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  1. The intrusive prefix: Irregardless
  2. Just got my ass handed to me
  3. Tenses in a flashback
  4. Italics for book quotes
  5. Italics or Quotes
  6. Commas for Pauses vs Commas for Grammatical Correctness
  7. An "is" and "are" question
  8. Master/mistress
  9. RE: Basic Newbie Grammar Questions
  10. Is there any site where I can use one word substitution?
  11. Also, if this works, then... "Too, is this sentence right?"
  12. UK vs US English?
  13. Passive Voice
  14. Another Comma Splice Question
  15. Character with title or nickname as a name
  16. Grammar question
  17. Attributive nouns
  18. Italicizing part of a word
  19. I'm looking for a good grammar checking app
  20. Grammar Question
  21. Grammar Question
  22. An Editing Question About Numbers
  23. Commas
  24. Quotation Marks--Which Is The Correct Oral Use?
  25. Punctuation for thoughts.
  26. should the quote marks come before or after the question mark?
  27. Capitalising titles?
  28. Capitalise after colon?
  29. Tense in frame stories
  30. Ellipses inside of em-dashes
  31. We sit currently
  32. "a" or "an" before abbreviation
  33. Grammar/Phonology question - How to write pronunciation
  34. This/These?
  35. Another Punctuation Question
  36. When to use commas with multiple prepositional phrases
  37. Must "poles" refer to exactly two opposite points, even when used abstractly?
  38. Comma
  39. comma and dialogue with said tag and action
  40. A question about third-person limited POV name knowledge
  41. Which or That? *scratches head*
  42. Adjective Clauses and Phrases
  43. A question about "them" and "they"
  44. Questions: Passive Voice/Non-Passive Voice Density in Manuscripts
  45. Nightmare verb?
  46. Commas and coordinate adjectives
  47. Religious Term "Apologetics"
  48. Good at grammar? What do you call...
  49. Have I got this punctuated correctly?
  50. Said
  51. Can I have an em-dash clarification?
  52. Dialog tags and punctuation question
  53. Punctuation of indirect speech, or reported speech. (Adult Content) Moved to SYW
  54. "One of those..." verb agreement
  55. "Charleston" or Charleston
  56. Parallelism?
  57. Punctuating filler syllables in song lyrics
  58. Overheard dialogue.
  59. Another "I" or "me" question
  60. How to add print (for characters to read) to novels
  61. Circuitry description help
  62. Comma question
  63. So, do I use a comma after "so" at the beginning of a sentence?
  64. Third-person narrator restarts their train of thought. Ellipsis?
  65. Is an individual boy scout capitalized?
  66. I suck at grammar, Is anyone using Grammarly pro?
  67. Quotation marks inside a sentence, and punctuation
  68. Ceasar vs. Caesar
  69. A.S.A.P vx. A-sap
  70. Making a plural out of a family name
  71. American English... what to look out for?
  72. Does it sound like french?
  73. Hyphenate? My numbered compound word is not an adjective
  74. Italicize beginning and ending punctuation when an entire sentence is italicized?
  75. Hell word: By
  76. When do you use a comma before 'because'?
  77. When do you use a comma before 'as'?
  78. formal or informal. Which should I use either?
  79. Usage question: “back of” - period or regional variation?
  80. How to present dialogue spoken with text-to-speech software?
  81. To semicolon or not to semicolon
  82. How do I write this? Talking in MC's head.
  83. Paragraphs and compound sentences with different actors
  84. Interesting Problem: Two Unconnected Dashes, One Phrase
  85. Restrictive vs non-restrictive (especially with "who") Am I punctuating these sentences properly?
  86. Using em dashes instead of colons okay?
  87. Interrupted Dialogue
  88. character capitalization
  89. Unclear sentences
  90. Hypenate these words?
  91. When to use italics
  92. Comma question.
  93. How to punctuate "you two" in a sentence
  94. Can you have too many clauses in a sentence?
  95. Titles and ranks: When to capitalize?
  96. Question about tense
  97. A question about ellipses and commas
  98. Conjoining clauses with comma separated lists?
  99. Is it grammatically correct?
  100. The importance of precise use of commas
  101. 'He verbed' vs. 'He was verbing'
  102. Avoiding too many "would" for past habits and actions
  103. Questions about these sentences?
  104. Which one is more accurate?
  105. Something's dangling, I think (technical term needed)
  106. Were vs. was: Mixing plurals and singulars in metaphors.
  107. What's the Best Way to Write "Text-Speak"?
  108. Hemingway app
  109. Archaic Words
  110. Single quote usage
  111. Telepathic speech
  112. Comma usage for list of continuous actions.
  113. Word Origin of Sinister
  114. quotation marks and punctuation
  115. Too many prepositions/adverbs?
  116. Grammar/Style Questions and the Rules Behind Them
  117. He was 'V' shaped?
  118. Abbreviations at the end of sentences.
  119. Fancy Grammar/Syntax Strategies
  120. Punctuation and format for written communication/dialogue
  121. How to get good at grammar and syntax
  122. Phase "three and 12 months" looks weird in APA article?
  123. sequential questions
  124. Is this a participle phrase?
  125. Grammarly
  126. Spelling of the slang/phonetic term com'ere
  127. Commas and multiple adjectives common-usage
  128. Word Choices
  129. Hyphenation question
  130. Greetings all!
  131. Attributing one adjective to two objects
  132. past participles and sentence structure
  133. 10K, Ten K, or just 6.2 Damned Miles?
  134. simple punctuation question
  135. Hyphenation / capitalization question
  136. Capitalising Earth
  137. How would you pronounce these?
  138. Are these sentences correct in grammar?
  139. A Folk Tale
  140. statement and a question in the same sentence?
  141. Commas for actions after a list.
  142. Structure question
  143. Northerners and the North
  144. Progressive tense and dangling modifiers
  145. triple reverse turing test
  146. Help me get this sentence right (please)
  147. "Nearer" or "Nearer to"?