic YA?
  10. a YA novel?????
  11. What would you want out of a YA werewolf novel/series?
  13. YA Romance question.
  14. YA Marriage
  15. Urban Fantasy YA/MG
  16. Could my book be YA? *I don't think so*
  17. I hate to do this to you all again...
  18. LGBT YA
  19. I'm thinking of editing my book to make it YA
  20. What makes for literary YA?
  21. A New Idea for a YA
  22. Win Free Stuff from 2009 YA and MG Authors
  23. Too many love interests?
  24. EXPERTS! Help me out. YA books about exorcisms?
  25. How far is too far?
  27. YA agents?
  28. Dumb Question
  29. I need a young person to critique me
  30. Suggested reading for domestic violence against a child?
  31. False endings
  32. Alternating viewpoints... what do you think?
  33. Tense?
  34. YA or Childrens???
  35. Names
  36. Too controversial? Need some help
  37. Teens Writing for Teens
  39. Where to turn? Fellow writers, I need your help.
  40. Adultry between adults in YA?
  41. YA zombie?
  42. YA books about brothers
  43. Professional reader (for serious!) and AW Newb, Looking for Beta...
  44. New Small Press for YA/Teen Readers
  45. How important is the Almighty Love Interest in YA?
  46. Motivations, provocations.
  47. when is it ok to tell instead of show?
  48. Writing romance in YA
  49. YA Book About Angels or Dark Angels
  50. Back with covers
  51. What you think of this opening line?
  52. YA novels with heaven as a setting
  53. Sex in YA?
  54. Romance in YA...when does it actually become a YA Romance?
  55. Vampire Romance
  56. How writers get in The Zone
  57. "Story of a Girl" Thematic Analysis
  58. Key Childhood Events
  59. 80,000 words
  60. Need help ASAP - please and thank you!
  61. Nymphs as wholesome woodland fairies
  62. Phantom of the Opera
  63. question about conversations in book
  64. Writing Conferences
  65. Lust
  66. Think this is the place for me
  67. Age Banding
  68. Way With Words
  69. YA vs. YA no fantasy - agent question
  70. Age of MC
  71. Harlequin Teen Guidelines
  72. Locus Recommended Reading List 2008
  73. YA Fantasy - how long is too long?
  74. What to do when you know your WIP is going to be very, very long?
  75. Seems like lots get requests for full m/s then rejected?
  76. YA Romance?
  77. Names for Villains
  78. I don't sleep anymore!
  79. When I see "YA"...
  80. Her Majesty
  81. Recommend a YA agent?
  82. What is love?
  83. Agent wanted more 'paranormal romance' in my novel
  84. Any info. on agent Curtis Russell?
  85. YA Urban Sci-Fi?
  86. Teeny-tiques - everyone gets one at THE GREAT CALL OF CHINA release party!
  87. Footnotes/Endnotes in a YA novel
  88. Sex in YA
  89. Chapter 1
  90. Edgy or Not?
  91. Appropriate or not for Young Adults
  92. Yes, your characters can have sex
  93. GULP...help please?
  94. Female Characters - what do girls/women want?
  95. Genre Question
  96. genre crossing
  97. Rejections will happen, ...
  98. First, Second, Third, oh how to pick?
  99. Erectile Dysfunction
  100. Can Anyone Recommend a YA Horror?
  101. ello! im writting a book or books as u may say
  102. I guess love triangles is the IN THING now...
  103. Interview with Ginger Clark
  104. Sex in YA
  105. Game: How Well Do You Know Your MC?
  106. "Old" People Writing for Teens V
  107. Old People Writing for Teens, IV
  108. Old People Writing for Teens v.3
  109. Old People Writing for Teens (Version 2)
  110. Old People Writing for Teens
  111. How old is too old?
  112. Young adult or adult
  113. FLASHY FICTION- Come join us!
  114. New Project? Or…no?
  115. Agent etiquette
  116. My first novel
  117. Violence in YA : Limits?
  118. R.L. Stine's Fear Street
  119. Major help! i need help on my book!
  120. Ellen Hopkins (Crank, Glass, Impulse, Etc)
  121. Stockpiling?
  122. YA or Adult
  123. Lower end of YA?
  124. YA Science Fiction recs?
  125. How many words should my novel have>
  126. must-read YA books
  127. How do I classify my YA-
  128. Interview with Tina Wexler
  129. Young Adult Editor
  130. Interview with Alyson Noel
  131. Conferences
  132. YA novels and the Hugo Awards
  133. House of Night Series
  134. I have an idea ...
  135. Is anyone writing a clean YA?
  136. The first page: What crosses the line?
  137. Killing me softly
  138. Looking for suggestions for teen thrillers
  139. Game: Describe a character without using one word.
  140. Twilight Series
  141. YA Writing Workshop at Context 22
  142. No more agents to query, now what?
  143. Red Light, Green Light Free-tique Race going on now!
  144. What's a good source to find recently published YA novels?
  145. Interview with Stacey Jay
  146. Language and Violence
  147. Question re: Advances
  148. Success Stories
  149. When do you reevaluate your submission package?
  150. Tense
  151. Crit: in YA Thread, Great Depression
  152. Reading Recommendations
  153. How long should my YA-Sci-Fi be?
  154. For those of you who have sold books via an agent
  155. How well do YA novels with older characters query?
  156. Help me plz >.<
  157. Losing Steam?
  158. Is it possible to 'under describe' your MC?
  159. Boarding School books
  160. What do you consider trying too much in talking about your MC
  161. When to introduce my MC's love interest?
  163. Do you all love your own writing?
  164. What's your opinion on the "Bad Boy" type?
  165. How old are you?
  166. Interview with Jaclyn Moriarty
  167. "Look, this... this isn't going to work out."
  168. Question regarding Sequels to those who've sold books
  169. How do you know if you're writing YA?
  170. MC's parents
  171. Voice Game: FML Edition
  172. Looking for a little advice...
  173. Is Teen the same a Young Adult?
  174. Author-Character Relations
  175. Book Tours and Public Events
  176. YA novel with slight homo-erotic overtones
  177. Operation Teen Book Drop
  178. I know I've already asked you guys this but . . .
  179. feedback on my novel
  180. First Timer
  181. WOW - I know you can have nudity and/or sex in YA but...
  182. Idea: Death Academy
  183. multiple WIP's
  184. My First Partial
  185. Asking for an exclusive, HELP!
  186. writing contests
  187. Who to dedicate to?
  188. Teen Writers!!! =)
  189. Just can't quit you
  190. font
  191. How would a cool teenagers room look like normally?
  192. Your top five dream agents..
  193. What Genre?
  194. A few questions (hopefully relevant)
  195. Cautions when writing autobiographical fiction
  196. YA with strong romance theme
  197. Who Actually wrote this YA book?
  198. Kinda New
  199. Mothers
  200. Eragon
  201. Writing the opposite gender
  202. Festival of Books: YA panel discussion
  203. Title Help
  204. Another dumb question: Are YA audiences easier to please than the Adults?
  205. what do you do???
  206. similar titles help needed
  207. Dealing with Rejection
  208. Since alleycat had so many great titles ;)
  209. $ Money with book deals??$$$
  210. First timer - query question
  211. YA romance/love stories books... recommendations?
  212. Titular Terror! Trouncing terrible titles!
  213. Opening with flashbacks or dreams
  214. Flux/Brian Farrey response times?
  215. What's the deal with YA - and Fantasy for that matter?
  216. Where can I find....
  217. its kind of a funny story
  218. YA Sci Fi Agent Hunt 2009
  219. My YA novel- one book or a trilogy?
  220. How much time does your novel cover?
  221. Unusual words in YA ...how much use a thesarus?
  222. My name is X, and I’m a Starbucks-aholic.
  223. In the mood with music…
  224. Titles
  225. Were do you draw the line?
  226. What's Your Soundtrack?
  227. Narrative beefs?
  228. Which would you rather see in a YA novel?
  229. Teenage MC Rapist.
  230. Do you take a break between books?
  231. Un-YA
  232. YA Untraditional Methods to get Information Across...Help!
  233. Gender Bender
  234. Question for the teens here
  235. Would this turn off teens?
  236. Is YA Fantasy More Small-Scale?
  237. Interview with Cindy Pon
  238. Anyone write YA, Adult, Romance, Sci-Fi?
  239. What person do you like YA books to be in?
  240. Short Introduction Help
  241. Sound like a teen....help!
  242. Can you usually tell someone's "age" when reading their writing?
  243. "I, um, I write...ironic. You know, a YA with a hint of satire."
  244. Future love interest and age differences
  245. What is the YA age limit?
  246. Ya Fantasy / religion question
  247. YA synopsis with an anti-hero
  248. Popular/Necessary YA Books for any Bookshelf
  249. Best Place to Post Stuff Online?
  250. Agent Question