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  1. Contractions in the narrative
  2. How to describe this action of hands
  3. So just how many years is "a couple of handfuls of years" anyway?
  4. Numbers
  5. "starts getting excreted"
  6. quotation marks
  7. Please help me punctuate this bit of dialogue
  8. Present Tense: Continuous vs Simple
  9. Sentence help
  10. using latin
  11. Grammar, etc software
  12. How do you shape your paragraphs?
  13. Relative Vs Relevant
  14. Meaning of 'You blinked when the abyss looked back'
  15. "Love" versus "luv"
  16. "all is not" or "not all is"
  17. Puctuation!
  18. How would you say this?
  19. Does swore rhyme with war?
  20. Semicolon quandry
  21. Greetings, potential minions!
  22. Is there a rhetorical device in here?
  23. ...
  24. Colons and Punctuation
  25. Writing a stutterer
  26. Italicizing pronunciation of foreign words
  27. What's the proper way to punctuate this?
  28. period before quotation marks ALWAYS?
  29. who vs that
  30. overused modifiers/qualifiers
  31. Meter of poetry
  32. Begging the truce?
  33. Need Some (Grammatical) Relationship Advice
  34. What's that word...
  35. Is this correct semicolon usage?
  36. Grammar Issues...HELP!
  37. neither with nor and semicolons
  38. Third Person Past Tense
  39. tense, is this wrong or fine
  40. pretert vs past continuous / show vs tell
  41. Words that are on their way out?
  42. What does this sentence mean?
  43. gender neutral pronouns - s/he? (s)he? they? one?
  44. Can "inveterate" function as a noun?
  45. Had vs Had had
  46. can "girl's" be a contraction for girl is
  47. Bad form to use a pair of homophones in a sentence?
  48. Words you think you know - maybe - but no?
  49. Welp, mhm, yup (probably moronic question but...)
  50. Capitalization and potions
  51. sentence fragments
  52. is "hunted down" really a pleonasm?
  53. All But Clear
  54. OK to break she/her rule?
  55. Internal voice in first person
  56. Sneer Him Or Sneer At Him
  57. Capitalization question
  58. Can I use "suffice for?"
  59. Character's thoughts question
  60. Help with Dangling Modifiers at End of a Sentence
  61. the word "no"
  62. Job titles capitalised?
  63. Plural or singular? Have or Has?
  64. "drunk or "drunken?"
  65. Indication of the first letter of two separate words ...
  66. Disbelief or Disbelieve?
  67. Snuck vs Sneaked
  68. Sentence beginnings
  69. Style and Syntax for dialog
  70. Is there a certain time you would prefer I call you?
  71. "The first criterion is linguistic..."
  72. difference between shameful and shameless
  73. Affect or Effect?
  74. People on regular diet or diets
  75. Split-Infinitives
  76. Two clumsy sentences
  77. Shape-shifting or Shapeshifting
  78. Pronoun question
  79. What is each word?
  80. Can you point me to the rule
  81. Tricky structure here; curious if it's acceptable
  82. Who vs. Whom
  83. Italics for fictional publications?
  84. Improving These Sentences
  85. Is This Correct?
  86. "The 15 Punctuation Marks in Order of Difficulty"
  87. Improving These Sentences Part 2
  88. Comma question
  89. Formatting Question: L.A. or LA?
  90. Capitalizing "The" in the names of locations and characters
  91. seal or Seal
  92. Abbreviating military rank titles: acceptable?
  93. punctuation within thoughts
  94. Ignorance
  95. A situation as "Arised"
  96. A question about a contraction.
  97. Nonsensical question about sentence construction
  98. Ugh biology terms
  99. Horizonticals
  100. Need help on sentence punctuation, please!
  101. continuous action
  102. In some, but not all, studies...Comma?
  103. Semicolon
  104. Learning Grammar with Weird Al
  105. The Comma - My White Whale
  106. The one comma "rule" that keeps me guessing
  107. Synonyms
  108. In one y.2012 study...
  109. I have degree
  110. "Look at your left" vs "Look over to your left"
  111. Punctuating mysterious scream
  112. Do you capitalize rites of passage?
  113. grammatically correct?
  114. How to do Historical Present?
  115. Nice explanation of when and where to use commas
  116. Remove thyself from my cumulonimbus
  117. Must I, I'll, I'm always be capitalized in a poem?
  118. Puctuating sentence having: I hear "..."
  119. Lists/Descriptions and Commas
  120. Latin Translation
  121. Scots, actual Scots
  122. Looking for a word that means "to damage from inside"
  123. Long Long Long sentence
  124. Let's eat grammar
  125. what does lineated work mean?
  126. conjugate with "or"
  127. Quoting/reading from fiction in a novel
  128. Use of "the" with "class"
  129. "More of a cost than asset"?
  130. Past tense and past perfect
  131. "Reassigned his eyes to the computer screen."?
  132. ... ye of little faith?
  133. Help with Phrase and Tone
  134. Help with writing a Facebook post in a novel
  135. Upper case or lower case?
  136. "As" and meaning
  137. V-shape, V-shape, "V" shape
  138. "He sat on my right."?
  139. Need to describe a singing voice
  140. Punctuating this sentence
  141. Usage of "lain"
  142. Whilst
  143. how to include correspondence letters in fiction?
  144. Fantasy: Looking for a Title to use as a religious apprentice.
  145. "And" connects two parts of sentence, creates confusion?
  146. Upgraded vs Downgraded
  147. You can underestimate how annoying this is, but you probably shouldn't.
  148. So vs As
  149. Switching tenses within a sentence?
  150. Has this hanging quotation gone out of style?
  151. Too many turns and points in manuscript.
  152. Comma Usage or Overusage
  153. Sentences with present particple only - grammatical/acceptable?
  154. Apostrophe use in names
  155. Turning Heads...And Other Disembodied Body Parts
  156. Quick comma question
  157. Pose A Question?
  158. Disappreciating vs disapproving
  159. LY words
  160. so, is this comma use OK?
  161. 'Like' and 'As if'
  162. Use of now in past tense
  163. Grammar Spotcheck
  164. introductory phrases and conjunctions
  165. Recounted dialogue in dialogue
  166. I need a word
  167. Chaffed or Chafed? (UK Usage)
  168. How to Identify Passive Voice - picture
  169. Help me out! [meaning of a sentence]
  170. Feminising the Latin "homunculus"?
  171. Dialogue Question
  172. Question involving hyphenation and capitalizing
  173. Interruption in dialogue with dashes?
  174. Grammar question
  175. Problem sentence that starts with participle phrase
  176. When do you use a semi colon?
  177. Playgroup or play-group?
  178. Numbers with a hyphen?
  179. began
  180. Getting grounded
  181. Past tense 101 - so confused
  182. Theater vs Theatre
  183. Writing with Jamaican dialauge. To do or not to do?
  184. Hyphenated vs un-hyphenated words
  185. 3000 B.C. or three thousand B.C.
  186. Using italics to convey thoughts
  187. "Where is"
  188. Faculty require(s)
  189. Dialogue grammar question
  190. which sentence is right?
  191. Are my Latin terms correct?
  192. Edits Due Today--Help on Three Sticky Issues?
  193. 'had enough' or 'had enough of'
  194. Nevermind. Forgot the deal we made.
  195. Onomatopoeia, how much is too much?
  196. "Make the next more colorful." NEXT / adj? or pronoun?
  197. Punctuate this
  198. Are the above sentences correct?
  199. Starting a sentence with an -ing verb
  200. Quotes within quotes for multiple speakers.
  201. You will or you’ll, there is or there’s?
  202. Tenses - Help Appreciated!
  203. Towards/Toward
  204. Whilhome ... make that Whilome = Once Upon a Time
  205. Can be/must be
  206. Result or results
  207. another word for mandatory and handsome
  208. Digital beer for anyone who manages to clear this up for me
  209. Milady or Mylady, Mylord or Milord?
  210. Quotations around chapter titles?
  211. See/sees
  212. Past vs Present
  213. Hesitant speech and punctuation
  214. Jane bought a pink blouse, skirt, and tophat ...
  215. Some Grammar Questions....
  216. Comma question
  217. commas vs. period
  218. This is driving me crazy...how to combine?
  219. absentminded, absent-minded, absent-mindedly
  220. Latin translation
  221. Need help with tense
  222. He or him??
  223. Verb Phrases
  224. Best Author To Read For Grammar
  225. "She looked at him, fierce."
  226. A or An for Eulerian paths?
  227. Take a breath - add a comma?
  228. Is this grammatically correct?
  229. Possessive of Y'all
  230. Comma questions
  231. Compound Words List
  232. How Do I Used Tense?
  233. Another Comma Question
  234. Don't know Greek
  235. Punctuation question
  236. Letters in dialogue
  237. Introductory and appositive comma questions
  238. A googol books, or a googol of books?
  239. How many spaces after a period?
  240. lay/lie confusion
  241. “Morning Has Broken” and “Recreation”
  242. Bloodline or bloodlines?
  243. How would you write a pause in thought?
  244. Is this grammatically correct?
  245. quotation marks and italics
  246. When is the "To be" linking verb the strongest phrasing?
  247. Are these already words?
  248. Proper Noun Q
  249. Dialogue - formatting issue
  250. Punctuating an internal question