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  1. Sex in YA novels?
  2. 4 MCs
  3. My YA novel STILL needs a title. And I STILL can't think of one. Help me AW, you're my only h
  4. When a scene isn't pulling its weight...
  5. Crossover Potential
  6. "Against Walter Dean Myers" & the "insipidness" of YA
  7. Murder in YA?
  8. What's on your playlist?
  9. AW YAers on FictionPress?
  10. If there was a YA award for an author's body of work...
  11. Got my The Fault in Our Stars today!
  12. Query crit contest on my blog!
  13. Glorification of child soldiers in YA
  14. YA Book Deals Stats
  15. What would you call them?
  16. Technology use in YA novels...
  17. Anyone noticed this in their writing?
  18. Male Rape in YA?
  19. YA in Space?
  20. Curse Words
  21. Is it possible to have a religious protagonist and not make it overwhelming?
  22. Character-driven, and other questions.
  23. Meeting the love interest halfway through
  24. Mentioning the reason for a protagonist's unusual name? Infodump?
  25. Characters but no plot....
  26. recent LGBT YA that isn't contemporary?
  27. Pacing for Paranormal Romance
  28. Quirky Character Traits
  29. Grieving Period?
  30. Stereotypical villains from foreign countries
  31. Is "Making out" antiquated?
  32. Opinions needed -- Is this YA?
  33. Foreign languages?
  34. Yucky cliched phrases
  35. Getting opinions on ideas
  36. Where to send?
  37. self-published YA authors....
  38. YA novels about revolutionaries?
  39. Most romantic/platonic line you've written?
  40. Do I need to reveal the story goal in the first chapter?
  41. Intentional Typos?
  42. Single teen moms in paranormal fiction
  43. Censoring your character's thoughts?
  44. Writing dialogue in broken english?
  45. YA books that are homages?
  46. Need a generic term for "asshat"
  47. Killing Babies
  48. MC killing people
  49. MC's goals
  50. Second Books in Series
  51. Costume question for theater buffs
  52. The Semicolon
  53. How do you decide who should be the MC?
  54. How long can a YA fantasy be?
  55. Expressions of speech in YA
  56. Need Movie reference help
  57. Anybody else hate naming their own stuff?
  58. Cry cry cry... category identity crisis
  59. The Search function has failed me
  60. Starting my YA with sex/heavy petting/rudies!
  61. Essential POV shifts?
  62. Philosophical YA
  63. Realistic love interest in YA vs Fantasy fill-in?
  64. lesbian relationship in ya?
  65. Is this too much?
  66. Typical YA plot
  67. Problem finding comparable work and right genre
  68. Too much voice?
  69. Contemporary YA 101
  70. Muslim Characters in YA
  71. Podcasts about YA?
  72. YA books about teens swapped at birth?
  73. Adult Pov in Ya
  74. What the best way to find reliable beta-readers?
  75. Strong Writing, Weak Inconsistent Voice
  76. YA Query Credits
  77. Book 3 how much recap?
  78. Once more into the breach...
  79. Inspired by the Muslim MC in YA thread, I'd like to know...
  80. YA Book Swap?
  81. How Do You Discover Books???
  82. Is it possible for a book to be both MG and YA?
  83. Older Folks in YA
  84. Present tense intricacies
  85. Opinions on titles
  86. So...what's your weakness?
  87. Episodic vs. 3-part novels in YA (and is this a bad thing)
  88. Youthful words & pop ref. needed
  89. Protagonist's siblings appearing later in the story?
  90. how many YA imprints?
  91. What genre is it? (not my own ms this time ^_^)
  92. Conferences?
  93. Is This Still YA?
  94. Do you like your MC?
  95. Fake f-word for YA books
  96. Regionalisms
  97. Second book in series
  98. Steampunk
  99. Most POVs You've Seen Done Successfully in a YA Novel
  100. Do you?
  101. Subtitles?
  102. Talking about the MC's parents in third person limited
  103. all u need is one line
  104. Teenagers and Cigarettes
  105. Talking to the reader?
  106. LI in YA: sidekick, old buddy, new ally, mysterious stranger, rival, or antagonist?
  107. IMing?
  108. Gay Characters and Reviewer Prejudice
  109. A word for father/kidnapper, anyone know?
  110. Sexual abuse in backstory?
  111. Suicide in YA
  112. Magneto was right! (YA Superheroes)
  113. Young Adults and Oral Sex
  114. All This Could Be Solved with Just a Little Communication
  115. bloggers & sales
  116. JK Rowling New Novel Speculation Thread (YA perspective)
  117. Define your writing style
  118. Books with soundtracks?
  119. Names that start with the same letter?
  120. Realistic or Negative Main Character?
  121. Should I keep this subtext, or just completely let it go?
  122. Writing side by side?
  123. making a YA protagonist more active
  124. Changing character PoVs throughout
  125. Alienating male (or female) readers? (sexism in YA reading habits)
  126. can YA MC rebels take on "grown up" problems?
  127. Is YA dystopia dead now?
  128. Old fogey question
  129. does anyone else like teen rebels?
  130. YA Word Count
  131. Success stories
  132. Endings
  133. Young Adult Rocks!
  134. Opinions on Names
  135. reading while writing: the same YA subgenre or not?
  136. Question about the YA-ness of my YA Fantasy
  137. Writing battle Scenes/action scenes
  138. Portal Fantasy (older thread)
  139. Are there any Aussies in here?
  140. Race
  141. Flowery?
  142. Does this count as dystopia?
  143. Cults, Dictatorships, and Dystopias?
  144. Not Another Bella
  145. Going Too Far?
  146. How Old is ... too Young?
  147. Geography
  148. AgentFest
  149. Creatures created for stories
  150. Back Packing Europe?
  151. inspiration
  152. 'Light' stories -- good or bad?
  153. Wish fulfillment- is it ever okay?
  154. How much internal conflict do you reckon a YA book needs?
  155. WSJ article about gender appeal/marketing for HG and HG movie
  156. YA POV Question
  157. Story Help
  158. Lengths...to what length?
  159. What kind of YA book am I writing?
  160. Please help decide YA or MG
  161. Strange Chemistry Open Door 2012 - Over (Now "The Waiting Games")
  162. If you know your story will be a series, do you plan it ahead of time?
  163. Boyfriend/Girlfriend labels - are they necessary?
  164. Product names
  165. Multiple Perspectives in YA Novels
  166. The definition of a good ending?
  167. Question: Young hero and older love interest
  168. Planning interpersonal relationships in your stories
  169. 95K words too much for urban fantasy YA?
  170. List Your Character Names
  171. Sexual orientation of characters in YA
  172. Writing a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy
  173. Bologna Children's Book Fair 2012: news & chat
  174. How do you have confidence in your writing?
  175. How to create an American-like landscape?
  176. What are some of your favorite paragraphs?
  177. Too confusing?
  178. POV + tense in YA = relative to genre?
  179. After-sex scene in YA novel?
  180. Violence in YA
  181. YA literary magazine launch
  182. About female characters
  183. When is it too late to introduce the main conflict?
  184. How old is too old for a love interest?
  185. Agency to solicit?
  186. Two teenage girls walk down the road...
  187. Character flaws and growth in a series
  188. Is it still considered YA?
  189. LI pet peeves
  190. Bisexual MC in YA Dystopia.
  191. Character building or too much information?
  192. Adding another Subplot?
  193. Is this too derivative?
  194. Ending on a Depressing Note (YA)
  195. Storyline Too Complicated for First Person?
  196. YA Novels about Teen Ghost Hunters...
  197. Do you judge a book by its cover?
  198. Dystopia in YA....your thoughts and feelings?
  199. Next trend?
  200. serious 'bromances' that aren't sexual
  201. Defeating a demon
  202. Defining the element of aether? Help me!
  203. Boring characters best choice for YA?
  204. YA Anti-Heroes? (Thoughts and Opinions)
  205. Genre changes?
  206. American Teen Boys Becoming More Romantic?
  207. What did I write?
  208. Why the hate? Of Goodreads and YA
  209. Ending First Book of Trilogy on Cliffhanger
  210. Transmedia storytelling
  211. Where's the love interest?
  212. Ditching romance in YA?
  213. To prologue or not to prologue?
  214. Should I read Harry Potter?
  215. Regency YA?
  216. Not sure if this is the right place... [published author book donation sought]
  217. what kind of point of view do you prefer?
  218. Sports books
  219. Relatable names for teenagers?
  220. How informal can you go in first person?
  221. Agents looking for YA paranormal romance?
  222. Heard about your awesome group!
  223. Are budding romances a distraction?
  224. Superhero YA?
  225. Young Writers contest by The Guardian & Hot Key Books
  226. "Adults should read adult books"
  227. Genre conventions in YA?
  228. Too Many Sub-plots?
  229. The bad guy revealing the secrets behind the magic
  230. Your Agent's Pending Submissions
  231. Would you feel cheated as a reader about this ending?
  232. Chapter Titles
  233. Would it be YA?
  234. Rushing to Write a Story Before Someone Writes a Similar One...
  235. Your MC's Parents
  236. YA Love Triangle: Female-Female-Male?
  237. What is considered graphic violence?
  238. Gay suggestive themes
  239. What To Do When Your MC Isn't Really Yours...
  240. YA or not?
  241. The Official "Is This YA?" thread
  242. A constant struggle: Finding time to write
  243. How long does it usually take you to finish a MS?
  244. Rape scenes in YA.
  245. Do young adult readers still read non-dystopic sci-fi?
  246. "New Adult" Literature
  247. Blog Plagiarism
  248. Age Matters
  249. YA SF/F Villains...must they always be adults?
  250. Finding a new "love"