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  1. Dialogue and Punctuation
  2. Weird case for Raise/Rise
  3. Who/whom antecedent -- closest person, or closest noun?
  4. Another who/whom question
  5. Some questions.
  6. Should my character put her cookie down...
  7. What's the phrase?
  8. Gramma correction: usage of who
  9. Do I put a comma, for once?
  10. Have I described it well?
  11. Affect vs effect. Again.
  12. Smoker Slang: "Ash" as Verb
  13. Quotation Marks and Titles
  14. that night vs tonight
  15. he said / said he
  16. empathize
  17. Adverbs after speaker attribution
  18. Paraphrasing and Quotation Marks
  19. Nameless Character in Third Person (Help Me!)
  20. choice of word
  21. Couple...couple of...
  22. Without realizing!
  23. Can or could?
  24. Will or does?
  25. comma between multiple adjectives
  26. comma before and
  27. where would the hyphen go
  28. Pronunciation symbols
  29. Poor Use of Grammar
  30. I have a question about passive sentences
  31. Looking for good copyediting/proofreading guides, materials or resources online
  32. Title with strikeout in it
  33. Pens & Proofreading
  34. Dialogue Interruption Question
  35. Quotes within dialogue
  36. Stimulus and Response
  37. Quotations Around One Word
  38. Can you put a question in the middle of Em Dashes?
  39. Seeking guidance on capitalization of medieval titles
  40. Grammar Girl Podcast
  41. I don't think I'll ever need the semicolon.
  42. Grammatically correct, but why?
  43. Mixed Tense?
  44. When the comma becomes important
  45. Past Perfect Question
  46. To paragraph or not to paragraph? That is the question.
  47. Adverb Placement
  48. Should I Ignore grammar check?
  49. Need some English words
  50. What do you call rubbing/massaging/petting a child in English?
  51. By the look vs. From the look
  52. Overused words tested on a popular novel
  53. Percents: 200% more/as much
  54. superfluous words or not.
  55. classical music compositions
  56. Participles...gah!
  57. Politically correct term for someone from China
  58. Pluralizing Possesive Proper Nouns
  59. When To Hyphenate MadeUp Words & Terms (for SciFi & Fantasy)
  60. Meaning of sentence? (Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse V)
  61. Are these instances of affect and effect correct?
  62. Avoiding passive voice?
  63. is or 's
  64. punctuation problems I should probably know the answer for but...
  65. Biochemistry: Break (down)...starch, proteins...
  66. Problem: Quotes, Caps or Italics?
  67. How to Punctuate the Name of a Business
  68. Words, Phrases to Avoid, Add Yours
  69. forfeit
  70. American English or UK English
  71. Correct punctuation for pauses in dialogue
  72. Paying to copy edit my MS
  73. Does an agent tolerate grammar errors?
  74. Infinitives and placement
  75. Synonym for Starburst?
  76. Redundancy
  77. Comma after "Chapter"?
  78. pronoun antecedents
  79. Found this! Hemingway editor
  80. Tenses in flashbacks within past-tense stories
  81. What do these sentences mean?
  82. Carbon Dioxide
  83. To hyphenate or not to hyphenate
  84. FKA (formerly known as) doesn't work for my problem here
  85. A tense problem
  86. Should names of businesses be in inverted commas or italics?
  87. Ellipses
  88. Commas before "as if."
  89. Newspaper Titles In Italics
  90. How would you punctuate this sentence?
  91. Please give your "Top 3" tips for grammar/composition
  92. Guilt
  93. "ed" + "that" versus "ing" construction
  94. Need a word for an aircraft manoeuvre
  95. genre of investors explain or explains
  96. Help punctuating this sentence please?
  97. Which sentence works better, or is more correct?
  98. Dropping second personal pronoun in two-part sentence
  99. Carnival or Carnivale
  100. Save my soul
  101. An informative comparison on Grammarly and WhiteSmoke.
  102. Either/Neither
  103. Tips for remembering comma placement?
  104. Tenses
  105. Can narration and dialogue go in the same paragraph?
  106. Name of a tavern or shop
  107. Have/Had
  108. Grammatically correct way to use the word sensei
  109. I don't understand what this sentence means
  110. Who/Whom
  111. Help with parsing a sentence.
  112. Possessive apostrophe in a name ending with s
  113. When to use a comma
  114. Clause reference
  115. Tag line question: Which is correct or best?
  116. past tense or be+ -ing
  117. Dependent Clause Question
  118. Little question on dialogue
  120. Foreign language in English text
  121. Fragments and Word Processors
  122. Are these sentences correct?
  123. What tense is this?
  124. Incomplete thoughts
  125. "Crosshatch".
  126. Participle phrases versus participle clauses
  127. Commas and quotation marks, non-standard situations
  128. Is this a gramatically correct sentence?
  129. What is a run-on sentence?
  130. Help with would, will, can, could
  131. The question is
  132. dot dot dot, dash dash dash
  133. Possessive with two character's names
  134. Twenty-one or 21
  135. Punctuation for an aside in the middle of dialogue
  136. Is this a comma splice?
  137. Anyone else not get a proper Grammar education?
  138. comma between 2 verbs in dialogue
  139. More fun comma overthinking
  140. Grammar Question
  141. That, Which, Who.... Aggh!
  142. Verb Use with Gender-Neutral Pronoun
  143. Proofreading services?
  144. My Sentence Structure
  145. I'm having a strange format problem
  146. Help me with the title of my giveaway!
  147. Confusing Sentences That Make Sense
  148. POV and Quotation Marks
  149. Question about a comma.
  150. When do you use - and ;?
  151. I have no idea what this paragraph means - help!
  152. Capital letter after quotation marks
  153. Italics ??
  154. "Then"
  155. Cause and Effect
  156. digital readout = Twenty-eight or 28?
  157. Hyphenated phrases
  158. Random thoughts on one-syllable animal names
  159. What does the word "them" refer to here?
  160. Adjectives in Series, Commas, and Size
  161. Punctuation for ASL
  162. preference questions on "comma then" construction
  163. Passive Voice
  164. Comma before "as well as"
  165. Comma before "but less reliable"
  166. Help with "Yes, Sir."
  167. Quotes or and fictional races
  168. 's ; of mine ; of ;
  169. And "then" I asked
  170. Tricky Dialogue + Action Punctuation
  171. Of or Off
  172. What kind of phrase is this?
  173. Epigraphs
  174. Who wins the bet, girlfriend or I? [Sentence meaning]
  175. Artist book, artist's book, artists' book...which one is right?
  176. In due time?
  177. "Data" is plural, therefore "data do," but . . .
  178. Begged for or begged
  179. Need a word for "tweaking" a baby in the womb
  180. Which is right?
  181. Question for Brits: Forgot or forgotten?
  182. Yikes!
  183. Any self-editing tips?
  184. Shouldn't have = Should have
  185. Tense/Verb Quagmire
  186. Trying to figure out the meaning of a sentence
  187. Two recent news story abuses of language:
  188. First Person Present or Past?
  189. Em dash punctuation
  190. Run amok, piqued my interest, caught some flak, just deserts
  191. Unfamiliar comma usage
  192. Transitive Verbs Requiring a Preposition?
  193. Punctuation of Interrupted Dialogue
  194. River
  195. Help with capitalisation/referencing deities
  196. Midol
  197. Punctuation questions
  198. Explosives - Terminology
  199. Took a sip vs. had a sip
  200. Past perfect question
  201. Proper word question
  202. Two questions
  203. How to describe a career
  204. Capitalization
  205. Should Incognito always be spelled with an a for women?
  206. Dates
  207. "What does trigger pain?"
  208. Single versus double quotation marks in prose
  209. British English?
  210. Grammar Question
  211. Question regarding character ages? (moved from YA)
  212. Might just began/begun? Might have just began? Might have just begun...??? O_o
  213. a word to describe an old wooden door stuck in its frame
  214. Appropriate Apostrophe
  215. Contractions outside of dialogue?
  216. Question about proper placement of a period
  217. Italicizing TV show titles
  218. Ending sentences with prepositions
  219. Sentence Construction Help
  220. Confused on how to punctuate "what"
  221. another question about question marks
  222. missing but implied word
  223. Italicize Dialogue from a Radio?
  224. A dependant clause which is an action tag following dialogue
  225. Using Acronyms and articles
  226. Where should the focus be
  227. Cumulative sentence phrases
  228. Some capitalization issues in fantasy worldbuilding
  229. Past tense and future
  230. Comma splice?
  231. Tattoos and Boby Text
  232. Overwhelmed
  233. Is this sentence grammatically correct?
  234. can we talk about dashes?
  235. help punctuate four sentences
  236. Dialogue and reaction in same paragraph
  237. Is only one of these "sentences" correct?
  238. Is it a gerund or a verb?
  239. Straight & Curly Quotation Marks--HELP!
  240. The importance of the Oxford comma:
  241. formatting question
  242. Italicize or not?
  243. If you read about a scar at "the turn of her jaw"...
  244. When did we start using "of" over 've?
  245. Can anyone help me understand these questions?
  246. Punctuation help needed for action break within dialogue
  247. Would you say ... arm hair rose or arm hairs rose?
  248. Starting a sentence with But
  249. Tenses, help!
  250. Awkward sentence